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    I've been researching the shit out of this stuff and YOU my friend definitely want to take some kind of precaution. I'm using the MAC method, if you google it you'll find the ingredients. Also, for African Americans they say you want to use some kind of perm or relaxer on your hair b/c although everyone knows there's a disparity in the hair follicle testing and African Americans test positive more than white folks do no one is doing anything about it. Your hair is thicker and it's harder to treat the core where the THC is stored. Don't risk it!! Omni Clean is popular, I tried to get some but the idiot at GNC sold it to someone else before I could pick it up so I got All Clear instead. Do your homework, don't panic, pick a method and pray!!! - That's what I'm doing. I'll let y'all know how it goes once I take my test.

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    any word on your test yet? Been thinking of you and praying!! I'm doing another MAC treatment, it's 4 am right now!! But I'm so stressed about the test that I can't sleep. Got my All Clear shampoo ready to go and test is coming up soon but I just can't get out of my head what will happen to the kids if they have to go back to living with my ex!! Please keep praying for THEM may God, the judge, and the courts have their best interests at heart. So much riding on this. I KNOW I'm hi no more after this experience!! The last time I smoked was October and that was just a few times but it's within the 90 day mark still. And I hadn't smoked for MONTHS before that so I'm really kicking myself for giving in in October!!

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    decided to go ahead and do the bleach redye that Jerry G mentioned too. Bout the 40 Vol toner at Sally's with a bleach powder. She said to leave it on for as long as I can stand it. Planning to do that tomorrow so tonight it's my 3rd MAC treatment. Got a redye color that's the same as my natural b/c I read on here that if you have platinum hair they will laugh at you b/c they know you're trying to cheat the test. Bought our new pillows, changed the sheets and blankets out completely and got new brushes. I read someone say that got extremely frustrated during the process and it's SOOO true. But if this all works, then in the end it was more than worth all this effort and research. I'll keep updating with what I'm doing and post my results when they come back. Good luck to everyone else going through this crap. Too bad it didn't happen in January!! I woulda been JUST fine by Feb 1 LOL. Keep my children in your prayers, they are the only ones who matter in all this!!
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    Tomorrow is the big day. Everyone pray!!! We've done everything I could think of and then did it again. I'll post my method and results once I know something. Thanks for all the answers and info!!!

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    this is so close to home PLEASE let us know if you've heard anything. I'm hoping and praying for you. They say that CPS is looking for habitual use. Courts too. So if you did test positive I'd like to know if there was any action and what it was. I'm praying that b/c it apparently wasn't habitual they won't do anything. Let us know!!

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    what did your home test say?

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    what ended up happening? Can you fill us in? I'm thinking that b/c it was so low maybe nothing? Court supposedly looks for habitual use
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    Bottom line new baby and husband lost his job. Finances were terrible. Never done drugs but 3 months after husband got stuck on meth, marijuana and some coke. His ex took him to court and mad her child support dropped and order a hair/nail test! He was 17 days clean

    He did the Malibu 2000 treatment sold at Walmart salon for $10 and they put it in your hair. He did 3 of those. If your on short notice do one every day or do 3 in one day and go to different walmarts.

    He then got volume 40 bleach at salons beauty supply. It's a bottle and a packet. $4.33. It has to be from Sally's. Regular walmart bleaches won't cut it. Don't be scared it turns red yellow or white. It's ok! Use a revlon hair dye and match your color. I suggest putting on dye you put a&d ointment or Vaseline around your hair line so it doesn't burn. Repeat this twice and one of those times being before you go in.

    He also did the mac method twice. He dipped his fingernails over night in the volume 40 bleach in a bowl and got manicure next day. nail test if you think they will order it cut as short as possible say your a biter and judge or whoever will give you 2 Wks.
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    Well, I just had a follow up meeting with the case worker today and there was no mention of the hair test whatsoever and I sure as hell wasn't going to bring it up lol. All she said was she was going to recommend my case be closed when it comes up for a review. I just have to do a parenting class that I commited to prior to being told I needed to (Me trying to be proactive and all lol)

    I'd say I smoked about 2g worth of some good strong sticky over the past 3 months ( nothing at all in the last month) and every time I did smoke it was a few hits here and there out of my bowl over the course of 1.5-3 days straight, all while chain smoking cigarettes.

