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  1. NeedInfo

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    Its just a mixture of water and baking soda into a thick paste. I'm sure it helped along with my other treatments. For n e future questions start you own thread and I'll answer n e thing I can to the best of my knowledge. This one is 4 results. Thanx:flash:
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  2. ddec420

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    i passed with bleach/redye

    i'm 5 11 and about 160 lbs in very good shape with high metabolism. i quit smoking 5 weeks prior to test and was a light smoker when i did smoke. my hair was about 1 1/2 in day of test. my wife bleached my hair and redyed it. we used new towels each time we dried and used new pillow cases and sheets and blankets. nothing touched my head that had touched it prior to this ordeal. also i dont know how helpful this was but i went swimming alot during the 5 weeks that i didn't smoke. about 3x a week. i heard the chlorine helps damage your hair. the day of test i used all clear kit but im not convinced that helped me. results came back good because H/R called me back and i got my dream job. hope this helps somebody else in my same position. its bs that these companies are turning down good people just because they have the money for these test
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  3. MrCreepy

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    I got my test results back today. FAIL. I used the Mac Method 3-4 and a FollliKleen Wash. obviously didnt get levels low enough. Luckily the results arent going to my new employer they will do there own test my first day on the Job. Since my first test i have acquired some Zydot Ultra Clean, 2 boxes. I plan to do at least 2 Bleach treatments and a Zydot treatment for my next test, another pre-test. And save the Other Zydot for the Employer's test. and also Baking soda paste soaks. My hairs is long over 24" and heavy user for many years. I guess im looking for a liitle feed back, Would this sound like a btter approach JerryG?...Thanks will post new results
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  4. Old Dude

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    The Old Dude Passed (the test I mean!)

    Well, I was sweating it this weekend. I hadn't got an email or definitive response from HR on Friday. I called before 8:00 AM on Monday and left a message inquiring what time to come in. The HR person called back at 8:05 and told me that 'all the stuff was in'. I started today. Check the older post for my history (heavy user) and note these abbreviated facts.

    Abandoned Macujo after 1 time.
    Used the IDAVISA method every day I could stand it (Check out old post)
    2x bleached the living crap out of my scalp.(90 min 1x w/ 40VOL. - 45 min 2x w/40VOL)
    3 Clairol dye jobs.
    1 week recovery from overdoing the 2x bleach. Soaked scabs off in tub.
    regular shampoo/ ZYDOT shampoo just before test.
    Have VERY thin diameter hair w/o medulla (I think).
    4 weeks clean.

    What I would change if I could would maybe be 3 more moderate bleach jobs instead of the 2 extreme ones I did.(If's there's time)
    Also I might note that I didn't complete IDAVISA's recommendation of smearing your hair with any type of conditioner and letting it air-dry just prior to the test. I did a Zydot as the final treatment. I think this used to work, but testing companies have overcome this dodge by washing the hair.

    ANYWAY! Here's to you Jerry G. You da MAN!
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  5. Old Dude

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    They used Psych#medics for the test

    I forgot to mention that it was a Psych#metics test.
    (Please note the intentional misspelling of the company name in this post...Call me paranoid, but I can imagine that there are guys over there that search for internet items with their name in it.) I you want to use the name, then only spell it right if you fail!)

    A rambling note from an old paranoid computer science geek.
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  6. vlad drac

    vlad drac New Member

    First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time out to post their experiences. Everyone's been great - I've definitely noticed massive changes in hair testing from the beginning of this thread to the current's WAY harder to beat this hair test, now!

    Jerry G - hopefully I can get a hand...

    I will have a hair test sometime next week (Aug 25 - Aug 29). I have been clean for 30 days. I used for two days before that, and was clean for 2 1/2 weeks before that.

    May 2008 - clean
    June 2008 - heavy usage
    July 1 - July 17 clean
    July 18/19 - used
    July 20 - present - clean

    I am about 5'8", 135 pounds. I have a high metabolism and short, dark hair that I usually keep at about 1.5 inches on top.

