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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Bonanza, May 19, 2001.

  1. Bonanza

    Bonanza Guest

    last thursday, 10 min after I smoked and was f*cked up, my brother and two friends come home and ask me if I would like to smoke a joint so I say (guess what) yes! so they rolled a big joint of his hydro wonder that taste perfume and we went outside. it was dark and we smoked the joint... then (that when the hallucination begin) they were like ghosts! they were black and white and very tall! I was f*cking scared! hopefully, everything went back to normal when we went inside playing Tekken... it was one of the hottest trip! after the hallucinations of course...
    ever got hallucinations? post them!
  2. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member

    Yea i have hallucinated before. I could have sworn there were 50 instances when i was driving and i saw what looked to be flashing red and blue lights, but when i look back.... nothing:)

    But besides little tricks on my mind like that, i have never halluicinated, even when i smoked 3 grams of what some say to be the most potent hydro bud around.
  3. Keen

    Keen Guest

    My friend's head looked distinctly like a ghoul's head one time, but it didn't last much longer than it took me to wonder what the hell was going on...
  4. manny

    manny New Member

    My second time smoking I spent a good amount of time lying down on my friend's bed listening to music and having distinct and rapidly changing visual hallucinations (the proper term is "visuals," but "hallucinations" works just as well). Just about all of them were cartoonish images that somehow looked eerily familiar, as if I had seen them in cartoons I watched when I was a little lad of 4 or 5 and had forgotten about them until now, over a decade later. Before the big CheapTalk crash of a few months ago, someone had pointed out that these kinds of visuals were pretty common to stoners. He gave them a name - Marijuana Induced Cartoon Images, or MICI.

    Another time I hadn't smoked any weed for a few days or so and hadn't smoked a cigarette or eaten anything since that morning. At night I smoked a few bowls of chronic (the best shit I ever bought) and then smoked a cigarette while listening to music. Then I (hallucinated that I) was skipping school to smoke joints with 2 other kids. I could clearly make out the running legs of the person in front of me and the pavement sliding under my feet. This visual was so beautiful that I developed a ritual to celebrate it.

    The last time I had a weed-induced hallucination was earlier this year, when I saw what looked like a vortex of floating bunnies in front of me.

    Every so often I'll come up with an idea for an image that I think is just awesome, even after I've come down. My favorite one so far is the first one I came up with, which involves an ancient Greek discus thrower (or was it a statue of one?) in a forested area at night. If I had any artistic skills whatsoever I would draw some of these images.
  5. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    visuals are freakin cool!!!

    When ever i smoke at the park and look at the clouds i see all kind of weird stuff, i´ve seen marge simpson talking to me saying that i should have bought a coke before i got stoned and 2 clouds makin sweet love, and after 2 minutes the birth of little clouds, that was awasome that day was really windy and the clouds changed shape really fast
  6. Shwagy

    Shwagy Guest

    ive had my share of mici too. one time out camping we used Hansen's Smoothie (banana strawberry) as bong water for this high grade i got. i remember watching the fire and the rocks around it for like and hour swearing i was watching cartoons.

    one time i was walking to my car(which i parked in the middle of an empty parking lot) from getting munchies for me and my buds at the nearest grocery store. halfway to my car i heard someone call my name from about 5 feet behind me, but when i turned there was just the empty lot. freaked me out.

    i got stoned out in the desert with my girlfriend then drove her home. i kept seeing everything smoke like a bowl right after a heavy hit on the pipe. i got lost on my way home and hit some pedestrians crossing the road, cept only theren't wasn't anyone there.

    i've gotten so messed up and seen so much **** i can't possibly put it all down here
  7. StonedOnSativa

    StonedOnSativa New Member

    I dont really get those crazy visuals anymore unless its amazing weed and im ina really trippy enviroment.
    Its quite unfortunate.
    Around my 5th time smoking i was just wondering the neighbourhood with my good freind. I styill didn't know what to excpect from the high at this point.
    Their is this lawn bowling club for seniors near my house and we were walking by it at 1 in the morning. I swear for about 4 seconds i saw 5 elderly people playing lawn bowling right then and their! I said some wierd **** to them and when i glanced back it was just 4 guys in their 20s or something playing frisbee who just snuck over the fence. That was very wierd. And the first time i got high i was lying on the floor trippping out and i looked at my freind who was holding a pool cue and i swear i saw lights flashing and he was fred flinstone holding one of those big whacking sticks. I also saw peoples facxes morph into differant peoples faces a few times. The good old days........
  8. Dyekocker

    Dyekocker New Member

    I remember seriously hallucinating once. It was either laced, or just really good f'n chronic. Pretty sure it was just real good chronic. Anyway, i'm at friends house, we go outside onto his porch. Smoke a blunt. Right now i was really baked, so we go inside, and play some racing game on playstation (Boy was that fun) Then i ask him "Why is John in here on the computer?"

