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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by MegaBirdman, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. MegaBirdman

    MegaBirdman New Member

    I have this Plastic Papermate Pen that I've been smoking out of for a while now (about 4 months). If you've ever noitced the pen is perfect for making a pipe when you don't have one or can't find any. At the end of the pen is metal and if you take the metal part out and shove it back in the pen backwards it is perfect for packing some pinch bowls. I was just wondering if this can be unhealthy because my friend says I can probably be smoking plastic at the same time without knowing. It seems that the pen does get pretty hot after amoking about 8 pen bowls, but no trace of it melting or smelling like burning plastic. I was just wondering that's all...
  2. greypoe

    greypoe Sr. Member

    yea you can, I use to have one. I wonder if its painted metal, if it is could be dangerous.
  3. Weed_man420

    Weed_man420 Banned

    Well try and make something more natural if you have to make something. Use a carrot or a grape fruit or sumthing. They dont take big hits but the smoke is cool.
  4. dniemann8

    dniemann8 New Member

    well i sorta have the same thing goin.its prolly unhealthy but in times of desperation u do some perty desperate things.
  5. imported_chan

    imported_chan Sr. Member

    ya before i got my pipes i used a one hitter like that
  6. asylum1777

    asylum1777 New Member

    I wouldnt go with the pen, when i did that a while ago the pen melted and it tasted like ass :puker: , i would recomend just taking a pop can, pushing it so their is an indent and making a slit in it with a knife, put ur bud over the slit, light, and then inhale through the mouth of the can, (also make another hole for a carb if you want).
  7. greypoe

    greypoe Sr. Member

    No, the paint from the can , can kill.
  8. I smoke out of plastic pen. I took a lug nut or whatever the hell it is and taped it on to the end with electrical tape. Works fine. It won't melt the plastic for me.
  9. bongwater

    bongwater New Member

    hmm Im sure if you aren't heating the plastic up enough to vaporize any of it then it should be fine, don't know about the metal part at the end. Just buy a small pipe is my advice.

    that lug nut with electrical is something my buddy would do, hes crazy with the electrical tape. He taped the entire inside of his stash tin to dampen any noise from stuff rattling together and to prevent any noise from it rattling with the sides. Now that is a good use for electrical tape
  10. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    I'd have to agree with greypoe....don't smoke out of cans. Although I don't have any proof of it, its been rumored to cause Althzymers (sorry...can't spell it). Even if the rumors about it being unhealthy have no basis (which I doubt), smoking out of a can SUCKS. Its harsh on the throat, the smoke is hot, and the taste is NASTY. I, too, was young once, and I won't deny doing it, but IMO its just not worth it. I might do it again, but it'd be an act of sheer desperation, and not something I would do on any type of regular basis. there are too many other ways of smoking that are far more enjoyable. Check the methods of use forum for literally countless other options you can make smoking devices from with things you probably already have laying around the house.

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