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    Hey guys, just figured I'd post my test results for my hair test because these forums were SO helpful and I would not have been able to pass my hair test without reading them religiously for weeks.

    So obviously, I PASSSED! two hair tests to be exact!

    I am a 19 year old female. About 110-115 pounds and I lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle.
    I smoked usually every day probably five hits from the grav. Other drug use includes a prescription for vyvanse 30 mg as well as (no judgements please)....December 31 and January 1, both nights a few lines of coke and about .2 grams of "molly" and 2 10 mg hydrocodones. Also two times in January I smoked oxys, about 1 or 1 1/2 each time.

    I received a summer job and figured they would urine test but ohp surprise was on me! Here's everything I did leading up to the test....

    February 4 - found out they were doing a hair test, stopped smoking and all drugs aside from my prescrip (thought I would have enough time to have 90 days clean before they would make me take it)

    Mid February - went to Sally's and bought an Aloe shampoo with EDTA and Propylene Gylcerol listed in the ingredients as I heard these were effective in removing impurities from the hair. Washed with this every day during this process.

    Late March - was notified I was to complete the hair test within a week, consulted parents, they were PISSED, they told me I had to take it no matter what, felt hopeless....smoked like two hits from a bowl (soooo blooooown)

    Later in March - religiously lived on this website, figured I would try to beat the test somehow. Wasn't to keen on putting vinegar in my hair, nor did I like how painful the macugo method sounded. Opted for Jerry G's and went to Sally's. I bought a 40 strength white developer bottle from Sally's (the big one, I used almost all of it throughout this process) and powder bleach packets (you'll need more than one if you have long hair). You should also invest in bleach, a brush, and haircaps! I bleached my hair that night (left on for forty minutes) and rinsed out with hot hot hot water. Then I washed with the Toxin Wash, left on for like 10 mins and rinsed out. Then redyed with a box.

    Note on Toxin Wash: I ordered two bottles (I have long hair) but I still only used about half of one...that shit gets really sudsy and you don't need a lot. Not sure if this is what did it (pretty sure it was just a waste of money) but who knows. Smells decent at least.

    Early April - Parents believed since I was smoking weed I must have been doing other drugs too and decided to pay for a hair test of their own. I bleached my hair an additional time (not going to have my parents find out about those other things heeeeell no) using the same method and redyed. Hair was in BAD BAD BAD shape after this. I would brush it and it'd sponge up or just snap and break oh it was so sad. Took the hair test for my parents the next day. Got my results, PASSSEDD! for everything! Felt invincible. Started smoking again, not that often, just a few hits every couple of nights.

    Late April - Time to take my REAL hair test. Had been smoking occassionaly, so I bleached and toxin washed and redyed AGAIN. Would NOT recommend this. Hair was awful, lost a decent amount of strands trying to just brush it and my redye did not stick. It just faded after a few days and my normally brown hair was a golden brown/blonde that looked terrible and fried. Took the real test the morning after I redyed and used lots of hairspray to make it look "normal". A week later, hadn't heard from the company. Decided to call and check in on my pre-employment and told me everything was in order. I had passed.


    I hope this helps anyone looking to pass a hair test!

    Why? I am a great student. I have an above 3.5 GPA and I have my priorities straight. While I enjoy smoking and occasionally having fun with other drugs, I am not your stereotypical "pothead". I am driven, motivated, and have repeatedly been called a "breath of fresh air" by past employers. I am a great worker, and would never go to work high, but what I do in my free time should be my choice. While that may infringe on some people's abilities to carry out their duties in the workplace, I would never let it interfere with mine. Because of this, I feel that drug testing (mostly just for drugs like mary jane) is a waste of money for companies. Yes, it is a great tool for those who are truly addicted to drugs like opiates or cocaine, but weed is just different. It doesn't cause physical dependencies, it's natural, you can't overdose on it, and it's been great helping me to fall asleep and stay asleep for years. Not to mention it has helped reduce my overwhelming level of stress and truly helped me to stay sane.

    Side note: my friend consulted me about needing to pass a hair test. I told him my method, he was short on time so opted out of ordering the Toxin Wash. He bleached and redyed once and passed!

