Plant turning yellow and getting spots please help!!

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by Ganjgrower92, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Ganjgrower92

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    Hey guys im really concerned because I my plants are 4 weeks into vegging and they started turning yellow and getting these yellow spots on leaves. They are also bending down. Can someone tell me whats happening (see pics) plant1.jpg plant2.jpg plant1.jpg
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    Your pictures show up pretty badly here, so hard to say much from them. I grow in soil, so my observations below may not apply very well to your setup, especially with regard to testing runoff.

    Have you done all the basics?
    • Test the pH of your runoff (ideally), soil or nutrient solution first. In my experience (modest), pH trumps just about everything else because it changes nutrient uptake. My latest lesson is not to use peat moss to lighten soil, as it had proven to be a time-bomb that will increase acidity very slowly (very): even though the medium started at a neutral pH, is watered with neutral pH and otherwise fed and watered modestly, the peat breaks down only when damp, and then very slowly, so it got away from me. All of my plants benefited visibly within a couple days from a heavy flushing. Most dramatic: A mother plant in its third week of flower suddenly started piling on trichomes and rapid bud growth within a couple days. Could be I was just under-watering and the flush fixed that, but all my plants have done better since the heavy watering to raise pH.
    • Next, after my pH problem was resolved, I learned that excess foliar feeding can cause spotting and yellowing. Since I had flushed my plants so thoroughly, I did not want to wet the soil more with fertilizer solution, but was concerned the soil might be a little depleted in my young nursery plants. Turns out it wasn't, and the regular misting was causing nute burn. I misted the baby plants with plain water to rinse off any residual fertilizer, and the new growth is doing better.
    • Finally, on the clones and a new seedling that were having issues, I added a small "personal fan" to my nursery area. I only recently switched from exclusively autoflowering strains – with adults and children all on 24/0 – so my cupboard nursery is relatively new and I had not gotten another fan: overnight those clones and the seedling are visibly better.
    • If none of the above apply, search for any of the plant problem diagnostics listed on many forums to diagnose macro and micro-nutrient issues. Yellowing is most indicative of N deficiency, but don't assume without testing for and fixing pH first. Adding nutes before checking for and fixing pH lockout issues just means you'll end up with nute burn after the pH is corrected. If you end up flushing to fix pH, test the last of your runoff not just for pH but also for nutrient levels. Flush further or transplant if your medium is "hot."
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    imo... your not even out of seedling stage yet. Your first set of 5 leaves are just comming out. They look to be about two weeks old & suffering!

    Your discription & photos are not helping, sorry. First, please read the sticky on the top of these forums, written by Stoneygreenbud, here is a link: This is important! Second, try to take photos of your ladies in 'natural' lighting to help offset what 'you' see everyday & were seeing for the first time.

    Personally, I use LED lighting & if you don't know what your looking at in bright pink lighting, you would not see a problem.

    Brass :D

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