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    Thank you!

    First of all i'd like to thank everyone on this forum who have contributed information.

    My experience:

    Prior drug use: I have pretty much been exclusive to weed, about a blunt a day for the past year (estimate) i've used pain killers, but that's about it and only a couple times. I hadn't smoked about a month prior to the test.

    Body: I'm 5'11, about 190 pounds, pretty slow metabolism, i have dark brown thick straight hair.

    Cleansing method: I had about 2 days to prepare for my test. I bought the toxin wash using overnight shipping. I began the first day with two bleaches and re-dyes. The first bleach and re-dye i didn't use the toxin wash. The second bleach and re-dye i used toxin wash after the bleach, and then again after the re-dye. The day of the test i did my third bleach and re-dye using the toxin wash again.

    I passed my test, and got the job i wanted.

    Some FYI if you have a sensitive scalp, this method will kill your scalp. I have chunks of skin coming off my head. Also, i would suggest not doing a on the scalp bleach every time, start it about a 1/4 in away from the scalp the first couple times, then do a on the scalp the last time.

    Thank you everyone for all the great information. :)
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    Just some info for some occasional users

    Hi all. First thank you to all for your information. I am a 29 year old white female. I used to smoke on a regular basis throughout my teens and into my early 20's. However, I have been drug free except for maybe one or two uses on special occasions within the past 8 years. On Sept 10 I went out with a friend who is a regular smoker. I smoked a few hits that night and haven't touched it since. On Fri November 20th I took a hair test at Psychemdics. I was nervous because I realized that the time period was 70 days and they supposedly go back 90 days. After reading the posts here I was a bit relieved to learn that one time would not show up in a test. I also took vicodens last month for a root canal. I had called Psychedmeics to find out if they needed my perscription for the vicodens and they told me that "if" the pills showed up then they would call me and ask for my perscription. Yesterday my perspective employer called to tell me that I got the job! So those of you that have smoked once within the past 90 days, don't sweat it. Don't kill your hair with the bleaching either. I have long dark brow thick hair so if it didn't show up in mine, then don't worry. Some further info, I do dye my roots every 6 weeks to cover grey and I have a moderate amount of highlights, but they don't take a hair sample where the highlights are. I'm still shocked they didn't mention the vicodens but oh well.
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    WOO-HOO!!! I was just informed that I passed the hair test I needed to keep my job. Thanks to everyone here, especially Jerry G, for your research and reporting. This forum was a huge help.

    Test by Quest. Sample was taken from scalp hair, 3/8" long. (That's right, 3/8"!)

    I was clean of THC 21 days (10-15 sessions in last 90 days), Adderall 9 days (45mg daily before that), coc 7 mos (one line in 20 years) and Tylenol-Codeine 5 weeks (took 5 or 6 pills after surgical procedure). I am white with thin medium brown hair. I bleached(40)/redyed(20) 3 times, shampooed with Tide 5 times, shampooed with Ion Swimmer's about 9 times and treated with MOM/baking soda twice prior to shampooing. I did all this in three straight days, the last being the day of the test, I did the last redye and shampoos just an hour before the test. I didn't use any product marketed for hair toxin cleansing (other than Ion Swimmer's).

    Here is the full story:

    Now I'm off to shave my head!
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    My story: found out a little over two weeks ago my new job offer requires passing a hair test.. I have been completely clean for a month. In the sixty days prior to this I have smoked a bout 1 gram of herb, and on weekends taken a total of around 160-180 mgs of adderall, and also around 120 mgs of oxy.

    What I have done in passed two weeks: 5 bleach/ redyes.

    30 volume bleach, and rinsed with PG shampoo, baking soda paste massage and wash, PG shampoo, ReDye, then PG shampoo. Did this method for first four, and the 5th method I used toxin wash instead of PG.
    I have been washing at least daily with PG (no-rinse) for the last two weeks also. Day of test I plan on baking soda paste, full toxin wash, and full zydot.

