POT FEST! the movie

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by IsItCherry, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. IsItCherry

    IsItCherry New Member

    hey i was looking at the brokenlizards website and they have poll that ask you what you want and right now potfest is in 2nd place if it gets to 1st place they will probably make a movie out of it heres link so you guys can vote

    Broken Lizard: Broken Lizard Industries - Home Page
  2. RespyShunt

    RespyShunt New Member

    at the end of Beerfest it says "coming soon - potfest". That movie would be tight!
  3. Gee

    Gee The truth is in here

    i voted for Potfest. sequels are very rarely as good as originals. they should have an option for both!
  4. hippie557

    hippie557 New Member

    With Willy Nelson!
  5. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    Much rather see a Super Troopers 2 personally.
  6. Csharp

    Csharp Sr. Member

    yeah i was about to say that.but i thought it was just a joke.
    i guess it's somewhat true though...
  7. GeTbLaZed

    GeTbLaZed New Member

    Why you can have your own potfest and record it and it would be funny to people if they are high? But i rather see Super Troopers 2 personally. But Potfest would be interesting, I wonder how it would be made. AAah what the hell am i talking about>
  8. ohganja420

    ohganja420 New Member

    i voted for pot fest even though i loveeee super troopers immensely, i just dont want them to make the movie and it not live up to my standards... u know, why mess up whats already good?
  9. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    I voted for potfest, but wtf, super troopers is winning? LAME.
  10. KushBandit

    KushBandit New Member

    Pot fest would be cool I guess. Personally, I like super troopers more and would prefer a sequel to that. I think they should just write the sequel baked as all heaven. It's the best of both worlds.
  11. mjismygf

    mjismygf New Member

    brokenlizards want on a radio up here where i lived and they said they was making both super troopers and potfest...im rick james b***h
  12. TheMeatball

    TheMeatball New Member


    I voted for an original movie. I'd pick Super Troopers 2 over Potfest anyday, though.
  13. Freedom_User

    Freedom_User ....Is really high

    This is great!

    It would be really cool to see Broken Lizard team up with Mike Judd and Seth Rogan. And make like the ultimate pot movie.
  14. jmhereiam

    jmhereiam New Member

    I personally like the movie where they are all naked and take turns taking a shit on a paper plate.......
  15. Chillax Man

    Chillax Man New Member

    That's what i voted for...
  16. Curran908

    Curran908 New Member

    i wonder what kind of pot smoking games they would have like the drinking games in beerfest

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