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Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by TheDot, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. TheDot

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    I hope this is the right forum..
    What is the smallest amount of pot that a police dog can smell inside a car?

    Our school has police dogs come maby twice a year, and I smoke pot in my car every once in a while. What if I accidently droped a little leaf or a seed inside my car without realizing it? Could the police dog smell it, or does it have to be more...like a nug?
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  3. K9Copper

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    There is no "set limit" that the dog can smell. There are so many different factors that come in to play. For me, yes my dog has found seeds, pipes with barely anything in it, discarded plastic baggies barely containing any off-topic powdery substance... Now, I'm not going to give away any K-9 secrets here, but to put it very simple, there is no answer for your question because there are too many variables, I would just say, be suprised at how damn good they are.
  4. KingBudz

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    K9- please don't tell me you're really a cop.
  5. K9Copper

    K9Copper New Member

    KingBudz, no, I'm not really a cop, I only play one on TV. Yeah, I am a real cop, where the hell have you been? ;)
  6. frep45

    frep45 New Member

    Hehehehehe, good one K9.

    Yes, he is a cop, but one who likes to chat on mj.com. LEOs on this forum provide a valuable insight to the legal aspect of marijuana, as well as good conversation. I'm glad to have them with us. :)
  7. sarahmax79

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    police dogs...

    Didn't I read recently that dogs' sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than ours...
    That seems about right, although during a bad-luck time in my life, the little darlings missed my stash completely. but I think that was becaue there were so many different and confusing odours in the place.
    Best bet: be more careful, particularly about your person. Jail is a complete waste of time, but until it is completely decriminalized, that is surely where we will go.
    As for smoking in your car, do you do it and then drive??? Naughty, naughty! Someone could get hurt! People do, you know.
  8. sarahmax79

    sarahmax79 New Member


    Now that you mention it, I'm going to see how much research there is here. I bet I get some good info, and if I do, I WILL give up the secrets...
  9. FrostyBong

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    Re: K9...

    A guy who trained dogs to detect narcotics made a good post on another forum about how it works but it was so long ago that the post is now gone... From what i remember he said a dogs sense of smell is more comparable to our sense of vision... He said that the smell can get through any contrainer regardless of wether its "air tight" or not. How fast or much depends on the temperature amoung other things. Britian or someone did a study on the best material to keep smell from getting out and determined the best material was cellophane which is the stuff bags of chips and candy are packaged in. However when the Taliban or whoever was fighing Russia the Taliban would wrap mines in cellophane & or sprinkle oil on it but the dogs still found them. Odors fall to the ground. Humidity keeps the odors from going away. A lot of times people will put marijuana in something like ground coffee beans thinking it will mask the odors, but dogs will pick up on anything unusuall to the environment. I saw a show on the Discovery channel about canines and their sense of smell and they said a well trained dog can find a baby's tear drop on a foot ball field in 5 minutes. Hmm thats about all i remember...
  10. sarahmax79

    sarahmax79 New Member

    sniffer dogs...

    Thank you for the reply, Frostybong; the name came from where?? One program on Discovery said that an average dog's sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive tahn ours...
    The point being, let's do some research.
    I would hate to have to smoke it all at once for fear of having such good bud detected by the enemy... much better to enjoy at leisure.
    If their effort were put into catching real criminals, instead of the easy targets like the local pot smokers' circle, maybe our streets would be safer and the violent, twisted or mentally unstable would get the accomodation they need.
    I'd rather be here than a news channel any day.....
  11. K9Copper

    K9Copper New Member

    Sarah, it is rather sad you view us as the "enemy" and really think we put that much effort into small time stuff and that we don't focus on bigger and better things. Well, here is an answer for you, I'm sure there is a set limit that the dog won't be able to smell, but the amount would be so small, it would be meaningless to possess, like lets sat 0.05 grams, etc. Also, if there was an effective masking agent I think it would already be all over the market and chances are it would cost more than the weed itself. Just a thought.
  12. suede

    suede Activist

    Police Dogs, aka.....K9

    There are many substances that will dull a k-9's senses.Unfortunately,they can be detected usually by the attending K-9 officer too,and if that happens,you may as well forget getting away with anything........They'll bring in more dogs,rip your house apart,go from room to room turning your home upside down,while you are forced to sit,or stand, in one spot while they ransack your belongings.....You are not allowed to follow them into other parts of your house while they conduct their search.You are not allowed to video tape their proceedure,and once they're in the door,you have NO RIGHTS.
    Whatever they happen to be looking for is irrelevent to the search,once they're in,you're screwed!and the sad thing is,if they find nothing,they're bound by nothing for the destruction of your property,and the invasion of your privacy.;)but that's America.Don'tcha just love it?
  13. sarahmax79

