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  1. Nixon

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    I passed I passed I passed

    Have a start date for new job!

    Previous posts:

    Hey guys great site here.
    I have a result from Hairconfirm (bought from for $64) that I am going to post at the end for review.
    I was laid off in the end of sept and ended all related activity. I did have my head in a cloud since then only a few times: couple breaths for 3 days during the end of jan and a couple on superbowl sunday.
    I am in the mix for a great career op with a VERY well known company, that does hair testing. So this is what lead me to this site.
    To get a baseline, I bought my own hair test as mentioned above. I was waiting to find this result as a way to determine how aggressive to be with my own treatments. As you will notice there is a very slight amount of THC? Correct? This still concerns me. What do you all think? Thoughts?
    Date Received:
    Date Reported:
    Not specified

    This test screens for the following drug classes:

    Amphetamines: Amphetamine, Methamphetamine and Ecstasy Cocaine: Cocaine/Cocaine Metabolite (Benzoylecgonine, Norcocaine, Cocaethylene)
    Opiates: Codeine, Morphine, Heroin Metabolite
    Phencyclidine: PCP
    THC Metabolite: Marijuana

    Drugs Tested For Result Screening
    Cut Off Level* Confirmation Cut Off Level*
    Amphetamines Negative 500 pg/mg500 pg/mg
    Cocaine/Metabolites Negative 500 pg/mg500 pg/mg
    Opiates Negative300 pg/mg300 pg/mg
    Phencyclidine Negative300 pg/mg300 pg/mg

    THC Metabolite Negative 1.00 pg/mg 0.30 pg/mg

    *picograms per milligram of hair
    Qty Found
    A negative result indicates that none of the drugs listed above were detected at a concentration greater than their listed cutoff levels.

    This chart will help you to determine whether the donor is a low, medium or high user
    by comparing the quantity found in the hair with the quantities listed below.
    Hair Multi-Drug Panel
    Low use (recreational) Medium use
    (daily/weekends) High use
    (constant) Amphetamines 500-2500pg 2500-7500pg 7500+pg Cocaine 500-2000pg2000-10000pg 10000+pg Opiates 300-1000pg 2000-8000pg 9000+pg Phencyclidine300-500pg 500-1000pg 2000+pg Marijuana
    Qualitative - amount does not correlate to usage
    I see that .30 is the cutoff level and not the measured amount of THC in my hair. LOL.
    Since I posted this, I did the MAC method once and then twice yesterday, right before I gave my sample, also used a bottle of TSAL and AloeRIDShampoo (which does nothing)
    I did ask the girl who took my sample if the cutoff level at various labs were the same, she said yes. Take that for what its worth. Therefore, cutoff levels for hairconfirm lab is the same as psychemdemics or what ever it is.
    I will post once more when I get the all clear.
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    I recently failed my hair test, the situation was i smoked 2 days before the test, so i used the mac method 3 times, then i bought omni cleansing shampoo for a head shop, i got a call back from the lab yesterday and they said i tested positive for marijuana
  3. LabTech

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    no surprise

    wow what a surprise , you mean the "Mcmethode" and some cheap clarifying shampoo didn't help ? im sure someone will say you didnt do it right but the true reality is omni a cheap clarifyer and zit wash and tide are not a system formulated to perform the need action . im sure ill get banned for telling the truth AGAIN but hair razor is the only true 3 seperate step formulation product.
  4. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    You say Toxin Wash and Zydot don't work. Have you ever seen the thread from JerryG on this. He spent $500 testing the two.

    I doubt you'll be banned for that. I did find this response from Sec to you .