    I have about 2" long brown hair, 26yr 5/10 180lb male if this matters

    Any suggestions or input will be greatly appreciated!! I am hoping this is overkill, but I really cant afford to fail, will be doubling my pay.
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    Failed hair test...Psychemedics.

    Didn't smoke any for over 130 days before that I was an everyday smoker. Used a detoxifying shampoo 3 times and day of the test. Not really sure what they found because Psychemedics nor my ex-possible employer would not release info. Was taking Lortab(not my prescription) last month for a back injury. When I told them about this they just said that it might have been the reason why I failed.
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    My boyfriend and I Passed!!!!!!!!!!

    CPS showed up on our door step July 7 2009 demanding a drug test on alligations they recieved from my boyfriends x. She herself had her kids taken away due to drug abuse and so she called in on us so that we wouldn't be able to take full custody of her daughter. We smoked pot on a regular basis never around our son though! We are not bad parents just like to enjoy smoking one after a long stressful day at work. My boyfriend was an occasional coke user also. We didn't take the drug test when they asked our lawyer told us that they would have to investigate on their own in order to get enough evidence for a court order . They eventually got one and we just took our hair follicle test on November 27!! Neither one of us smoked pot after cps came to our house so I guess that makes us 140 days clean of pot. My boyfriend slipped and did coke randomly in between that time and actually a week before they tested him . I bleached and dyed his hair 4 different times in a 1 1/2 month period! His head itches like crazy and his hair feels like hay but he passed! I didn't do anything to mine just good old fashioned abstinence worked for me. They sent our samples off to Omega labs and they tested 90 days of growth which is 1.5 inches of hair. They don't pluck they cut with scissors as close to the scalp as they can get. It worked for my boyfriend! Good Luck!!!!;)
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    Heya guys i thought i would let ya know i passed my hair drug test.... thanks guys your awesome!!!
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    Failed :(

    well i got a call from Stat America facility in Colorado advising I failed the test today. I guess it wasn't meant to be. Still haven't heard from the workplace but am tempted to tell them what I do on my own time is not of company concern and is definately not a reflection of my skillset. (after all I do have a Masters Degree). Thanks for all your help I guess its tough to clean out when you smoke like I smoke

    you can read my original post here:
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    :hail:I PASSSSSSSEEEEED!!!!!:bananaride:

    Thank you to everyone on this forum for your help. You've been an amazing help!

    Just to recap...
    Was a weekend warrior. Only had a couple hits over the past 3 months but also used some off topic substances (marching powder and molly) every weekend almost for the past 2 months. Was clean from Nov 22nd to Dec 7th when I took the test. During that time I bleached and redyed 5 times, doing one Toxin Wash treatment and one swimmer's shampoo treatment between each dye and then redye. When treating with the Toxin wash and swimmer's shampoo I would scrub thoroughly into my scalp and hair for 10-20 mins and then rinse with distilled water.

    Bleach, Toxin Wash treatment, Swimmer's shampoo treatment, Dye, Toxin Wash, Swimmer's Shampoo

    Did this five times and did the final bleach the night before the test and the final redye the morning of the test ending with a full Toxin Wash Treatment the morning of and finally a full Zydot.

    If you're reading this, please note. There's a lot of information out there. A lot of shampoo companies claim to be able to handle you without any other treatments necessary. Unfortunately, if you try and search for a review on their products you won't find anything. This site is the only thing I found after days of research with a tried and tested method. Follow the JERRY G Method to the T listed in this forum and you will pass!!!!:hail:

    Fight the power! Don't let the insurance companies control what you choose to do on your off time! These tests are a complete invasion of privacy and I am so thankful for the information presented on this forum.
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    Frequent Marijuana usage (2-3 bowls a day, about ½ oz per week) for 5 years, Occasional magic mushrooms (1 time per year on average) for 5 years, 1 time Ex 4 years ago, Xanax occasionally (average ½ mg every year) nothing in over 3 years, 1 mg Klonopin 2 months ago.
    28 year old female, 260 lbs
    Naturally dark blond hair died dark brown for 5 years every 3 months, 4 months ago shaved head to scalp due to lice contamination from daughter so it is relatively short now.