    1. John wasn't their
    2. Their was no computer in that room.

    good stuff.
  9. -$macK-

    -$macK- Guest

    i cant quit remember if i was burnt out from being stoned the day b4 or if i did a wake n' bake. but it was early in the morning and i was in da bath room lookin in da mirror as i was about 2 brush my hair and i looked at my head and it changed in2 this guy i knows head as well as the face but it like changed shape as well.
  10. pixelpusher6

    pixelpusher6 New Member

    I had an awesome experience. My friend and I went hikin' up this mountain to this huge tower lookout. I mean u are literally in the clouds when u get to the top of the old battle tower. So we proceed to smoke 2 bowls of my real dank homegrown. We then climbed down the 6 flights of stairs and started to walk around the tower around the edge. That's when it hit me. I thought i had been warped into the future by the tower, the year 2014. Everything had changed except me, i hadn't aged at all. We're walking back down and it was real weird. Lasted about 25 minutes.
  11. GhostPimp

    GhostPimp Guest

    ive never hallucinated on weed...

    ive tripped out before from THC...but never clear cut visuals like on other things...*ahem*
  12. elixir420

    elixir420 Guest

    I never have gotten open eye visuals. However when i hit a bong and its good weed i will sometimes get closed eye visuals. I mean i cant begin to describe what i see. I see some real odd stuff.
  13. OverDrive

    OverDrive New Member

    I've had open eye visuals...

    My most memorable visual was when my friends and I (5 of us) drove to this old, empty sea plane airport and smoked an 1/8th in one joint. I don't know what kind of bud it was since it wasn't mine.

    Anyway, we get on the highway back to town. There was no traffic, I'm driving fine and everything's looking nice. I get about 3 miles from town and I see flashing lights in the distance. I come up over a hill and there they were, the police ride check program. I saw it clear as day and I totally flipped my lid, jumped out of the car and made my friend drive.

    I got back into the car on the passenger side and as he started to drive, the ride check program completely disappeared! All there was was a flashing red light on a radio tower far, far off in the distance.

    I couldn't believe I hallucinated that. It looked 100% real!
  14. Shadowqiller

    Shadowqiller New Member

    I've never really hallucinated anything too big.. the thing I hallucinated was after I smoked I went into my room on my computer and the looked into the mirrior on my closet doors and it looked like I was 2D sorta cut out from the white wall behind me.. was pretty funny.. I had to stare at it for awhile to make it look 2D.. and sometimes when looking into my computer monitor the things sorta look like they are popping out like as if you were wearing those 3D glasses. hehe
  15. goodboy

    goodboy Guest


    every now and then when i smoke, i sometimes look around and then ask my smokin buddies, "wasn't there someone else here?" usually it was just us and there wasn't any other person but every now and then there has been someone that left but i forgot about it. it's not really a visual, just a mind game, i guess.

  16. sgtspliffkin

    sgtspliffkin New Member

    i have seen a lot of **** in my days, but like some other tokers, i saw most hallucinations when i first started toking, and they haven't been prominent for about a year now (i've been smoking for almost two years total). so, here are a few things i have seen worth note. the craziest thing by far that i saw once was new years eve, in 1999. we smoked, and my friend's faces sort of stretched and distorted into an owls face. then, maybe 15 minutes later, another friend's face did the same exact thing. it was craziness, especially because it happened two different times. these were the closest i've had to extended visuals. i guess the most recent thing i've seen, actually quite funny, happened when my dad drove me home from a concert. i was largely stoned, and as we were driving along, i could swear the pavement on the freeway was really chocolate frosting on a large cake, and the structural stuff underneath the freeway was made out of that dried chocolate lace like stuff that they sometimes put on cakes. crazy. i also thought we were going really fast. crazy. oh well. worth noting is that my most intense visuals come when it is really bright or dark around. i have heard other people say this too. i guess something about a lot or a little sensory perception entering the eyes makes people hallucinate more on weed.
  17. AfRo

    AfRo New Member

    I never had a full hallucination before, except when i trip out to music and have like winamp visualization plug in images go through my head, mostly colors warping around to different colors and stuff
  18. KnattySpliff

    KnattySpliff Guest

    I always see Marijuana Induced Cartoon Images.

    But real hallucinations...well one time I was listening to the Wu- Tang Clan song "C.R.E.A.M" with some people and was tripping out to the background music. Every time the music was going high up, I would see the room move high up and a big check symbol on the side of my vision turn yellow. Every time the music went down, the room came crashing down and the check symbol vanished as the room came down. Then there is this...sparkly noise at the end of that part and the whole room sort of shimmered and sparkled at that point. Very very unusual.

    I can sometimes see images in my head that are very distinct, clear and detailed. They are pretty cool, I saw an endless wall filled with statues of Hindu gods and buddhist figures in different positions one time...

    And the first time I smoked, I saw a bunch of drumming dreadlocked tribesmen and the Rastafarian colors around them in my mind.
  19. olivia

    olivia Guest

    i´ve never hallucinated myself, more then thinking that i see someone and when i look one more time its only a chair or stuff like that, but that can happen even if i haven´t been smoking.

    but my friend had some really scary ones onetime. she hadn´t smoked for about two weeks and was just going to sleep as she felt something moving on her legs. she looked down and saw snakes and when she wanted to jump down on the floor it was filled with rats. all the time she heard a babie scream in the bathroom but when she went there it was noone there. she also saw me and one of our friends running around, but we didn´t cared about her when she spoke to us. then her mother came down to her with the, even though my friend never drinks the.
    this went on all night and she said she has never been so scared in whole her life.
  20. Crow

    Crow Guest


    Last sunday my friends and i were on a wooded path smoking and such when we came across our friends house. Someone had a cellphone so he called our friend and told him to come meet us out back. While we were waiting, i was looking in his window. First i saw and old man walk by and then i saw the shadow of batman flicker across the wall...hmmmmm....

    Also, very often when im in my room alone and stoned i will be typing at this very message board when i hear a womans voice singing to me very softly from somewhere far away outside. It's always a very beautiful tune but very strange at the same time. nothing like anything else ive ever's weird but cool...sometimes i hear people call my name and stuff too...

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