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    Hair test....holy crap

    Hey guys need help...Ill make it quick. I am 42 years old fine thinning hair. I am 5'08'' 165 lbs. with a quick metabolism. Smoke for a year and a half a couple of hits a day 5 to 6 days a week. I have not smoked in 72 days and by the time the HFT comes up it will be 77 days. I have bleached my hair with 40 Vol and dyed it back. I have done the Gman method once already and have been using baking soda and paul mitchell for the past week. Today I am having my hair bleached by a pro and re dyed. I am planning on doing the Gman Thursday and then again on Sunday night before the test. I probably will not be able to do it Monday due to my test being early in the morning. I have had two haircuts in the past two months being that my hair is short and grows quickly. I have about 1.5 right now on my coconut. I will be trimming all my body hair too on Sunday. I have a concern if anyone knows about the bleaching, can they tell 5 days after and also I have an excuse for that cause I dye it every now and then because of my grey. This job means the world to me and my family if anyone can help!
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    I passed. Thanks Jerry G !!!!

    :hail: Jerry G :hail: Jerry G :hail: Jerry G :hail: Jerry G :hail:

    I don’t know how you have the patience. You have explained yourself over and over and yet people question you and disregard your advice that they asked for . I even read a post where a guy got mad at you for not answering him like you have no life and haven’t explained yourself a thousand times already but anyway thanks so much for the advice. You have no idea what this job means to me.

    I passed!!!
    This nightmare is finally over!!!

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    Well I can not get the Zydot and I have bleached twice and redyed with the last week. I have done the Mac method twice already and everyday I do baking soda with Paul Mitchell 3, I will be doing the Mac once more on Sunday night before the test. I am so stressed I cant sleep 3 more days till the dreaded test. I am going to cut my hair once again tomorrow just short of 1 1/2 inch. I all the body hair has been taken care of. What sucks is that I got my letter to start contigent upon passing this test. It's just weed for Gods sakes. I do not know what else to do.
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    Hair Test in the Near Future...

    Greetings everyone! My name is Mark, and I will be taking a hair test for a full-time job within a month or two. I'll be posting in this forum often (and reading as I have been doing for a while now). My main goal is to gather and share information to result in a negative test for myself and for others in the future, and to give users of this website an account of a recent experience (from the year 2012 instead of two or even three years ago). All this information on here is not only extremely helpful, but it makes this process just a more bearable. I'm nervous as hell, and any input from anyone who can help would make a world of a difference to me.

    From May 2009-November 2011, I was an everyday smoker. On November 1st, 2011, I decided to make a change and stop smoking for a while because I figured a full-time job would be coming up very soon. So from then until December 15th, I was totally clean. For about a week in the middle of December, I picked up an eighth and smoked it with my pals, that lasted about a week until the 22nd. Then I was clean again until about the middle of January, where I got another eighth and smoked down with some friends again. I had a little left over, so my absolute LAST DAY OF SMOKING was Saturday, Feb 4th, 2012. I have been clean for 15 days now, so since the middle of November (three months ago), I have been a very light user. No more than a half of a joint or one small bowl per every use, which didn't exceed once a day. I also made sure that about two weeks after I stopped in November, I dropped my first negative piss test around Nov 15th.

    I've been working out almost everyday now since December, and I'll make sure to get a serving of grape juice in per day to try to use the antioxidants within the juice to burn off some of the toxins. I also make sure to try to consume 60+ ounces of water a day, sometimes more like 100 ounces.

    So here are the things I am doing right now to try to make sure I adequately prepare for the test:

    • Exercising 5-7 times a week for at LEAST a half hour, hour preferred. Cardio preferred as well.
    • Lots of water and a daily serving of grape or cranberry juice.
    • MacCuj0 method, at least five times starting the week before the test.
    • Toxin Wash (I am not an advertisement, I just have predetermined by all these posts that Toxin Wash is the specialized shampoo I am going to use, if ANYONE has any other suggestions, please let me know!) Will probably use this the night before and the morning of the test, maybe more.
    • A home hair test, such as HairConfirm, in a week or two to give myself an idea of what I'm facing going into the actual test.
    • MAYBE a few bleach/redyes with strong bleach (the 40 grade/percentage stuff everyone swears by). Haven't decided on this yet.
    To make matters just a tad worse, I just got my Michigan Medical Marihuana card, and I won't be able to use it for a couple of months. I got that for two reasons. One, I wanted some last ditch effort just in case I resulted in a positive test and I could tell my potential employer that there is a valid reason that I failed the test. In Michigan, employers are not required to accommodate the usage of marijuana of their employees, but at least it makes it look more legit and gives me a chance after a potential positive test. Second, what could be better than smoking legally after this whole process is finally over??

