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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by melanotaenia, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Brian K

    Brian K New Member

    My situation. I stopped smoking March 19 after daily smoking for nearly 6 years.
    Around May 2 I thought I would be good with urine tests with internet bought clean urine. So I smoked daily again for 2 weeks. Then I found out my dream job wanted a hair test. Quest diagnostics hair test. I did the Macujo method for a week twice a day.
    I even paid 300 dollars to testclear for their Aloe Rid Shampoo. IT DID NOT WORK.
    I was upset. I even used the Zydot ultra clean from testclear as well the day of the test.
    If you are a daily smoker and are getting a hair test, you will have to go for head shaving or just give it up. And to hell with test clear for charging 300 DOLLARS for that tube of nothing. Learn from my loss.
  2. sumi-e

    sumi-e New Member

    High-key stressing over a pre-employment hair test taken last Thurs. They offered at the end of the interview and then had me go straight to the test. The job post mentioned something about drug free but I guess I assumed it would be a urine test, as I've never been required to take a hair test before. Needless to say, I had zero prep time. Scoured the 'net all weekend trying to guesstimate whether I would pass but ultimately it's not looking good, and is a matter of waiting for a call. ):

    For anyone in a similar bind, I will update when I get the news.

    My situation: went to visit some out-of-state friends for a couple of weeks, where I pretty much partook daily, at least 3 sessions a day. The quality varied, some days it was top shelf, some days it was disappointingly ditchy. I had been clean for months prior and clean for the 60 days since I've been back home, as I don't typically use, but the sheer amount in those couple of weeks is what will probably screw me.

    About 5'7", average metabolism, below average activity levels. While it does grow faster than average, my hair is very long, brown, and curly... so not looking good. I dyed my hair a couple weeks prior but unfortunately no bleach was involved this time.

    Pretty bummed about my vacation coming back to bite me, especially when I run my fingers over the huge af patch of cut hair. :oops:
  3. Becky Ann

    Becky Ann New Member

    Ok, here is my story. i promised myself i would post this for others that are in the situation i was in.
    i am a very occasional pot smoker. maybe 4 times a year, just a few tokes.
    i was offered and accepted a dream job. i put in my notice at my old job. then i was told i had to take a hair heart dropped to my stomach and basically stopped and then raced until this whole ordeal was over. i mean, what if i failed the hair test? i would have no job? how would you explain this to your friends and family? yes, it was pure hell.
    here is my story..while on vacation i had a few tokes of a joint which was about 70 days before i had to take the hair test. i researched on line for so many hours. every waking hour i was looking to find some information on if i would/could pass a hair follicle test. there is so much on line, but to find the truth you have to dig and then it still does not leave you feeling very good. the information you find will contradict itself.
    Long story short.....I PASSED. and then after i passed i was reminded about a second time i took about four tokes off a joint (about 40 days out from test) and i am thankful i did not remember that time because it would have probably pushed me over the edge.
    i just want to say for the very occasional pot smoker, relax. i do not believe the hair test will pick on your very very occasional use. it is designed to pick up habitual use as in daily or every other day. at least that is what i found in my research. i was still having mini heart attacks all the way up to the phone call that said all was clear.
    i know even this post will not give you too much comfort but i do hope it will stop at least one mini heart attach and give you a little comfort. Even has been just a few days and i still am shaken by it. how crazy is that? this whole situation should have been a happy and wonderful event in my life but it was basically ruined with worry and stress. i am just now starting to celebrate! I want to also add that i was not looking or applied for this dream job i have now...they found i never thought for a second that smoking a few tokes would come back to haunt me.
    i think i am going to stick to drinking martinis until i retire.
    Take care everyone!
  4. Becky Ann

    Becky Ann New Member

    Did you Pass?
  5. Zanderfig

    Zanderfig New Member

    I have a test coming sometime in August. I also stopped smoking March 22 and I to was a daily smoker. I think it has been almost 100 days clean now. I will have a hair and urine test to take for a job. I hope I will make it. I'm going to get private testing done first and I did stop cold turkey, I mean absolutely nothing. I recently passed an at home urine test. I was a very heavy smoker for more than 10 yrs.
  6. M.Flare

