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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by melanotaenia, Jul 12, 2004.

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    I Failed, miserably
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    Oh. And it burned badly on the last day. Reallllllyyyyy badly.
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    I Passed!!!!! Though I Never Had A Doubt I Would Fail Considering, The Last Time I Smoked Was January 28th And It Was Good Stuff.. And Then I Smoked Again In Begining Of April Took My Test May 11th.. And Passed!!! Good Luck To Those Who Have To Go Through This Wait... Jesus... It Was The Worst. I Will Stick Around To Help Those In Need! BY THE WAY THIS WAS A HAIR TEST WITH NO TREATMENT
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    well i got tested on the 12th of May, so far no word back. it was weird though because they took very little hair of mine. anyone know if that ups my chances? I am a light smoker and had about 30-40 days clean time and did the macujo method for about 3 weeks every day before my test. also shaved my hair down since i did have a month. anyways any insites to this would be great. My method was a little different and weird but here it is:

    1st. Apple Cider Viniger
    2nd. Salycic Acid source (selsun blue has 3% and pink clean and clear is at 2%)
    3rd. Anything high in PG (i used a lot of products that had this in it but the highest concentration of it i found was a bath and body works hand soap)
    4th. threw some tide on and sat with this on for about 30-40 mins. rinsed off then just washed down with Dove soap for men as it to has PG in it.

    I am 5-10 200lbs, lean build, pretty active. I have darker hair but they did take from my body. I will post if i passed or failed but any info on my earlier questions would be helpful. Just seems like they didnt follow protocol with me cause like i said she took such little hair from me it was ridiculous.
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    passed Quest test

    I know a lot of desperate people come to this thread in search for infos so I'm gonna try to be as helpful as possible.

    Useful info :
    Cleaning Methods :
    Basically there are two methods to help you pass a test:
    - maccujo : works best for light smokers
    - Jerry G : the only thing that makes heavy smokers pass
    Both can be found by typing them into google.

    Hair growth :
    Head hair grows about 1/2" a month, slower on the sides usually. Body hair grows even slower. It takes 7-14days for the hair to grow out of the scalp so take this into account when you want to cut your hair in order to keep only clean hair.

    Info about the test :

    They usually test 1 1/2" of hair, equivalent to roughly 90days of drug abuse. Abuse is the word because it seems that one or two joints from time to time is not enough to get a positive. So all you people that had a joint in the last 3 months can chill.
    A good FAQ for Quest can be found here.

    My case :

    - skinny guy, didn't exercise a lot this year
    - smoked about 6 joints in the last 90 days, two weeks apart
    - clean time before the test : 45 days
    - cut hair to 1/2" before the test
    - bleached - redyed once, no fancy shampoos, just to be sure no THC is left in my hair.
    - passed hair and urine tests by Quest:woohoo:

    Personal remarks:
    It seems that only the heavy smokers fail this test, and usually those of them who don't do Jerry G's method. I'm kind of a scientific person myself and although I see good basis for Jerry G's method, I find the maccujo pure placebo... it really doesn't make a lot of sense. People seem to stress a lot more about the test than it is necessary, it is a test meant to detect drug abuse and not occasional use of drugs. I think the light smokers can pass whatever they do but personally I did not afford to take any chances (just like most of you I think).

    My method
    After all my research on this forum, here's my method and a bit of the science behind it. It's cheap and should logically be at least as effective as the original Jerry G. Just make sure you apply products everywhere on your head, I didn't bleach my sides as well as my crown and the collector took hair from the back and the sides.

    1. Cut your hair : they say they refuse anything shorter than 1cm. Try to cut it as short as possible (in correspondence with the clean time) without it being too short, 3/4" should do nicely. This helps the most.

