Pot Hot Chocolate

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  1. phud

    phud New Member

    Pot hot choc

    8 oz. of milk
    3/4 teaspoon of roughly, very roughly chopped bud
    simmer for 15 mins.
    strain into mug
    add chocolate syrup to taste

    I'll try to copy and paste this to the top

    I am stoned. Very very stoned.

    It took me hours to find this forum from my home page. Finally get to this site where I want to post my newly-made recipe for pot hot chocolate, the effects of which have overwhelmed me so I better stop trying to tell you some story that doesn't have anything to do with anything.

    Well, let me describe the process of making Hot Pot Chocolate

    I put a coffee-mug's measure of 2% milk into a small saucepan, put a pinch of bud in. How much bud?

    If I chopped it up and measured it, it would be about 3/4 of a teaspoon.

    But I don't chop it up. I just twist off a pinch and throw it in the pot with the milk. I cover the pot with a lid. I turn the stove on to the lowest setting possible.

    The pot-milk eventually simmers, a little steam hisses and bubbles from beneath the lid. I let it simmer for about 15 minutes. My guess is that the milk will absorb whatever THC it can handle in probably a few minutes: five would probably be safe.

    Then I pour the pot-fragrant milk through a small seive into the coffee mug. For a few seconds I squeeze out the probably THC rich milk from the boiled bud by pressing it into the seize with a spoon or something (oops gotta go listen to Sean Paul on the radio) in the liquid uhhmm cohering to the bud and thus I w. Gee it's hard to write three letters forward two backspaces to fix errors. Hey that sentence went well. Okay I can tp sh(t no i cant take a break. Kay.

    Then I squeeze some store-bought chocolate syrup (the bottle is shaped like a rabbit. It's cool) into the hot milk. Stir.

    Drink on an empty stomach for best effect.

    I drank a mug of hot pot choc at five pm. Twenty minutes and I could feel the first effects: a kind of heaviness in the face, a hyperawareness of my lips and that general overall "settling down into it" feeling. Within an hour concentration on a task became difficult. Okay... better quit. This is really difficult..

    It's now 7:30 pm what seems like forever i've been here

    going for a walk, sun's setting
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  2. SkinnyP

    SkinnyP New Member

    That's awesome! I am sure this is a new recipie.
  3. Nappe

    Nappe New Member

    This sounds like a really easy recipe that doesn't need too much herb. I just saved it to my computer. I'm going to try this tomorrow for sure while my parents are gone for the afternoon.
  4. phud

    phud New Member

    It's now about 1 AM, and the effects from the hotpotchoc are finally wearing off. I was well stoned from about 5:30 to 11:30 and then a long gentle come down till now.

    That's like six solid hours of being stoned. I got a pretty good buzz for the amount of pot I used.

    But remember: the key is to drink the hotpotchoc on an empty stomach. Maybe it'd be a good wake and bake breakfast drink.

    Here's another thought: I wonder how long the psychoactive properties will remain viable in the milk. In other words, can I make a jug of cannacocaomilk and keep it in the fridge?

    Only one way to find out. I'll start an experiment tomorrow. I'll make, what?, two litres? That would be what about eight mugs? It will be a few days before I have anything to report.
  5. Nappe

    Nappe New Member

    I followed your recipe perfectly and I'm not high :( . I tried it four hours ago, and still nothing. What could I have done wrong???
  6. phud

    phud New Member

    what went wrong?

    Hmm. Well, this hotpotchoc is now a tried and true method for me.

    I can think of a few suggestions to help.

    First: try it on a completely empty stomach.

    Second: I use good quality bud. Not one-hit quitter, but pretty good. Again, the amount is about 3/4 of a teaspoon, which is less than I'd put in a joint.

    Third: did your milk actually simmer? Mine bubbles very lightly. And like I said, I let it simmer for 15 mins, though I suspect five would do. Don't let the milk boil over! since fat rises in liquid (i.e., the fat molecules suspended in milk) boiling over might waste the good stuff.

    Fourth: I use 2% milk, which has some fat in it to absorb the THC from the bud. You might want to use a higher fat content milk. I would avoid skim milk, which has no or virtually no fat content.

    Well, that's all I can think of now. I'm sorry your attempt didn't work out Nappe. Could you reply with details: what time of day did you ingest, what kind of milk, what had you eaten that day.

    I don't want you to waste bud, but since this method works so well for me I encourage you to try again. I wish I could send you a thermos of hotpotchoc that I made. Maybe I can send you a little nug of the bud of the amount I use: I want you to keep experimenting.

    It's now 11 a.m. on a sunday. I'm ready to make some for myself. I haven't eaten anything yet. Stomach is growling. Will check later for your reply.
  7. Nappe

    Nappe New Member

    I know what went wrong. The weed I was using sucked. I smoked what was left over and I hardly got high. That's the last time I go to that dealer. He swore it was hydro by I knew it wasn't.

    Next time I try your recipe I'll use homo milk and chronic. That'll
    do the trick.

