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    As part of the drug testing forums, the urine testing forum has a results sticky that allows others to look over how people went about passing their urine tests; what methodologies were used, products, chemicals etc. to pass the test. Now I wanted to open up the same thread for hair testing. Since hair testing is still more developmental and less precise, I think many will benefit from the experiences people have had with respect to their own personal cleansing experience.

    Please, if you pass, or fail your hair test, take a moment to post a reply to this thread and let us now what you did; you may be helping to save someone's job or potential job by posting.

    Thank you, in advance, to anyone who is able to provide information on their individual hair test (or blood test)

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  2. Phreaki

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    I bought Aloe Rid and used it every day for about 3 weeks.

    I bought vinnegar, Clean and Clear and Tide.

    I want to suggest rubber gloves to apply all this stuff because it is rather toxic and did in fact burn my own skin.

    Directions that worked for me:

    1. Approach your favorite sink with the ingredients in hand, along with a towel and a shower cap. Kitchen sink worked best for me. Run warm water over your hair, have the towel close by to wipe chemicals/water that drip down from your forehad.

    2. Pour vinnegar on your head. Massage into hair.

    3. Pour Clean Clear over your head and massage in. This stuff burns skin but is better and safer than gasoline and racing fuels. I made the mistake of not drying all skin around my ears and forehead.

    4. Put a shower cap on and let sit for around 20-30 minutes. Have towel in hand to wipe away anything that drops down. Clean and Clear is probably the stongest chemicals you deal with in this process.

    5. Take a small dab of Tide liquid and wash all of this out. Your hair will be the squeekist clean its ever felt with the Tide. So very concentrated indeed.

    Did this 5 times over 3 days before test.

    On day of test I used the Detoxify brand product.
    This is not an endorsement by any means. The Head Shop person had them ALL on the wall. And she said Detoxify had the best success rate. I have to believe that the McCujo process is the true cause of my victory. But Detoxify deserves mention because it was used. The sticker price was $30.00, she gave it to me for $25.00. That chick has great karma ...

    Sample was taken from head.
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  3. tlishous

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    MacCujo method all the way

    I followed the maccujo method the night before and the day of. I have been a heavy smoker of really potent stuff for over 10 years. This absolutely works to remove the THC. However, make sure that THC is the only thing in your system b/c anything else will be detected. You can mask how much you have done, but it will still show. Other Drugs really stick to your hair and stay there. But for some reason good old THC can be removed. So ~~no worries! Smoke as much as you want! I did however try to quit for like 2 weeks before the test. But somewhere in there I smoked a time or two.
    THANK YOU MCCUJO! People that say hair tests can't be beat have never tried this
  4. atlross

    atlross New Member

    I Passed

    I took a hair test on Friday has been about 60 days since I last smoked...before that it was a couple of days a week for the previous months...3 days before the test I was washing my hair twice a day with aloe rid shampoo and clarifying cleanser after working out and sitting in a sauna...the day of the test I did the whole vinegar tide thing and than an hour later used clear choice hair follicle shampoo...I also cut my hair about 3/4 to an inch long the day before the test...the doctor wanted to take the hair from somehwhere else because he said it was pretty short, but I talked him out of it...he commented that everyone comes in with such short hair...wonder why a**hole!...anyway from what I've read the test can only go back as long as your hair (approximately 90 days or 1/2 inch a month)....if my hair is only 1 inch long than can it only go back 60 days...I hope so..anyway haven't heard yet but will let everyone know...
    anyway I passed the test don't know what worked but this is what i did....I honestly think it was the length of my hair and the time I had laid off the jink who knows....who cares!
  5. MongoChongo

