PLEASE HELP: Need to know if I passed my home drug test... Work drug test in a couple of days

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    Hello everyone, great site. I will be taking a pre-employment urine drug test this upcoming week. I'm a 37 year-old male, 6'-2", 195 lbs, not been very active in the past 2 years but I've always had a good metabolism, although I'm certain that it's slowed down in the past couple of years. Here's some background on my situation:

    Last time I smoked was on February 29th (1:00 am) and it's some real high grade stuff. Before this, I've smoked almost daily for 2.5 months. I had stopped for 1 entire year before that and been a daily user for about 15 years before the year hiatus. When I say daily, I don't mean 3 blunts every couple of hours but rather a couple of bowls throughout the day or 1-2 at night. Anyways, I was called on February 29th (about 8 hours after my last smoke) by an employer that I interviewed for about 1 month earlier. This is a great job and opportunity so I don't want to fail this test. Of course I haven't smoked since and I'm on the 11th day. I bought a bunch of the QuickScreen "At Home" Drug Tests for THC and did the first test about 4 days after my last smoke. I failed it, there was no line in the "T" area. I continued to drink a lot of fluids (Gatorade, water, & cranberry juice) and busted my ass exercising daily, mainly by playing basketball for about 2-3 hours a day. I also took some niacin but, as with drinking a lot of liquids, I knew that this wouldn't do anything to help my get rid of the THC in my system any faster. Anyways, I took another "At Home" test and this time there seemed to be a very, very faint line in the "T" window. I know that the rule is that if there is even a faint line, it is considered a pass but I still wasn't confident. I continued to exercise for the next 2 days (this included yesterday afternoon) and this morning I took my sample from my first piss of the day, immediately after I woke up. Again, I saw a faint line (but didn't seem as faint as the one from a couple of days ago) and I am pretty sure that I'm good to go for the drug test, which will probably be done sometime this week. I have 3 more "At Home" drug tests and plan on checking my urine again and again IF needed but I wanted to know from the experts on this site and these forums if I even should bother to continue to check myself. I'm trying to upload 2 pictures from this mornings results and would greatly appreciate any information from everyone on here. Please let me know if I'm clear to go into the REAL drug test this week confidently and knowing that I will pass.

    Thank you
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    Thanks for the info. I don't think that the brightness matters for these home tests - if there is a faint line, then there is no THC at whatever level the dipstick is set at. Could it be that the pack of 50 home strips that you bought were set at 100 but not all at home tests would be messed up like that? Also, I used the QuickScreen company's "At Home" THC test which is just 1 test kit and all the ones I have are from 3 different time frames: two were from last year - one I failed and the other I passed with a very faint line; another batch are from 10 days ago and one I passed (with the above pictured results) while the other ones I have not used yet; the final batch I bought yesterday and they were new because the shelves were completely restocked from 10 days ago when I bought all but 1 of the test kits they had on the shelves (I haven't tried these out yet, which I will do tomorrow). Anyways, while I'm not saying that these home tests might not always be accurate, they are from different time periods and from different deliveries, and seem to be from a different company as the ones that you used. I've researched the results from a multitude of sites and forums and this is the first I here of the home drug test NOT working. I'm guessing that if I am passing these tests from different batches, all of which are in their own separate boxes, and if I continue to pass them, then shouldn't I be pretty certain that at least ONE of these tests that I passed were accurate (98%).

    I also wanted to know if these faint lined results mean that IF the dipstick was set up with the correct 50ng cut off, then I would be passing the test later this week??? Simply, with what shows up on the photos I uploaded, did I get a negative result???
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    i took all that into consideration. i didnt want to "overpost" my details.
    but i know how you feel so i will share more info with you.
    i did use more than one test from more than one manufacturer (total of 80!!!). also i called the lab i sent my sample to that used a gcms. i was told the target of the quality of the test when they make them is 50nano
    (why would they make a 100 nano the samsa limit is 50) we want to know if we are under 50 not 100 right???.

    remember theses are PRELIMINARY SCREENING DEVICES these are not real TESTS.

    these are called rapid chromatographic immunoassay screens. they are made in massive bulk sheets and then cut into individual strips. when you can buy 50 sticks for 30 dollars remember there's much much profit in that cost to you so just imagine how cheap it is to make them. if you look closely they are all the same. some are trimmed to fit into a wand ..some are fit into a cup lid...some you dont dip but use a dropper to drip urine into a sample opening ..but they are all the same! that is why you don't just buy strips without a lab CONFORMATION TEST. NOTE IT IS NOT A LAB CONFORMATION SCREEN IT IS A REAL TEST. the strips are just part one of a two part system. a SCREEN and then you get a conformation TEST.
    why would you just want to confirm your positives? dont you really want to confirm your negatives ????? thats the goal isnt it?