    Reason for test:
    Child custody-My ex husband is not a smoker and I started smoking after the divorce. He found out, and is now dragging me to court and judge ordered a hair drug test with no history or suspicion of drug usage (and without a proper hearing) and I get to pay for the test. I had until 11/27 to take the test. I bought some Omni Cleansing Shampoo, but I want to be sure and pass, so I am going to do several methods, stop smoking, and use the shampoo the day of the test.

    Products purchased:
    1 gallon Apple Cider Vinegar (already had)
    1 bottle Pink Clean and Clear
    1 50 oz bottle Tide Original Clean
    1 32 oz bottle Hydrogen Peroxide (already had)
    1 bottle Suave Aloe and Water lily shampoo
    1 box baking soda (already had)
    1 small bottle Clorox bleach (already had)
    1 Omni Cleansing Shampoo

    Taking test Wednesday 11/25
    Friday 11/20:
    Mixed 3 ounces Suave Aloe and water lily shampoo (only shampoo w/Aloe I could find), 2 tsp bleach, 2 tsp hydrogen peroxide
    Put on hair, let sit for 5 min repeated 2 additional times (used 1/3 of mixture for each time)
    IMPORTANT: To keep the peroxide from breaking down as much as possible, cover mixture and store in a dry, dark place while not in use.
    Saturday 11/21
    Aloe, bleach, peroxide same mixture, and process 3 times
    Mixed Baking soda with water to make a fine paste rubbed into hair for 20 minutes then rinsed and blow dried to let vinegar saturate hair.
    Immediately saturated hair with Apple Cider Vinegar for 30 min (this stinks bad, almost gagged)
    Saturated hair with Pink Clean and clear (2% Salicylic acid) Left on for another 30 min (1 hour total) (didn’t burn at first, but every minute it stayed it got a little worse, I did get used to it though)
    Washed with Tide original clean (don’t understand what this has to do with it, other than to take the smell of the vinegar out)
    Sunday 11/22
    Same as Saturday EXCEPT:
    After a little more research, I decided to switch the method to using the Baking soda paste first (to open the hair),
    Then the Aloe, bleach, peroxide (this mix burns just a little today).
    Then the Apple cider vinegar, clean and clear, and tide (to close the hair and clean the outside)(didn’t gag as bad, but there are parts of my head and ears that are a little chemically burned, my scalp after the Clean and Clear felt like I was holding a blow dryer in one place, all over my head, for a long period of time).
    Monday 11/23
    Same as Sunday (except got Vaseline and cotton to use around my ears, base of my neck, and forehead/face area)
    Tuesday 11/24
    Same as Monday
    Wednesday 11/25
    10am Omni Cleansing Shampoo (purchased at a local head shop for $20) as directed half bottle one wash, let sit, half bottle again, let sit, rinse, use new comb, didn’t touch my hair, let it air dry and took off for the test
    11am Test----

    FYI: I didn’t smoke anything or wash my hair with anything else during this process. My scalp peeled a little over the next week and half, I bought Equate version of Neutrogena T-GEL and it cleared up within 2 days.