    I decided to bleach my hair
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    Oh, also the test for my parents was done by Quest and for the job was Psychmedics. Not sure what kind of test my friend took.
  3. DoubleDeezy

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    Aaaaaand one more thing.... my hair is pretty much back to normal now! While at Sally's I purchased aragan oil moroccan oil mask as well as Ion moisture shampoo and conditioner. Don't go for Ion. I def recommend using the mask every day it's so great! and also buy Organix Keratin Therapy shampoo and conditioner that shit works. I also bought Tresemme leave in split in remedy and that stuff is also fantastic. I've noticed a HUGE improvement. So don't worry, your hair won't be like this forever!
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    Hi. I am 6'2 160lbs and have a light brown hair color. My hair is 1 1/2 inches long. (The requirement for the test) I haven't smoked in 40 days. But before that I smoked from February to April 2-3 times a week like 1-2 hits and would sometimes take a week or two off from smoking. I know people say that using head and shoulders won't work but ive been letting that sit in my hair 15mins a day. Also I bought that oasis shampoo which I will use before the test. I might not get tested for 2-3 weeks because I'm not getting the job at the moment. But, overall do you think I will be okay? I was thinking about using macujo method as well.
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    PASSED. It's been nearly 4 weeks since I actually took it and I just got the email from the company with the details about my start date. I can only assume that means the best.

    My stats:
    Asian Female
    Thick dark shoulder-length hair
    5-6 weeks of clean time
    smoked about once or twice a week before that, maybe 4-6 hits each time.

    What I did:
    Mac method 3x
    After I got skeptical about the vinegar: baking soda paste (mixing it with Tide) 5x, left in for 20-30 minutes.
    Mac method replacing vinegar with baking soda paste 2x
    Ultraswim shampoo for a few weeks
    Bleach once, no redye around the base of my neck.
    Zydot 24 hours before the test (after bleaching)

    This was the best job offer I had ever gotten. So thanks to everyone on the forums who posted all that information on passing a hair test.
  6. I'm a white 25 year old male standing in at 6 feet and 195lbs. I took my hair test yesterday. My hair was roughly over an inch at the time and I was given the choice to use my head, leg, or armpit hair. I chose my head because clearly it grows the fastest. In the past 60 days, I have smoked 5-6times taking at least a couple hits every time. At the time of the test i was clean for 27 days. After using the macujo method on my hair 3 times and using Folli Kleen shampoo 30 minutes before the test I feel confident about the upcoming results. When I receive the results I will post again and explain my exact method in detail. Fingers crossed, shitting bricks..
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    Just to update this, I used the Toxin wash but I only smoke pot but a lot of it. I don't do any other drugs not even prescription meds. I followed the instructions exactly and they included the use of vinegar and dawn dish washing liquid. I searched all over and found the cheapest place to buy it was for $59.95 plus shipping, about $72.00 total. I had about two weeks to get ready for this test. I bought the Neutregena T/Gel from Walmart for about $6.00 and 2 gallons of vinegar and three gallons of distilled water. Starting about a week before my time I started using the vinegar, Dawn dish washing liquid, T.Gel and Toxin Wash everyday rinsing each with plain water after I ran out of the distilled water. My scalp got a little tender but not real bad. I also did this treatment on the morning of my test again rinsing with tap water. I got the results back after three days and passed with no problem. I highly recommend the Toxin Wash just follow the directions and do it as often as you can for about a week. You should have no problem.
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    Hey man, I'm in the same exact boat as you. Everyone on here only wants to talk about this MAC shit, Well i got surprised with a hair test when i thought i was getting a urine. I smoked the same amount as you, once 35 days before test, then 30 days before that, then 30 days before that. Pretty clean otherwise. Only 2-3 hits each time. Did you pass? Cause i've been freaking out, reading about this shit for the past two days non-stop trying to ease my mind. Some people say i'm screwed, others seem to be like normal stoners that don't worry about a damn thing in life. Let me know cause I have the whole weekend to wait this out and you know what i;m going through and your circumstance is almost just like mine, thanks man.