    I have began doing the Mac Treatment, which I will continue to use at least twice a day until my test. The night before my test and morning of, I am going to try Toxin Wash.
    I may bleach and redye my hair, but most likely I will use a relaxer a few day before my test (I haven't found out the day yet) to help the Mac and TW penetrate more effectively.

    Would it be a good idea to cut my hair down to 1.5 inches on top? I am definitely going to shave my chest, stomach, and pits.

    Like others, I am curious about the whole baking soda/vingar thing. I am certain basic (alkaline) solutions increase the pH and OPEN the cuticle, whereas acidic solutions CLOSE the cuticle. I haven't yet used a baking soda paste/soak yet, because it seems like most people use them after the treatment, but in my mind it would make sense to use it after.

    So I guess my question is, how can I incorporate baking soda into the Mac and TW treatments without negating the effects of the acidic vinegar and salicylic acid?

    Any other suggestions? I'll post the results...Oh and I'm pretty sure it's Psychmedics.
  7. vlad drac

    vlad drac New Member

    "I haven't yet used a baking soda paste/soak yet, because it seems like most people use them after the treatment, but in my mind it would make sense to use it after."

    Sorry to the mods about all the posting:p

    The above was supposed to read "but in my mind it would make sense to use it BEFORE." open the cuticle.
  8. Jerry G

    Jerry G Sr. Member

    This is the results thread, start a thread of your own and we'll help you.
  9. sloppyjoes

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    I passed my $hit!

    Here is my 30 day story.
    I'm a Heavy daily smoker, blonde hair 6' 200 lbs. Here's the recap.
    Quit 30 days ago.
    Bleached hair 25 days ago
    2 baking soda and swimmers shampoo washes
    Bleached hair 17 days ago
    Toxin Wash daily for last 7 days
    Bleached hair 2 days ago
    Bleached again today and redyed natural Blonde
    Day of Test: Baking Soda, Toxin wash, Baking Soda, Toxin Wash, Zydot.
  10. melie76

    melie76 New Member


    My method worked!!!! I passed.... YES!!!
  11. Smeghole

    Smeghole New Member

    Stressing out

    I have been stressing out every since I heard about the hair test. It's not for me it's actually for my fiance. Although I know I have been told it will all be ok because it was such a minimal amount I am still freaking out. He will be taking a job that makes 10k+ a year which is way more than we are making now. Plus we have waited awhile for this job. So anyways he is 5'10 about 220lbs with dark brown hair that's thick. He has been clean a year until a month ago when he smoked a bowl. Yeah I know it was only a bowl but I don't know if it matters but I smoke every night and he is always next to me when I do it. I am semi freaking out....scratch that really freaking out since we waited so long. Anyways we did that Indvisa method. I hope I spelled that we did that treatment for 5 days and had the aloe rid plus did zydot the morning of. I am just hoping it will be ok. After reading this forum I feel a lot better but I am still stressing out to the point of nausousness. Although it doesn't seem like anyone writes here a whole lot I just thought I would see if anyone can tell me I am fine. I guess it helps to hear. We took the test this last Monday and won't hear back till next Tues or Wed. Thanks a bunch and I will repost if he passes. Even though I know he isn't a heavy smoker.:)
  12. ADistantShadow

    ADistantShadow New Member

    I Fu&*#!g Passed!!!!

    I just found out that I passed both my Psychemedics hair test, and my Quest UA!!!!

    My mary-jane usage history and ridding procedures:

    First, I am a 23/white/male/175lbs/fine brown hair/decent metabolism

    1985-2006: Smoked 1 time, 1 hit of hydroponics
    2007: Smoked about 4 times, mostly mid-grade and swag
    Jan. 2008: Smoked 1-2 times (no more than 2 hits each time), low grade
    Feb. 2008: Smoked 1-2 times (no more than 2 hits each time), low grade
    Mar. 2008: Smoked 2-3 times (no more than 2 hits each time), mid grade
    Apr. 2008: Smoked 1-2 times (no more than 3 hits each time), mid grade
    May. 2008: Smoked 1-2 times (no more than 3 hits each time), low grade
    Jun. 2008: Smoked 1 time, and ate about 5 brownies in one sitting early in the month. The brownies came from a batch using 1/2 oz. of low-grade. I figured I ate about 1/8 oz.
    July. 2008: Clean
    Aug. 2008: Clean

    Before I took my test, I figured I was between 65-70 days clean. I took my test August 22nd.