    I also want to make it clear that I HAVE NEVER EVER USED ANOTHER DRUG EXCEPT FOR MARIJUANA, so I won't have to worry about cocaine, meth, heroin, etc. showing up in my hair. According to multiple scientific literature, THC-COOH, the metabolite tested in drug testing, binds very poorly to hair (for comparison, cocaine binds 3600 times better than THC!). It is up to the employer to determine the cutoff limit for testing, however, and this should not be taken as you can smoke and get away with it right before a test. Just read from the beginning of this post, and you'll see that people fail for marijuana all the time. It should be taken very seriously, which I am doing, and I'm hoping my story/posts will be a source of information and inspiration to all my fellow pot smokers out there.

    I think this shit should be legal, and I hate the idea of having to do all this over hair testing for pot. However, WE CAN BEAT THE SYSTEM. Registered voters in MI, GO SIGN THAT PETITION TO MAKE MARIJUANA LEGAL! STATEWIDE VOTE COULD BE IN NOVEMBER 2012 IF WE GET 338,000 REGISTERED VOTER'S SIGNATURES!

    Let me know if you have any other suggestions or things I should be doing differently, different products instead of Toxin Wash to try, etc. I have a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and I work in a lab right now, so I'll try to offer my best guesses and advice on matters that I know. I'm also a great listener, so please interact with me so we can help each other and the community. POWER TO US, AND NEVER STOP FIGHTING! LET'S BEAT THIS SHIT TOGETHER.

    Mark :mj2:
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    First Post...wish it didnt happen like this.

    History: male, mid 20's thin/average build with high metab. with SUPER BABY fine dirty blonde hair. Smoked about a half an ounce of very high quality hydroponic grass a week with plenty of keif and hash in between. (I know I have a problem...)

    Stopped smoking Jan 4th and did some herbal detox with gallons of green tea flushing. Using 40 lift developer for all the dye jobs, dyed my hair brownish around Jan 20th. Bleached it a few hours later for almost an hour, rinsed that out with Ion Purifying Solutions swimmers shampoo (it had PG up higher on the ingredients than PM3), AND Dr. RH cigar humidor fluid (50/50 PG and H2O) mixed into the shampoo and dumped liberally on my head. Rebleached the back half of my head next day rinsed the same way. Next day soaked my head in baking soda mixed with humidor fluid bout 10 mins and rinsed with the Ion. Redyed my hair brownish only it turned out really golden blonde. Rinsed out the same way as before. Few days later, redyed it again for a short duration to get it more brownish. Rinsed the same. Periodically over next two weeks soaked hair in humidor fluid/baking soda mix and rinsed with the Ion/humidor fluid mix. Also used Nioxin leave in treatment bout every other day to make my hair grow faster
    Feb 4th redyed my hair darker brownish and rinsed how I did previously. By then I had used the whole bottle of 50/50 cigar humidor fluid on my head. Got haircut to just under 2 inches and sent in a Psychmedics PDT-90 home test on the 6th. Test was recieved at the lab on Valentines day. I got my results today (Presidents day) and.....FAILED!! Flunked for maryjane, but not for my prescribed pain medicine from my root canal in Jan.
    So moral of the story is, if you smoke ridiculous amounts of grass like I did all day every day then your screwed... and let me repeat I have some of the most baby fine dirty blonde hair around. Girls at the salon comment about it all the time. If Jerry G or OneToke or anyone else of high caliber godliness could holler at me and tell me what they think I did wrong would greatly appreciate it. Maybe I didnt bleach enough. Ill probly make my own thread as well. Oh well at least it was a PDT-90 and not the one im trying to take to get my sweet 100k job back....
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    My entire story is below in another thread. Hair follicle test passed!!!
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    Had a hair test today (taken from arm pit). Did not use any preparation methods. Smoking history is once roughly 30 days ago (one / two hits) and once 60 days before that (one hit as well). Prior to that had little or no usage for a year. Will post once results come through.
  8. hair test. heavy smoker. daily. 0 days clean. passed.

    literally spent at least 20 hours researching these forums. I created this account just now to "pay it forward". Here's my story...

