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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by melanotaenia, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. justme333

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    Failed my hair test, done by Labcorp (ELISA, the evil)

    Smoked ONE hit on 10/14, hair tested on 11/12- no precautions taken: failed with .22pg/mg reading.

    Weight 110, H 5'3, above average metabolism, thin blonde hair.

    Damn. Really wish I would have tried one of the methods preached on here...this is a custody case, and what sucks even worse is my ex, his family & friends are all heavy users. But my ex quit last year after 15 years so my one fk up is gonna cost me big time. Hating life right now. :/

    I was worried obviously but figured with just one hit I'd be ok after all I read...and just barely failed! FML.

    Don't think ur ever out if the clear unless u test without the evil ELISA. That's my conclusion on it! And take precautions!!!
  2. Mr. S

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    I took a "HairConfirm" Drug test and it came back positive with a 2.91 pg/mg Quantity would I pass a Psychemedics Hair drug test or no? Please help and let me know!!!!!!
  3. FreakingOutStoner

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    I have a hair test with Psychemedics on 12/14 in 5 days and I have been clean for 125 days, last smoked 3 hits off a one hitter in August. Smoked usually once a month before that. Am I in the clear? should I cut my hair down to 1.5 inches to be safe? Or does Psychemedics actually only test 1.5 inches from the scalp? Let me know!!

    HINOMORE Member

    I have a hair follicle test coming up for a court case and while I have smoked heavily until a year ago I'm scared to death. They say the test only goes back 90 days and in the last 90 days I smoked 1 batty hit every 3-7 days back in October which is 75 days ago on the 90 day time line. I've bought the stuff to do the MAC treatment and also have several bottles of OMNI hair detox waiting to be picked up when the order comes in. ANY advice is greatly appreciated, and any encouragement on my odds of passing are too. Other than October the last time I smoked was back in July and that was daily for about 2 weeks. Then back in February every few days. My hair is shoulder length, medium blonde. I'm wondering if I should cut it short and do the bleach / dye on top of everything else. It's an important case, after this experience I promised God I'd NEVER smoke again until it's legal. Sucks that my occasional use for stress could be the difference in something so important to my family. PRAYERS ARE APPRECIATED TOO!!!
  5. Dora68

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    Hello did you take your test yet and what happened?

  6. Dora68

    Dora68 New Member

    Honestly I think you should be fine. Cutting hair done some should
  7. Dora68

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    HINOMORE Member

    I have't taken it yet. My husband and I have been doing the MAC treatments and we're going to use All Clear as well right before the test. We're going next week on Monday to take the test. I'm super nervous, I'll keep everyone posted. Hopefully all the precautions and having not smoked since October will help.
  9. Dora68

    Dora68 New Member

    From all that I read a Chemical that can reach your cuticle and cortex like a relaxer for African Americans with a high pH balance above 10 will open the cuticle to reach the cortex. I relaxed my hair. Relaxers kills the cortex which the main reason why they shouldn't be used all in an effort to straighten hair that comes out the scalp curly like mine does. Plus the Ultra clean shampoo. I'm surprised I have hair left. Relaxers are hard on your scalp and hair. Keep me posted and I wil do the same. Pray!!!
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    HINOMORE Member

    I'll be praying!! We using the MAC method right now, so far we've done 2 rounds. We'll do one more and then do the All Clean twice before the test. I'm hoping our saving grace is that we barely smoked in the month of October and that was the last time we smoked at all. We're very casual users. But there's just so much on the line! I've spent hours researching it, the guy at the smoke shop said this stuff is great. I did see something about for African Americans Hair Razor is HIGHLY recommended b/c the hair is thicker. It said that the hair follicle test is harder to pass you're African American. Also something I found out is that your body can pick up trace amounts of any toxin so once you're relaxed your hair, cleansed it, colored it, bleached it, whatever you choose DO NOT use the same brushes, wash your pillows and pillow cases, wash your clothes that may be contaminated, stay away from anyone who smokes, and cover your head rest in your car. They said that recontamination is as simple as shaking someone's hand who's been smoking b/c it's excreted through their sweat glands and anywhere or anything your hair or body came into contact with weed is contaminated. Hope that helps!!! Our test is next week there's a lot riding on our passing.
  11. TrynaMakeIt