    MongoChongo New Member

    Failed hair test

    -quit 13 days prior to test, before that I had been a frequent smoker for 4 years primariliy smoking with a one hitter. 14 days prior to the test I had smoked some really nice kind bud and I suppose that may have been the culprit.
    -began using aloe rid shampoo and treatment 12 days prior to test. I used both products seperately 2-3 times daily until the test day. The bottle said the "desired effects" of the shampoo would work in 5-7 days mind you. I often would leave the products in my hair for 10-30 minutes at a time.
    -bought afterburner short hair system shampoo from for 150 bucks (not promoting this product at all) and used it on the test day about 2 hours prior to testing. This stuff burnt like hell.
    -took Pychemedics test, samples were taken from my head from 3 seperate spots all being on the top of my head.
    -in the days following the test day I had SEVERE burning of the skin on my forehead, back of neck and around my ears...most likely from the afterburner shampoo. Skin began to peel off and now appears to be good ole' dandruff!
    -tested positive for CARBOXY THC with a score of 10.9pg. The cut off was 1pg. However, I didn't test positive for amphetimines (adderral) which I have a script for and have been taking 50mg a day for the past 5 months (i didn't inform the lab i had a prescription either). The cut off for amphetimines was 5mg.

    I suppose the afterburner crap hid the adderral and not the dope-any ideas?

    -bought clear choice follicle shampoo (never used it) and detoxify root clean (never used it). *not promoting these* I originally planned on using both these products since the ingredients were exactly the same, aside from food coloring in the clear choice, but ended up being fearful that they would counteract the $150 afterburner shampoo.

    Now that I reflect on this god awful horrible situation I think I should have tried more things, perhaps the Maccujo method or soaking in gasoline, god forbid.

    I don't intend to sound like a bummer with all this bad news and all but i guess we all have to learn from someone else's mistakes...if ya want to help out or keep tabs on my next test to try and pass go to my thread and chime in (all input is appreciated)

    good'll need it;)
  6. tlishous

    tlishous New Member

    I almost bought afterburner

    supposedly it came with a money back guarantee. It was $200 and the lady suggested that I bought 2 afterburners b/c of my heavy use. I basically said screw that and tried to find another method. mccujo then comes into play. All I can say is that it really worked for me. I was a heavy user of all drugs for years. I smoked very heavily and it did not detect ANY THC. I have long dark hair and 5'9 140lbs. High metabolism, very active. Just try to quit as long as you can before the test. I had not smoked or done anything in a little over a week. I am sorry you failed at least you can try again. Just stay clean as long as you can and then try Mccujo, I bet you pass next time! Good luck! Trish
  7. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    Thanks guys for the results; with hair testing being so hard to pinpoint answers for, it helps to have you guys contributing to help clear some confusion concerning it. Please be as detailed as possible in your replies; your hair length, frequency of smoke, and especially any tactics you used prior to the test to try to beat it.

    Again Thank you guys so much! :) ;)
  8. BobbyDigital

    BobbyDigital New Member

    I passed

    First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for that has posting their story and information, as it helped me during the past couple of weeks when I went through the hair drug test. Now I’d like to share what happened to me in hopes that it can help someone else going through this awful experience. I have been smoking for the past 5 years, typically 3-5 times a week, about 4-5 hits per session. Back in March, I went in for a second, on-site interview for a company and unannounced they made me take a urine test. Needless to say, I failed the test badly. Then I decided to stop smoking on April 1st. During the summer, I went through the interview process with another company and got a job offer. The offer was contingent on passing the drug screening test, which I thought I was fine if it was a urine test. Well it turns out it was a Psychemedics hair test. I had to take the test on August 4th (about 125 days since I quit smoking). I didn’t use any of the shampoos or McCujo’s method. However I did get a haircut right before I went in for the test and made sure they trimmed it to 2 inches (going back 4 months). So when I went in to submit my hair sample, the stupid nurse took off a HUGE chunk of my hair. What I’ve read on the internet, they are supposed to take 50-70 strains of hair (or the diameter of a shoelace tip), however b*tch*ss nurse took off the size of a thumb print. I have this huge bald spot on my head now. I thought that might make a difference, but it didn’t. I never got a call from Psychemedics and I called the company I’m working for to see if they received all my information. The HR lady said my file was complete and I was good to start. So, I passed and no more worrying. Oh yeah, I have straight, black hair that is not coarse or fine, just average. My advice to anyone going to take a hair test is first stop smoking, and then get a haircut, and to a length of when you stopped smoking. If you stopped 60 days ago, get it cut to an inch, 90 days, inch and a half, etc. Just be careful that if it is less than an inch, they’ll go to body hair. Sorry for the long post, I just tried to be as specific as possible and hope this helps people in the future.
  9. Polly Anna

