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    Smoked August 1st and 2nd and expecting drug test on hair in mid November I hit a bong twice the first night once the second I'm so scared and stressed

    Got haircut once a month buzz cut plus vinegared my legs once every two weeks

    Should I be worried 5 9 white guy early twenties 185lbs
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    I am a very occasional user and had a hair test pop up last moment so could do nothing other than wait till tomorrow morning. I am mid twenties 6ft 155 lbs good metabolism and only smoked twice in 90 day period. First time three to four hits and second time two hits. Been reading alot and seen a mixture of statements some state any usage and other say that frequency and amount makes or breaks it. Normally is a two to three week buffer between uses at the very least around the same amount of hits. Could anyone give me their opinion, experience or facts stating whether I might pass or fail.?
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    I passed.
    Very scary.
    Light, intermittent smoker....need a little kick to do housework. 3 weeks clean. Used Toxin Wash. Loved that clean fresh look at first, then after two times did the full blown baking soda and distilled water version and holy hair was thin as s.../spider web. It certainly stripped things out. Continued to use it just as a shampoo for another few days. Took a "practice test" to see if I would need to maim myself to stall for another 90 days, but no, passed. Took the real test two days later (oops, forgot to metion that I did have three "celebratory" days one week prior to the practice test because I didn't expect a hair test.....but hair grows pretty darn slow.) passed the real test, which of course, no one tells you because you don't pay for that one, but off I go.

    So I think Jerry G, Dr. Bill and the others are right. THC is tough to detect in small quantities, unless you have built up enough in your system. Thanks to all for the insights.

    Here is a summary for those of you that are reading this in a panic:
    1. Just as an FYI one joint in one month isn't going to make you fail.
    2. They do test for extended opiates, but if you have or are taking prescription level doses you are ok. (excluding heroin)
    3. The Jerry G. method for moderate to somewhat heavier users should work since it cleans out the inside of the hair shaft. Toxin wash worked great for me, but my hairdresser is going to absolutely flip. Not sure what I will tell her. Remember, you have to get INTO the hair shaft, outside surface shampoos are useless.
    4. If your pot use (or drug use for that matter) is beyond that wait at least 90 days to get clean for the hair test. heroin and coke users I have no clue, this is a pot site
    5. Take a practice test. PDT-90 doesn't cost that much, but it does take time) You can do a lab walk in for around $110-150. (borrow the money if you need to) Do the lab walk in. That way you can be sure and get your results within 24 hrs. And they send it to you since YOU pay for it.
    6. Don't bother with hair confirm. It's cheap. Seems you can pass the Hair Comfirm at home hair test, but fail the lab test.
    7. Negative results are given in 24 hours an additional test is done on the hair for those that test positive. That takes 3-5 additional days. You will find out if you fail for sure--they will contact you. But you can expect to sit on pins and needles if you pass, unless you call your prospective employer, which then makes you sound like a pothead. So just be positive (and/or pray) unless you hear otherwise, not worth the agony.

    So thanks to everyone on this site. I will miss you folks and may the odds always be in your favor!
    Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth. (Actually,if more people smoked pot there would be more peace on earth..we can only hope.)
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    Passed the hair test twice. Daily smoker - 1/8 - 1/4 kind bud weekly. I never stopped smoking. I have fine light brown hair which is turning grey. The first time I passed, I dyed my hair only. The second time I cut, dyed, bleached, did 2 macujo methods and a re-dye. I'm thinking the grey hair does not hold the metabolite. end prohibition - tax & regulate - peace all :)
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    have hair test tomorrow.. have been clean for 6 months, but am around second hand smoke about 1 a week give or take.. test is with quest diagnostics and the initial test level is only 1pg, so I'm worried that the little smoke i've encountered may be over the cut off limit. anybody have similar story or opinions?
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    Secondhand will not deter your results as long as you wash before you test to take any residue that "may" have gotten in your hair since your encounter with the secondhand. You'll be good! Your 6 mth clean period is totally in your favor.
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    I passed a Psychemedics hair test.

