possession of mj >2oz in TX

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    A few months ago, I was charged with possession of marijuana greater than 2oz but less than 4oz. I know I had less than 2 oz. though so that put me in an even more fucked up position, because in TX less than 2oz is a Class B misdemeanor, and more than 2oz is a Class A mis. They found the bud in my apartment/dorm while I was at football practice and was not in the room when campus security ILLEGALLY searched my room w/o warrant or probable cause. These motherfuckers weren't police. They literally went through me and my roommates personal belongings w/o our permission or us being there. Campus security then left a note that they confiscated a jar of marijuana and I ended up getting kicked out of school, had to sit in jail, but was able to bond out in a day. I got a lawyer to represent me and he was telling me that I may be able to get the case thrown out since the search was conducted without a warrant, and without me being present. He also told me that he would help change the charge from >2oz to <2oz. This is my first time getting in trouble with the law, however I live in the great state of Texas -_- where cannabis is worse than the devil to some people. And the school I was attending was in a country racist town. My court date is at the end of February, what should I expect? I'm hoping just 6months-1year probation, and some bullshit drug classes. I am now attending a new university, but this situation is still stressing me out. Any advice or similar experiences will be greatly appreciated.

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