    M.Flare New Member

    Hi everyone. I just took my hair follicle test today and I'm scared af. Here's the details:

    - thin, LONG highlighted blonde hair (maybe 15" long)
    - Stopped smoking mid September 2016
    - Cheated on election day for a puff or two because I was so upset Trump became President
    - Cheated twice that same week or the week after, then stopped again
    - Clean ever since, so if you only count Dec - July, that's 7 months clean, more then 180 days clean
    - Heavy smoker in the past
    - Used Nexxus aloe rid old formula + zydot ultra clean as directed, 10 mins each time morning/night
    - workout regularly, fit build, okay metabolism

    It is a psychemedics test and they didn't cut off the rest of my hair after the two inches, they sent the whole damn strands in. I'm scared I'll fail because I didn't cut my hair. Will have results next week.
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  7. yummyyum

    yummyyum New Member

    PASSED-Female-long dark hair
    Early 40s, decent metabolism, chronic daily smoker
    Abstained for 6 weeks, smoked high grade oil one night, then abstained for another 5 weeks
    FYI-Pee test at 1 month clean was positive
    Did Mac method modified
    ( white vinegar, denorex 3%, tide, suave clarifying shampoo) 1 time
    Psychemedics test was on 85th day from first abstaining.. could have been MAC method or time or both
    Very stressful, good luck!
  8. marigive1

    marigive1 New Member

    first, thanks everyone for all your posts!
    My post is targeted more to infrequent, low usage drug users.

    Got the job offer of my dreams, with a SIGNIFICANT pay increase, and then found out that I will be hair tested . Below is my saga with the hair test!

    Female, late 20s, athletic to skinny (def a lightweight for drugs), long light brown hair, highlighted
    Drug use in last 90 days: very low MJ usage (1-2 hits 4-5 weeks before the test), however did some party drugs: 4-5 lines of coke 30 days prior to test, and another 2-3 lines of coke and half a molly 3 weeks before the test.

    you can imagine that I couldn't even enjoy the fact that I got the job offer! First 3 nights, I was paralyzed searching on all forums for solutions and reading research papers on the impacts of bleaching and cosmetic hair altering.

    June 21 - scheduled a drug test for myself at a local Labcorp ($100), and used my natural, never highlighted hair from the back to see if it is even worth accepting the offer. The technician asked me if my hair is bleached, b/c he claimed they don't accept bleached hair as that alters with the results! (duh, will be bleaching for sure)

    Meanwhile, did Macujo once, bought swimmers shampoos (Paul Mitchell 3) (was even considering paying $200 for the Aloe Rid, but then sobered up :)).

    June 22nd - scheduled an appt with my hair dresser and cut 15 inches of hair, bleached it to platinum, and wanted to color to natural back, however hair dresser advised to come back in a couple of days, as the color would not stick to the hair. Eventually decided not too, b/c really liked my new look

    June 24th - got back the results from the personal hair test (non-altered) - and they were negative!

    June 24th - July 2nd - washed my hair every days with swimmer's shampoo, cut my nails as short as possible, for the event they would not want my bleached hair
    early July - took the employer's hair test (not at Labcorp). Called the the testing facility a day before to ask if they will take bleached hair, claiming it is for my child who i am suspecting is using drugs, and they said that they would, but do not guarantee the accuracy of the results!!!

    It took a week for the NEGATIVE results to come back I presume due to bureaucracy, which obviously made me go crazy during all that waiting time, wondering if the earlier personal test did not capture recent hair for the usage of molly (only 1.5 weeks passed between usage of molly and personal test). And the negative results are usually available within 2-3 days, while positive in about a week.

    this whole experience was def humbling and traumatizing, and I will not be touching drugs any time soon!