    Male, 25, 150lbs, 8% body fat
    Usage: Smoked 3.5 grams/month until Feb, 2013. Smoked 1.5 grams in Feb-March. Clean since late March. Hair test was May 22. 54 total clean days.
    3 Bleaches and Redyes and I washed the bleach out with toxin wash. Regularly used Ion Swimmer's Shampoo for a month. I also did about 4 Toxin Wash treatments.
    1.25 inches of hair was taken from 5 places around the crown of my head.

    Big thanks to Jerry G and everyone in this thread for posting their results and methodology.

    My thread with more details:
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    Reference to some interesting information: hair test THC&f=false

    I have a hair test coming up in mid July. I would like to make a few points before I do for your reference and my own.

    Outer layer of hair - cuticle : what needs to be opened up
    Cortex : the inside of the hair. You want to clean this up

    First off, let's list some things used as acids or bases:
    1) Hair bleach [hydrogen peroxide] - BASE, 11.5 pH .
    2) Hair dye - BASE, pH of 9 pH
    3) Baking soda - BASE, pH of 9
    4) Vinegar - ACID, pH of 2.5 - 3.5

    Bases open up the cuticle. Acids [vinegar, conditioners] actually close the cuticle, ergo no access to the cortex. The methodology described in the Jerry G method and macujo methods are this. Therefore, I have done the following:
    1) I made a baking soda paste and covered wet hair with it, letting it soak for half an hour.
    2) I then bleached my hair, as in the report hair test THC&f=false shows that hydrogen peroxide can strip the cortex [55 minutes]
    3) I then used a permanent dye to further strip the cortex for 30 minutes.
    4) I use vinegar to close the cuticle and to reduce damage to hair.
    5) I use conditioner to close cuticle, repair hair, and have it smelling good.

    I have 2-3 weeks until test. I will wet hair to slightly open up cuticle, baking soda to open cuticle, and use Paul Mitchell 3 to deep clean hair to strip cortex (30 min-hour) . Any shampoo used for swimmers should work. I will then use vinegar and conditioner to close cuticle.

    Any feedback is appreciated.
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    I have a question for Dr. Bill (or anyone else who cares to help). I have been going through these threads for hours; I want to thank you for your insights into this subject.

    My habits were pretty strong years ago; however, between 2010-2012 I cut back significantly--maybe 1/4 per month 6 months out the year (other six months I was out of the country on business with no exposure). From February until May of this year, I had stopped completely. However, I dabbled lightly from June until July 1st (I'd say 1/2 max). I have just been told I am eligible for a promotion that will be next year with the caveat of needed to pass a drug test by the end of the year. (I know it is far far away, but this is the promotion that will really further my career). I really do not want to adulterate my hair in anyway directly before the test. I really think that I will be fine; I am just freaking out at having been told this and am looking for any advice which anybody can provide to help ease my mind in respect to this...Obviously, I am going to wait until the latest date possible to take the test (will probably be right before Christmas).

    Any response is greatly appreciated.
  10. Somethin

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    If you actually did any research,whatsoever, you'd see that 1.5" are used, standard. Average hair growth rate is 0.5" per month. If you'd like to be 110 percent sure, cut your hair to an inch - half inch now. Do it again 1-2 months before your hair test. Get rid of hair not on your head or eyebrows before the test.
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    I passed!!!!!!!! (very light smoker)

    Okay so I was not going to post because I don't want anyone to get annoyed that I am only a very light smoker. However I don't care I was stressed out myself and if one person can read this and feel better I am happy. I have highlighted so you scan through the wordiness.

    Smoke history: about once a month a few hits each time pretty good stuff give or take a little less. During the 3 month window more then usually because I was on vaca in the tropics.

    Personal history: I am 5 feet 115lbs dark brown hair mid back very thick and a lot of it. I have normal to fast metabolism in that I dont work out and eat fastfood a lot and am still only a tiny bit chubby.