    2. Clean the shit out of your hair
    : hair has a very solid structure (see wikipedia) that retains some chemicals from your organism. You have to open up that structure and clean it very very well. A good sign that you're actually damaging your hair is losing color. So here are the steps and the science behind them:
    2.1 Bleach your hair (hydrogen peroxide 40vol) - strong bases open the hair and let you clean it in depth. Useful bases are: peroxide, toothpaste, baking soda, ammonia. Let it soak in for 10-15mins (it burns).
    2.2 Rinse well
    (because of the next step)
    2.3 Make a thick baking soda paste
    (baking soda + a bit of water) and apply it on your hair. This helps to further open the cuticles.
    2.4 Wash with detergent
    . THC is fat soluble and fat gets washed by detergent so I don't see the point of expensive shampoos. Use strong laundry detergent.
    2.5 Restart at 2.1
    until scalp hurts or hair gets really really blond. You can have a break of a couple of days if scalp is really damaged but don't use conditioner of hair repairing shampoos.
    Never massage heavily! This will accelerate scalp damage. Use a sprayer for bleaching and rinse ears and other skin that gets into contact with the bleach immediately. Ask a friend for help.

    3. Redye and condition - once the hair feels like straw and you've completely messed it up, it's time to make it look normal again. Find a good ammonia dye and redye your hair. After all the bleaching prepare for some serious pain. Use conditioner afterwards to close the hair cuticles and make it less strawish.

    I want to thank this wonderful place and the people who had the idea and guts to create it. US has a lot to learn from you guys and the Netherlands.

    Thanks a lot to Sec for answering the same questions again and again, to Jerry G for his activity here and the good description of his method as well as other people who tried to understand the chemistry behind the drug assimilation/hair testing process. Jerry G for the win !

    Peanut butter jelly time ! :bananaride:
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    My results:

    Heavy user of kind as well as limited off topic substances up to just before cleaning. 2 bleaches and dyes before my hair was permed and then fell out... I had to clean my armpits with 36 hour notice. Passed.. if done properly, I believe that it is much easier to pass a hair test than a urine test when under time constraints.

    I disagree with leaving the bleach in your hair for a long time. I believe that doing more shorter bleaching sessions is better than doing only a few long ones. I believe this because the hair will be opened and closed multiple times. I did not have that bad of irritation after everything that I did.

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    Passed Hair and Urine Test

    My background:

    I'm in my early 40s, about 200 pounds and under 6 feet tall. I have moderate metabolism, don't exercise a whole lot and have a small spare tire.

    I have a medical marijuana prescription; and am a light/occasional smoker. Until March of this year, I hadn't smoked in well over two years. As a result of various stresses and not wanting to take much harder prescription drugs, I decided to try medical marijuana to help me relax and sleep. Typically, I would only take one to two tokes off of a marijuana cigarette around bed time, but on a few weekends, I increased my dosage to one to two tokes, two or three times a day. My total consumption of medical marijuana, which began in early March, and ended on May 1st, was approximately 6 grams.

    I also take Adderall and Xanax daily (both by prescription), and every few weeks I will take an Ambien (again, by prescription).

    I am involved in a heated custody battle, and my X is an alcoholic and a cocaine abuser. As part of the custody battle, we have been required to have a custody evaluation; and in connection with my assertions in the case (including emails and eye witness testimony), my X is being evaluated by a Substance Abuse evaluator as part of the custody evaluation.

    I found out in early May (about 3 days after my last dosage of Medical marijuana), that the evaluator also wanted me to have a hair follicle test because my X alleged that I was a user too (although she had no basis for her assertion, the evaluator thought it best to go ahead and do the follicle test).

    Obviously, this caused my sphincter to pucker! Even though my use of medical marijuana was by prescription (and thus legal), the legality of my use has no bearing on how it would be perceived by the custody evaluator or the family court.

    I had 15 days to do something.

    I read up as much as I could find about follicle testing (and there is a lot). Unfortunately, so much of it is total bull sh$t. On the contrary, the info I read about urine testing was pretty much legit.

    First thing I did was shave all the hair off my body, other than my head. I typically only have 1 1/2 inches of hair, and decided to leave it alone, for the time being. Unfortunately, one fact I did not know, was that most labs DO NOT TEST PUBIC HAIR for marijuana. If I had known, I would have left my pubic hair alone and all would have been right in the world.