    Tuesday- Found out I got the job and discovered I would have to take a hair test within 48 hours.
    thursday night- bleached my hair (with the specifications from the Jerry G method), smoked a blunt while the bleach was doing its thing, did a full toxin wash treatment, died my hair back to black right after. surprisingly did not irritate my skin at all

    Wednesday night-

    Soaked my hair in a bowl of octane booster from auto zone (read it on one of the posts on this thread),
    Washed hair out with regular shampoo
    Bleached my hair again for 45 minutes (this time it started to burn a bit)
    Full Toxin Wash treatment
    Dyed back to black (scalp felt very tight once my hair dried)
    Made sure to sleep with clean pillow cover

    Thursday morning (day of test)-
    Made a thick paste of baking soda and massaged it into my hair for about 10 minutes, then washed it out
    Did a full toxin wash treatment
    Did a full zydot treatment (used clean comb, new towel, and new shirt)
    Took the test (the lab person told me that my employer would have the results by the end of the day).

    Friday morning- started work

    I created this account just so I could post this to show that it IS possible to pass a hair test. I am a DAILY smoker (about 5 times daily of some bomb). Once again, I had ZERO days of clean time.
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    I Passed. Cutting my hair method o_O.

    Fortunately I had plenty of time (90 days) to grow out my hair. Near the time of the test I cut my hair to a little less than 1 inch and all was well.

    Still, the whole thing sucked and I won't be smoking pot again. Ever.

    Oh, side note. They will probably take the hair out of the back of your head or near the swirly part of your hair whatever that is called. Barbers tend to leave that part of your hair a little longer than the length you ask for because it helps the hair lay down on your head. If you don't do it yourself, please emphasize that ALL OF YOUR HAIR should be the length you ask for. Who cares if you look neurotic?

    Don't smoke pot, kids.
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    OMG OMG ! Kay So I Got A Hair Test On Wednesday... I Was Told It Had To Be Lower Than The Last Test Because I Was In The Very High Range.... Welll I Did Okay For The First ABout Month And A Half And Then I Started Smoking Weed Again ALOT! Anyways... They Are Testing December January And February... I Bleached My Hair And Dyed It In December Just Before Christmas... Then Again Two Weeks Ago At A Salon Got My Hair Stripped And Dyed.. Then On Last Tuesday The Day Before My Test I Bleached It And Dyed It Again... And On Wednesday Morning Before My Test i Used One Of The Strong Shampoos They Say "Cleans" Your Hair Of Drugs... I Knew It Probably Wouldnt Make A Difference But Its Better To Be Safe Than Sorry I Guess.. Anyways After All Of This Bleaching And Dying It Had To Have At Least LOWERED My Levels Right.. That Is ALLLL I Need... A LOWER Score... I Should Have The Results By The End of This Week But I Just Cant Stop Thinking About It Lol....
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    For all of you concerned users out there like myself:

    (6'2 190 lbs high metabolism)

    I quit for over a year and I had a relapse 21 days ago and smoked 3 hits of very good stuff. (ridiculous)

    I got laid off from my job and applied to new ones and of course, I get an offer...Hair test and Urine test coming.

    I read this forum thoroughly and I am absolutely not doing 90% of what the other people have to done to pass/fail.

    I will list a link and the steps I took to pass these drug screens:
    1.) Stop Immediately ( I literally got my offer the next day after I toked.)
    2.) Please read this article It may be a bit sciency for some of you but if you are educated enough you can do calculations to see your cut-off and time limits
    3.) Drink cranberry juice immediately but don't kill yourself with it. It helps speed up your metabolism.
    4.) Eat 500mg of Niacin everyday. Also helps with your metabolism.
    5.) Wash your hair thoroughly with any shampoos with Denorex shampoo everyday like normal plus your normal shampoo.
    6.) Eat a healthy diet of proteins and carbs.

    Please dont go killing yourself with dying your hair and ruining your body to pass a hair test. The anxiety is not worth it.

    Don't buy any ridiculous detox recipes.

    I know its hard trust me, but stop altogether after you know you'll have a test and if you have it like the next day, then bite the bullet and stop smoking.

    I've failed one before doing these ridiculous bleachings, dyings, tide, detox kits, and shavings.

    Just take it easy because the anxiety will kill you worse than the letter in the mail that says you are fired from a 150K+ job because you failed a hair test. If it is the "job of a lifetime" then the criteria that got you that job can be applied somewhere else. Don't sweat it, you WILL wake up breathing in the morning, I promise.
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    Hey everyone, I'm new to this site, but I've been on it probably for 6 hours the past few days. I got a call for an internship and I got it. I really really need it. It will help boost my career and its great for my resume.