    Hope this helps someone!!:angel:
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    Hair test results

    Took test on 12/4, clean 49 days, got the call today 12/11 offering me the position. 4 Bleach and redyes, lots of toxin wash, plus two packets of ion shampoo packets from Sally's. My hair was a little over an inch, they cut 1 1/2 rectangles from two areas from the right side of my head. Never questioned my length or reddidsh hue of my dyed hair. Spread treatments fairly evenly over the 49 days, with last bleach and redye about 10 days before the test. Heavy smoker before 10/17. Became paranoid reading some of these posts so decided not to use Zydot at all as I was informed that Psychmedics and Qwest test for the shampoos. Used last toxin wash treatment two days before test, day of test washed with normal shampoo, combed and styled for work, took about five minutes total to get hair clipped. Nice lady. Also I should add that I used PM3 almost daily I was abstaining. Note also that I used cheap non ammonia based dyes except for the third time used ammonia based for redye, and only washed out bleach and dye with toxin wash last two times. Bleach was 40 volume from Sally's. I also bought coal tar shampoo, salycilic acit shampoo, vinegar, did a couple mac treatments in the beginning. Overall I stressed pretty bad over this test, but I passed so hopefully this helps. someone else relieve thier stress. I completely fried my hair and lost alot too, but it is growing back fast!!! Thanks to everyone research these threads and you will see that bleach and redye seems to work best.
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    Well, I was praying that I would be able to be one of the people to register and post that they passed. I had 1 year of pre-trial differsion for a DUI. Worst thing that happened to me, but best life lesson I've learned. Anyways, I passed every urine test except for one for MJ. I thought I didn't need to blow 60 dollars on a detox drink since it was over 2 weeks for one of the tests. This would come back and royally kick my ass trying to get this case dismissed. Well, judge decided to give me some community service and I would have to submit a hair follicle test for slipping up that one time.

    White male. 22 years old. 5'11 @ 160 lbs. Brown hair. Supposedly a real-life Jimmy Neutron. :rolleyes:

    I took the test two days ago. I was clean for 45-50 days. Read through EVERY page on this thread. So glad I came across it because I was about to be an idiot and buy off that Toxinwash bullshit. Had two or three haircuts during that time always going down to an 1". I ONLY did the Macujo method each night for 3 days before the test. Spray apple cidar vinegar, massage in. Leave in for 30 under shower cap. Add globs of the 2% acid Clean & Clear, massage in. Leave in for 60. Then I'd use the Tide when I was rinsing it off in the shower. Two times. All while reading this thread. I made sure the sides of my hair were too short each haircut so they had to go from on the top of my head or the crown. Makes it easier to treat just half your hair if you're a male. Trimmed all body hair less than 1/2". The night before Test day was probably the worst sleep I've ever had. I probably got 1 1/2 hours I kid you not. I didn't know if I was looking at another year of papers or jail time if I came out positive. Stressing out was a very strong understatement in my case.

    I can't thank enough 1 toke, Jerry G, Grillmeats, Sec, and all the informative people seeking to beat this horrible test. Now, I'll be able to live stress free and finish up my Culinary Academy while burning some trees every now and then. :D
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    Passed psychemedics hair test. history: smoked heavily, about 4 blunts aday. stopped smoking for 75 days. had 2 inches of hair. bleached and redyed 4 times. using toxin wash inbetween bleaches. did the bleaches within the last 2 weeks before the test. Used zydot and toxin wash the morning of the test. my hair is tangles and knots. but I passed. thanks Jerry G. Hair is thick curly and brown.
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    Passed Psychemedics, found out today after two weeks.
    I have long red hair. The hair itself is fairly fine, but there is a lot of it.
    I have been pretty clean for the last two years. Then in Sept I bought a small bag. It was an eighth that had been picked at before its delivery. Smoked out of it for a week had just a little left.
    In the last 90 days:
    I would say that I had smoked a total of 8 times, may be 10. I average a few hits off of a joint once a week. Occassionally take a one hitter (two or three times in the last month). Typically good stuff, and I have a low tolerance. Clean 16 days.
    I had to take a urine and hair test.
    I was able to pass the urine test from a home kit for about a week before I gave my "sample"

    12/21- PM3 shampoo
    12/20- mac method twice with baking soda inbetween, PM3
    12/21- bleached hair twice in a row- then dyed (all treatments were with a 40 volume from Sally's)
    12/22- dyed hair again with 40 volume
    12/23- moistured and let my scalp rest
    12/24-PM3 let scalp rest used heat
    12/25- PM3 and heat
    12/26- baking soda and tide
    12/27- bleach (40 volume) dye (20 volume)
    12/28- toxin wash
    12/29- toxin wash and a lot of moisture before using a Clairol Dye.