    I had read about the Majudo method, but after doing some research on hair, it didn't make sense, and since the results I've read about with the Majudo method are statistically similar to doing nothing, I decided to skip it. If you are wondering what I mean by being statistically similar, research has shown that the THC metabolite doesn't stick to the hair follicle very well, so even daily users only test positive 87% of the time (with occasional users testing positive around 54% of the time).

    So, the next thing I did was buy Toxin Wash. I did the Toxin Wash for two days in a row, but I modified the directions a bit. First, I did six pre-washes with T/Gel Coal tar shampoo, then one pre-wash with baking soda (just caked it on my hair with a dab of t/gel). I rinsed the baking soda off with water and baking soda and then did two Toxin Wash washes each day. All pre-washes were left on my hair for 10 minutes. All rinses on day one were with filtered RO water. All rinses on day two were with distilled water.

    I did the T/Gel because I had read about it on one of the Toxin Wash marketing sites, and figured, at a minimum, it would help get any gunk off the hair follicle and my scalp. After further research (since the test) I would have gone with the T/Gel for extra itch relief because in addition to getting the gunk off, it also contains propylene glycol, the ingredient in Aloe Rid Treatment that everyone seems to tout as being the key to removal of the metabolite from the follicle.

    I did the baking soda, which is an alkali and has a PH around 9, to open up the hair follicle, which I believed would be necessary for any wash to work.

    And using RO and then distilled water made sense, because both RO and distilled water have very low TDS (total dissolved solids) levels, and therefore would aid in leaching toxins out of my hair.

    After the second day, I did a Hairconfirm test to see what the results would be. The test came back "negative" for everything. While I believe that I had a 50/50 chance with the THC to begin with, I certainly should have tested positive for amphetamines from the adderal.

    The real test was still a week away, so i just tried to relax, and then went ahead and did the whole thing again (three times, this time), with the final wash occurring the day before the test.

    Then, because I'm a bit compulsive, I went ahead and had a lab do a urine and follicle test on me the next morning - again, the follicle test came back negative for everything. Even though my urine test came back positive for amphetamines (adderall).

    As far as the urine test went, I just drank lots of water and took some extra aspirin. Instead of worrying about eating tums, and salt and all that crap, I just ate a bunch of the glucose packs that marathon runners use on a long run. Urine came back clean on everything but amphetamines. Creatine was a little low at 18, but it was close enough considering I drink 16 to 32 ounces of tea every hour of every day, anyway (taking adderal makes you thirsty).

    So all is well that ends well. I've decided to put my prescription on the shelf until medical marijuana becomes accepted (and not just barely tolerated).

    I don't know if Toxin Wash works or not, but like I said, not even a trace of adderal in my hair. I think the reality of it is that it all depends on amount of usage, genetics and your hair (to the extent not included in "genetics"). I certainly would say, that to work, you need to open up the follicle (i.e. baking soda or ammonia). While I don't think vinegar will help in any way with the removing of THC from the hair, it was nice to spay on just a little at the end, to close the hair follicle (since it is an acid with a low PH) to give my hair some shine and texture.

    best of luck everyone....
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    PASSED! 40ish days clean Jerry C+mac Method

    woo hooo! Im kinda glad no ones getting chicken dinners any more. I always read those with the nastiest voice in my head.

    in either case.. I PASSED!!! Here's a link because the post is long

    if you have questions I think I got all the scientific reasons for why this stuff works down ... please feel free to pm me!
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    All my hair may have fallen out.... but at least I passed!!!

    Hair grows back, but opportunities as a scientist with Fortune 500 companies don't!

    I will be back to post my methods at another time because I'm much too excited to sit here long... I am a heavy smoker, at least 6-7 times daily (some sessions being a couple j's and others a minimum of 4 bowls, mostly shwag), 25 yr old female who USED TO have long thick brown hair. Moral of this short-but to be continued- story is: white ladies, do not put a relaxer in your hair after having performed any other harsh treatment! I am bald! Psychometics had to take hair from small tufts that had somehow survived... and boy did I have some fiction to tell...

    As a PhD student in the heavy sciences and an mj advocate, I feel I may have a lot to contribute to this venture, and certainly thank all the posts for guiding the way!