    Polly Anna New Member

    Bad news

    Hey guys. I recieved the dreaded call today. I failed the psychemedics hair test. They took it from my arm pit hair (both arms). I tried the Macujo method, and root clean by detox. needless to say i am now another statistic and it oes to show that NOTHING in guarenteed! Better luck to anyone else who has to endure this ruthless process. :bawl:
  10. Sight2020

    Sight2020 New Member

    I did pass my test!! Macujo, aloe rid and Biowash worked for me .. A very heavy smoker.....
  11. Death91380

    Death91380 New Member

    My story

    I quit smoking about june 20th. Thought I'd have plenty of time to clean my piss for the new job. On Aug 2nd I took one bongload of some kind bud, (got really high). I though I'd have a piss test around the 30th of Aug. (lots of time to clean up.) I'm 6ft, 160lbs. high metabolism, I work out a lot. On the 5th of Aug, they tell me I have to take a hair follicle test on the 30th of Aug. If you do the math, thats not quite 3 months clean with the exception of that one hit. The first thing I did was shave my head to 1/4". Then I used aloe rid 1-2x a day from about the 15th to the 30th. About 3 days before the big test I cut my hair again to 3/8". Then I shaved every square inch of my body to 1/4" (every single square inch). Went to the clinic and they said it did not matter the lenght of the hair, but since mine was so short, they would have to take 200 hairs from my head, or less from another area, Plus they said the cuts would be visible on my head. I said "well, I always wear my hair very short, so you can take it off my head and I'll shave it when I get home, besides, your not going to find any more (hair) anywhere else on my body" Only 2 days later I got a call from my employer saying they want me to star on tues. Rock on.
  12. nascarred

    nascarred New Member

    life saver

    I want to thank you all.My husband knew that i smoked. He was very abusive to me and my children.We are getting a divorce.I know everyone posting here are testing for jobs.But I have been looking at this web sight for about a month now because me and my husband just got back together in feb. he didn't even know I smoked cig's He hated anyone who even smoked cig's.I am not talking about mj. He tried to set me up.He knew that I had smoked mj before.He came home one night and said that he had talked to a friend and got me a blunt from a friend.which I smoked and so did he. I guess he tried not to inhale. Anyway he is an alcholic. I tried everything to make my marriage work.I have been tottaly in love with him since I ws 17 years old.I am 36 as of aug 31.well for the last few years he has killed everything I have ever felt felt for him.We have a 15 year old that he wanted me to abort.So I dumped him and raised her on my own.She is a beautiful blond haired green eyed honors student she will graduate a year early due to all of her very hard work.When she was 9 years old I finally took him to court for child support.So i guess he didnt want to pay.So he said he loooooved me and he was sorry for what he did to us.I still loved him so much I could'nt help but fall for it.Sometimes love is so blind.You can't see through it.We were married in 99.We had a son in 2001.He in May came home with a big gift he said he got me an anniversary gift.MJ.stupid me believed he was sincere.We did it together.For days.On june 3 2004 he beat the the crap out of me.Broke two of my fingers.I had bruises from head to toe. So the next morning I went to the bank withdrew some money and me and my children packed to leave.We moved this was not the first time he baet me.It was the way he was raised.Thats no excuse.When we went to court he said I was an illegal drug user and he wanted me hair tested.So the judge ordered it.I am a good mother.I had to do what the judge told me to do.So I got online and found the macujo method.I went and got the root clean and did the macugo and went to go take my test knowing that he had this planned.He was trying to take my baby from me.after spending 60$ that i did not really even have.I went on mon. then they told me I had to come back wed. to do the hair test.because the guy that was certified to do it would not be in till then.I did not have 60$ to go get more root clean.I had smoked daily before i found out i had to be hair tested to calm my nerves.I had only about 20 days clean.I bought clean n clear tide and a big bottle of viniger,and prayed alot.I warmed the vinigar in the microwave because I know that heat opens the hair shaft.and then followed the rest of the macujo method to the t. Guess what? It worked. I passed.The judge also ordered him to be tested.He didn't pass.See what you get for being evil.Thank you all.And GOD bless you.I am keeping my baby.It will take us years to get over the trauma and the abuse.But at least we can do it as a family,even if it is just, us we love us.My children can go to bed at night without him coming in drunk and terrorizing them in the middle of the night.I think drinking should be outlawed it causes alot more damage in the hands of the wrong person than mj ever could.This has been a very bad nightmare.But it is not over yet.We have to go to court and he has to explain why he spent $800.00 on this hair test.And insisted on it in court and I passed and he failed.And he said he could not afford to pay child support.Oh I didn't say that he shaved his head and they had to take hair from his chest.He was pissed.It all goes to show you get what you dish out.The maccujo worked and it was not for a job it was for our life.Maybe it was the praying.I will never know.All I know is that it was one or the other or both.thank you all.Oh i also shampooed with paul mitchel 3 about 4 times before i did the has edta in it and says it gets impurities out of your hair.Iknow the root clean did not do it because it says on the box it is only good for 8 hours. I got to say this! shove it ricky!!!! you know i am a great mom.hit me again.i dare you.he's not going to see this. I just had to vent.good luck to all.and again thank you
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  13. trapt