    Note I couldn't hold color in my hair because I had damaged it so severely. I kept try to repair my hair, but ended up cutting off 7 inches yesterday because it was just that bad.
    When I told the hair dresser what I did to my hair she got a good kick and is helping me restore it.
    She did explain to me that even hair dyes that say they are ammonia free still have something like it. Ammonia in hair dye works to lift the "shingles" of the hair strand, allowing the dye to seep in through shingle, to be absorbed by the cortex. Which as anyone that does their research here knows, is where the metabolite is stored.
    Hope this helps someone out there. thanks to everyone that posted before me, as you helped me SO much.
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    Wanted everyone to see this about use of chemicals on hair!

    Will the use of chemicals on hair affect the results?

    Chemical treatment of the hair such as hair dye, bleach, chemical straightening and permanent waves can damage the hair. This damage may lead to some of any drugs that may be present, being leached out from the hair, therefore treated hair may hold less drug than if the hair had not been treated. As a result, it is possible that low or single use of any drugs may not be detected. More frequent use of drugs can still be detected but the concentration found may be less than that detected in untreated hair.

    (Taken from Trio tech website-a drug testing company in the UK from what I can gather)
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    "Well this is my first post. My Story Goes As Follows:

    I'm 21 years old and 6'3 180lbs if that matters, and I only smoke like twice a month (if that). I've got about an inch and a half of fine, dark brown hair.

    So, I was in the market for a new job since my position at an advertising agency wasn't paying the bills and so I asked my dad if he could get me a job at a car dealership. Blasted through the interviews and slammed on the brakes looking at a hair follicle test slip in my face. Ive never taken one before and i smoked on my birthday a couple weeks before. I FREAKED. So, I postponed it till today because i went home to see if i could find a way around this. Heres what i found, the ldavisa treatment, which consists of 1.5 ounces of shampoo with aloe, 1 tsp. of Clorox Bleach, and 1 tsp. of Hydrogen Peroxide. Directions are mix well and put in hair and leave it for 5 minutes, rinse and repeat two more times, three times total, then use Zydot Ultimate Cleanser to get it out then your set for your appointment.

    Heres what i did-

    The Night Before
    - Did the ldavisa cycle plus one more with double the clorox and peroxide. Then, washed my hair five times with nuetrogena T/Gel Extra Strength with 1% coal tar (read some where it helps), then washed my hair with Tide Ultra Concentrate.

    Day of Test - Dyed my hair the same color with a store kit, washed with T/Gel three times, Put Tide Ultra in and left in about 15 minutes, then did the Idavisa Cycle once, Than made the same mixture put it in and left it to dry untouched (burns a bit, and took about 20-30 min), Did it again, but double the Clorox and Peroxide. (burns even worse), than washed it out with the Zydot Ultra Clean System. (I also didnt think the shampoo i bought had enough aloe in it so i put pure aloe in as well.)

    At the test clinic they took hair from a few places on the back of my head (if they think you got enough hair they wont question other places). Sealed up and all done. FINGERS CROSSED!! I'll Let everyone know if this process worked or not. Hopefully so because I CANNOT FAIL. Wish me luck."

