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  1. Cheechay

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    I just wanted to post my results since so few people do lol...

    A little tip buy the nexxus aloe rid from test clear, really good stuff.
    I'm a pretty heavy user. I vape multiple times a day everyday.
    I quit a month before my hair test because I thought it would be a urine test. When I found out I was doing a hair test I bought the aloe rid and used the macujo method about 6 times until it arrived. I then began to wash my hair with it at least 4 times a day up until the test, maybe a week at most. As it got closer to my test I felt unsure about passing so I didn't the jerry g method with 2 bleaches and redyes.
    I also used zydot the day of the test.
    Got confirmation that I passed.
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  2. Bradluhh

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    First off I want to give a few facts about my usage and my weight/height.

    Usage: Hardly used at all from January-August (maybe 1 or 2 hits here and there, but that's it). August 26th-September 9th(ish) I smoked a lot. I was celebrating welcome week and getting back to school. I would say .5 grams a day with 2 days off every 7 days.

    Weight: 160lbs Height: 5'10" Hair color: Black Skin color: White My hair grows fairly fast. I worked out a lot and ate fairly healthy.

    I decided to quit smoking around September 9th because I knew possible drug tests for internships would come up so I wanted to be clean. Also my gf was starting to get mad at me for smoking too much.

    Anyways, one of the internships I applied for offered me a position on October 28th. A few days later I got a letter in the mail informing me I needed to complete a hair drug screen. My heart instantly dropped and I started looking up different methods to make sure my hair was clean. I had gotten my hair cut a week prior to that offer and it was about 1.3" long at the top.

    Today is November 10th and I went in and got my hair tested. They cut the hair 3 times towards the back of my head around my cowlick. When I got home I measured the hair around where they cut and it was only 0.8" long. I did the math and used 0.5" every 30 days and got 48 days for 0.8". 48 days before today (11/10) was September 23rd.

    I was so paranoid a few days after Halloween that I tried washing my hair with Salicylic Acid + Laundry detergent for 15 minutes until I realized it was basically a waste of time. I didn't do any treatment leading up to it because I've heard lots of mixed reviews.

    Anyways, I just took the test and I will update this thread when I get the results back. Until then I'm going to be freaking out.

    Toke on my fellow stonies!
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  3. Jessica1333

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  4. Jessica1333

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    Your link is closed. I was wondering how much u you used and what you put in hair to pass. Thanks
  5. Fluffy Napalm

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    Clean since about February or March 2016, only ever been around people since then who smoke. Got a hair test coming up for a great job and needing to MAKE SURE I pass the test clean and clear. Wanting to know if there would be any reason for the testers to test the entire lengths of the hair? I've done extensive research. 0.5 inches grows every month, they only test 1.5 inches to determine results, so if I'm 9 months clean (or 8 or even 7) then I should be good right? Should I take extra precautions like cutting my hair? (It's much longer than 2 inches, male btw) do I need to bleach and dye? Heeeeeeelp.
  6. Rob B

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  7. Rob B

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    I took a hair test with 21 days clean. I was a moderate smoker for most of the last 4 years. I'm African American a little overweight. I used the Mac method and mixed in a little rid hair lice shampoo. I did this 3 times a day for about 4 days leading up to the test...long story short, I passed and have been working at a dope job for a couple weeks.
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  8. Scared1

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    Whew, I have been stressing for a month wondering whether or not a pre-employment physical was going to be UA or hair. I have been madly soaking my head in tide, clean and clear, rv pink antifreeze, EDTA body wash and vinegar. My head itches, my Grey hair looks horrible, and I have lost 10 lbs in the last 3 weeks (Good thing). Got the offer letter two days idea what type of test. Signed the offer, get the on boarding papers....UA. Doing the happy dance.

    As a side note. Light user, 3 or 4 weekends of medium use during 90 day window. Sent original test in at 45 days and slightly failed. At 80 days, clear as a well tuned bell.

    My take on all of this is, light to medium use may or may not show up in hair and macujo is good. High end users need to do more extreme things, and that is still a crap shoot.

    Thanks to all the posters on here, you are all doing a service to those of us who freak out.
  9. sharkusaurelius

    sharkusaurelius New Member

    -190 lbs (moderate body fat)
    -slow metabolism
    -white dude
    -very thick, fine jet black hair - short on sides, about 1.5" on top

    Daily smoker for years. Generally a few to a half dozen one-hitters a day of moderate to decent bud by East Coast standards. Very rarely got High Times cover grade buds and very rarely got my hands on shatter or oils, especially in the last year. Pretty standard nuggets with a decent amount of crystals, never dirty brick bullshit. During the last year or so of smoking an ounce would stretch 7-10 weeks on average.