  9. I passed!

    Here are the steps I took,

    1. Palmolive oxy degreaser dish washing soap. Scrub for at least a minute or two then rinse
    2. Baking soda and water using a 1:1 ratio (stir this quite a bit because it separates fast). Let sit in your hair 10 min then rinse out.
    3. Apple cider vinegar (pour through hair an wipe excess from forehead and ears to avoid irritation. Let sit for 10 min. (do not wash out yet)
    4. Clean and clear face wash (find bottle with highest salicylic acid percentage if you can). Add this with the apple cider vinegar already in your hair and let sit for 30min. Now rinse this junk out.
    5. Tide laundry detergent (if you have it, because it is the most powerfull laundry cleaner). I didn't have it so I used Gain laundry detergent instead. Massage this into your scalp for a few minutes and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse this crap out too. (notice: Hair starting to smell good!)
    6. T-Gel shampoo (do this 2-3 times), (important because it helps remove all the sticky THC particles out of your hair). Massage in hair for a few minutes and let sit for a few minutes. This is the least painful step, so I did step 6 multiple times after the first 5 steps, before repeating the entire process over again.
    After doing these 6 steps 3 times each over the span of 3 days my head was only tender and my hair wast damaged bad at all. Even though everyone on these sights seems to hate the detox shampoos, I bought Folli Kleen as well just to be safe and applied 20 minutes before I gave a hair sample. What a relief! Light users are likely to pass with this method. Heavy users better start looking for that good hair killing bleach!
  10. wingnut911

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    PASSED. Psychmedics & Quest

    Light user, once in the past 90 days, 10 times or so in the last year. Hair taken from my chest (Bald head). All I did was wash daily with PM3 and Salyslic Shampoo 3%. I took Adderall for a week in April, and that didn't even show.
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    Passed a Psychmedics Hair Test!!

    I did nothing to my hair because I thought it was going to be a urine test for pre employment. My smoking history before the test was no smoking between April 22nd and June 2nd, but smoked between jun 3rd and jun 5th. Then I didn't smoke 3 weeks before the test and they only took around a half inch because my hair is fairly short. So basically if you smoke lightly you can pass a hair test, I guess.
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    Hi guys, this is my first time posting but let me say I am thankful i found this site!! Alittle background first.
    I am 5'4 , 95 pounds caucasian female with very long but very thin blonde hair. I have fibromyalgia and the only thing that has helped the symptoms is weed. So i have been a daily user for about the past year smoking a bowl a day of low grade stuff. When i lost my job a month a go i quit cold turkey and have been sucking up the pain. I had an interview with a company that i know alot of the employees at. I had a UA done last week and got a dreaded call saying they want a hair test now. I know my UA was clean because i took 4 home tests prior all coming up neg. For thc. I do not do any other drug, except a script for percocet my dr gave me, which ik have a note to accompany from her.
    So here is my process so far and questions and i will post results when i get them.
  13. blndchk22

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    Stupid phone sent before i could post info.... So i Mac method..vinager, clean and clear, tide, t/sal shampoo all for 30 min each 2 times already and have done a t/sal baking soda powder twice for 20 min. I also have Ausii heat help hair repair that list the PG ingriedent as second. I have been putting that on alot. Bleaching is not really an option for me, i already have weak hair due to this method and it is falling out in chunks. Does anyone have experience with shampoos from GNC? I would like to throw in a shampoo and Nexxus Aleo Rid seems to be the best but i have gone to 7 places ?ooking for it to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. I need this job, i support my family and unemployement doesn't cut it. Thank you in advance for any help you offer. And i will let you know how it goes!
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    I spent WAY too many hours on this site prior to and just after my hair test. Thought I'd post my story to help others in a similar situation to me....

    In summary: I took the Psychemedics hair test and PASSED.

    My stats:
    I'm a female with LONG, thick hair. Its been 7-8 months since I last consumed MJ, prior to mostly edibles on the weekends.

    In theory, I knew I should be fine. But was in a panic that they would test all the hair I submitted. I cut off 5 inches prior to the test, but still sent them ~10 inches of hair. Also, the tech did not cut close to the scalp, and haphazardly stuffed my hair into the collection envelope.

    Apparently, the Psychemedics lab did follow the protocol and did not test all hair submitted.... hope this gives others in a similar situation peace of mind.

    As far as timing, It took 5 business days for HR to tell me that everything was fine.