    5/9 smoked 4-5 hits of some very insanely strong stuff home grown from the tropics
    5/10 smoked 2-3 hits of mid grade and took 10mg addy
    5/11 smoked 2-3 hits of mid grade
    5/12 smoked 2-3 hits of mid grade

    6/8 smoked 2-3 hits of KB and took 15mg addy

    7/12 took hair test at LabCorp they cut a lock of hair from the back of my head on the left side in the middle.

    How I prepared:

    I had a week to prepare so I was lucky. I did the Macujo Method (apple cider vinegar, pink clean and clear with astringent, tide liquid, tsal) 1 time a day for 5 days...leaving each step on for 30 minutes. Just goggle Macujo Method for the real steps! I saw a post by Growman about baking soda so I added that into the process and did a baking soda paste mix (water and baking soda into a fine paste) then aloe rid treatment (found on amazon way to much money) you could probably just do tsal again or Ultraswim Moisturizing Chorine Removal Shampoo which is like 3 dollars online. One time I left the aloe rid in for about an hour before washing out with tsal.

    The night before I did the Macujo Method. Also I had bought something from the head shop called Get Clean Shampoo by Spectrum labs which the reviews are so so on but thats all they had. So the directions were a little confusing to me because it says to leave in and not rinse shampoo and then blow dry. The thing is the shampoo in more like conditioner and Im pretty sure if I showed up with greasy conditioner filled hair to the test they would be like "no". I dont know maybe it could work for a male or if it blow dried clean (try that I didn't have time) Anyways after the Macujo Method I did baking soda paste mix (always 30 minutes and rinse) and put the Get Clean Shampoo on and went to bed.

    The morning before I did the Macujo Method rinsed with tsal and aloe rid which is hard to do (very sticky). I did baking soda paste then I dyed my hair the same color it is with some inexpensive dye I found at the drugstore. I thought it had ammonia in it but it turns out it didn't and it was too late. Anyways after that I washed the dye out with tsal then get clean shampoo which I left in for 30 minutes, then I rinsed and left in for 30 again and then rinsed with it again. I blow dried my hair and rubbed a little Get Clean in for good measure.

    Took my test Friday heard back following Thursday for HR that I was cleared to work Monday. They didn't say if I passed or failed but I can only assume since they said I was all clear and it had been about week.

    Some side notes: If you are light smoker like me I think you will be fine if you follow these steps but do more or less whatever you feel comfortable with. You might even pass doing nothing at all but better safe then sorry! I wanted to bleach and redye but my family begged me not since I work so hard to keep my hair healthy. After all that treatment however my hair is basically the same maybe slightly thinner if anything. Also I should mention that I go tanning and its humid here not sure if that makes a difference heard UV and humidity helps to rid hair of toxins. Oh yeah I've been taking raspberry ketones from the drug store (7 bucks) they break down fat cells. I heard toxins are also stored in fat cells so that might help even a heavy smoker.

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for posting it really is helpful and comforting. I know I'm a light smoker but man was I stressed about it. And now I can post one of these guys:bananaride: yay yay!!!
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    I would like to update from my previous post that I did NOT use TSal shampoo, only the children's swimmer's shampoo. On the day of the test, I used hair straightener with lye in it. I let it sit for nearly 20 minutes and then used nail polish remover [ACETONE FREE. DO NOT USE ACETONE. IT IS TOXIC, DANGEROUS] after a hot water rinse of the lye. My hair began to fizz slightly. I added dish soap to my hair to make a foam [thc cannot attach to water. Using a lot of soap is important]. I then added more nail polish remover, and the solution began to FIZZ and my scalp began to burn. I left this in for 5-10 minutes and CAREFULLY [with goggles] rinsed my hair out with cool water + dish soap.

    Overall, I bleach/dyed my hair a total of 3 times [bleach 55min, dye 45 minutes], used baking soda + heat for 1hr combined with the children's swimmers shampoo [which costs $2.50]. I was a heavy smoker that hadn't smoked for 40 days before my test. My hair was an inch, so about half of my tested hair was contaminated.

