Pipes vs Bongs vs Blunts

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by IITSNATY, Aug 6, 2012.


    IITSNATY New Member

    I want to just hear what everyone thinks about each and any stories you might have to tell regarding some. Let me know :)
    Personally im more of a blunt man being thats all i ever smoke. Blunts all day, and i just started using a pipe. Good high (y)
  2. DaFluffyDankness

    DaFluffyDankness New Member

    I like bongs more personally. Cleaner smoke, different temp water can change the way it hits, and you don't taste paper like joints and blunts. And coming home from work and to do a few bong loads makes everyday better.
  3. Sean M Rose

    Sean M Rose New Member

    I love my bong, probably because I made it myself, but its clean, you get nice hard hits. I do love blunts tho, I get me a Banana Phillie so smooooth!

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