    Good luck everyone.
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    Took hair test Friday..scalp hair too short so they took my armpits, which I'd trimmed back to an inch-inch and a treatment done and last smoke session was 98-100 days ago, bout a joint worth over that time frame. My head hair grows crazy fast so I'm hoping my pits do too!!! Torture waiting, feel good bout my chances, bout the wait is killing me..
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    Psychemedics hair through LabOne

    Trolled these forums looking for answers after getting wind I *might* have to submit hair for court date. (Civil, not criminal)

    Got news on a Thursday, the hearing to decide if I had to drop was the next Wednesday, after which I would have to submit "immediately"... Fudge.
    I'm male, 6'4'', aprx. 300lbs. I don't know about metabolism generally but I cant smoke heavily and pass a UA with plain old water flushing about 2 weeks. I have baby BABY fine black hair. Not ethnic, just have black hair. Awesome soft until JerryG :D
    I keep it like 2" on top and the rest down to 1/4 inch or so.

    Last smoke was probably 13 days prior to test.

    In 90 days before test smoked maybe 12 times, Always commercial shoestrings, maybe 3-4 pulls. Weeks in between occasions. Had a couple grams to myself at some point in the 90 days. Before all this started with court I was a pretty regular smoker, 1/4 or 1/2 a week of commercial, nightly J or bowl or two for a lot of years, so I slowed WAY down just in case.

    WHAT I DID - JerryG; but I happened to have some AloeRid treatment. It was a sign or something because my lady just happened to have it given to her, she never used it, it was just sitting around .I couldn't get TW or Zydot in enough time, I think the Nexxus was a big factor replacing this stuff
    40Vol developer, 3 packs UltraWhite bleach
    10Vol Developer, 3 Bottles Ion JetBlack liquid color ("low ammonia" but I think that is how they make all the dyes these days, but it had some in it)
    TreSemme Clarifying Shampoo
    ION Swimmer's Shampoo
    Baking soda
    AloeRid Treatment

    -4 days out
    Baking soda paste on for about 15 minutes, rinse, then AloeRid on for about 15 minutes.

    -3 days out
    bleach w/ 40 vol, on for 35 min., rinse w/ TreSemme
    baking soda paste on for 20 min.
    rinse with water, then Aloe Rid for 20 minutes
    Dye w/ 10Vol for 25-30 minutes
    rinse with TreSemme

    -2 days out
    bleach w/ 40 vol, on for 35 min., rinse w/ Ion Swimmers
    baking soda paste on for 20 min.
    rinse with Ion Swimmers, then Aloe Rid for 20 minutes
    Dye w/ 10Vol for 25-30 minutes
    rinse with IonSwimmers

    -1 Day before
    bleach w/ 40 vol, on for 35 min., rinse w/ Ion Swimmers
    baking soda paste on for 20 min.
    rinse with Ion Swimmers, then Aloe Rid for 20 minutes
    Dye w/ 10Vol for 25-30 minutes
    rinse with IonSwimmers

    - Day of test
    Got a haircut, hair is right about 1.5 inches at longest on top (nape of neck and sideburns are hard to treat, did not bleach well so I had to trim these)
    washed with Ion swimmers and used some conditioner.
    Took hair from back of crown, and towards front on both sides where my hair is longest (3 spots)
    Got results 5 days later, including 2 weekend days
  17. El hefe

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    Hello. Looking for help and reassurance. Here's my skinny. I'm 5'11, 205lbs medium build. White male with a dark complexion. (Italian,middle eastern) jet black hair, cut marine short always. I get my haircut once a week. I was a heavy user from 21-33. Then occasionally, then stopping for 3 years. I last smoked July 4. (happy b-day America). It's aug 9. My dream job is close in hand, but worried about hair testing. Possible testing in sept or oct. really not looking forward to putting vinegar or bleach in my hair. Help
  18. sonofliberty

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    Negative all across the board!!!!

    Hello fellow herb lovers,

    First of all I'd would like to thanks all members that have shared their experiences on here, you guys have helped me tremendously in preparing and passing my drug test.

    So here's my story,

    Myself: 28 yrs old, slender built, thin hair, very fast metabolism.