    I used the nail polish remover and lye [lye can be found in things like TIDE and other clothing detergents and chemical hair straighteners due to the following information I found on the net on the day of my test.

    "The clean hairs were cut into segments 0.5 mm long ... The segments were incubated with a solution of sodium hydroxide to break down the hair matrix and release the drug compounds, which were then extracted with ethyl acetate. This procedure gave extraction yields of at least 91%."

    I believe that [and will volunteer to do so on my own dime] this test can be beaten by simply bleaching the hair, using a lye soap, then using the ethyl acetate [non-acetone nail polish remover], then dying the hair back. The shampoo makes my hair feel a bit better and does strip the cortex... My hair feels like a shag carpet from the 70's, but I feel that ALL of the other products mentioned to beat this test are not needed. Overall, I spent about $20-30 and passed the test.
  13. bozoboy

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    I didn't want to be one of those folks who doesn't follow up so here it goes:


    Just got a call this morning from HR. Passed with flying colors.

    Details about my approach here:

    Even though I didn't really get any responses to my post, I'm thankful for the information posted by Jerry G and everyone on here who has tried various methods. It really was very helpful to read successes and failures in determining which path to take.
  14. Is this still true?quote="DrBill100, post: 2967800, member: 221162"]Light, infrequent use of MJ is seldom detected in hair drug testing. The reason is that cannabis metabolites have the lowest incorporation rate (ICR) into hair of all drugs tested for. A Japanese researcher, Nakahara, (1999) provides an excellent graph demonstrating the ICR of various drugs (link below). This is not an isolated finding but a well established fact in the research literature.

    “In contrast to other illicit drugs, hair analysis lacks the sensitivity to act as a detector for cannabinoids” according to the German team Musshoff & Madea (2006). Another 2008 study that appeared in the Journal of Forensic Sciences also concluded "Drug testing technology that detects the residual presence of cannabinoids and/or their metabolites in the hair typically fails to identify occasional marijuana users."

    There is general agreement among researchers that this is because the "more neutral and lipophilic THC is not strongly bound to melanin, resulting in much lower concentrations of THC in hair as compared to other drugs of abuse." (See Huestis, 2007 below) The reason is still subject to debate as we really don't know how these metabolites make it into hair to begin with. It's certainly not limited to circulation.

    The implications of the research deserves emphasis. Detection time isn't the prime factor in infrequent marijuana use nor is it that testing instruments lack sensitivity or specificity. It is not a matter of using a lower cutoff. It's the fact that THC and THC-COOH have not infused into the hair in the first place. In order for cannabis metabolites to incorporate into hair, leastwise to rise above the level of detection (LOD) requires continued exposure across a period of time. Repeated use.

    Hair is a very poor medium for detecting past marijuana use! As Ledgerwood noted in his 2008 study that hair testing "....was not better than self-report on marijuana, opiates, and methamphetamine.” Far from the "gold standard" of drug testing as represented by the commercial industry.

    So what is infrequent use as defined by these studies? Robert DuPont, MD [now president of American Society of Addiction Medicine] believes ".. hair testing is unlikely to be positive for marijuana until the tested student has used marijuana at a rate of about twice a week in the prior 90 days.." (see DuPont below). That is close to the findings of Galanter & Kleber noting “Positive results from hair testing are generally expected only when a person has used a drug at least four to six times per month” [In this case the comment applies to drugs in general and not just THC].

    Likewise, those in the technical end of testing also acknowledge the limited value to HDT (never in advertisements of course). "It takes multiple uses to test positive in hair under normal drug use. A one -time use will not be above the cutoff level." according to Jim Turnage, Forensic DNA & Drug Testing Services, Inc., and W. J. Closson, PhD, Forensic Toxicology Services indicating that HDT is effective only for detection of the "chronic drug user.”