    I'm 5'9", about 165 170 lbs, light skin, strawberry blondish hair. I have to take the hair drug test sometime before next Thursday, March 15.

    I've smoked weed once before a like 2 and a half years ago so I'm not worried about that. I do smoke hookah maybe once a week. But anyways...I remember back in early to mid January someone told me to smoke out of a bowl, I remember that I put my lips around it, he lit it, but I didn't inhale really. I remember spitting in a trashcan because I hated the taste.
    Later in January I was really drunk and I went into my friend's room to hit a bong. He lit it up and all the smoke was in it, I remember putting my mouth around it and sort of like fake breathing in(sort of like puffing, no inhalation at all). Everyone was like wtf is he doing? because none of the actual smoke was leaving the bong.

    I hang out in my friends room my once a weekend when they smoke for about a half hour.

    I'm just really really nervous that I'll fail my hair drug test because of this. What do you think my chances are?

    My hair on my head is about an inch long. give or take some bit in areas.
  13. RIP-sanity

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    Hello all, I have been following this thread for about a month now here is...

    The Situation
    I have been offered a position at a company where a family member is currently working. They require a hair follicle test prior to starting for all employees Failing is NOT an option as it will not only be terrible for me but a poor reflection on my family member. Test Date- 3/16/12 (4 Days)

    Smoking History
    Last toke was 1/23/12. I was a moderate/heavy user from 1/1/12 til then. I was roughly six weeks clean before 1/1/12. Usually would smoke a bowl or two at the end of every other business day, and around the same or maybe more on the weekend

    Height, Weight, Hair Type & Others
    6'3 208 lbs, Early Twenties male. Hair is very dark brown and thick, roughly 1" on the top and 1/2" on the back and sides.

    What I have done so far to prepare
    Purchased Nexxus Aloe Rid treatment and have been using for aprox. 3 weeks every day one time. I have done the Mac. method once, last week. Did a bleach/redye early today with 30 vol bleach(really wish I could of got my hands on 40 vol) followed by a baking soda paste scrub and sit for 10 mins. Redyed with 10 vol ammonia. Also have had my haircut twice on the top and once on the sides to achieve the current length (see above).

    What I plan to do in the next 4 days leading to the test
    Mac. Method 3-4 more times, & Zydot treatment on test day. Also shaving arms & legs (already have shaved chest and pits).

    --- If ANYONE has any useful advice to help me pass, my chances of passing, or anything else worthy of note PLEASE reply.

    I know its a post your results forum, however I plan on doing this as soon as possible after my test results come in.
  14. Elmoscared

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    I passed

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to let everyone know, I was 67 days clean, smoked 4 times in December and was told had a hair test.
    Not sure what helped, did the clean and clear, apple vinegar and rinsed with tide. Also did two sessions of baking soda for 30 minutes and used All Clear Shampoo the day of the test!
    It may have been the time, it may have been the method...but I just wanted to say thank you for everyone's post.

    Thanks again

    ICTHETRUTH New Member

    So I am about to go take my hair test. I have roughly 115 days clean with two sessions here in the last month one was a couple hits from a blunt roughly 4 or 5 hits just enough to get a buzz and then again a week ago I took one hit off a blunt just to get a taste of it. Both times it was reggy so I am not too worried but it's for court so I am stressed about what may happen if I do fail. I was given 72 hr notice so I went and grabbed some c&c astringent some baking soda tide tgel and tsal. went to the cubbard and grabbed my trusty apple cider vinegar and went to work.

    day 1:
    Pre-washed with dawn extra strength dish soap and followed up with alternating washes with tgel and tsal about 4 each
    did a good scrubbing of baking soda for about ten minutes in hopes of opening up my hair
    applied acv and scrubbed for about ten minutes then applied c&c and scrubbed for another 15 mins
    washed it out with some tide then washed it all out with another battery of tsal/tgel
    repeated again that night

    Day 2
    Went and bought some all clear from thehead shop doubt it does anything but it cant hurt
    washed hair with tgel/tsal combo x4 each alternating letting each wash soak for five mins after scrubbing
    applied acv and scrubbed till it was raw then applied satans c&c and scrubbed till I about cried.
    let soak for thirty mins then washed out with tide
    scrubbed with baking soda and let sit for 20 mins then washed out with tide
    did another round of tsal/tgel x4 each then followed directions on all clear to the t let dry then washed and conditioned air like normal and let a small amount of conditioner in to have some kind of normal texture in my hair.

