Post pics of your vapes...

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by 60ftbong, May 17, 2006.

  1. spam&rice_420

    spam&rice_420 New Member

    look what I just scored for $40...voodoo vape

    I have no idea how to use it yet any tips does\dont's guys\girs...
  2. lwien123

    lwien123 New Member

    Vapir knock-off. Wasn't aware that they were doing this. So lets see, we have VaporBros knock-offs, Volcano knock-offs, Da Buddha knock-offs and Vapir knock-offs. Too funny..........
  3. Vapist

    Vapist New Member



    I hate it when you try to read a thread with pictures and all the images have been taken offline.

  4. KiNg KoNG

    KiNg KoNG New Member

    brand new Iolite

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  5. Zeroxtreem

    Zeroxtreem News *****

    My DBV

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  6. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Not a knock off. Vapir makes the Voodoo, which is identical to the Vapir One, for Pyro Products. And also the Mystifire-same as the Vapir Vapormatic.
  7. spam&rice_420

    spam&rice_420 New Member

    for $40 bucks I could not resist...
  8. dakinebudsmoka

    dakinebudsmoka New Member

    no doubt about it.. i would have, even if just to sell/give to a friend..
  9. 1406

    1406 Retired


    On the left an ice chamber from the SSV company, in the center the Arizer Exteme vaporizer, and on the right some bud, a wooden grinder, and a glass pick.
  10. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    This isn't the right place for questions, but do a search on youtube for Vapir One or Voodoo vids.
  11. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator


    I bought this at the 2007 Seattle hempfest. its a glass on glass from Vapolution.
    it was a bit spendy, 75.00 but I didn't mind. most of the vapes that year were all but sold out.

    it's not a great tool for groups as it takes time just for 1 or 2 people.

    but it works great, words can't describe the experience of vaping your fav. herb

  12. Piro3-6-0

    Piro3-6-0 New Member

    Excellent! I too have an Extreme and am looking into the ice chamber. I have the link of where you got the ice chamber, I'm just wondering if there is any adapters of anything else needed to run the whip into the ice chamber?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  13. ReXBudMan

    ReXBudMan New Member

    Vapir Oxygen mini 2.0

    go have a read on that
  14. umpnum14

    umpnum14 New Member

    Respectfully I must disagree with you rex.
    I have owned the O2 Mini and its still around my room somewhere in pieces.
    The O2 Mini is a nice starter but their are others out there cheaper, smaller and sexier. I upgraded my O2 mini for a LB which is so much nicer. It runs about $90 at blissville. Magic-Flight
    Not to mention the warranty
    O2 mini had 90 days where as the LB is Lifetime
    If your into vaping or looking into getting one I would highly recommend checking out and
    Extensive to say the least
  15. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    Any Picture, other than Home-Made, would be nothing but an advertisement..Volcano=#1
  16. umpnum14

    umpnum14 New Member

    The extreme is nice alternative to the volcano.
  17. ReXBudMan

    ReXBudMan New Member

    im suprised you werent satisfied by the Vapir oxygen. Perhaps u didnt give it a chance :p

    Either way, I love it and will still use it when my ssv comes. Why? makes small amount go a looong way.
  18. snowboard_loser

    snowboard_loser Sr. Member

    mmm. seeing all these vapes makes me want to get one.
    ive never had the opportunity to vape a nice unit like the volcano. i would be thrilled at the chance.
    i just have the iolite vape, and a whole bunch of empty gram bags tonight lol.
  19. whodini3

    whodini3 New Member

    Thats an awesome way to vap, never thought of much do vapor bats cost?
  20. JimmyBruiser

    JimmyBruiser New Member

    Vapor Genie all the way. Portable, easy to use, looks good, relatively cheap (for a vape), less weed used.

    I'm in love with this thing!

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