    SO... are you being screened or tested when you go ?
    do you need less than 50 for a screen or less than 15 for a test?
    the photos you posted indicate to me that you passed the screen which is marketed as less than 50 but can give double lines as high as 100. and the brightness does matter as theses are competitive binding tests meaning drug metabolites in your urine competes with drug conjugates on the stick. ask someone who has not ever smoked or has been clean over one year to take the tests. then you take one. look how bright their line is. the test line matches the control line. yours is kind of pinkish red. they say the color doesn't matter for screening to pass fail and that is true but the brighter the line the less metabolites are in the urine. can you get a faint line at 50? sure you can ..but watch it get brighter the longer you don't ingest thc.
    and remember can al;so get a line at 100 :)
    and you yourself said you went from none, to faint, to brighter than faint. so you are saying the longer you stay clean the brighter it gets :)

    here is what to do. buy at least a ten pack of strips and test daily
    at the same time go to drugstore . com and get three screening kits for 29.99 and free shipping each kit comes with mail in materials and a pre addressed box to mail out the sample to the gcms lab. there is no additional cost ! (but you pay for postage) less than 5.00$
    if you pass (less than15 nano) you just get a pass but at least you know for sure you have under 15 on the most sensitive testing machine around. if you fail then they give a specific number of nanos in your failure report.
    then ten days later send off another one. in this way you can gauge how many nanos you drop in every ten days and figure out to some degree when you will be under 50 or 15 depending on your goal. then when you think you are send in the third for a final conformation.

    im not trying to start a fuss with you. im just sharing my knowledge from my own experiences,screens,tests, and questions to the lab, and research on the net, and conversations with doctors.
    you asked the bottom line question of what do my photos mean. so to me they mean you for sure have less than 100 nano.
    and you do have two lines.
    my question to you is. how low do you need to be to pass your real test?
    and how will you find out for sure what you have before you take it?

    ps. i see your test is this week so dilution should work for you as you are under 100 according to your pics.
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    I don't think that I will have time to send my urine to the lab before the pre-employment drug screen test is done. Based on the half-life of THC, what day would be the best for me to be certain that I'd be under 50ng cutoff if I definitely passed it, at the latest, on Thursday morning (March 8th)? Assuming the worst, that I am under 100ng on Thursday, when would the THC in my body be under 50ng?

    I just did the At Home test again this morning and again, a faint pink line showed, meaning that I passed it (assuming at the 50ng mark but I know there is a 2% chance it can be wrong). This time I used the test kit that I bought yesterday, different from the ones I used (AND passed) on Thursday & Saturday. I understand that they are all made from the same bulk strips but I'm also assuming that they all can't be set at 100ng, correct? I will try and give one of these At Home tests to a household member that never has smoked and see if the line is any darker. Although I stated that my Thursday home screen had a fainter line than my Saturday (and now Sunday) lines, honestly I'm not sure what the difference in faintness was - they might have been just about the same.

    Should I still work out and exercise to burn off more THC in my fat cells or would it be too late to push any more out? Tomorrow I have to call my hopeful employer to set up the day of the drug screen and obviously I will try to get it pushed back as far as possible but I don't want to make them doubt me and maybe either be suspicious or offer the job to someone else.

    I was told by my future employer that I will be having a quote "drug screen" (not "drug test" but I figured that it didn't matter and that both were the same thing). I don't know what the exact cutoff will be for my screen at work but I'm guessing it will be at the normal 50ng.

    When it comes to dilution, is this something that I have to go all out on (and risk having a negative dilute) or is it something that I can just drink a little more than normal amounts of water & Gatorade, piss 3-4 times before going to my drug screen, and not have to worry about my creatine or color of my urine? I only say this because since I'm either already below the 50ng or close to it (under 100ng) and I don't want to have any problems with the lab saying that my urine is diluted - I've never done this before and not sure if I'll be able to nail it on my first try, especially since I probably only have 3-4 days at the most to go in for this screening.

    Thanks again for the info. I know that you are trying to help me and I greatly appreciate it, so no fuss here, lol. I'd still like to get more answers to my above questions and also from others on this site to get different input and experiences from "expert" users on here. Looking forward to any and all responses. Thank you
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    Here is the picture from my QuickScreen "At Home" THC screen results from yesterday morning & this morning, side by side. The one on the left is from today, the one on the right is from 24 hours ago (it's dried out a bit more but not sure if that would make a difference for these purposes). I'm pretty sure I passed both of them with faint pinkish-red lines: for certain at 100ng and at 98% probability for 50ng. Remember, these were both from UN-diluted, first voids of the day. Again, any help & info on this is needed ASAP, since I'll be taking my work drug screen sometime (probably early) this week. Thanks again!
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    UPDATE: So I have a couple of old 5-panel hospital drug screens that are technically expired (but still sealed) and had a family member that does NOT smoke (ever) take the test. This person is taking currently taking vicodin once a day (legally with a prescription) so I knew that it would show for opiates IF it worked correctly. We tried it and it did come back correctly with the opiates line not coming up at all, while the other 4 lines showed - but the lines were of all different intensities and I know for a fact that they have never touched these 4 drugs in their lifetime (thc, cocaine, amphetamines, & pcp). Anyways, this morning I decided to take one of these older hospital drug screens using my first void of the day and although the thc line did show, it was MUCH lighter than the other 4 drugs - in fact it was very hard to see. I don't want the lab for my upcoming screen to dig deeper into my urine sample so I'm not confident in my results.

