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    They've currently got my hair. They took it from my armpit since I completely shave my head every week. It's usually in a basement with some pretty heavy smokers once a month at a poker game. It's not hot boxed. I did not do any pre-cautionary cleansing so I'll post results here when I get them. Thanks for the reply.
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    Passed! (Cutoff 1pg/mg)

    About me:

    Male 32 5'9" 190lbs Average matebolism, light brown hair (thin up top, grows thicker in back/sides, trimmed to precisely 1.5in on top), very active - workout 4-5 days per week, healthy diet outside of way too much craft beer which is probably why I weigh 190 instead of like 180. I have built up muscle and some fat. Last I knew I was 13% to 15% body fat.

    90 day history: Feb 21-25 ski trip in Colorado... probably smoked two pinchies per day along with hits off my cousin's Maui joints that he wouldn't stfu about the whole time. Also, two 10mg edibles. I purchased 2g of weed and left with both bottles very full. A liberal guess, for sake of the test, was probably around half a gram ingested (lung and stomach) in those four days. It's worth noting that we mainly skied backcountry, expert, and out of bounds area skiing which is very hard work. That might have helped my metabolism. Clean all other days in that 90 day window. Last session outside of 90 days was a couple pulls off the pinchy NYE with my heavy smoking pals. I am not a regular smoker and have not been since maybe 2010 or 2011 (early professional career days). I've always been a lightweight smoker.

    Test details:

    Learned last Friday 4/7 about the test at 5:00pm. Got super swamped with my current job and didn't check personal email till I was about to leave. That's when my heart dropped passed my dick and I started freaking out. However, I felt kinda okay because I passed a test on my own dime five years ago to check on hair during an interview for a big oil/gas company. Didn't get that gig but learned two macujos alone worked for the future.

    This time around..

    Six macujos and two zydots over the weekend. Treatments as follows:

    Friday night: traditional macujo (30min vinegar, 30min c&c, scrub Tide for several minutes and stood in shower, same for coal tar shampoo). Should note that the 30min soaks I left the shower with shower cap on to sit and sulk over my mistake.

    Saturday morning: Tradiotinal macujo but had a birthing class with the wife. So, only several minutes for each step.

    Saturday evening: Bull shit birthday party for loser father in law. Otherwise I would have had more treatments. Repeated Friday night's routine.

    Sunday Morning: subbed baking soda for vinegar for 30min with shower cap. C&C for 30min with shower cap. Then same Friday method for Tide and coal tar shampoo.

    Sunday afternoon: hair cut. Sweet gal hooked me up with Tea Tree shampoo to make sure my hair shaft was getting cleansed of any bull shit in my hair before macujo. I'd marry that gal if I wasn't already married. Different story..

    Sunday afternoon: purchase some Nexus stuff at Walgreens that has Prop Glycol and EDTA. Get home use new Tea Tree shampoo and do macujo sub vinegar for baking soda, 30min c&c soak, wash with Tide, Nexus, coal tar shampoo.

    Sunday evening: scalp is in pain. Lay off macujo for the night but zydot arrived and I used the treatment per direction.

    Monday morning (test morning): use baking soda then quick traditional macujo with Nexus after Tide but before coal tar. Then another zydot. Then off to lab to to kick the shit out of the test.

    Edit: I should note that I slept on clean sheets and pillow cases Sunday night. I did not buy a new comb. I hardly use one, but the one I do have, I made sure to clean it with C&C and then hand soap. I didn't mess with a towel on my car seat head rest. I just didn't make contact with it.
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    Hi everyone, I'd just like to say thank you all for sharing your experiences. I passed!

    First, some background on me
    : I'm a 19 year old male, 5'11'' and about 150 pounds. I have a very fast metabolism, and I've been told by my long time hair dresser that my hair grows extremely fast. I figured this would work in my favor. I've got light brown/ dirty blonde hair that is kept short on the sides (about 0.5 inches) and longer on the top (about 1.5-2 inches). I don't know how much hair color would affect results, but I thought I'd put it down.

    Smoking history: Marijuana is the only drug that I consume. I would consider myself a fairly moderate smoker of above average quality weed. I typically smoke about 5 times a week, but never more than 2 small bowls a day (most days just 1 bowl). I barely smoked at all over the past summer, but once I got back to university is when I began the smoking regiment described above. I quit for a month around mid October through December, and then from December to mid January smoked my regular amount once again. My last day I smoked was between January 17th-January 20th, and I have not touched anything since. This gives me between 82-85 days clean at the time of my test today. I've seen through my research that the hair test typically goes back about 90 days, so I'm right on the cusp (damn!). However, I've been told my hair does grow extremely fast, so I'm hoping that the 1.5'' they will take might be totally clean already. I didn't want to take any chances, so I began detoxing my hair.