    If I passed, you have a good chance too. I thought my hair dye would make a difference, but turns out I used an ammonia free brand so I'm not sure that made any difference in my case.

    WIshing you the best of luck!!!! CPS is no joke- nothing is when it's a matter of you could lose your kids. I honestly think the only reason they messed with me or took it as far as they did was because I was pretty much like FU you don't HAVE to come in my home I know my rights. I guess in hindsight I should just put on a smile and play nice with the govt. thugs .. act like a politician and they'll leave you alone if you didn't really do anything. <shrugs> Scary part was they did try to take my kids the first night they came knocking- lied and said I failed an oral drug test when I actually passed it and threatened me for 5 hrs - until I told them I was recording everything- then, wouldn't you know, it was MAGICALLY OK for my kids to stay in my home, but I just needed to do some drug tests smh.. assholes!
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    we took our test last monday morning and are still waiting on the results!!! I talked to my attorney yesterday and he said they haven't heard anything. I also talked to CPS and she was standoffish compared to other times when I spoke to her and she demanded to get a copy of the test results. I think she must have talked to my ex. He smoked daily for 35 years and then decided to quit last summer when he had an attorney tell him to go take a hair follicle test for legal representation. To which my ex replied "I can't pass" then as SOON AS he had 85 days clean time (from that meeting) he served me with paperwork!! I'm so tired of stressing over it when I'm the one doing everything I can to protect these kids from his insanity!!! I feel like my husband and I are being treated like fn criminals by the damn court system, CPS, and even the therapists :( The system has failed my children EVERY single step of the way throughout this process. Shit I haven't even had a conversation with the Amicus attorney the court assigned to the kids almost 2 months ago! How can the Amicus represent my kids if they haven't had a conversation with him yet???

    Please keep praying. Also, did you do anything besides dye your hair? We did the MAC treatment and used All Clear 3 days before the test

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    so the results just came in and I passed still waiting on my husband once I know whether he passed or not (if I passed he should pass too) I'll post the results and method and frequency. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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    so the results just came in and I passed still waiting on my husband once I know whether he passed or not (if I passed he should pass too) I'll post the results and method and frequency. PRAISE THE LORD!!!
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    Hey guys, i have been freaking out for awhile now. I'm going to become a truck driver soon, they do the hair follicle test when they hire you, then just random piss tests (I'm not concerned about that) I haven't regularly smoked since June, I smoked once in July, and twice in August, my test is likely going to be in October. From what I have read the hair test likely won't pick up a couple uses, but my hair doesn't grow that fast, its currently sitting at maybe a little longer than an inch, I buzzed it in April a couple days before going to Hippie Hill for 4/20 for the first time. Do you guys think I will be alright when i have to take my test? There is so little reliable information on this subject, and I really need this job. My entire future plans of buying land and moving off the grid are dependent on truck driving, as it is a job that will put me in a position to make a lot of money and realistically save most of it.
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    For the occasional smoker!
    I'm not sure this thread is very relevant here lately but I read through nearly half of it just two days ago.
    Got a job offer contingent on a negative drug test. No worries. I've smoked for the last two years or so but never more than one hit at a time. And never more than two or three times a month. (Luckily I'm a light weight now. Abstained for several years) They send me to the hospital for the test. "Oh my. You're bald," says the nurse. Fear grips me. No backing out now. They pull samples from both of my legs. Anyways, got the call today. I'm good to go. No method other than extremely light use. Hope this helps. Thank you all for your contributions. Eased my mind... slightly. So I figured I'd throw in my testimonial so as to pay it forward.
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    Got hit with a random hair test today. Took hair from armpit. I am workout 5-6 times a week. Haven't smoked for maybe a year expect for Labor Day weekend. I smoked 4-5 small bowls with someone.
    Am I going to be jobless?
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    CPS is wanting me to take a hair follicle and every attorney I talk to says that I need to comply or they will take my kids so does anybody have a working ingredient or method to pass a hair follicle no doubt that it works I can't take the risk
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    hello guys i am new to this forum and i am looking for advice. i want to thank you in advance. so here is my situation. i had a job interview come up. they wanted me to take a drug test and of course i said yes.