    I'm still in shock that I have passed! And am en route for a fat blunt....
    :hippy:and a wig =(
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    Still waiting

    Hi all, here is my story. I am 28 5'6 180lb female and was a daily smoker (about ten hits a day.) I found out I had to take a hair test 5/11 and of course freaked out (well I am still freaking out.) After doing countless hours of research I decided to do the macuajo method (did it two consecutive nights before the test.) On 05/17 I took my test and I still haven't gotten any word on the results. I do, however, go to training everyday at my potential new job (fingers crossed) but this was set up before I took my drug test. So here are my questions......

    1. Is there anyway to find out my results?
    2. Do you think enough time has passed that I can relax (or maybe smoke alittle to recover from this stressful ordeal)?

    Thank you so much to all who posted thier methods and results and good luck to all that have to go through this horrible experience.
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    After two weeks, your employer should have had the results. They should have had the results within one week.
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    Thank you for answering. I was just worried that because they are hiring so many people HR was back up or something I am a paranoid freak someetimes.
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    Awaiting Results

    Hi everyone. Ok so here's my story. I am a 26 year old white male. 6 feet tall and weigh about 185 pounds. Average build. Don't work out very much. Have fine brown hair. Stopped smoking on April 20. Been smoking for years fairly regularly up until January and decreased my usage to about once or twice a week until April 20 when I stopped for good until the test. Had a pre-employment drug test yesterday. Cut my hair to about 1.5 inches before beginning the following treatments.
    I have read a lot of things on here about the Maccujo, G-man and Jerry G methods. I decided to use varying combinations of these techniques along with other methods and things I have read online about THC degradation in the hair structure due to UV radiation. Bought Clean and Clear(Pink) astringent, Apple cider vinegar, original Tide laundry detergent, baking soda, distilled water, Toxin wash and Zydot.
    I tried looking for the original Nexxus Aloe Rid treatments but couldn't find any, so substituted Ion Clarifying shampoo and Ion Swimmers Shampoo for the Aloe Rid Treatment. I also have read that amine based products tend to help open the hair cuticle to allow for metabolite removal so I bought Dawn antibacterial hand dishwashing soap as it had many amine based products that were higher up in the ingredients list.
    Instead of just blindly following the steps on these treatments, I tried to take a more logical approach to the process. It's generally accepted that the amine based products and strong bases tend to be the best way to open up the hair cuticle without bleaching and re-dying. That was the one step I didn't do(the bleach + redye). So here was me method and reasoning

    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before test on Friday:

    1)Maccujo with extra step of hand washing liquid after Tide
    2) 2 hours of direct sunlight to crown of head(got a crick in my neck for it) to help destroy THC metabolites plus heat from radiation to help open cuticle
    3)Baking Soda paste soak for 30 minutes
    4)Ion Swimmers Shampoo then Clarifying Shampoo(couldn't find the treatment at the Sally's I went to)

    1)Maccujo with extra step of hand washing liquid after Tide
    2) Same 2 hours of sunlight exposure
    3) Second Tide detergent step
    4) Hand washing liquid
    5) Baking Soda pasting
    6) Ion Swimmers + Clarifying
    7) Baking Soda again
    8) 2 treatments of Toxin Wash

    Friday(day of test)
    1) Maccujo with extra hand wash step after tide
    2) Same 2 hours of sunlight
    3) Ion Swimmers Shampoo and Clarifying Shampoo
    4) Second Tide detergent step
    5) hand washing liquid
    6) Baking soda flush
    7) 2 treatments of Toxin Wash
    8) Full Zydot treatment

    Finished step 4-8 about 1.5 hours right before the test was taken as toxin wash and zydot said to do it as close to test as possible.
    My question is what does everyone think my chances of passing are? I should find out Monday or Tuesday this coming week.
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    I think I passed!