    I got the call today, I PASSED! ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE!
  17. Another normal story


    To all the doubters, worriers, and people with fear I hope I can give a little hope to the casual user. I have been a smoker of medium to heavy for 14 years. I recently stopped to look for a job. I all but guaranteed a urine test over a hair test. Hell, I did not expect a hair test in the least. I purely out of luck and the unexpected job opportunity quit for 99 days. I smoked fairly heavily prior to that date. I smoked 2-8 bowls a day. I had a heavy user day at the 99 day point. Smoked all day all night with friends for a wedding. I used only the Maccujo Method because I did not expect any bad news. I happily report I passed a drug test. I am now employed at a great large company. I hate they test for MJ like they do everything else. I am a successful college graduate with years of skills and talent. MJ has not made me less intellegent or successful. I choose life and hope we can all enjoy the gift for years to come.
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    PASS! (URINE and PSYCHEMDICS SCENARIOS) + 1 False Positive Scenario


    * 35 Year Old Asian American Female 5'3" 120 LBS Gymnast/ Dancer
    * 3 Year Methamphetamine Addict (2006 - 2009)
    * 10 Years+ Heavy Marijuana Smoker (1997 - 2010)

    (Note Two scenarios of moderate to heavy THC use within a 6 mo. period of testing)


    * August 11, 2009
    (Last day of heavy amphetamine & moderate marijuana use)

    * Aug. 11 - Sept.11.09

    ***** EXCEPT NOTE*********

    Rockstar 4 p.m.

    ***The following morning:
    Urine Test 9 a.m. positive
    Urine Test 12 p.m. negative
    Urine Test 4 p.m. negative

    (ONE hair cut in September cutting ONLY about 1 inch off of shoulder length hair)
    (ONE hair trim in December of no major hair removal)

    * September 2009 - January 2010 (Light marijuana use)
    ** Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.
    *** Average 4 times/ month of joint, pipe, and bong use of quality KUSH

    * JANUARY 12 - 13, 2010 (4 Big Bong Tokes QUALITY KUSH***)
    * JANUARY 15, 2010 (1 small hit from a bowl Average - CHRONIC**)

    January 26, 2010 HAIR SAMPLE
    *1.5" length from back of the neck was taken

    JANUARY 23 - 26th

    JANUARY 25th MacCUJO Shampoo Wash
    1 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. ** With steam from stove top
    12 a.m. - 12:30 a.m. **NO steam from stove top

    JANUARY 26th MacCujo Shampoo Wash
    (1:00 PM - 2:00 PM with steam)

    JANUARY 29, 2010 4 p.m. - RESULTS: PASSED!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    ( NEW EMPLOYER CALLED ME! I start my job on Monday!!)

    Erowid Cannabis (Marijuana) Vault : Drug Testing
    How to pass a drug test - detection times
    Detection of Cannabinoids in Urine: Detection of Cannabinoids in Urine

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    I received an email on Friday to initiate the next phase of my background screening, which I believe means that I passed the drug screening as it has been a week and I have not heard anything bad. I am not 100% sure I am in the clear yet, but reasonably sure. I worked for this same company last summer and they didn't initiate the second phase until I had passed my drug test.

    The Test:
    Psychemedics (not sure I spelled that right)

    135# White Female, long brown hair, 5'3", decent metabolism but by no means stellar.

    Smoked 4 times in life prior to test (I know many will say I didn't have much to worry about, but I'm hoping to bring comfort to those who are in the same boat as I was)

    Each time was the equivalent of approximately two one-hitters


    No off topic substances.

    Tues, 1/26/10 - Learned about test, panicked, did my research. Washed my hair with dawn dishwashing detergent. Not actually sure it does anything, but it seemed harsher than regular hair shampoo.
    Weds, 1/27/10 - Washed hair with dawn, purchased 3 packages of hair bleach (clairol nice n easy ultra blue, it was the strongest wal-mart had and I am kind of in the middle of nowhere), 1 package of baking soda, 1 package of biowash (only shampoo local headshop had). Already had: Tide with Bleach.
    Thurs, 1/28/10 - Bleached hair for 90 minutes. Washed with dawn. Made a paste out of baking soda and Tide with Bleach powder. Left in hair for 1 hour. Redyed hair. Bleached again. Redyed again. Paste in between each bleach and redye (I was up LATE).
    Fri, 1/29/10 - Washed hair with dawn.
    Sat, 1/30/10 - Washed hair with dawn.
    Sun, 1/31/10 - Bleached hair again, 90 minutes. Washed with dawn. Redyed hair.
    Mon, 2/1/10 - Washed hair with biowash. Took test.