    My Method: I decided to go with the typical macujo method, as I've seen a fairly high success rate with it. As others have said, this is not a pretty process and is downright painful at times. My biggest piece of advice for anyone starting this process is to rub vaseline around the edges of your hair, scalp, and on your ears to protect your skin. This shit burned behind my ears pretty bad, and it just becomes a vicious circle once you get your first burns. My routine was to first soak my hair with as hot water as my shower would give me. Then, scrub vinegar into my scalp and soak into my hair. Soak, scrub, soak scrub. Then, shower cap for 15 minutes with the vinegar. After 15 minutes, soak and scrub more vinegar back into my hair and sit with shower cap for additional 15 minutes. Next, soak and scrub the clean and clear astringent with 2% salicylic acid and sit with the shower cap on for 20-30 minutes depending on how masochistic I was feeling that day. After twenty minutes, I scrubbed my hair with liquid tide and let it sit for another 30 minutes. Finally, I would shampoo with Neutregena T/sal. I did this exact routine 8 times in the week and a half leading up to the test. I also read about people having success with the baking soda scrub. I scrubbed my head with a baking soda paste and let it sit for 30 minutes twice after completion of the last two macujo methods, then wash with tide again and T/sal. It is now the day of my test, and I attempted to do a 9th macujo method, but the pain was too much. As soon as I began to soak with the vinegar, the pain was unbelievable and I had to wash it out. Call me a pussy, but it was just too much. Instead, I opted for a final baking soda scrub that I left in for 30 minutes followed again by tide scrub and sit for 30 minutes. Finally, T/sal after the tide and I finished it all with Zydot Ultra Clean. I followed the instructions exactly. I'm skeptical of all of those shampoos that say they will pass your test, but I figured it would only help combined with my other efforts. In review, I did the typical macujo method 8 times as well as 3 baking soda paste scrubs, and I did Zydot the day of my test.
    I also trimmed up the tips of my hair around the crown of my head and towards the back as I had heard this was the most common place that they take a sample, and I wanted to cut off as much "dirty hair" that there may be. I trimmed my leg, arm, and armpit hair below 1 inch to force them to sample from my head.

    I think that my 82-85 days clean and very fast hair growth was the biggest factor in my success.
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    Hair color is in your favor. At least according to the history in hair.
    You're definitely not a pussy. Glad to see zydot use after macujo. Also, good call on baking soda.

    My prediction, is you got this. I know it can be tough to chill before the results are in, but if you're having any trouble, I found exercise, beers, and reading success stories helped me chill quite a bit.

    Let us know the results.
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    I already passed! I put it as the first sentence in my post.
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    Well.. really it was your second sentence. I'm still retarded for not reading though. o_O
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    The Kitty Nipples have passed...

    I took the frantic approach when I learned of my looming follicle exam, and scoured this site, among others, for knowledge and personal experience. After a couple days of first person narratives about noxious what-have-yous on burning scalp, I dug into the hard science of it all. The peer reviewed studies available on the other side of a quick Dr. Google search gave me more confidence than anything I had picked up in the nether-regions of the interwebs, including many reports from this thread.

    Fact of the matter is that our bodies aren't very efficient at incorporating THC metabolites into our head and body hairs, and that works in the favor of any CASUAL cannabis connoisseur. I am grateful for this. Lowering THC metabs by .1pg with a radically harsh chemical treatment doesn't add up in my mind, but have at it brave souls.

    The follicle test is an amazing advancement in modern chemo-forensics, sorry to say. I'm on everyone's side here, honest, but appreciate that we live in an age that can look at a fucking human hair and tell, with fair accuracy, what it has been exposed to. That blows my mind more than anything I have smoked of recent.

    The hair test is exactly what it is touted as....a tool for thinning a herd of potential candidates or isolating those that aren't fit to let the addiction go long enough to teach their children well, i.e., hard users of chemicals other than THC, or copious amounts of the herb.... I honestly believe this test to be targeting habitual users of xxxxxx (whatever)....and that's ok, I'm not one of them.

    If you are at the 'filling out resumes' stage and anticipate a screening, just bite the life bullet and let it go for a bit. Become curious about what it would feel like to not smoke for a know exactly what it will feel like if you roast a phatty, explore the other side.

    Me puffin tuffin history----->>> healthy DAB fest 3 weeks prior, puff here and there previous 2 months, hard MDMA roll 45 days prior, 1g/blow fest single event 60 days prior, party within reason and with respect, never lose your center.

    Peace peoples, I truly wish all of you the best. Just remember, it's 2017, facts should matter way more than they seem to....
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    Very infrequent smoker, passed psychemedics hair test. Female, long brown hair

    This is for the paranoid people that rarely smoke and need a peace of mind. I'm paying it forward because I freaked the FUCK out when I found out I had a hair test

    I took 3 hits from a bowl on October 20, took hair test April 13. I know they say 90 days clean, but my nurse said they were gonna test all of my hair, which would go back over a year.