    My Procedure:

    3 days before test, cut hair down to about 2" on top. I should have gone a little lower.. probably down to 1 1/2". Then used a head-shop shampoo called FresHair. I'm pretty sure this stuff is "snake oil." No clue if it helped, but probably not.

    2 days before test, used the Macujo method (apple vinegar, clean and clear, tide, aloe rid) at about 12:00pm and again near 12:00am.

    1 day before test, used the Macujo method at about 12:00pm, then I used a packet of Ion Crystal Clarifying Treatment (powder mixed with water and turns to gel) followed by another Macujo near 12:00am

    Day of test, at about 8am I used a full treatment of Zydot's Ultra Clean. Took the test around noon.

    Waited a full week for HR to contact me. Not sure if it took 7 days for the hair test to come back since I had UA results pending as well.


    This job is going to change my life!!!! I wish the rest of you the best of luck. READ ALL OF THE FORUMS!
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  13. anotherlostsoul

    anotherlostsoul New Member


    I was unexpectedly offered a job in a Las Vegas casino. I'm a daily smoker of marijuana. Thinking the job was in the future I accepted it, assuming I'd have plenty of time to get clean for drug test. She called me the next day and said I needed to do the drug test, and I would be starting next week. She faxed me the information, and it said I had 24 hours to get the test. I googled and ended up here.

    After doing all the research, I figured I had no chance to pass, with such short notice, but I had nothing to lose, so I ran to my hairdresser, had my hair bleached and dyed. The next morning I used the zydot....with gloom and doom in my mind, I did the hair test....amazingly I passed. My hair is blond, very thin and wavy. I know many people haven't had the luck I had. I conclude it is probably because my hair strands are so thin the bleach was easily able to damage the cell structure of my hair...I wish it were this easy for everybody!!
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  14. jackylynne

    jackylynne New Member


    I just recieved word that I passed my test. This is what i did:
    The days leading up to the test (one week notice) I ordered Toxic Wash, did 2 washes with it that included the dishwashing liquid and backing soda rinse pre steps on Wednesday.
    Thursday I bleached and redyed my hair. The beach really only bleached about 2 inches of my roots blonde, and the rest of the hair was just lightened slightly. Should have left it on longer but it burnt and the areas that it did bleach were so light it looked like I had no hair. The bleach was washed out with the Toxic wash which was massaged in for 15 minutes.

    Friday and Saturday I used coal tar shampoo along with the toxic wash minus the pre treatment.
    Sunday I did a quick Mac method, leaving each step on for about 5 minutes, followed by a 15 minute wash with the Toxic wash.
    Monday (day before the test) I did two complete Mac treatments in a row, Leaving each step on for 10 minutes, then washing with tide and following that with 15 minutes of toxic wash. Then redyed my hair again due to color fading at the roots. Washed out dye with coal tar shampoo and Toxic wash twice.
    Tuesday morning of the test, I left baking soda paste on my hair for 30 minutes, and then followed that with two more 15minute Toxic washes.

    for specifics on amount smoked etc look for my will i pass post.
    thanks so much for all the information
  15. helpmeplz

    helpmeplz New Member

    hair test soon, help please!!

    so i've been reading this site for the past few days and have so much info in my head right now i'm not sure which direction to go in! please help if you can.....test is in about 2 weeks, i last smoked 6 weeks ago and i'm a VERY occasional user, only smoked one other time within the past 6 months that i can think of 4-5 hits at the most. i'm female, 120 lbs, high metabolism, dark short/medium length hair, medium in terms of thickness. i've got the toxin wash on hand as well as aloe rid shampoo which i'm starting tonight. i did cut my hair just in case but it's just above my shoulders still. any suggestions on the best method to follow for my case? sounds like there are some knowledgeable peeps on this site so help me PLEASE!
  16. mistermackattack

    mistermackattack New Member

    I tested negative - DO THE MATH - best estimate.

