popcorn mid???

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by pretendo, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. pretendo

    pretendo smoke da herb

    has anyone heard of this "popcorn" mid?:confused: :confused: , yesterday my freind smoke with me, he had this weed it was pretty good mid and he said it was popcorn mid and some other guy i smoked with said hes heard of it, and basicly its compressed weed and it looks kinda like popcorn, it had like 1 seed in it and was pretty good bud:D , has anyone else smoked or even heard of this? i searched but didnt find anything, srry if i overlooked :wave:
  2. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

    They are just refering to the buds...little popcorn buds. Just mids...nothing more.
  3. pretendo

    pretendo smoke da herb

    they said its a psecific type , like some regular mid here in alabama is 30-35$ a quarter, this is pretty decent shit with hardly any seeds and it gos for like 50 a quarter, either way it was decent
  4. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

    mids are mids are mids
  5. pretendo

    pretendo smoke da herb

    im tired of mids =[ i need a job
  6. fuzzyninja

    fuzzyninja Lounge Lizard

    Yeah, I'm willing to bet it's just a descriptor of the bud shape.
  7. pretendo

    pretendo smoke da herb

    oh srry kontroversy i read your reply wrong, but yeah thats why they call it that because of the shape, i thought it was pretty neat.
  8. Perplexed Pixie

    Perplexed Pixie Ladybug Sunflower

    Around here its the Korn. And I had some of it last week. Nice little clusters I think and not too steep for my pockets.lol

    DORIAN GREY Banned

    I've heard of these

    Maybe im mixing this up with another kind...but i think ive had this before and it was called Cap'n Crunch...

    but now that i think about it...it was KB so it couldn't be this, and it damn sure had no seeds.

    either way, anyone heard of Capn Crunch? that's some gooooood shit :D

    little white/extremely light lime green nuggets
  10. Perplexed Pixie

    Perplexed Pixie Ladybug Sunflower

    Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde?) sure sounds like the krony~kron!
    Never heard of Captncruch.

    DORIAN GREY Banned

    haha, maybe it is some Korn. who knows...im from TX so you know how us texans are with knowin what KB and shit is. it's scarce down here.

    not REALLY scarce but compared to the ratio of regular bud to KB for the rest of the places around the country....

    i dunno though, i definitely like the brick weed we get down here. it gets the job done for cheap.
  12. hendrixfan

    hendrixfan New Member

    Where I live its just called corn, and it means that it is some pretty good mids. It is really only used by dealers in the ghetto and I only buy off ghetto dealers (no other hookups). They always say something like "yeah, this shit is some corn bro." I have heard that quote hundreds of times.

    DORIAN GREY Banned

    makes sense....

    and maybe the title could also used by some people to entice the user to buy it or buy more....not sayin that this happened for any of you guys, but i bet theres plenty of shady people tryin to make a buck off the name.
  14. Perplexed Pixie

    Perplexed Pixie Ladybug Sunflower

    Just want to let you guys know I cant spell today looking at what I posted seems I need to go smoke something lol. lmao its all in the hood I know thats a fact. The only place you can get it is in the hood and like $15 a gram but thats the only place you an find a nickle sac anymore. lol
  15. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

    Sounds like some expensive mids :eek:

    Unless your talking about that captain stuff :D
  16. da sAUCE!

    da sAUCE! Banned

    in Houston, popcorn refers to bud that has been vaporized already.
  17. Colonel Forbin

    Colonel Forbin New Member

    I got some weed like your describing. It was just call mids though. I think I have a pic because it was like my first bulk purchace . . .

    Yeah here:

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