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Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by jojodude123, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Dailyporescrub

    Dailyporescrub New Member

    We're making A MarijUANa poem already¿

    table dancing on the chair
    so, i went to the store to get some daisys and roses
    theres a spider or an octapus in his hair
    he gained the weight and lift up the moses
    his hat was furry and totally slurry but the elixer is fun
    then i saw jennifer lopez and i threw a cube at her face
    freedom is bowling, until the crunch of the gun
    or a bullet will end your face's place because yo' face would be rudely placed all over the place in space

    By Matt, and Lance when very very super totally stoned.
    Time it took to make this poem: 41 minutes 57 seconds.
  2. mastachronic

    mastachronic New Member

    ill kill for a joint
    i think you get my point
    i cant live without my weed
    i mean..i can..but its all i need
    i follow the stoners creed
    no pills or speed
    others might i will concede
    i dont suffer from greed
    i share the green
    shit dog, come over, we could double team
    got an ounce?
    better watch out, i pounce
    you better pray
    that i wont take that shit away
    then ill slang it like yay
    all day
    ill sell coke laced joints to little kids
    i dont give a fuck, im handlin biz
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  3. titicaca42o

    titicaca42o New Member

    Im just kind of making this up as I go so lets see what happens...

    The bowl is cashed.
    I want one more.
    The bowl is green.
    And I wonder why I'm poor.

    Now I feel good.
    But my wallet's sank
    Lets load another
    Im on my way to the bank

    I'll come up with a better one in a little bit, that was just on the spot
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  4. LightmyFire

    LightmyFire New Member

    The Crutch

    not as funny or obvious as the other poems i've read here, but this is my poem to all the damn straightedgers out there who, deep down, really do wanna just smoke some reefer. ;)

    Carried down this road by goodwill.
    Your whole life passes you by.
    Sheltered on this path by ignorance.
    You'll know you lost when you die.
    Turns and detours you passed up,
    Hoping we'd respect and recognize
    The faith and purity you kept,
    It gives me something to despise.

    We of the faith see you're blind.
    Propoganda has you clutched.
    We fall from you and we don't mind.
    People like you misjudge the crutch.

    Taken by the neck by liars,
    Robbed of your chance to decide.
    They filled you up with their concoction,
    Changed our faces overnight.
    We all broke out from the mould,
    We chose what we wanted to be.
    We laugh at their narrow vision,
    An entire world they can't see.

    Pity be afforded you,
    Your last breath will have no touch.
    With pride bestowed to the simplest tool.
    People like you misjudge the crutch.

    Six feet down you'll toss and turn,
    As we lay herbs upon your grave.
    We know sobriety will fail you,
    When you are dead, your name will cave.
    Innocence won't be remembered,
    All that matters is you died.
    The feeling we all know you harbor,
    You want the crutch deep down inside.
  5. akshagster

    akshagster New Member

    6s days and countin...

    Many moons have past
    But my love for Ganja will last
    For across my horizan
    sits a bong of glass

    My lungs will heal
    but i lose weeds appeal
    untill the holy day
    420 will come my way

    It's a shamfull truth
    that ive come to hear
    30 days from know
    I'll be completly wowed

    Moody and spitfull
    My friends are frightfull
    for a fisherman sober
    is worst then cold October

  6. Baysik

    Baysik New Member

    god is good, god is great
    thank you god for purple haze.
  7. xxgrindn4lifexx

    xxgrindn4lifexx New Member

    Mary Jane

    I hit the Blunt, I hit the J ,
    More I say through the day,
    So i hit the Bong , I hit the Vape,
    Now im stoned and I can't relate,
    To what goes on through the day ,
    Dont ask me why coz I'm baked ,
    Sorry Its just the stoners way,
    I sit and think I sit and wonder,
    How my life fell in a plunder ,
    She cast her spell she trapped my soul,
    Promised me she wouldn't let go,
    I did'nt listen, I didn't care,
    Now Im stuck in a maze trying to escape ,
    Little did I know its a part of faith,
    She stole my days and stole my nights,
    Yesterday went too fast and tomarrow came too quick,
    I lived my life through her highs ,
    I didn't see the world through my eyes,
    The years ran by, back to square one ,
    I roll another blunt still getting high.
  8. Bradley_A_Peraino

    Bradley_A_Peraino New Member

    God’s gift

    A true gift from God, green herb fills the bowl. My thumb’s on the carb, a screen covers the hole. Colorful glass pressed close to the lips. With no use of papers there is no need for clips.

    A lighter is struck; the flame burning bright. Everyone’s cool and there’s no law in sight. I inhale deeply and try not to cough. I hit it again and then, pass it off.

    It gets passed around a circle of friends. Our minds become clear and reality ends.
    Willowy wisps of white fill the air, with bloodshot eyes and nary a care.

    God, bless this herb as I take one more toke. And, please send a cookie and a cold glass of Coke.

    By Bradley A. Peraino
    Poetry by Bradley Peraino
  9. TopEkoms

    TopEkoms New Member

    i dont know if this post's bluffing
    but in life its sometimes all or nothing
    you can go brain dead from paint you're huffing
    or just buy a bag and start your puffing
    what ever your pleasure just avoid cuffing
    have a happy thanksgiving enjoy your stuffing
  10. MunchieMinute

    MunchieMinute New Member

    There once was a smoker of pot
    Who was lost in a world of thought
    He wrote a cool song
    And smoked from a bong
    And now his cool song he forgot.
    --Written by Eric (director of the Munchie Minute)
  11. slotcheat10

    slotcheat10 New Member

  12. MineKid

    MineKid New Member

    Bongs are tall
    Joints are short
    we will go in the woods
    and build a fort
    on the floor of the fort
    we start the lighting
    i will admit it was frightning
    but all was ok
    and i said great
    but still in the end
    i didnt get cake.
  13. Kidete

    Kidete Member

    I smoke reggie bush While the rest have some kush The cookies take long To bake and kick in I'll let you toke if you chip in I had beef like a butcher With my boy when I realised he is a moocher
  14. Kidete

    Kidete Member

    I like my bud sticky
    That's how I know it's fresh
    Lighters in our pockets
    You know the drill
    Fire away!
    Look at the noobies choking
    My second hobby is toking
    I got the best dealer in town
    No doubt he deserves a crown
  15. JR Daniels

    JR Daniels New Member

    Imaginary Beings

    I accidently smoked that Janes Hemp,
    it's a crime I know but im innocent.

    She threw me her shirt as if I was her ecstacy.
    I tied her up so tightly, kinky, and spanked her once.

    Only to see the ghost of my friends,
    a faint memory of the past.
    That I left to venture the unknown buds of the world.

    Ever had that feeling of remorse?
    It just makes the heart fonder but not stronger.
    I went to the bathroom for water in an attempt to keep sober.
    Because everyone is afraid of the ole bongs drunken up sober up folktale.

    I returned to that battered women that I abused earlier.
    Wishing it was a fairytale.
    Then I know she is an imaginary being.

    I went to her and apologised.
    She smiled and kissed me.
    By this time I was no longer sane.

    I hit her.
    Again, and again.
    Wondering how long this fantasy will last.
  16. zappy

    zappy Pondering Primate

    Lee's out in the shed taking hits to the head
    This man will smoke weed til the day that he's dead
    Breathing and puffing; he soon will be dry
    But that doesn't matter - he's already high!

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