    By the way, thanks for the recipe
  8. phud

    phud New Member


    Yesterday, I was more careful in measuring etc. and I kept an eye on the clock in order to report how long the onset and trip takes.

    I put in a small pot

    8oz. of milk

    I put some bud in a shotglass and chopped it up using scissors. The consistency was that of chopped parsley. I carefully measured out a

    level 3/4 teaspoon of chopped bud

    and added it to the milk in the pot.

    11:40 a.m., pot with a lid is on the stove, set at minimum heat.
    11:47 milk is simmering nicely, bubbling a bit actually.
    12:10 p.m. remove milk from the stove, strain into mug, add chocolate syrup.
    12:13 drinking the pot chocolate, which takes about five minutes.
    12:39 think I might be feeling something
    12:59 just starting to feel the effects definitely come on
    1:19 starting to get baked
    1:27 nicely baked
    4:30 ish start to come down
    5:30 ish, pretty well landed, but there are definite residual effects

    So, use good bud and take it on an empty stomach
  9. Dylan Smoker

    Dylan Smoker New Member

    Dude, pot hot chocolate sounds mighty tasty. [​IMG]
  10. MadmanFantasies

    MadmanFantasies New Member

    I just wrote the entire recipe on my arm... now to find some milk and Hershey's Syrup (Most of it was wasted... damn my ex and her chocolate syrup enjoying ways... but the sex was good, haha) I'll reply with how it went ^.^ (The hot chocolate, I mean ^.~)
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  11. Foog

    Foog New Member

    LOL. Well, this sounds like a gooood recipe. I'll be trying it this weekend. To serve myself and three friends, how much bud would you say I should use?
  12. phud

    phud New Member

    Hey foog,

    Use 3/4 of a teaspoon of chopped bud each. I don't know what that would be weight-wise.

    Another way of thinking about it: use a small joint's worth of pot for each of you.

    Since there are four of you, you might as well make it all at once, in one pot.

    Just rememberr to take it on an empty a stomach.

    If you use good bud, you will get goodly buzzed.

    Write back and tell me how it goes.

  13. Foog

    Foog New Member

    Thanks dude, will do. If I'm able to put that much in depends on if my good friend Charlie's coming. Last time he bought 60 worth, and 10 was all mine 'cause I beat him in a pool game. Was an awesome night.

    I'm pretty sure he is coming, but even if not I'm sure I'll have enough. Thanks again.
  14. jrn

    jrn New Member

    This sounds great. I have got to let my lungs rest for awhile so I will definitely be trying this. I am very new to the ingestion thing but this sound almost fool proof!
  15. Boom Duk

    Boom Duk New Member

    did it work or what?

    Hey, I read the whole thread but I haven't read any posts saying that the recipe worked 'cept phud's. Someone post wether it worked or not.
    Sounds great.:)
  16. phud

    phud New Member

    Boom Duk,

    I too want to hear from someone who tried the recipe and found it to work. I know it works for me and for the first time in years my lungs aren't a source of pain.

    I've tried the recipe with a fairly full stomach, and I still felt the effects, though not as strong and it took more than an hour, almost two if I remember correctly, before I felt anything.

    I wish I could send out samples to everyone to try....
  17. Skater dusto

    Skater dusto New Member

    Sounds good!
    I've got a ton of crystals building up at the bottem of a ziplock. I'm going to carefully collect them, and when I get some dank buds, make this hot chocolate. I'll put the crystals in after, because you can't even taste them too much. I'm sure it's gonna be one hell of a trip!
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  18. Vyx420

    Vyx420 New Member

    I love it! Pot Chocolate instead of Hot Chocolate.....:rolleyes:

    Sorry, just had to be said!

    I wish I could try the recipe....I just never have enuff' to be so generous with food addages!!! :D
  19. bske420

    bske420 New Member

    i just tried the recipee for pot hot chocolate on xmas afternoon and i was already feeling the affects 10 minutes after finishing it, im prety high right now so cudos to woever came up w the recipee

    joint worth o' bud
    simmer in milk for 15 min
    crucsh up sum candy canes to help flavor
    (milk will taste like pot)
    then poor bud-milk and candy i mug
    and enjoy!!!
  20. SmokerForPeace

    SmokerForPeace Jr. Activist

    This is one of my favorite recipes to use after a long day of snowboarding. Nothing is better than laying on a couch too stoned to move after a day on the slopes.

    My method is pretty similar but normally I use more bud. I finely grind up about 2 grams of heady bud and add it into a pot with 1-2 cups of 2% milk, then I'll usually put in a tablespoon or two of whole milk or a small amount of butter. I put the pot with the pot:laugh: and the milk on a burner set on medium. I keep it just under a boil for about 10 minutes stiring frequently. After the ten minutes I add in either a packet of hot cocoa mix or a few tablespoons of cocoa. I stir the cocoa and milk and then simmer for another 10 minutes. After all of this I run the drink through some cheese cloth and squeeze out the excess liquids.

    This drink is best enjoyed while smoking a joint in a comfortable chair. :chokin:

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