    TrynaMakeIt New Member

    I smoked about a $20 about a month ago. Nothing since then. Found out today that in about a month or so ill have to take the test. I a afro american male 6 6 220 moderately active. I have super short hair. And rarely keep body hair on me anyway, but Im curious of the likelihood of passing the test in about a month if I dont smoke anything before the test?
  12. Dora68

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  13. Dora68

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    Your hair test paper work will tell you how far back they plan to go. if it was a month ago the test will go back at least 90 days. Cut all your hair off your arms, legs, chest and private area before your test because they are going to look at your head and see you don't have much hair, these r places they will have to pull hair Frm. These areas hold a lot of drug history! How long is your hair? They need at least 1 to 1 1/2 inches of hair to test. They can shave on you head to get what they need so that means you need to do something with your hair. So, our hair is course and hard to get to the 3 layers of hair. The cuticle, cortex and medulla. This is where the drugs run through along the shaft of your hair in your hair.
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  14. Dora68

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    The object is to use a chemical strong enough to break the disulfide bonds. Once you do this you have reached the cuticle which is the first layer of your hair and into the cortex where the THC attaches to the hair shaft. A relaxer such as Olive Oil will work, regular strength. Read up on relaxers because they reach the cortex to straighten the curly, wavy hair pattern. Relaxers have a high ph balance designed to cut through the cuticle a reach the cortex. Perms and relaxers are different. Caucasion use perms and the chemical make up is not strong and donesnt need to be because their hair is not course so don't get perms and relaxers confused. Perms ph balance is not as high as a relaxer which prevents a perm from penetrating the cortex like a relaxer will. Relaxers get in the cortex and kill the THC. Now Psychmedic has a patented process like no other and it's suppose to liquefy your hair. If the cortex has been chemically and permanently altered which is what a relaxer will do...there shouldn't be any THC left. I've know several black women this has worked for as recently as 5 months ago. One of these ladies has done it several times and passed. She passed every test!!! She smoked the night before, relaxed her hair that night, left the relaxer on until it burned like I did and took the test the next morning and PASSED!!! She went to Quest Diagnostic though....P. S. I'm waiting on my results Frm Psychmedic now. Also Psycmedics website states that they cant do anything with hair that has cortex damage. That is what relaxers do! Chemically treated the cortex to straighten the hair. They can tell it's been chemically treated but how you going to tell a black women not to perm their hair??? Now that's fighting words for me! The relaxer does just that!!! Alter the cortex and leaving it on long enough will do what you need It to which is remove the THC. I hope this helps. Also, pray, pray and pray!!! I will post my test results as soon as they come back.
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  15. retrorin

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    What???? That's insane. You didn't smoke at all before that?
  16. retrorin

    retrorin New Member

    I haven't gotten an official word yet, but my test was taken a 10 days ago and the lab that does the test said on the FAQ results are given in 1-3 days, so I should have heard something by Friday if I passed.

    I haven't gotten any calls from an MRO or from the social worker who ordered the test and in my situation I am 99% sure if anything was found they would have been up my ass that Friday or even the following Monday. It I Thursday now and I've spoken to the social worker at least 4 times since the first day the results could have been in.

    I had NO PREP time as I was told I was going in for a u/a which was a lie.
    I was an infrequent smoker.
    One month clean, 2 weeks before that I smoked a gram, few hits here and there over a 3 day period.
    2 weeks before that a marble sizes nugget over 1-2 days.
    2 weeks before that a marble sized nugget over 1-2 days.
    Total, about 2 grams over the past 3 months, but nothing at all for the last month before my special hair cut.

