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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by 60ftbong, May 17, 2006.

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    Bud Toaster Model 14 (version 1)

    This model of the Bud Toaster is a 2" x 2" x 2" (50 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm) cherry cube. All glass vapor path (no metal screen), battery portability, +/- 1°F temperature stability, 90 seconds to first toke, auto shut off after 8 minutes.

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    i love my box
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    But wait! Another MFLB COMING ATCHA!
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    I LOVE IT!! it works amazing!
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    So does this.

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    You likiee? It's called the Oompah-Oompah Vape. Heat gun is sold separately.
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    [ame=]YouTube - how to get smoke like vapor rips[/ame]
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    Could not be happier. This is the simplest setup I've had, yet the most effective one :D

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    Arizer solo

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    believe that would kill lungs couldn't survive :(
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    My Swiss Army Knives of vapes, the MFLB, w/ perfect ground/cured trench (though, the pic it looks greener, it was a private reserve I cured it)

    My VB HF w/ whip and Mini Hydrator (and STICKER!)

    The SHOTGUN, CANNON, NUCLEAR BOMB HI (Heat Island) Log Vape - HIsaber Sumac! (the wood is Staghorn Sumac). Pardon the POS power supply. It works.

    I would love to build me a Bud Toaster one of these days. Sweet little units, they are!
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    Hey man nice magic flight! I got one too. You look like you got a pretty sweet arsenal! Have you ever thought of a volcano?
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    These work just great.... plus you get a free non-stick silicone dabajar... works for herb, wax and oil.
    X-PEN Supreme kit...

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    Yay! a real vape! :)
    and MORE real vapes! woo hoo! :)

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