    The Outcome:
    All in all I spent approximately $65 on supplies. My hair is fried, but I'll take bad hair over no job. The woman taking the sample didn't seem to care that my hair was completely fried--I think this is the tiniest advantage women have... they pretty much do terrible things to their hair so nothing is really suspicious. Thanks to all on the forum who have contributed advice, etc.
  20. WooFreakinHoo

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    Oh Thank You God!!

    Hello all -

    I passed my Psychemedics hair test!! I found out on Friday that I had been offered the position I've been waiting most of my career for and that it would NOT be a urine test but a hair test and I freaked out completely. Well, I spent a great deal of time going through the posts on this website and first wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all who have posted here.
    I can honestly say I would never have passed without your having put yourself out here. You rock!! :angel:

    Was smoking a bowl or two a day since Thanksgiving 2009. Had taken about 3 months off before that and had been smoking several times a week (a bowl or two) for the year before that. Had also used 3 off topic substances (white, shrooms, X) week of Thanksgiving. (What can I say - it was a weird, wild week!) Had stopped smoking 6 days before the test. Was sure I would test positive no matter what.

    Female. 41 y.o. 5'6". 235 lbs. No metabolism to speak of. Hair is dark brown and shoulder length.

    Actions taken:
    Friday Night:
    1. Slathered my hair thoroughly with Dermarest Medicated Scalp Treatment (3% Salicylic Acid) and slept with it in all night.
    1. Used an Extra Strength Hair Relaxer from Sally Beauty Supply. Left on for 20 minutes. Did NOT use the Neutralizer.
    2. Washed out with Ion Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner (from Sally's).
    3. Used Powder Bleach and 40 Developer all over hair and left on for 50 minutes.
    4. Washed out with Ion Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner (from Sally's).
    5. Soaked hair with Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent. Just left it in. No rinse.
    6. Rebleached (see #3). Left on for one hour.
    7. Washed out with Ion Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner (from Sally's).
    8. Colored with a Wella color and 20 Developer. (Sally's) Left on for 45 minutes.
    9. Washed out with Ion Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner.
    10. Slathered in Aloe Vera Gel with Lidocaine. Left it in and slept on it.
    1. Used Powder Bleach and 40 Developer all over hair and left on for 60 minutes. *It hurt.
    2. Washed out with Ion Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner.
    3. Slathered head with baking soda paste (made with water) then poured vinegar over the entire thing (very cool chemical reaction!!!). Put a shower cap over the whole mess and watched TV for an hour.
    4. Washed out with Ion Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner.
    5. Recolored with Clairol Gray Solutions. Hurt a great deal. Left on for about 25 minutes. All I could take.
    6. Washed out with Ion Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner.
    7. Slathered in Aloe Vera Gel with Lidocaine. Left it in and slept on it.
    Monday (Test Day):
    1. Washed with Testin Shampoo & Hair Enhancer.
    2. Washed out with Ion Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner.
    3. Found out I had time, so rebleached with Powder Bleach and 40 Developer all over hair and left on for only about 20 minutes. *I wanted to cry and scream - the pain was wicked.
    4. Washed out with Ion Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner.
    5. Re-colored with a Wella color and 20 Developer. (Sally's) Left on for maybe 20 minutes. Even more painful then the freaking bleach.
    6. Washed out with Ion Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner.
    7. Used an intense conditioner to try to make hair presentable before leaving house. Also - color was nowhere near my normal dark brown. Will have to recolor when my scalp finally heals.
    ** Blew dry when it said to start with dry hair. Used the same towels each time and did not change my pillowcase throughout.

    Found out today I passed. And that's my story.

    Take care all - Jerry G. COMPLETELY ROCKS!!

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