    Quality bud was smoked.
    I am female with an average metabolism.
    I am also a chain smoker and had a cigarette going with each bowl I lit (studies have shown mj mixed with tabacco lessens the chance of THC-OOHC showing up in hair).
    Ialso have been dying my hair roots to bottom for the past.. Well many many years.
    I believe the light use, infrequency, chain smoking and frequent store bought hair dying all helped out in my case.
    If I hear otherwise I will update my presumed results, which I hope never happens.
    In my case/reason for being tested though, it would seem I am safe since if I had tested positive extreme actions would have been taken and I doubt those enforcing such actions would take their time about it.
  17. TrynaMakeIt

    TrynaMakeIt New Member

    My hair is really short almost a buzz cut. I dont keep hair anywhere on my body anyway, just a preference. Just feels like it traps must and heat so i keep pits shaved etc. imthinking about just keeping my hair low and letting my pits just grow out and have them take from there.
  18. rnagic

    rnagic New Member

    Going to test myself.

    Smoked Nov 17th. It was the first time I had smoked in at least 3 years.

    I will not prep.

    The real test won't be for another 60 days or so, but I guess I'm testing myself for piece of mind.

    HINOMORE Member

    doing another MAC treatment right now. Can't sleep, too damn stressed about this test. My ex smoked for 35 YEARS and suddenly goes holier than thou (no offense, hey I'm a Christian too!! I'm the one who told HIM about God for 18 years!!) Anyways, he went to an attorney back in August (got an inside source) who told him to go take a hair follicle test, the dirt bag said he wouldn't pass and the attorney said he wouldn't represent him then on his case against me. Flash forward EXACTLY 80 days and I'm getting served with custody papers. Mediation of 4 hours just to get this idiot to agree to do something that everyone else was agreeing was best for the kids. And I agreed to a hair follicle test. Smoked a couple of times back in October from all the stress. Test is coming up in 2 weeks so I got time to prepare. Bought some All Clear shampoo but noticed online it says it's good for just a five hour window?? WTH?? The guy I bought it from said it "lasts forever just wash your hair and it's clean forever". Anyways, now I'm freaking out again. WAY too much on the line. Regretting deeply that I let all the stress of the situation get to me and decided some green stuff would help me relax. Which it did, but now that need to unwind and destress could mean my kids go back into a VERY bad situation. Please keep them in your prayers!!! Truly they are the only ones who matter in all this. My son and daughter mean the world to me, and I'd do anything to keep them safe. But all I can think is is this enough? What else can I do? Anyone know anything about All Clear? I read not to use anything that masks the hair, it has to be a detox then I see that this stuff "provides a protective barrier" when I use the gel. I don't even think I need to worry about all this, but who knows right?

    Any encouragement is SINCERELY appreciated!!!

    Weight 195
    5 feet 5 inches tall
    (this feels like an add on a dating site LOL)
    oh and I'm Caucasian
    Hair Light Brown/Dark Blonde - THICK!!
    Smoked off and on for 10 years stopped in 2013 and smoked very rarely, less than once a month since then last time was 4-6 times during the month of October (It was a really bad month!!!)
    No strict exercise - who has time for that with 5 kids?????

    HINOMORE Member

    The good news hopefully, is that supposedly the court is looking for "chronic habitual use" that's what my attorney told me when I let him know I had smoked back in October. He said that ultimately it's up to the court appointed attorney for the kids but that if I didn't register as a frequent user there shouldn't be any problem with that and not to smoke anymore in the near future or at least until my case was closed. If your ex does end up with the kids, be sure to hit him with random drug tests, if he smoked that long it's possible he only got clean long enough to have you show up as a user (it only takes 90 days) That's what mine did. Good luck in your case. I'd appreciate it if you'd update on what happened. I have the exact same thing going on. Doing MAC treatments and have All Clear for the day of the test but with so much on the line, I'm freaking out just a little. My ex was an abusive tard who hit the kids!!! So losing them to him over something like THIS would be bad BAD BAD all the way around. You might also request a u/a b/c that shows that you haven't smoked in 30 days. And worst case scenario, agree to random drug testing to show that it was a fluke and you don't use anymore.

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