    I will follow up with results as soon as I get them
    Also 5'11" 165lbs 29yrs old caucasian male
    medium high metabolism as I have never been able to gain weight no matter how hard I try
    dark blonde/light brown hair cut down to 1.25" and trimmed all my body hair to less than .5"
    Tried mixing both popular methods with the limited resources I had available.
    Wish I could of done a bleach and dye or a relaxer but I got a full time job and 5 kids so no time to do so.
  16. onlyunholy

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    Please read "FAIL first, PASS second (JerryG?) thread that I just started.

    FAILED PSYCHEMEDICS TEST, looking to pass SECOND test.
  17. onlyunholy

    onlyunholy New Member

    Well, without any replies, I got the call that I needed a hair test today.

    FAILED Psychemedics 13 days ago.. now taking ANOTHER hair test today.

    I rushed to my hairdresser and she performed a complete bleach and redye. My last process was 13 days ago, where I got two full bleaches (one redye), with another bleach process on everything but the scalp. Total with last session and tonight was 3 full scalp bleaches, 2 redyes in 13 days, one being today. My hairdresser said she could not put any more bleach on my head as it was so mushy/gummy..

    I ALSO had my hairdresser apply the entire bottle (about 90%) of Toxin Wash (twice letting it sit 10 minutes, the other times just putting it in and rinsing it out) between the bleach and redye and AFTER the redye as well. After that I used Zydot, letting each step sit on my head for 10 minutes. I bought two new towels (used one for the headrest) and a brand new shirt never worn. Took hair test, now waiting until tomorrow afternoon (after processing :-\) to find out..

    ICTHETRUTH New Member

    So I PASSED I am so relieved
    All I got to say now besides thank GOD is
    Screw the system that punishes those of us who choose to utilize a plant that occurs in nature. It is not processed or chemically enhanced it is grown from the ground and provides some of the best medicine there is. I suffer from ptsd and weed allows me to relax and live life like an average man not a paranoid wreck on edge 24/7 barely able to control impulses.

    Also thanks to all on here that provided insight and wisdom
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    Coming from a female with long, thick brown hair.. the MacCujo method works wonders. I only had one (yes, one) day to prepare. Feeling a bit pessimistic as is, I decided to go with the basics. I soaked my hair in apple cider vinegar for 45 minutes, then added an entire bottle of pink clean and clear astringent. After another 45 minutes of mild discomfort from a burning scalp, I washed that out and immediately began massaging a crap-load of tide detergent in. Knowing that my chances were slim to begin with, I spent a good 20 minutes thoroughly massaging each product into my hair. After keeping the tide in for 35 minutes, I then washed out and applied the neutrogena T/SAL shampoo. I left that on for 45 minutes, being sure to lather more in halfway through. The next morning, I had my test. My hair was looking horrible, but at least I knew that I had tried to beat whatever was in my system. I was a regular smoker until about 2 months ago, and had since smoked about 7-8 times, the last time being approximately 3 weeks ago. Long story short, two days later (this morning), I got a call notifying me that I passed the test with flying colors and got the job.

    Side note to ladies and dudes with longer hair: Your hair will inevitably turn into crap after using this method. Straight after my test, I deep conditioned my hair x2, then added coconut oil and keratin the following day after showering in the am. The next morning, my hair was smooth, shiny, and good as new.
  20. niconico88

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    Hey guys, after doing tons of research with no conclusive evidence, I thought it'd be best to ask for everyone else's opinions on my current situation (since you are all much more knowledgeable than I am).

    I last smoked 19 days ago from today, or 3 weeks ago from this coming Friday. I smoked at MOST 1 bowl; maybe half or a little more than half a bowl. Prior to that, the last time I smoked was in November, in which I took 4-5 hits at most. So as you can see, I am a very infrequent user of marijuana. I am 5'9, Asian, about 160 pounds, 20 years old, fairly lean (10-14% bodyfat), and have an internship offer, contingent on me passing the hair test.

    Now, I am getting hair tested by HireRight within the next week. They sent me a packet detailing the hair test, and while they recommend completing it in 48 hours, the recruiter for the internship I am applying to says it's ok to do it after 48 hours, as long as I send her the specimen ID.

    If I don't try to clean over the next week and assuming I take the test next Friday (which will put me at exactly 4 weeks since I last smoked), what are the odds of me failing the test? I have read many conflicting articles and posts on how long it should take for weed to get out of my hair (some say infrequent users should be fine, others still say 90 days). Do you think I will be fine, or should I try maybe the Macujo's method?

    Thanks a lot for the helps guys. I really appreciate it!

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