    my smoking history : i had been smoke free for 10 months. then august 19th i rolled a gram of brick weed with a friend and smoked it. now i know brick weed is low thc. and i didnt smoke the whole gram because i was sharing with a buddy. so maybe half a gram at the most. little more or little less. i have not smoked since that day. i took a at home urine test last weekend and came up clean so i thought, ok im good. well when i go to take the test it ends up being a hair follicle test. obviously i had no prep time or anything it was done on the spot. i have read that 1 time users are likely to pass but the 1 time is a big window and idk if that means one hit or one blunt. i took the test tuesday and i have yet to hear from my employer. my question is what are the chances im going to fail? i work outside doing manual labor so i sweat alot. im 6 foot weighing 140 pounds. my metabolism would be avg to high. i have brown thickish hair. i have read that no news is good news but im a nervous wreck because there is alot of money on the line. omega labs is doing the testing... thanks alot for your help
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    Need help please HAIR TEST...Will post results promise.

    Would be nice if members post their results to help out other members. So I will make sure I post my results.

    Little about me...

    40yrs hair..Middle Eastern
    thinning hair ontop 1-1.5 inch in bangs and about .5- 1" ontop but sides and back still growing. Towards the back above my ears by the crown of my head is where hair grows the fastest. I would ask the lab to take it from there but I don't know if they choose where to cut. My hair is faded on sides and back and just trimmed ontop when I get it cut. I get a hair cut every 3 weeks. She uses a 2 on bottom and a 3 more towards the top to fade it. I have patches ontop of my head that's thinning and other that grows faster...process of going bald I guess. Sides and back are about half inch when cut.

    I don't know what's considered a heavy smoker but I would go through an eighth every 3 weeks taking a few small hits from a 1 hitter a few times a day. I've been smoking for 6 years or so nonstop. I'm 5'10 160 pounds fast metabolism.

    July 20 was last day I smoked (today is Oct 14) and I got a hair cut Aug 1st. And lets just say I got it cut 3 more times after my Aug 1 cut (I get it cut every 3 weeks)...I also color it after every cut with Just For Men. Hair test will be November 1st for employment.

    I would prefer not to do any methods if I don't have to. I have really dry itchy scalp to the point where I put vasaline on it daily to sooth the dryness and itching. I use head and shoulders shampoo. I'm afraid the methods will permantly damage my scalp.

    I plan on paying for a health test myself at a lab to see if it comes back as pass or fail prior to taking the employment hair test. My questions are...

    1) most recent hair cut was on Oct 6th. Should I let it grow and take the paid self test..and if I pass let it stay long until I take the employment test so that way they get the full 1.5"? Or should I trim it first and then take the self paid test?

    2) Does the hair color work towards my advantage?

    3) There is a place here that lets me choose if I want to go to labcorp or quest diagnostics since I'm paying..Between the two I would prefer to go to the place that's harder to pass. Would that be labcorp or quest?

    4) Do I have a good chance passing or am I looking at a 50/50 and need to do one of the 2 methods that's been mentioned here?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Hello, I made this account to ask a question regarding hair follicle test. I just learned that I will have to take a hair test instead of urine for a new job. However in the past 3 months I have done cocaine 4 times. It was never lines just bumps from a key or coin. Did it once in beginning of august, and 2 times in mid september and The last one being just 2 weeks ago. I will have to do the drug test on October 8th.

    I read that these tests dont catch infrequent users. Just not sure if I am considered an infrequent user o not. I did it 4 times in past 3 months and each time was about 2-3 bumps. I went in just today and did a hair test of my own before the real one. I also had a conversation with the lady that took a sample of my hair and i told her that I have done cocaine 4 times in the past 3 months but it was a few bumps each time and she said she think I will be fine. She said hair tests just usually catches the heavy users. Could that be true? Am i safe? Seems like to me too good to be true. Did it 4 times and the hair test wont catch it? I also asked about the 90-day window and she said the minimal amount of cocaine i have done will not last 90 days.

    Anyone have any experience with cocaine and hair tests? Should I be worried? or could the lady be telling me the truth and I should have nothing to worry about?

    I bought a zydot hair detox too just incase.

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