    Last smoke: Early October '16 (best estimate Oct. 5th)
    Smoke free time before test: Roughly 85 days
    Test day: Dec 29th 2016

    Methods utilitzed:
    Dec 28th:
    -Dark and Lovely regular strength hair relaxer (left in for recommended 15 mins)
    -A few washes with T/sal
    -Applied hair molding cream and slept with it in (contains propylene glycol)

    Dec 29th:

    -Baking soda paste for ~20 minutes
    -Multiple washes with T/sal
    -Hair molding cream applied

    Should have some results for you all this week I assume. Anyone want to place bets?

    Edit to add:
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  10. Twista89

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    Guess I'll post here to.

    African American
    Black hair
    5'6 140 pounds
    Fast metabolism(plus worked out every day)
    Took 1 in sample

    My usage was light to my understanding. Usually one to three hits a day from a one hitter for about 5 months straight. Usually smoked up a gram a week of some mid grade.

    Last smoke: august 29, 2016

    Clean before test: 119 days

    The methods I used was took a 5 day detox kit which I started to piss a faint negative line 4 days into using the kit after my last day smoking.

    Took 2 legit piss test one a week later after the 5 day detox kit was finished but was pretty diluted but they never asked me to retake it. Passed it. Then took another test that was slightly diluted a month later which I also passed. These were for actual jobs by the way.

    A week later cut all my hair off everywhere so at this point I was 60 days clean. Took another piss test for a job 2 weeks after that which wasn't diluted at all and passed.

    January 1st, 2017 I took another urine and hair sample which was approximatly one inch long. They took the sample no problem and 8 days later no calls so I believed I have passed my hair test.

    No shampoos or anything just legit clean time and 5 day detox kit.
  11. Scottfukedup

    Scottfukedup New Member

    I wonder if just 1 use will show up...
  12. jahama

    jahama New Member

    Passed a random with 3 weeks clean and 6 months of consistent use prior. Been a week since test day so assuming all is good. This is long post, but tried to include as much detail as possible to help anyone going through this stupid test.

    Was called in for a random at work. Freaked out for a day, but then got to work researching online. I went through this 7 years ago and told myself that I wouldn’t get in this spot again, but with all the recent legalizationwas hopeful things may change…wishful thinking. Anyway got access tosome great product and was using for about 6 months. Avg about 5-6grams a month, so not what I would consider heavy, but consistent use. The last couple months was going pretty much every day, 2-3 one hitters at night and maybe 4-5 throughout the day on weekends. Assumed there would be new ways to pass out there but found a lot of the same info…maccujo, jerry g, various shampoos, etc.

    I’m a white, male with dark brown hair (some gray). Bleach and re-dye wasn’t really an option. From my prior test I had a bottle of toxin wash, couple sets of zydot, Paul Mitchell 3 shampoo, and a small amount of the old Aloe Rid clarifying treatment (not the shampoo that a few sites try to sell for crazy $ opinion it’s the treatment that works not the shampoo). I have an old post on here what I did last time, but usage was higher and with less clean time this go-round.

    Purchased a lye relaxer, was a little worried about frying all my hair offsince it warns about repeated use in a short time. After I started cleaning my hair with what I had on-hand found info about the Hair Razor system. Emailed them the info they request, consultant came back with their recommendation based on my usage. Once I found the hair razor info I began to feel much more comfortable about beating this test again. I’m sure what I did initially helped to some degree, but the Hair Razor process I think did the trick. I am not pushing one method over another just want to share my story to try and help others.

    Here’s what I did;

    Key for abbreviations....Toxin Wash (TW), Aloe Rid Treatment (AR), Baking Soda Paste (BSp), Paul Mitchell 3 (PM3), Hair Razor (HR)

    Last day using, daily use for the last couple months

    Got email for random, freaked out for a few hours and then got to work researching
    dishwashing soap, BSp soak, AR (3min) with heat (shower cap & hair dryer)

    PM3, AR (3 min).
    Keep hair short, but needed a cut and got it just under 1.5 inches as I knew I could hold off for a wkor two
    Lye Relaxer (8 min), TW, PM3, Ion swimmers conditioner
    BSp soak (under heat), TW 2 times, AR cap w/ heat

    BSp soak w/heat, PM3 (5min), TW with heat

    PM3, AR
    PM3, BSp, TW

    PM3, AR, Ion swimmers conditioner

    HR - 3 times

    HR - 2 times, used some leave-in conditioner as hair and scalp were getting fried

    HR - 1 time

    HR - 3 times, conditioner

    HR - 1 time (10th session, which is what consultant recommended)
    Zydot process
    Overnighted in PDT90 home test

    Surprisingly results came back negative from Psychemedics home test – 5pg/10mg (0.5) screening cut off using EIA, so they did not do the mass spec conf cutoff that is 0.1 and not sure I would have passed at that level.