    Anyways, I passed and had nothing to worry about and wanted to leave this for the nonsmokers like myself. Breathe, you're fine!!
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    I told myself that after I take my drug test, I would create an account for the purpose of posting my own story in hopes that it will help another person beat the system. This was so stressful, but I could not have PASSED without the help of all of you guys on this forum, so thank YOU! Now let me repay the favor:

    I am a 20 year old Asian female with black and hella thick hair down to my middle back. I am pretty active and thin, but I stopped going to the gym during the two weeks I was detoxing my hair because I was already spending too much fucking time every day in the shower. I'm a college student so I had to plan out my hair detoxing schedule around all my classes and meetings, but usually I ended up having to stay up till 4 in the morning every night for two weeks to just fit in a Mac method or a quick rinse. I say all this because I FEEL YOUR STRUGGLE. BUT IT'S WORTH IT. THIS WILL GET YOU THAT DAMN JOB!

    So with that being said, I will continue with my background. I am a huge smoker, usually smoking an entire blunt by myself every night before bed. On the weekends, I'm hitting dabs and more blunts than I can count throughout the day and the night. All my weed is from the dispensary so it's incredibly potent high quality bud.

    I knew I had a drug test coming for my hair so I stayed sober 3 months prior to the test date. Unfortunately, I was notified I needed to take my hair test a month earlier than scheduled, so that left me with 2 months (1in) clean hair and one month (.5in) of my hair filled with a lot of drugs. However, since the first inch of the root of my hair is clean, I was able to avoid excessive contact with my scalp while bleaching and dying which helped reduce the blistering/pain that many people talk about. Another thing - the lab will only test for a 90 day history of drug use so instead of killing all of my hair going down to the middle of my back, i only focused on the first 3 inches or really just around the base of my hair; cutting my hair that short was not an option for me. This helped a lot during the baking soda and bleaching parts.

    For two weeks, I searched around this forum and bought all the supplies to follow the Mac method and also the Jerry G method because I kept reading that for those that smoke excessively and also have long, thick and dark hair, it's only necessary to follow the Jerry G to make sure the bleaching aspect really gets rid of those toxins stuck in each hair. Also, it has to be Sally's 40 volume bleaching kit.

    For the last two weeks I had before my drug test, I did the Mac method about 8-9 times and the Jerry G method 3 times. I never bought Toxin Wash or any other head shop stuff though. Instead, I used swimmer's shampoo and T-Sal. Doing all this shit without any recommended conditioners was a bitch to my hair and made the tangles so much worse every day, but I found a conditioner that will not only clean out the toxins in your hair with Propylene Glycol as its number one ingredient, but it will make your hair feel so much better. Go buy some Nexxus Promend Conditioner and you'll feel so much better. I also did a shorter method than the Mac one when I didn't have as much time to spend in the shower that day: I put in baking soda past for 30 min, rinsed my hair with tide detergent then washed with Swimmer's shampoo and T-sal. I made sure to do any of the three methods once a day. I also always used band-aids wrapped around my ears before putting any product in my hair because it will help your skin from burning off like a mother fucker. TRUST ME ON THIS!

    Bleaching my hair the first two times wasn't that bad, but by the third time, my hair did start to fall out in chunks and I had to dye my hair two times to get it remotely back to a dark color, but after I did one last mac method the morning before my hair test, the dye washed all out and I went straight to the testing lab with bleached hair.... it was stupid and completely obvious what I did to my hair, but the guy taking my sample said nothing about it and just did his job!

    I'm writing this post one month later and although I've been using expensive hair repairing products to help out my terribly damaged hair, I will tell you honestly that it's still falling out here and there :/ But I must say, it is all worth it because now I will have one helluva paying job and a clean record for drug tests!!! And you can do it too. If you have any questions about my personal experience, ask me! I'm here to help you beat the system.
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    You should be good!
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    thank you so much for replying!
  15. Noob_c

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    Here's another question if I shaved my body with plenty of clean time the new hair that grows should be metabolite free correct?
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    i did all the steps correctly and FAILED IM NOT HAPPY spent 174$......
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    Did you ever get a answer for this? Just took a test and desperately need to know....
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    Did you happen to get a level of the nanograms or whatever? It sounds like I'm in a similar boat that you were in. My cut off limit is 50 ng/ml
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    Hey guys. Got hit with a random hair follicle yesterday.
    I'm 5' 9"
    185 lbs
    Medium thick hair
    Diet is very healthy- id say above average metabolism
    Pretty active-lean/muscular
    I am also a Firefighter
    I'd say I'm a light user. Had stopped for 4 years bc of military. Then got out and started smoking here and there. For the past 6 months maybe a bowl or 2 of usually low-mid grade a week. And occasionally higher grade once a month. Coming up to about 2 months ago it's only been low-mid grade. And from May- today I've smoked twice. One sitting 2-3 bowls of low mid and and the other was even less. I was looking at the policy for my job and the cut off 50 ng/ml. I didn't have time to do anything besides by the all clear shampoo and conditioner gel. Haven't seen much good reviews of that now. Anybody got any info that would help? Or could give insight on what the levels of there tests results and personal description was, I'd highly appreciate it!
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    I have a hair test in 3 days. I last smoked 45days ago. My body and head hair is .5 inches and less. Will I pass?

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