    I regularly smoked 3-4 bowls a day up until July 11th or 12th and didn't smoke anything until August 16th. When I smoked on the 16th it was only a bowl pack to myself. However, I was offered a job Friday August 29th and was informed I would have to take a hair follicle drug screening. Did absolutely nothing but cut my hair to 1.25" (give or take a little) the day of which was September 2nd. Just found out today, September 8th, I tested negative.

    From what I read through various websites and things, hair grows at the rate of 1/2 inch every month... so go by that.

    I am 6' tall 150lbs, thick dark hair, caucasian male. I did the math and I had 53 days from July 11th to September 2nd. So figure: hair grows 1/2" a month on average... my hair grew approximately .83 inches or something close to that. I had roughly 1.25" of hair length so that means .42" of that was from the time before I quit smoking... ROUGHLY 22 DAYS WORTH OF HAIR SAMPLED WAS FROM WHEN I WAS SMOKING HEAVILY.

    I still tested negative though... I was nervous as hell the entire time.

    I'm sure there are many factors involved in these hair screenings - and I feel I was lucky - but hopefully this eases someones mind reading through these forums.
  17. vlad drac

    vlad drac New Member

    5'9" 140lbs. high metabolism. medium, dark hair.

    Used HEAVILY before the 12 week span.

    week 1 - used heavily
    week 2 - used heavily
    week 3 - used heavily
    week 4 -clean
    week 5 - clean
    week 6 - used 3-4 times and used white
    week 7 - clean
    week 8 -clean
    week 9 - clean
    week 11 -clean; cut hair to in betwewn 3/4in to 1 inch at longest point; did a TW treatment on Friday
    week 12 -clean; TW on Wednesday night, TW on Thursday morning, 30 minute baking soda, RELAXER/washed out with TW and immediately did a full TW treatment, 30 minute baking soda treatment, TW treatment at night. Friday (morning of test) I did a full TW treatment.

    11 days later...i passed. good luck.

    lemme know you need details (about the process at the clinics/what Psy++emed+ic+ looks for, body hair/hair length)...this was rushed.

    Oh yeah - since my hair barely and inch at its longest, they trimmed from three places. They needed Quantity and Length. So the cut the front which was just <1in and two other spots that were just over 3/4in. Essentially, week 5 (above) to week 12 were tested.

    Big ups to Sec and Jerry G...I now have a 50K+ increase in my salary!
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  18. YuppieHippie

    YuppieHippie New Member

    Increase your chances in all ways

    I have been all over this site because I am getting ready for a hair test next week. So, I want to contribute what I can. Two years ago, I had to take one and "passed." I use quotes because I am not sure that they actually tested it. This was a mass hiring situation at a steel plant, several hundred people, so do the math on their expense. After taking a math test, I was called a few weeks later for an interview. I really wanted this position, so I dressed like it was an interview at corporate america-I wanted to stand out because I had no experience. The interviewer said I passed and I was to go directly to the plant nurse for my drug test. Right then, right now! I should have been screwed -- daily use for years, 1-2 hits per night. I noticed that he quietly scribbled a little "ok" on my form. I got a call a few weeks later to start. I will add that I do have dirty blonde hair. My conclusion is that they saved some money by making some hunches. I realize that this will not help everyone, but it may help some.
  19. Dr Who ???

    Dr Who ??? New Member

    Passed HairConfirm Test!

    Hi. I'm a 50 year Old male with dark Brown hair average weight. About 4 weeks before testing I smoked a few bowls on 5 occasions over a weeks time. I just got my results from HairConfim and I passed ALL PANELS. Here is what I did to prepare.

    Minus 7 days T-Gel and T-Sal 5 mins each
    T-Gel and T-Sal 5 mins each, ½ Precision Cleanse treatment.

    Minus 6 days AM - Full Precision Cleanse treatment in the Morning,
    PM - ½ Precision Cleanse treatment for 5 mins followed by T-Sal for 5 mins.