    trapt New Member

    I passed my hair test!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I passed my hair test!!!!!! Thakns to all you out there who have posted advice. I'm not sure if I passed because of the things I did, or if I just got luck, but who cares at this point right?!! Until about 6 months before my hair test I was a pretty heavy smoker (3-4 bowls a day of kind). (oh yeah, I have light brown very thin hair, which I keep shaved most of the time to 1/8". So needless to say they had to look elsewhere for the sample). I left my last job and started looking for a new one. I figured I'd be drug tested, so I laid off the grass for a while (probably a month with nothing at all). But I also figured I would only be subjected to a urine test, and wouldn't have to worry much about occassional use. So between April and the end of August, I smoked maybe once or twice every few weeks. there was one 10 day period (end of June into July) that I went to some shows, and took a short vacation where I smoked just about every day. Then back to the schedule of sporadic infrequent smoking. I was tested the first week of September, and had smoked just a week before (last time before that was 3 weeks earlier). So, I flipped out when I found out it was a hair test. I did all the research I could. I knew they were going to take either my leg or armpit hair because nothing else was long enough, so I trimmed all of it. not shaved, but trimmed (you couldn't reall tell that I had done it, but the hair was about half it's normal length). I found out that armpit hair grows at about .3mm per day, so I trimmed it back to a point where I felt it would correspond to a time when I wasn't smoking (it also helped that the technician took very short samples, about 1/4 in. from my skin (so it wasn't the very latest growth). The day before and the day of the test I used vinegar and "test in" brand shampoo (which I think was probably a total rip-off). I also used the macujo method and aloe rid treatment the day before and day of the test. The technician who took the sample didn't really seem too concerned about whether I had tried to do anything to beat the test or not. She was just doing here job, so there's not much reason (from my experience anyway) to worry about them being suspicious. Even if they are, who cares, they can't do anything about it. So I waited, and waited, and waited. I didn't hear anything, so finally the friday before I was supposed to start, I called Human Resources just to ask what time I should be in on Monday. They said 8:00, and mentioned nothing about the test, so I guess I was clean! I hope my experience helps. Oh yeah, it was for an engineering position.

    Also check out
    for a good list of companies that drug test, and how they test etc. You should search by state, because if you just try and get the complete list, it only shows you a handfull of companies. I'm not sure why, but that's what worked for me.

