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    Light, infrequent use of MJ is seldom detected in hair drug testing. The reason is that cannabis metabolites have the lowest incorporation rate (ICR) into hair of all drugs tested for. A Japanese researcher, Nakahara, (1999) provides an excellent graph demonstrating the ICR of various drugs (link below). This is not an isolated finding but a well established fact in the research literature.

    “In contrast to other illicit drugs, hair analysis lacks the sensitivity to act as a detector for cannabinoids” according to the German team Musshoff & Madea (2006). Another 2008 study that appeared in the Journal of Forensic Sciences also concluded "Drug testing technology that detects the residual presence of cannabinoids and/or their metabolites in the hair typically fails to identify occasional marijuana users."

    There is general agreement among researchers that this is because the "more neutral and lipophilic THC is not strongly bound to melanin, resulting in much lower concentrations of THC in hair as compared to other drugs of abuse." (See Huestis, 2007 below) The reason is still subject to debate as we really don't know how these metabolites make it into hair to begin with. It's certainly not limited to circulation.

    The implications of the research deserves emphasis. Detection time isn't the prime factor in infrequent marijuana use nor is it that testing instruments lack sensitivity or specificity. It is not a matter of using a lower cutoff. It's the fact that THC and THC-COOH have not infused into the hair in the first place. In order for cannabis metabolites to incorporate into hair, leastwise to rise above the level of detection (LOD) requires continued exposure across a period of time. Repeated use.

    Hair is a very poor medium for detecting past marijuana use! As Ledgerwood noted in his 2008 study that hair testing "....was not better than self-report on marijuana, opiates, and methamphetamine.” Far from the "gold standard" of drug testing as represented by the commercial industry.

    So what is infrequent use as defined by these studies? Robert DuPont, MD [now president of American Society of Addiction Medicine] believes ".. hair testing is unlikely to be positive for marijuana until the tested student has used marijuana at a rate of about twice a week in the prior 90 days.." (see DuPont below). That is close to the findings of Galanter & Kleber noting “Positive results from hair testing are generally expected only when a person has used a drug at least four to six times per month” [In this case the comment applies to drugs in general and not just THC].

    Likewise, those in the technical end of testing also acknowledge the limited value to HDT (never in advertisements of course). "It takes multiple uses to test positive in hair under normal drug use. A one -time use will not be above the cutoff level." according to Jim Turnage, Forensic DNA & Drug Testing Services, Inc., and W. J. Closson, PhD, Forensic Toxicology Services indicating that HDT is effective only for detection of the "chronic drug user.”

    Yuji Nakahara (1999) Hair analysis for abused and therapeutic drugs. Journal of Chromatography B, 733 (1999) 161–180, p. 174

    Marilyn A. Huestis (2007) Human Cannabinoid Pharmacokinetics. Chem Biodivers. 2007 August; 4(8): 1770–1804. Sec 3.5

    DuPont 2008, Random Student Drug Tests Are They Effective for Identifying Occasional Drug Users? p. 8

    Galanter & Kleber, 2011 Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Substance Abuse, American Psychiatric Publishing, Wash, DC, p. 58

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    Jim Turnage, Forensic DNA & Drug Testing Services, Inc., in presentation to Texas Bar Association, Aug 9-12, 2010, p. 15

    Closson, PhD, Forensic Toxicology Services web site <Aug 18, 2012>
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    5'10, 235 Lbs. Brown Hair, Caucasian Male.

    I have the benefit of scheduling my own test, however I may have to cut my waiting shorter than normal as I was called a few days ago telling me that the position may fill up if I don't come in in the next few weeks. Anyways, here are my particulars so I can add to general knowledge.

    Quit on: Jun 16.
    Time smoked: May 30 - Jun 16, Approx 17 days.
    Frequency: 1-2 hits a day off my one-hitter; sometimes less, sometimes more.

    Anyways, as of July 30, my hair was 2.25". Cut down to 1.75 inches, which using a baseline of .5" growth per month means of that 1.75 I was looking at 1.01" (Unclean) and .73" (Clean). The 1.01" is of course not entirely unclean because it only has 17 days of growth in it (around .28" avg), but that doesn't matter because the unclean portions would be sandwiched between clean ones.