    The quick response had me freaking out a little (arrived and was completed on a Saturday). I called and they assured me the test was done and certified. Feel way better now knowing these results, but continued HR treatments as long as possible. PM3, AR, HR (1 time)

    PM3, AR, HR (1 time)

    PM3, AR, HR (1 time)

    PM3, AR, HR (3 times)

    PM3, AR, HR (2 times)

    PM3, AR, HR (4 times) ***Got email from Human Resources saying this needs to be done by the 23rd.

    Day off scalp is very sensitive

    PM3, AR, HR

    Day off

    PM3, AR, HR (3 times)
    Zydot process
    Had sample taken at testing facility…they cut a ton of hair off, way more than Psyc recommends for the PDT90 home test. Got a little worried again, but knew I had done quite a bit of prep.


    Had a total of 26 HR treatments (Hair Razor consult recommended 10 based on my history), used PM3 17 times, used AR 14 times, Zydot twice (1 time on each test day), Toxin wash 5 times, 1 hair relaxer session, and some baking soda a few times.

    My opinion is Hair Razor has this figured out as long as you do the consult and have the time to do the repeated treatments. I did use other shampoos and methods also since I had the products on hand. Not sure anything is going to clean heavy use in one or two sessions, so the key is consistently continuing to breakdown the metabolites. While I believe the Jerry G and Maccujo are beneficial home remedy versions, the bleach and re-dye isn’t always an option and hard to tell how many times it’s needed to make sure. At least with the consult Hair Razor gives there are some real results driving what they recommend.

    Hope this helps and good luck to anyone going through this bs…
  13. Jessica1333

    Jessica1333 New Member

    I got my results back from psychemedics a week ago and figured I should share my experience. A hair follicle test can be cheated. I used up until the very day of my test all three months. I was dirty for mj and other recreational off topic. I believe it's the dye and bleach that do it...I did 2 of each along with 1 idavisa and 2 macs.
  14. Carl campbell

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    Hey boss gotta hair test coming up..been smoking like every day for 7 yrs atleast a blunt a hair was cut low the day they pulled me sent me home company policy says 45 days to grow..been with company 12yrs..macujo do i got hope!!!????? Im losing it over here..
  15. Indieanapolis

    Indieanapolis New Member

    White Male
    Light Brown hair, somewhat thin
    Average metabolism
    I've got a test tomorrow. I've been clean for a little over a month. Quit January 28th. Before that it was about 4-5 times a month for a year. After being clean for 2 weeks I bleached with 40 volume, died back, used toxin wash as my regular shampoo, did the baking soda treatment and put my hair under heat while it was in. Then washed 3 times with toxin wash and did zydot. I'll post my outcome when I get it.
  16. Indieanapolis

    Indieanapolis New Member

    I passed. So Jerry G was right.
  17. beerguy54

    beerguy54 New Member

    I have a possible hair test coming up soon (would be the day after getting job offer.) I am currently using the Macujo method and probably will for the next 5 days or so until the test. I also did invest in the nexxus aloe rid. Background 5'8" 178 lbs. Very short blonde hair longest probably is around 1.5 inch. Last smoked on the super bowl so Feb 5. Pretty infrequent user took a couple hits on New years and had a period were I smoked just under a gram over a 1 week period using just a one hitter between New Years and the super bowl. For the super bowl a friend and I split half of a blunt. Any thoughts?
  18. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith New Member

    I have a hair test coming up. I smoked about 1-2 hits 12+ months ago and have been around second hand smoke on a monthly basis. I shave my head so there is no hair to pull from there. It will need to be armpit or chest hair. Do I have anything to be worried about? Thanks
  19. Poh Lightnin'

    Poh Lightnin' New Member

    Results or nah?
  20. Poh Lightnin'

    Poh Lightnin' New Member

    I've been researching like fuck. They only take 1.5in of hair. That goes back 90 days. Typically, hair grows half an inch per month.

    I can't tell you for certain about second hand smoke though. I mean.. how heavy was it? Did you get a contact high? If so, I recommend you do a couple macujos and a zydot.

    You're probably okay though.

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