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    To K9 Copper,
    While I try to live within the law, there are some things I just gotta do...I've had experiences that enforce my beliefs If you want to talk privately, my address is here.
    You mentioned a point that I think is hugely important; there are offers all over the "net for sale, of course, for stuff to make sure your urinalysis is clear. There are things suggested to pack your pot in that dogs can't get through. There are all kinds of things for sale that will ensure you get away with crime. And like it or not, pot is still a controlled substance in most parts of North America, and therefore illegal,and so it will be until we get the laws lightened up. The stuff doesn't work! You waste your money.
    For the profit minded who move large quantities, smarts, good behaviour and luck play a big part. Money in the right hands can grease the wheels too.
    But falling for Clear Test and its' ilk is giving money away. If it worked, no-one would ever get a dirty test again, from when the stuff was first developed. Having had a dirty myself that I am still denying, I know that the best way to pass a piss test is to abstain. and I do.
    Enemy? Of course you are. The very next letter tells you why, and I have had that experience too, over a rat report to the local cops that there was a "large cache of drugs in my house." There are those who may recognize me by that statement.
    They found squat, and seized stuff for which I had real receipts, and I fought to get it back, and it was pure pig-headedness that made me persist, and exercize my rights.
    I am also aware that many, many times you face people with weapons and willing to use them. There is also the danger of body fluid transmission in a scrap, some are well-equipped martial artists, and some of the stuff you have to seize is toxic, so yes, you are in danger.
    I also admit that the police are necessary. There are too many damaged people who will go to any lengths to get and use what they want..
    Marijuana is a mild short-acting sedative, minor halucinogen, appetite enhancer, and in my case tranquilizer and sleep aid.
    Responsible use is one of my big lectures to young people especially. I am old, and I am living proof that you can have fun over fifty, or sixty, or more.
    Pot and peace. The right to possess my property, privacy, and a peaceful neighbourhood should be mine. The last part is where you come in, and I am well aware that if it weren't for the uniforms and the marked cars, things would be much, much worse.
    The reports from all over the world on bad behaviour by police officers, even if taken with a big dose of cynicism, indicate that not all criminals look the part.
    Staying on top of it is hard work. I advise folks to blend in with the enemy, emulate their appearsance, their behaviour, and learn their jargon. Above all, go peacefully in this world, dont wake up the neighbours....
  14. sarahmax79

    sarahmax79 New Member


    It is amazing how many stories are so similar. I was told, most severely, "We know it's here, and WE'LL FIND IT." Our nice quiet little area was kept up all night for a search that lost me my Xmas hash, such nice smoke it was too. but not the stuff they thought they'd find, and did they ever leave a mess...I think anger took hold dsthere.
    Pot and peace.
  15. intoxichrist

    intoxichrist Guest

    Ah, but law enforcement is the enemy. The state of law enforcement in the country is facistic. I'm sure there are hundreds of threads with reasons why pot should be legal, so I won't get into that. I don't see the laws getting more liberal in this country, especially with the democrats and republicans controlling the legislative branch of the government. You say that the nazis concentrate on bigger and more important matters? I seriously doubt that. I've seen someone bludgeoned to death with a pipe, called the police, and no one showed up for 30 minutes. But you go 65 on a 60 MPH street, and the cops are all over you. In my area, here in Florida, we pay taxes to fund a "Seatbelt Enforcement Unit" in our police force. How worthless is that? Why do we continue to pay taxes, in order to put minor offenders in jail? Yes, I'll say it again, law enforcement is the enemy. But I agree with one thing, It is sad we have to feel that way.

