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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by stilltokin420, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. stilltokin420

    stilltokin420 New Member

    ok i've been smoking daily for the last month and a half and i have a piss test in 2-3 days any suggestions on how to get clean by then with a very limited income
  2. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

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  3. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Read the substitution. There is no way being a heavy smoker and 0 clean time that you should bank on being able to pass using your own urine.
  4. Bhikku

    Bhikku News Administrator

    I vote substitution too. QuickFix 4.0 is what I've heard endorsed with the best results.
  5. oLiLlY

    oLiLlY New Member

    I agree. I think you should use the Fix. I really wouldnt take any chances with trying to pass on your own.
  6. frzcold65

    frzcold65 New Member

    alrite, if you dont feel like buying anything this is what you do. Drink like madd water. And on the day of the piss test there gonna put you in a restroom to do your thing. Now piss a lil bit into the cup and then use the sink in the restroom and fill up the rest off the cup with warm water then mix it and turn it in. Good luck.
  7. drakester

    drakester New Member

    That will fail b/c they test for dilution too.

    With only 3 days clean you don't have a chance. Get urine from a friend and carry it in a plastic bag taped to your belly to keep it warm (they test for temperature too). The friend should optimally be the same gender as you, but you have to take what you can get...

    If you had had more time to abstain, here are some tips on passing a drug test.

    Number one, the highest concentration of alkaloids will be in the first bit of urine. That's because there is residual stuff that dried up in your urinary tract. Give the cup your middle-stream.

    Number two, drink fluids like mad. This will dilute your urine, but not in such a way that (as if you poured tap water in the sample) it will trigger any alarm.

    Number three, exercise in the days before the test. Walk, jog--something to build up a sweat. This helps flush out your system.

    The various herbal fixes are basically snake oil, not worth the time of day. I suggest substitution of some kind or abstinence and the above tips followed.

    An interesting irony is that mj stays in the system far longer than other substances, including heroin and LSD. Thus the drug test primarily punishes the users of the least harmful drug.

    Most tests only check for THC, cocaine, opiates, and something else that I forget (?). Basically the four most common street drugs. So you can drink all the booze u want and pop a mushroom if the mood strikes you.
  8. dan3

    dan3 New Member

    Do this if you want to fail the test.

    Only way to go right now is substitution, no other quick fixes with such short notice.

    *edit* also about exercising. Exercise after you quit smoking daily, don't drink tons of water right after you quit smoking either just a little bit more maybe. About 3 days before your test stop exercising completely and try to eat fatty foods and before the test drink a lot of liquids to the point where you are going pee every 20 minutes or so. the thc is stored in fat cells in the body. uhg theres a faq for this stuff around here somewhere.
  9. StonedImmaculate21

    StonedImmaculate21 New Member

    In addition to the holes that the posters before me have punched into this method, in my experience with drug tests, the administrator will stand outside the bathroom door to make sure you don't run any water. They don't allow you to flush the toilet or wash your hands until you've given them the sample, this is to ensure that you haven't diluted the sample.

    Your best bet would be to ask a clean friend for some urine (make sure they're clean) and read up on substitution.

    Good luck!
  10. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    you don't know JAck Sh@t about drug testing do you?

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