    After my morning void, I drank 2 bottled waters (16 oz each = 32 total oz) and also 32 ounces of Gatorade within the following 90 minutes. This is a little more than what I usually drink on a regular basis in the morning. On my second void of the day, I decided to check myself again, this time with the QuickScreen "At Home" drug screen that I bought from Walgreens - it's the same ones that I've been using for the past 10 days to check myself. This time I saw that my urine was a lot lighter than my first void (diluted a little? I'm not sure) and the line was much darker than any of my past trials. I pissed 2 more times later in the morning and saw that my piss was pretty clear.

    I don't want to over-dilute but just enough to get my under the 50ng mark. Please help ASAP because I have to call them to make an appointment today so that I can go in for my screen later this week. What should I do??? Thanks
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    Can you sub? I have always been better advising to do that than to try and dilute. If you could dilute it removes all the mental hassle your going thru.......:wave:

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    Nah, I'm not going to dilute but thanks for the words. that would make me even more stressed to get my sample to the right temperature behind my ball sack. I'm just so close or already under the screening cutoff for pre-emplyment drug screen. I will be working for a hospital (not in the medical side of things though) and I don't think that they'll do a a screening that will use the 15ng cutoff. They specifically told me that it will be a "drug screen" not a "drug test". I am pretty sure that I'll be able to push back the screening to next Monday, so that will give me even more time to work the THC out of my system.
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    Back again :)

    How can I dilute JUST A LITTLE BIT before my drug screen, which will be scheduled for me tomorrow, either at the end of this week of the begininng og the next week? I'm am pretty sure that I'll pass the 50ng level (passed the QuickScreen "At Home" test about 5 times already, which is listed at 99.9% accurate for 50ng, usually with a faint line) but just in case the readings are off I'd like to do a slight dilute JUST TO MAKE SURE I PASS. I bought Creatine Monohidrate in powder form (5 grams per day, but planning to up it 2 to 4 times when I find out my screening day) and stopped exercising (playing basketball outdoors) today so that my fat cells start to get into their "storage mode".

    I hope that it sounds like I should be all good for my upcoming drug screen but I do want to dilute a little bit, NOT like the way the threads on here say to do it because I don't need to. I just need to dilute a little bit, probably with my 3rd or 4th void of the day to be certain that I'll pass but again, I want to make sure that I have enough creatine & specific gravity to not throw the screen into a "negative dilute" situation.

    What would be the best ways for me to do a mini-dilute for my upcoming drug screen? It will be at 10am and I probably will wake up extra early that morning so that I can piss a couple of times, cleaning my bladder out, and drink some Gatorade - but about how much should I drink & void before my screening? Should I also drink water as well? Should I continue to up my dosage of creatine as I get closer to the test date?

    PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks for all information and suggestions
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    dont forget to come back and tell us what happens
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    I definitely will. I just wanted more info on how to do a minor dilute. How should I go about doing this? I was given my drug screen date today, which will be on March 19th (Monday). Will the fact that I stopped exercising yesterday and that my screen will not be done for 6 days after my last exercising day affect the test results? Or should I work out for a couple more days just to make sure I try to sweat as much out as possible?

    Thanks and please help
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    Sorry for the delay but here is a recap of what happened in my saga:

    I was still scared even after passing my home urine tests every time after about my 7-8 day of being smoke free. I do have a faster metabolism and played basketball every single day in the hot sun (sometimes until I almost collapsed), sweated my balls off, and drank at least 1-2 gallons of water and Gatorade daily (I know it doesn't get the thc out faster BUT it does speed up metabolism). I was still scared cause it was a very faint line; at times the line would look darker, other times (even after the darker lines) it would appear lighter again. I just think it is the material it is cut from but most are pretty accurate and show you if you passed at the 50ng level. I was still freaking out so STOPPED working out/sweating, ate fatty foods, and then I shipped my piss overnight to the lab (it cost me about $30 (I took the At Home Drug Test kit - $15 each, but they provide the stuff for you to send it in to them). They got it the following day it took about 3 days after they received it before I got my results. I had passed 100% under the 50ng line. About 3 days later I took my work urine test and passed with no problems
    :) There's my story... Been working there ever since and loving it! Good luck to the rest of you and hope you all the same luck - PASS ON!!!
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    Yep what he said worked for me

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