    History: I used to smoke a bowl every other night after work 5 months ago (since March), I was in the process of applying for a job (a really good one) so I decided to stop cold turkey. 4 months passed since the last time I smoked. On the 4th, while I was over at my homie's place celebrating Independence day. They pulled out some really good weed and smoked in front of me, couldn't say no so I pulled about 4 buffs. 3 weeks later I got an interview with one of the dream companies I applied for. I passed the interview and was sent for a physical on the 6th of August.

    So I was clean a little bit over a month and the test is a psychemedic hair test. Panic I immediately went online and started doing research. I studied this forum religiously everyday, I looked at each person's success and fail experiences. Finally decided to use the Macujo's method.

    What did I do?
    I went out and bought these ingredients:
    • Apple cider vinegar
    • Baking soda
    • Neutrogena T/Sal Theurapeutic Shampoo
    • Clean Clear Deep Cleaning Astrigent
    • Tresemme Conditioner with aloe vera and avocado
    • Smooth'n Shine Curl Activator Gel with aloe vera
    • 1 box of Zydot deep clean shampoo
    • Tresemme shampoo with aloe vera and avocado
    • Hair net
    • Tide original formula
    2 weeks before the test I washed my hair with Tresemme shampoo, I left the shampoo in my hair for a good 10 minutes, rinsed hair and then proceed with the Tresemme conditioner, again leaving it in the hair for 10 minutes. After shampooing and conditioning I used the smooth'n shine gel to style my hair (only for morning). The reason for this is because these products have propylene glycol and disodium edta alcohol which are cleansing agents. I also go work out everyday and run everyday and do physical works to sweat. Also eat a lot of green and non fat food.

    1 week before the test, Monday to Friday I did a light Macujo's. Right after work, I went straight to the shower. Rinse my hair with warmth water, poured apple cyder vinegar all over and massage my scalp, put on the hair net and leave on for 15 minutes. Poured the clean and clear cleaner all over and massage in my scalp (it will burns!!!!!), wipe off any that run off onto my face, put the hair net back on and leave the cleaner on for another 15 minutes. Rinse with warmth water after that and poured a small dab of Tide original formula all over and massage into scalp for a couple minutes, leave it in for about 5 minutes. Rinse the Tide out with warmth water. Your hair is extremely clean after the Tide, feel smooth and crisp :) Now after the Tide put the Neutrogena T/Sal shampoo instead of the Tresemme shampoo because the T/Sal shampoo has 3% sylicylic acid and condition your hair with the regular Tresemme aloe vera conditioner.

    The last two days, Saturday and Sunday I did the full Macujo's method. First I mixed the baking soda with a 1:1 ratio. 1 cup of the baking soda with 1 cup of water, mix it up well and get rid of any extra water in the bowl. Massage the mixed baking soda all over head and leave on for 15 minutes (it will itch like hell but try to hold on), rinse with warmth water and start the whole process mentioned above. Vinegar+vinegar and clean clear+tide but this time leave them in longer and massage your scalp longer. Massage each ingredient for 3 or 4 minutes and leave on for 20, remember to massage close to scalp and also on top of your hair. Use Neutrogena T/Sal shampoo and massage that into your hair after Mac's method and leave on for a good 10 minute. On the last day did everything above but at the last step instead of the Neutrogena shampoo use Zydot shampoo.

    The next day (testing day), I did not use Mac method but just shower and conditioning like regular with the Neutrogena T/Sal shampoo. Shampoo once in the morning and an hour before the test.

    Called HR last Friday and they told me everything are good to go and gave me a start date :)

    If I can pass it you will too just be patience and do everything you can to prepare for it.

    Thanks again you guys for your advises!!!
  19. sonofliberty

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    Hey bud I was in the same boat as you, I hate the idea of putting all these chemical in my hair but you gotta do what you got to do. After the initial try it'll be easy, just try it. It won't damage your hair I promise, I'm a living testimony. You'll pass the test for sure.
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    PASSED! My husband smoked once in a 90 day period (70 days before the test), did not do anything to his hair because he completely forgot he smoked.
    He's 6', 200 lbs, curly hair about 5" long.

    Just thought it might ease some light user's anxiety (like all these posts have done for us)! I'm a believer - single use in a non-smoker will not show up on a test.

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