    I originally was going to go in around September 22, which gave me 90 days + a 5-6 grace period for cannaboid deposits. However, now I'm looking at the 5th or 6th. The 5th would make it an 81 day clean period. With average hair growth (I believe my hair grows quickly, but that could be a lie I'm telling myself to feel better), my hair at its longest (the front) should be 2.37", but that means that if I cut it down to the "minimum" 1.5" (they have seen me before and know my hair is short) I still have about .14" of unclean growth. I think that my hair growth is long because currently on Aug. 21 I have >2.25" of hair in the front of my head, which if you don't want to do the math means that it's growth >.5" in less than a month.

    I plan on attempting to bleach and redye my hair the night before, and while my hair is bleached, I plan on doing a full MacCujo Method with Baking Soda and Zydot, because while I have no proof, I believe that when bleached my hair should be at its most vulnerable. The bleaching and redying may not happen, however, as I've never done it myself before and I live with my parents and any failure to match my natural hair color could be very hard to explain. I will again MacCujo + Zydot the next morning an hour or two before the interview (test will likely come afterward if I'm accepted on the same day).

    An option, however, is just to walk into the barber today (T-minus 15-16 days) and get it cut down just slightly below the 1.5" mark so there should be no unclean hair, shave down my body hair to half inch or shorter, and give them the situation that the hair on my head is the longest on my body and the only option. Regardless of length, I plan on doing the treatments and this week I am purchasing a home-test from Psychemedics (the same type of test the company uses) to test about 1" of my hair to have an idea of the cannaboid content of my remaining hair. If it comes back negative, I'll likely just make sure that spot of hair is the only viable place to take it via shaving/trimming my chest/arms/legs/etc.

    I think I've thought this through quite a bit, and know I'm now playing within the 90-96 day danger zone and because of that there is always the chance of coming back positive, but aside from buying more cleansers that frankly aren't verified to work any more than Zydot, am I missing anything?
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    First I would like to compliment you for measuring hair growth. Reliance on the 1/2” per month estimate can only lead to misinterpretation. Human hair growth varies by a factor of 3X at minimum (.5 to 1.5) As a biological process it is subject to all of the same factors as other bodily functions: age, diet, basic metabolic rate, plus variant enzymes specific to THC metabolism as well.

    Having your hair tested is a very good idea and could save you a lot of unnecessary misery and concern. Based on your description of frequency and amount of use it is quite possible that no COOH exists in your hair. I hate recommending this as it results in additional income to the labs, but it can save you money and anxiety. Since you are planning a test anyway, would recommend you do so sooner rather than later.

    Know how to order the test and how the test process is conducted. HDT is a two-step process. Immunoassay as a screen and LC/MS+ as confirmation. While labs emphasize the high sensitivity of the latter it is in fact seldom used. Step 2 occurs only in the case of a positive from the first step. This process is the same for all testing, whether you pay for it or an employer. In practice, the difference is Step 1 returns only a positive or negative result. Can't detect quantity. If positive, Step 2 measures the amount present. Also, a lot more expensive and unnecssary if Step 1 is negative. (For standard procedure see Quest)

    Always be prepared for collectors to focus on alternative sample sites; axillary (under arm), chest, or leg hair, in that order. While the time span varies for body hair the basic incorporation rate (absorption) seems to be about the same. That means if the metabolite wasn't incorporated into head hair it would not incorporate into body hair. However, if it is detectable in head hair it could be detectable in body hair for a longer period of time.

    *Most importantly this average doesn't consider ethnicity, gender, or age. It is a population average.
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    Hey just putting my hair results down. A few years I was a moderate smoker. Used head hair Bleach and dyed my hair once and passed who the lab was no clue. Two weeks ago I had one from pyscmedics I have only smoked around five times in the last three months they used armpit hair. I bleach my hair two times in a row three nights out hair back. The night before used a baking soda mix let it sit 40 min used tide to clean hair dyed again then used Paul Mitchell 3 a swimmers shampoo for removing chlorine let it set maybe an hr took the test the next day and same results I passed good luck
  5. DrBill100

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    The treatments you describe were used on your arm pits?
  6. Ddub29

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    The one I did a few weeks ago yes it was my armpits burned like crazy but yes I think just the bleach and dyeing does the job, also I had not smoked in a few years prior to the last 90 days
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    Light smoker
    Asian female
    5'10 150 pounds.