  14. Ginasgettingsca

    Ginasgettingsca New Member

    Failed Hair Test

    Daily smoker for the last 3 or 4 years... female, 5'5", 140 lbs. Last day of smoke was May 31st 2004. Thought for sure that the Company I was applying for jobs in did urine testing, only to find out when I was offered the position that it was going to be hair. Went out and bought all the stuff that everyone talks about on here and then had a bad feeling about the whole thing and figured it wasn't worth the risk of failing so I decided to turn the down the job offer. In the meantime I had purchased one of the psychedemic home tests that you mail in just to see what would have happend. The company received my sample on Sept 21st so it was tested some time during that week and it came up positive for THC. I didn't do anything to my hair before sending it but I have always been under the impression that the test goes back as far as 90 days (90 days being tops) so this was well over the 90 day period and it still came back positive. They can't tell you levels which is bs. Guess I made the right decision not to take the job. This hair crap is no joke!!
  15. bludsugrsexmagk

    bludsugrsexmagk New Member


    *phew* i had smoked just a week and a half before i got tested and i STILL passed! i was so paranoid as hell! but wooohooo!! :laugh:
  16. newtronical1

    newtronical1 New Member

    After using MacCuj0's method for hairtesting, I passed my test and now have the dreamjob I have always wanted. Thank you for the useful information and I will be telling all me friends of this tecnique. It is very cheap and very good.
    Unfortunatley my job will be doing random testing and until I go through that proceedure one time to see what it is about, I will have to stop smoking. The random will consist of a urine test which isnt that bad but I need to know how they will administer it so I can be prepared the next time.
    Thanks again for the info!!!
  17. sailinrudy

    sailinrudy New Member

    Moderate user passed hair test w/Macujo & Afterburner!!

    Great news! Just heard today that I passed a Psychmetrics hair test today after using Macujo for about a week (sometimes 2x a day) and afterburner the day of my test. Also used Aloe Rid shampoo and leave-in conditioner daily, twice a day most days.

    I'd classify myself as a moderate user; I smoked daily up until about a month before the test, then probably twice a week until a week before the test, at which point I stopped altogether. I have thin dark hair and am not a lightweight with a high metabolism by any means!

    I also had smoked some OP for about a week approx. 50 days before the test, but none before or after that. As far as the MJ goes, I didn't smoke anything too strong but definitely some nice nugs that got me good an hey ;)

    Hope this helps can pass it! Vinegar, Tide and Clean & Clear baby!

    Ps. I don't think the afterburner did much...but who knows. I think that a regular, repeated application of Macujo and then Aloe Rid produces the best results. My guess is that the Macujo strips your hair for Aloe Rid to get in there and do it's job. I did leave the Aloe Rid after-treatment in for about 10 minutes each night after Macujo and Aloe Rid Shampoo.

    Good luck!!!!
  18. needtopass21

    needtopass21 New Member

    Failed Hair Test

    :redhot: Ok here is my story
    I am an african American with long hair 150lbs
    I am a heavy marijuana smoker and occassionaly do ectasy. I smoke a 1-2 blunts daily. and do X every 2-3 months. I got a job that required drug testing but did not find out it was a hair test till 5 days before the test. I stopped smoking about 5 days before the test thinking it was only a urine test and with the urine test i Knew i could pass with flush pills so when I found out it was hair test I freaked out. The test was going back 90 days. the test was done at pschemedics. Anyway every day for 5days prior to the test I did the muccjo method. The day of the test I did the muccjo method and also did the get clean shampoo that I bought at a local smoke shop. Well the week that I had the test I also began working for the company. Everyday I was paranoid not knowing what was going to happen. I took 1week from the day of the test for the results. While at work that morning of the results I was given the # to the lab to call for they wanted to speak with me. When I called they told me I was postive for both marijuana and X. and told me that they were faxing the results to the company. I walked out the door, didn't want anyone to walk me out the door instead I left. Now I am back to job hunting. I have not smoked since before the test and I think I am going to quit for awhile
  19. bigkevin20

    bigkevin20 New Member

    sucks doesnt it I had the same test. I failed for just weed though I have come to the conclusion African Americans can not beet the hair test.
  20. Daisy18

    Daisy18 New Member

    I passed

    Just a note to let everyone know that I passed my hair test. Background: I smoke maybe 2 x per month. The last time I smoked was about 3 weeks before my hair test. I assumed I was taking a urine test, turned out it was hair, so I did no prep.

    I PASSED! I guess there is a cut-off level, and I was beneath that level.

    Thanks for all of the help!
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