    Minus 5 days AM- T-Gel shampoo followed by Idavista method consisting of Crap Shampoo mixed with Bleach and Peroxide, 4 washes with baking soda solution pre treatment.

    PM- T-Gel shampoo followed by Idavista method (Double strength) consisting of Crap Shampoo mixed with Bleach and Peroxide, 4 washes with baking soda solution pre treatment and T-Sal follow-up (10 mins )

    Minus 4 days Day off to let my scalp recover

    Minus 3 days another day off

    Minus 2 days bleached hair with Clairol XL2 – Blond Bombshell. One treatment for 40 mins. Then another treatment for 25 mins.

    Minus 1 day redye hair with Clairol Permanent color. Let in for 40 mins
    Washed with T-Gel
    Washed with Precision Cleanse
    Second redye for 20 mins
    Applied conditioner from hair color kit
    Rinsed after 10 mins.

    Sent sample to HairConfirm

    Drugs Tested For Result Screening
    Cut Off Level*
    Cut Off Level*
    AmphetaminesNegative500 pg/mg500 pg/mg Cocaine/MetabolitesNegative500 pg/mg500 pg/mg OpiatesNegative300 pg/mg300 pg/mg PhencyclidineNegative300 pg/mg300 pg/mg THC MetaboliteNegative1.00 pg/mg0.30 pg/mg
  20. blueorchid

    blueorchid New Member

    I Passed!

    Found out I passed, very little clean time! :D Thank you to JerryG, that's mostly what I followed. :hail:. And thanks to everyone else for the information I learned that helped me to get a great new job.

    Found out I passed the Qu*st when I called hr to ask them - do you have all the info you need for me?

    Originally thought I had all the exact ingredients for JerryG's method but did not. The more I read here and learned - for instance I saw a little pic of what toxin wash looked like and no I did not have the exact stuff which added even more stress. :eek:

    Fit description for heavy smoker, fair skin, had nice hair - was healthy, now thin and brittle. I don't care anymore! I feel very lucky. I really didn't do that great of a job. I screwed up with several things. My Zydot delivery got delayed which screwed up my timing with the whole thing but it still worked.

    This isn't what I had planned but this is how it went. I knew when I was ready and I am very lucky, I was scared to death the entire time.

    I tried to write down the steps each day so I could remember:

    1st day - bleach (did a bad job) used the Wella stuff and redyed.

    2nd day - too blonde, redyed, tide procedure with C&C except I used baking soda, went to party, family never noticed.

    3rd day - nothing

    4th day - bleach so much I looked like an albino, redyed but didn't take well

    5th day - baking soda with tide procedure, for the strong shampoo I used Neutragena (sp?) residue remover shampoo bought by mistake, Omni swimmer conditioner. (there's a redye in here somewhere that day)

    6th day - Another wash with the strong shampoo, then tide, the C&C and Omni

    7th day - redye

    8th day - redye (still too blonde) so I used the strong shampoo, Tide procedure and Omni

    9th day - nothing

    10th day - redye, Omni, later on ... strong shampoo, Tide and Omni probably 2 or 3 x's

    11th day - baking soda procedure, Tide procedure, Zydot, took test Very professional place, procedure was by the book I'd say. No hair pulling, several spots from the back underneath. Felt like the hairdresser cutting my hair.

    Was very luck here I think. This is what worked for ME! I never used any vinegar, didn't ever have burnt skin or pain, itching now though.

    What I learned: Don't smoke so much! If I had time and money would try several boxes of Xydot (and have them expressed) and go to a pro like I had to have my own drug test taken. I'd know quickly if it worked or not - it would be less stressful. It would cost a fortune though cause you'd have to do it again test day so I don't know just thinking. The worst part was all the stress and worry. The easy part was the actual test. I was so happy when I got to my car, they didn't go to the scalp so I knew I had hope. I am guessing here but my guess they left about 10 days worth growth on my head. I would have felt better if it had been more. I didn't think I did enough but when I read what I wrote here I realize I really did do alot to my hair! My biggest worry was with what was seeping from my pores and new hair growth since the albino day because I knew I had fried my hair! Have hairdresser appt. to fix my hair tomorrow!
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