    Been clean for 61 days today. 54 Days clean of test.
    Went to psychemedics.
    Smoked 4-5 Times within the 90 day period.
    Scared and stressed for months about the drug test.
    Had a Hair drug test, So super stressed about that.
    Passed, got a call from the HR office of my work saying I needed a health card and then would start getting processed.
    Did NOTHING to my hair. So anyone in my situation no worries!!!
    Never been a heavy or constant user.
    Never smoking again tho. Not worth the stress. Making $11.00 an hour now ;);)

    Good luck to everyone!
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    Thanks for reporting the results and circumstances. The results are entirely consistent with all research to-date: Low and moderate use is not detected in hair testing.

    In addition, being Asian*, you are the most vulnerable to drug incorporation into hair due to extensive eumelanin content and largest diameter of follicle and shaft.

    Glad to hear you are relieved of this burden.

    *Racial/Ethnic differences in human hair
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  9. African American female 5'4 200+lbs. Heavy smoker for 17yrs. Stopped smoking for 157days. Took hair test and FAILED!!!!!!!. The only thing I did was use the shampoo Follie Kleen. Hope this helps someone
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    Do you happen to know the reading on your test? African Americans are certainly more apt to fail a hair test than caucasians but even given hair structure and growth rate that is an extended period of time.
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    Hey all!!! My husband and I passed our hair test. We are occasional smokers and had smoked only a few days before we had to take the test. worried about how we would pass this test, I visited this site and decided to try the macujo method. went and bought all the stuff and I did it the night before and the day of, my husband only did it the day of, we were pretty worried but it was worth a shot, hey if we didn't pass then we would not have been in any different situation then we already were. We did it and passed, WOOOHOOO!!! I recommend this method to anyone in the world because if it wasn't for everyone's experiences than we would have never known about this method and probably never would have passed. Thanks to all.:woohoo::wave:
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    Thank you for your information. Could you please provide additional details in regard to your (and husband) frequency of use in the months prior to test. Glad you found the site and happy to hear of your results.

    Added: Frequency of use is the most important factor in relation to detection by hair testing.
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    Here is the deal..
    Took test this past Monday. Talked to HR..confirmed today(Friday)that it won't be completed till Monday. Have a lot of money on the line..

    Story..been 57 days clean time of test. I was a usual smoker..half bowl/full bowl a day prior. I consider my hair to grow on the quick side..I have had several haircuts over last 2 months (lady even said wow u can definitely use a hair cut every 2 weeks)..anyways..I have been through 4 Mac treatments plus the gman twist. Used synergy detoxify shampoo that I purchased nonline.
    I had my hair cut to half inch day before test..and believe or not she took hair from head..I should have results on Monday and will post either way..any comments are appreciated..just freaking out right now..

    Side note..will psychmedics call if I fail? Just curious..

    TIME TO PRAY Ughhhhh
  14. DrBill100

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    First, assuming you know Psychemedics is reference lab:

    Whether they call or not is a matter of agreement with employer and/or regulating authority(ies). For your state see: drug testing laws.pdf

    The time since last use is secondary to frequency of use, potency of product (what you smoked) and hair growth rate (detection time).

    Happy to work you through this if you want but would to know:

    Medical problems (general, if any)


  15. TimeToPray

    TimeToPray New Member

    Thanks Bill,

    I'm 32 male. White..the quality was mid grade...not crape but definitely not "the good stuff". I would also consider my hair to grow quicker than normal.

    Also I can confirm the test was done by psychmedics..I saw the package for send off at the hospital..

    Thanks again
  16. TimeToPray

    TimeToPray New Member

    Side note. I cut hair to half inch before test. And she still took from my head..
  17. TimeToPray

    TimeToPray New Member

    No medical problems
  18. pattyc

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    help needed in detail my family court wants a hair folicle test i have used heroine 2 times snorted it about a week ago now by testing time will be 2 weeks or more away i also did 3 grams of cocaine and 2 oxy 80s 2 weeks ago and i have taken klonopin with my perscribed ativan...what are my chances on passing this my son died recently and i fell off the wagon a little after 3 yrs in recovery dont want to start this all over with court for these few stupid weekends would like my best chance advice please
  19. cat101

    cat101 New Member

    I PASSED!!!
    I have been a very heavy pot smoker for almost 30 years. Because I knew I would be taking a hair test this year I cut back to once a month in April. In the 1st week of October I took the test and passed. So after 90 days if you only smoke once a month you Will pass the test. I smoked only 2 weeks before AND PASSED!!!!!

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