    Yuji Nakahara (1999) Hair analysis for abused and therapeutic drugs. Journal of Chromatography B, 733 (1999) 161–180, p. 174

    Marilyn A. Huestis (2007) Human Cannabinoid Pharmacokinetics. Chem Biodivers. 2007 August; 4(8): 1770–1804. Sec 3.5

    DuPont 2008, Random Student Drug Tests Are They Effective for Identifying Occasional Drug Users? p. 8

    Galanter & Kleber, 2011 Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Substance Abuse, American Psychiatric Publishing, Wash, DC, p. 58

    Ledgerwood et al (2008) Comparison between self-report and hair analysis of illicit drug use in a community sample of middle-age men. Addict Behav. 2008 September; 33(9): 1131–1139

    Jim Turnage, Forensic DNA & Drug Testing Services, Inc., in presentation to Texas Bar Association, Aug 9-12, 2010, p. 15

    Closson, PhD, Forensic Toxicology Services web site <Aug 18, 2012>[/quote]
  15. For those of you worried abput infrequent use.

    A little back ground Im am an extremely infrequent smoker. Although in highschool I was a an everyday multiple times a day smoker. I smoked on two seperate occasions once in march the other on june 20. Took a Psychemedics hair and urine test for a railroad job on july 23. No prep. No shampoos dyes or anything else. My hair is kept really short so the sample came from my leg. Three days later got the call I passed beginning new carreer aug 12.
  16. Thegerius

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    I am in the fortunate position of choosing when to have my hair test.
    My history:
    Everyday smoker, not huge amounts, but I would usually split 2-3 blunts a day with my smoke buddy. Each blunt contained between .3 and .4 grams of usually decent stuff.. I quit for about 3 weeks back in June, then started again when I was told that the job I had been waiting for would have to wait until next year, as the union wasn't taking the usual amount of apprentices this year.. So I started again just about every day, maybe a day or so here and there I didn't smoke. I get a call July 10th saying that the guys ahead of me declined and the job was mine if I wanted. I cut my hair July 14th to 1/16th of an inch, but I continued to smoke until July 20th. Since then, I have bleached and re-dyed 3 times and I have been using baking soda paste and dawn to wash in between. Seeing as how I pretty much choose when to take the test(because they only want scalp hair) and I only need to give them an inch, I figured that I can really kick things into high gear 2 weeks before I plan on goin in, as I have already burned my scalp with the excessive bleaching, and my once beautiful wavy hair is now extremely dry and brittle. I am 6'4" 190lbs and very fast metabolism.. I wanted to know if there was anything that I may be missing, because this union gig will change my life. Any advice? I believe in the science behind Jerry G's Method, and I will live or die by it.
  17. Thegerius

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    BTW as we speak I have blonde hair( normally very dark brown) I wanted to wait before I did anything else to it.. I searched and searched but couldn't find anything on how long cuticles stayed open after being introduced to very alkaline substances.. I also have been using Irish Spring Deep Sea Action Scrub with the dawn and baking soda, as It contains sodium Hydroxide(lye) and menthol which has really helped the burns on my scalp with that cooling effect.. I also figured that it couldn't hurt being that menthol is an alcohol and theoretically should dissolve the metabolites and wash out with the rest of the soap. Just my theory.
  18. hdkghfdjk

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    Passed hair drug test with NO PREPARATION.

    Smoked twice in the 90-day period, once on June 8 and again on July 7. Each time I took not more than 5 hits, less than half a joint total on each occasion. Took a hair test August 15. Didn't think it was worth it to do any of these caustic hair treatments. I have medium brown hair, down to my mid-back, no dyes or color. I'm skinny. The lab was Psychemedics.
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    Hi everyone, need of some quick guidance, please.

    I took a hair follicle test on May 8, 2014. I took HALF of a weed brownie, about 1 inch, on April 11, 2014. I have not smoked or done anything before then, EXCEPT a few days after January 1 (although I did not feel anything at all... a few puffs, I would say. 3-4). I workout 3-4 times a week and sweat a lot and have a fairly healthy diet (barely eat bread, rice, pasta, carbs, etc). I have never done anything else... Any chance I will pass the test for pre employment?? Or any thoughts, opinions, etc??? Please help me.
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    Did you pass the test?

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