    Oh, yeah, join this party: http://www.lp.org
  16. K9Copper

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    Yeah, it's bash on Police time :rolleyes: I told some of my fellow officer that after 9/11 enjoy the respect that we will get for the SGORT TIME because peoples images of "hero's" will start to fade, and we will become those "damn cop's that look for nothing better, aren't you going to caught real criminals, stop harassing me, I pay your salary, F you I'm not going to jail, I'm going to kick your ass or kill you and try to take you away from your wife and kids Pig" again :rolleyes: Sad, very sad. I bust my ass EVERYDAY to try to make my little segment of the world safer for all that come through it (OH, IN 5 YEARS, i THINK i HAVE ARRESTED 7 PEOPLE FOR MJ, AND THEY WERE BAD PEOPLE, NOT PEACEFUL LITTLE SMOKERS) and now I am the enemy again :rolleyes:
  17. JiNseKi

    JiNseKi New Member

    K9 i understand wut ur saying, and itz horrible how people think of the police in this country...the thing is, they deserve it. mj is not dangerous...keeping it illegal is! but thatz a different story.

    one more question to whomever... how long does it take to train a police dog? also, are there specific dogs for specific narcotics or can one dog be trained to smell many of them?:confused:
  18. K9Copper

    K9Copper New Member

    WHAT!!???!!! Police don't make the laws, POLITICIANS DO! Your statement was way off base.
  19. sarahmax79

    sarahmax79 New Member

    going right along here...

    To K9Copper...
    I hope your day was good. I don't envy you at all. Just a half-hour ago, the city police pulled over a car in our alley. I have a feeling that there was a real reason and I hope they got a person who is in need of some of what he's getting now, since they put him in the back seat...
    I have known officers with whom I could discuss the events of the day without feeling like a traitor, but not lately. Attitudes have hardened again, and our mortality has lost its' rating a a thing to be aware of now that hte initial impact has warn off. "Thank God it wasn't me," seems to be what is left.
    Politicians, whom we vote into office, make or change the laws, it's true. The police are supposed to uphold those laws. Some are unenforceable and we all know it.
    Marijuana is an issue that is being made more complicated than it needs to be, because there is money in it. The profit motive isn't relegated to the smalll-time pusher, or runner, every level wants their cut.
    Peaceful smokers who keep the noise down and don't freak out the neighbours are my kind of people. I stay away from the grifters and scam artissts, the thieves and the violent ones. I don't even watch rough TV shows. I am very afraid when I read the news, here and world wide, that tell me instant reporting makes the situation worse, every horrible item depicting the lower side of our nature tends to encourage kids to try it out, and the commercially available tools with which to wreak havoc are far too easily accessable... we need you to keep the bad guys away from us...
    LIving in an apartment building is good research material for students of human nature. The "check days" are obvious, with the racket and the taxis, and the drunken fights.
    Police here are saying they are ashamed of their response time, and with every car they stop for speeding, lights out, erratic driving, etc, they put their lives on the line,because the driver could and often does have a gun. Or isn't afraid to attack in order to get away.
    Responsibility for ones' behaviour is a much needed subject in homes, schools and churches. Jail time is suppposed to improve our knowledge and attituded, but that isn't working; Punishment for wrong-doing is supposed to correct bad behaviour, but we know jails are training sites for graduating worse acts.
    I believe the ones who want to keep pot illegal have a vested interest in that. They are in need of edduction. Marijuana leads to introspection and meditation, peace and contentment, good health and shiny coats, and bright eyes. It doesn't make you want to rape and kill, unless you've been rippped off, of course, and then who do you call? The police?
    Pot and peace for me. I had a good day, and I wish you one tomorrow. Don't stop with the cards and letters. They are of great interest. Sarah.
  20. smokey223

    smokey223 Guest

    this is an excellent topic, as we get to comftably discuss the laws on marijuana with a real police officer.

    ok maybe i am a bit ignorant, but anyway, K9 why is it do you think marijuana is still illegal and all, when there is such an ovbious feeling that it should be de-crim. As sarah has mentioned, she is a peaceful smoker, who like me and lots of others, is forced to mix with the black market, which is potentially dangerous, violence wise, plus shoddy dealers who "lace" their products (im not saying it always happens, but there is always the unpleasent fear that its possible, "anything for a few bucks" right? ) . I just dont seem to understand, The country could make more money from taxing it and selling it etc (hemp products too... :) ) then from the time and money put into stopping marijuana dealers, who, once mj is legal would have no need to deal as prices would be too hard to compeate with. Which would also make us alot happier having the reassurance that we are getting the real thing with out having to go to dealers who deal with harder drugs too. as it has been clearly shown, us marijuana smokers are not criminals in anyway, what makes us criminal is the fact the law makes us criminal. Most marijuana smokers are intellergent, good, peaceful people who do not want to turn to alcohol (sorry for the off topic) for relaxation as marijuana is just so much better, health wise. I know you already probably know most of what i have, but i just needed to vent and really ask your opinion as a police officer,why is it illegal and what is preventing it from getting the action and discussion we are asking for?

    Thanks for your time.

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