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  5. IndianaGanjaKing

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    you should stop w/the negative crap in here. This forum is about giving people real advice to attempt to beat these tests, which are beatable. I just passed my hair test and I smoked a little over 2 months before and did an off topic wintery substance around the same time. My method was a bleach and redye 5 times in two weeks with mac method in between each. i passed and if it wasnt for the insight and knowledge of people on this site like Jerry G :hail::hail:and others :hail::hail:it would not be possiblefor me to start my new job. So thanks to all who provided their insight and analysis, and to those who are sceptical dont be, it can be beaten

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner never tasted so good:D:D
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  6. latetothegame

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    i'll let you know

    i last smoked dec. 27th or 28th 2008. just shared a small bowl with my sis. i knew i had the possibility of a hair test sometime in the spring. big "maybe" as 850 people applied for 8 jobs. well wouldn't you know i'm one of the 8. i have shaved my head for the last 12 years. a month after i smoked i shaved everything. quite a prickly couple weeks. grew a beard that was long enough, but had to shave it before the test because there was a physical test that involved a respirator. and you can't have facial hair. they took the sample from my armpits. i am/was a moderate smoker, maybe once or twice a week, just a couple hits from a bong per session, then none for a week or two. i'm 6 ft. tall 195 lbs. and i run about 15 to 20 miles a week. my sample was taken on March 14th.

    the hair on my head was about 1/2 inch long so it wouldn't qualify anyway.
    so i didn't bother with the methods listed on here for cleaning the hair.
    i may have screwed up there but i guess we will see.

    i'll post the results as soon as i can.

    btw this site kicks ass!!!! thanks for the education!
  7. Jerry G

    Jerry G Sr. Member

    Let us know...
  8. latetothegame

    latetothegame New Member

    i got the results today 3/20/2009.

    I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. pyromaniac444

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    I had been a fairly heavy smoker for several years, almost daily, usually in the evenings. For the last 10 months, I have been on and off due to a job search. Last smoked January 3, which was the end of Christmas vacation. During the week prior, I had smoked every day, several times a day. Found a job I was interested in so I quit, figuring I would clean up for a urine test. Got called for an interview set for February 16 and at that time found out that I would get a hair test if I got the offer. To be safe, I ordered Toxin Wash and used their instructions to the letter the day prior to and the day of the interview. I got my hair cut to about 1 inch and shaved from the waist down. I used the TW on my head and armpits. Wasn't sure if they would make an immediate offer and I would have to take a test then or what would happen. As it turned out, they did offer me the job several weeks later and I had the test on March 12, which was 67 days of being clean. The night prior and morning of the test, I did the Toxin Wash treatment. This was following a week of using the old recipe of Aloe Rid twice daily. Got the results March 20th and I passed.
  10. kev_ski

    kev_ski New Member

    where did you order Toxin Wash from please?

  11. pyromaniac444

    pyromaniac444 New Member

    Go to Toxin Wash's website. It is easy to find
  12. intheshite

    intheshite New Member

    Woop woop it's a pass!

    Hey everyone, I just found out I passed my hair test.

    I am 26 white female, occasional light smoker, clean for 1 month before test.

    Was really important that I passed this so I used hair stripper twice then a blonde peroxide dye (left on for 1 hour) then dyed it back to original colour. Then the day before the test I also used a chemical relaxer.

    Well was a load of hassle at the time but well worth it.

    Good luck everyone
  13. JDavidson

    JDavidson New Member

    can u tell me where you got the hair stripper fron and the blonde peroxide
  14. intheshite

    intheshite New Member

    Yea I got the peroxide dye from the local supermarket and I went to a small hairdressers and the owner was pretty sound, she sold me some, I guess it is all easy to get hold of. Good luck
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  15. kev_ski

    kev_ski New Member

    thanks, I found it. Google is my friend too.

    Congrats intheshite, I am happy for you.
  16. sweatinthehairtest

    sweatinthehairtest New Member

    Passed the hair test

    I am assuming I passed the hair test because I talked with the case worker and her supervisor yesterday and they never mentioned a thing, and god knows I wasn't going to bring it up!! Thanks for all the information on this site!!!!
  17. kev_ski

    kev_ski New Member

    I Passed the hair test too

    I took a test on my own just to see the results and I passed. I only had 27 days clean after being a daily toker for many years. My hair is very fine and I got it relaxed the day of the test. My scalp is starting to feel better only now. My hair feels like straw. I don't know how people get these things on a reg basis. I did some washing with SA3% and drank a lot of fluids. The drinking probaby did not help the hair growth, but the vit E supplements that I took and still take probably did. I got in the habit of wearing too many clothes so I was always sweating. That was more of a psychological boost anyway, but I went bike riding more and got sweaty doing that too. Now all I have to worry about is if they take body hair, unless I shave it down to nubs. Thaks for all your help and advice to the mods. You guys are the best and you were there for me when I was in dire straights. I am not outta the woods yet, but I have a sense of relief.
  18. cositarica

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    biowash ? what is that
  19. deadcoffee

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    Passed - thanks to hot yoga?


