Possession Charges in North Carolina

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by horsesmoker, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. horsesmoker

    horsesmoker New Member

    I was caught smoking in Burlington North Carolina by two officers.

    I was charged with possession under 1/2 ounce and paraphernalia. I know that most people get off with a fine and probation for first time offense.

    But has anyone been through this in North Carolina? When does drug testing start? What are the usual terms of probation? supervised or unsupervised?

    I don't live anywhere near Burlington... so will i be assigned an officer closer to where I live? or is unsupervised probation more likely?
  2. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    NORML site shows that first time offense is treated like a ticket... maybe you have to do probation because you got charge for both bud and paraphernalia.
  3. LowRider

    LowRider Sr. Member

    they may drop one if you plead guilty to the other. but if its a ticket i would just pay the fine unless its really high fine. then i might get a lawyer.
  4. blondie0420

    blondie0420 Locks of Gold

    You are either confused as to the difference between a misdemeanor and an infraction, or you're looking at the wrong state. Either way, possession of marijuana in North Carolina is NOT treated liked a ticket.
  5. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    "[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Decriminalization: The state has decriminalized marijuana to some degree. Typically, decriminalization means no prison time or criminal record for first-time possession of a small amount for personal consumption. The conduct is treated like a minor traffic violation."

    It has a decriminalization symbol next to it. Different states have different symbols. It says under "Share This Page" in red. Those signs change from state to state.
  6. tdlex420

    tdlex420 Sr. Member

    I actually live in NC and about a year or so ago I got caught and they charged me with possesion under half an ounce ( I had about a dime when they got me) and paraphernalia (the bag the weed was in.) If this is a first time offense I seriously doubt you will get probation, at least that was what the lawyer told me. My lawyer ended up getting the weed charge dropped, so all I got charged for was paraphernalia. If you plan to attend any type of school and plan on getting grants or anything like that it would be wise to speak to an attorney, since a possession charge can keep you from getting funds to attend college (that is why I got the possession charge dropped and took the paraphernalia charge.) More than likely though all that will happen is you will have to pay a fine, and possibly either some community service or something similar.
  7. blondie0420

    blondie0420 Locks of Gold

    I meant to come back and address this earlier...but I forgot all about it.

    Maybe it is considered "decriminalized" by NORML, but that does NOT mean that possession is treated like a traffic ticket in North Carolina (as you originally claimed). You're citing the standard border plate language that NORML tacks onto each state that has technically-lax laws rather than the laws specific to the state itself.

    Possession of under half an ounce in North Carolina is a misdemeanor. A traffic ticket is an infraction. There is a huge difference between the two, a misdemeanor is more serious than an infraction.

    My guess is that NORML considers possession in North Carolina decriminalized because a suspended sentence is mandatory for a first time offense - meaning that an offender gets probation and does not have to serve time in jail unless he or she violates the terms and conditions of the probation itself or gets into more trouble. If you want to consider North Carolina decriminalized because of this, by all means, go right ahead - but be careful making claims about possession being treated like a traffic ticket when it is definitely not treated as such in the state.
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  8. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    From the NORML website, to elimiate ANY confusion:
    Theres no debate here- possession IS a misdemeanor offense in the state of North Carolina, for any amount under 1.5 ozs. Any more of that earns you a felony. This is NOT the same class of offense as a "traffic ticket", and is more serious in nature. "Decriminalized" can have a variety of meanings. By looking at the NORML website, I've come to the conclusion that any state that doesn't charge possession of personal amounts as a felony is "decriminalized" by their standards. It DOES NOT mean offenses are treated like a traffic ticket. Beaware of what you are posting before you post it please.
  9. Mushroom Man

    Mushroom Man Feeling eternal..

    I lived in NC. If its your first offense you wont have probation or drug tests. You'll attend 5 weeks of drug classes and get your charges dropped. It's happened to many of my old friends.
  10. Phyreinthesky

    Phyreinthesky New Member

    Yeah, I just got busted with two other friends yesterday. They both got paraphernalia charges (one had a small glass bowl and the other a large glass bubbler, very nice too I might add). I had just bought a half eighth and unfortunately I was not as bold as my other friend who was somehow able to stick it up his ass while the cops were patting us down. So i've never had any charges, i've had one speeding ticket when I was 17 and I used the prayer for judgment deal and went to a class one day. I'm now twenty and wondering what is going to happen. Norml says that there is a first time offenders class that usually is handed out, is that the deal? Do I need to stop smoking to pass a drug test in this class? I probably will anyways to save up some money for the court fee and the class fee, but will I have to also do community service or probation or anything like that? I'm a college student and hold a position with University Housing, i'm really hoping they are not able to find out about this? Thanks for any help, i'll be sure to give some updates maybe in a new thread also.

  11. chefgunn

    chefgunn New Member

    my daughter got what the officer called a warning ticket for having a blunt in the car. has anyone ever heard of that? He said he would call her in a couple days to see if she remembered where she got the weed....what the Hell is that all about?
  12. rick james jr

    rick james jr New Member

    Hi chefgunn,
    Yes the officer can write a "violation notice/warning" where he just takes a report of what happened in this case and next time a cop will not let her off with an easy warning. Next time it's a real ticket where you you need to show up in court. However first offense can be avoided by going to a class and the ticket is dropped.

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