    Well they told me that I would hear something by this past monday or tuesday if there was a problem. I'm supposed to start this coming monday and still haven't heard anything so I'm assuming I passed!!! Maybe this is a little premature, but since they only have one more day to say anything before I start and my recruiter hasn't said anything contrary to me starting, I'm almost 100% sure I passed. :D:D:D

    I just wanted to say thanks to Growman, Jerry-G, Sec, sik_fuk, Maccujo and everyone else who contributed so much knowledge to passing hair drug tests. I definitely recommend researching exposing your hair to UV radiation to help reduce THC in the hair cortex. Also consider doing things to open up the hair cuticle prior to exposing your hair to UV as it will increase your chances of allowing the UV radiation to remove THC from the cortex. Be careful though because some of these things make your head very sensitive to UV.

    Although my method is basically just a small modification the Jerry-G and maccujo method, I think it provides a method for people that either can't find some of the older treatments such as old Nexxus Aloe Rid OR are between the usage and clean time methods of the two major methods(maccujo being for light users and jerry-G being for heavy users with little clean time). My method could be described as being effective for people who used to be heavy smokers, but had a decent amount of clean time(1 to 1.5 months out of the 3 for the arbitrary 90 day test that clips 1.5 inches of hair) and didn't want to bleach+re-dye their hair. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future if you have to face this stressful test. But don't worry, it IS passable!!
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    Passed Hair Test

    This site is fantastic, great info. compared to all the misinformation out there. Hopefully this post gives some peace of mind to casual/one time smokers.
    Smoked 2-3 hits of real good bud on 4/11 in the afternoon, then another 2-3 of the same bud that night. Found out I had a hair test on 6/11.
    I would probably be safe anyway but did the Maccujo (but the clean and clear I used was not the pink bottle and did not have 2% sacylic acid) once a day for the 3 days up until the test. No other treatment or hair cutting was done.
    They ended up taking the hair sample from the very bottom of my head, probably getting as much neck hair as head hair, so people treating may want to treat neck hair also.
    Other info. I'm 6'2" about 220lbs., active, and spent a lot of time outdoors in the hot sun the months prior to the test, I'm not sure an expert has weighed in on exactly how much size, activity level, and sun exposure really helps.
    Good luck to all and I will say that even though I probably didn't need the treatments, and they took hair mostly from my neck anyway, it made it for a much easier few days waiting for the results. Best of Luck...
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    hey i just wanted to post on here that i went crazy for 3 days thinking i might not get a job because of the hair test.

    i have long blonde hair (to my mid back), and have smoked lightly 5 times in the past 3 months, except for march in san francisco when i smoked heavily for about 4 days.
    i was clean for about 10 days and used the macujo method 3 times in 2 days.
    the day of the test my scalp burned so much that instead of macujo i used baking soda for 30 mins and then "All Clear" detox shampoo.

    the lady at quest was completely clueless.
    she cut pretty far from the scalp but seemed to take a lot, though my hair is very fine.

    anyways, the results took 6 business days, but i passed! and luckily started this past monday!

    thanks for all the advice and sharing your stories
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    So I have a test coming up and I am not sure if it is going to be hair or urine. I smoked maybe two hits to three hits of a joint last June 26 and maybe 1 hit in april or may. Other than that I have never smoked much maybe once a month this past fall. I have a test and all it says is that it is non-regulated at concentra.

    My hair is pretty short maybe 1 inch or 1.5 inch right now. I will likely take the test in later Mid to Late July. What are the chances that I will fail the hair test. I have seen the three smoke rule but I still am really worried. I figure for a urine test I have enough time to drink a lot of water and since its summer, i heard UV rays help with reducing THC in the hair.

    Any help??? Thanks!
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    I just got the results of a hair test I took on Tuesday (7/6) ... I'm CLEAN!!

    I was clean for 9 months leading up to the test.. did not use any shampoos etc...

    I have short hair so they took LEG HAIR which kinda freaked me out... but apparently 9 months was enough time to pop clean for them.

    Now I don't have to test again unless (1) they suspect I'm fucked up on the job... or (2) I go for an upper managerial position.

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    I had quest too and they cut not pulled out the hairs. I used clean n clear hair cleansing shampoo. I only smoked once in over a year but the one time I smoked was 33 days from test. 5-6 hit 33 days ago and the shampoo to help mask.. what are your honest thoughts please? I took the test last Thursday... still very anxious and scared...I am not a smoker more when I was I. College! Never will do it again!!

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