    I never posted on this forum before but i wanted to post the experience i just went through since during my panic i spent a lot of time on this site researching. I passed a hair follicle test this week and i really wish i found a post just like the one i'm writing now. no products, no special tricks - here's my history and timeline:

    90 day history: Casual MJ use since high school - (15 years). Over the last 90 days i tended to smoke about one bowl a week to every other week - my way of relaxing on a Sunday night. I was changing careers and expected a urine test, so before the hair test was sprung on me i hadn't smoked for three weeks. They had me take a hair and a urine test to get the full timeline.

    7 weeks before the test, i had spent a long weekend in jamaica where i smoked for several days in a row some high quality stuff. I literally got a branch broken off a harvested and cured plant - it was beautiful.

    6 weeks before the test i ended a 3 year relationship and went on a bit of a bender. I'm embarrassed to add that i was stupid and did one night of the white stuff - not my style and yes, bad for you.

    Between 6 weeks before test and 3 weeks before, i smoked two bowls over that period.

    Now, i'm a professional consultant with a great career and in demand skills, so when they told me i had to do a hair test, i pretty much said - well i'm probably going to fail because of the time i spent in Jamaica - but what the hell - their loss if i go somewhere else. I will say at this point I spent one night really worried about the test but the next day when i just admitted to everyone that I live in the real world and this sort of thing happens, i felt much better just coming clean. It's my body and i didn't work this hard and come this far to be judged by some HR Rep.

    About Me: I am 5'11 white male, 190 lbs. I have benchmarked my metabolism for processing THC by giving myself at home urine tests i ordered from CVS. I know i fail the next day but pass in 7. I have fine light brown hair that i feel grows pretty fast, i keep it short but i wasn't going to go to supercuts on my way to the test, the sample they took from the crown of my head was around 1.25 inches.

    Possible Contributions to my passing: I do Bikram Hot Yoga 1-3 times a week. It's 90 minutes of intense postures in a 110F room. You do sweat like crazy and drink liters of water - i do think this helped since i've been doing it for two years. I hope my class isn't filled with hippies after this posting. Hot yoga is known for removing toxins. There is a lot of science behind hot yoga which is part of why i like it. Slightly worth mentioning that i've been using a Tea Tree oil conditioner for two months - doubt that had anything to do with it but worth mentioning.

    The day of the test i also ordered an at home hair test from cvs. I took my own sample two days after the work hair test and mailed it in. It took two days to get my results online and i tested Negative for all 5. At the end this i'm posting the test results from that one and the cut off levels they said they used.

    So, i didn't use any of the methods i read about. I thank my casual use (and only that one night) the yoga, and my fine fast growing hair. Best of luck to you.

    Amphetamines Negative 500 pg/mg 500 pg/mg
    Cocaine/Metabolites Negative 500 pg/mg 500 pg/mg
    Opiates Negative 300 pg/mg 300 pg/mg
    Phencyclidine Negative 300 pg/mg 300 pg/mg
    THC Metabolite Negative 1.00 pg/mg 0.30 pg/mg
  20. zEnVy

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    Method used to Clean hair: None.
    I smoked around 6 bowls in the week 80ish days before testing, smoked a couple hits out of a hookah a month before testing, it was mardi gras :)
    Hair Length: 5ish inces
    I'm a quarter maltese, half irish & english, and the other quarter is mostly jewish(if you wanna call it a race) and spanish
    I've got a fast metabolism and was very active over the past few months.

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