    My advice: if you have time and the luxury to drag out the job offer acceptance with the employer, do a personal test first, for your peace of mind. most likely, low, infrequent usage should not be captured in the hair, as they say - the hair test is to capture chronic users. I did all the other crazy stuff to my hair out of abundance of precaution, and I don't regret it, made me feel like i have some control over the situation (but my hair wasn't very happy with that). However it was not necessary.
  9. Easy does it

    Easy does it New Member

    I hope I have the same results. I'm in a sillmilar situation. I did coke about 3 times I the last 3 months but not very much just a couple of bumps each time. Got job offer of my dreams the. Found out it was a hair test. I freaked out shaved all body hair and cut head hair short. Showed up to test facility and they said I had to let my hair grow out. It's now 2 weeks later and I've been stressed tf out. Been using the mac method kinda accept for no aloe rid. But using glycol with a mixture of other shampoos also let my mustache and beard grow out hoping they pull sample from there. My test is In a couple of days from now maybe Wednesday. Also bought two zydot ultra clear kits I will use day of test. Smh I swear I will never do coke again.
  10. PSH

    PSH New Member

    I've been a daily smoker for four years now. I've passed four urine tests and gave the same method to three of my friends who have all passed using it. Well I had an offer for a $55k/year engineering job after finishing my engineering degree in May. However I found out it was a hair test so I started doing the macujo method (9 times before the test) and topped it off by going to a hair salon and having my hair stripped. Lo and behold the Quest Diagnostics hair test came back positive for THC. The only thing I didn't try is the Jerry G method. Let this be a lesson. If you are a heavy smoker, there's almost nothing you can do to pass a hair test. I never tried Jerry G's method so I can't speak of the success on that front. I only have my own story to tell. Here's to hoping the next engineering job I get is NOT a hair test
  11. Easy does it

    Easy does it New Member

    Sorry to hear that. I will soon let you know my results I'm dragging on calling them and hoping they call me toward the end of the week.
  12. Jjp

    Jjp New Member

    I got tested for a 90 day hair test and failed but I hadn't smoked in the 90 days. I did smoke a few days before the 90 days started. 3.3 was my results. It's been 15 days later. Do you think I'm safe to take another one and pass?
  13. Jjp

    Jjp New Member

    I got tested for a 90 day hair test and failed but I hadn't smoked in the 90 days. I did smoke a few days before the 90 days started. 3.3 was my results. It's been 15 days later. Do you think I'm safe to take another one and pass?
  14. Easy does it

    Easy does it New Member

    Thank god i passed starting my new job on the 23rd idk what did it honestly I used 2 zydot treatments the day of the collection but I had let my beard regrow and did not used the whole time. Will probably never use cocaine again I learned the hard way.
  15. Dirtmcgirtodb

    Dirtmcgirtodb New Member

    So I had a hair test last week. A lot of people post that they were either heavy users or only had 1 or 2 hits. I fell somewhere in between. I was clean for 2 years. Then In 2 weeks I had 4 heavy smoking sessions. Then I was clean for 5 straight weeks before the test. I wasn't confident that the test wouldn't show a spike for that 2 week period so I spent the money and bought the aloe-rid on eBay which came with the ultra clean shampoo and detailed directions of the sellers washing routine and the macujo method. I did both back to back 3 times a day for 3 days before the test then the ultra clean the day of. Before I knew about the test I buzzed my hair. That's just the way I wear it in the summer. This was a problem because as most of you know, you do not want them to take body hair cause it gives them way better results and a longer history. My dilemma was; leave my body hair as is and hope they take the 1/2" I had on my head which I had washed with the macujo method and others or shave my whole body and force them to take it from my head. I could not risk loosing this job so I shaved everything down to a 1. Took the test and they went straight to my head hair never even mentioned taking it from anywhere else. So that was one bullet dodged. I was pretty confident after 6 macujo washes in 3 days that my head would be clean AND IT WAS. I passed. FYI; they take the hair using scissors they cannot do it with a razor so if you have a 1/2" they will probably only be able to get 3/8"

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