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Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by phud, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. perfektlii_her

    perfektlii_her New Member

    Hmmm...new to this...as in ingestion and forums (hi!)...will try pothotchoc and report back!
  2. perfektlii_her

    perfektlii_her New Member

    it worked for me. 1 g of mids for 1 mugs worth. 2 hours later i am floating.
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  3. kirita

    kirita New Member

    using this recipe for inspiration, and living in circumstances that don't allow me to smoke, I have invented a different method of hot pot chocolate

    but don't trust me because it might not be that good

    I ground up a tenners worth of weed and put it in a thermos. then, since I only had skim milk, I microwaved about a cup of it with a tablespoon of butter until it got so hot it bubbled up and was about to spill in my microwave. then I poured it in the thermos (didn't have time to filter it...) and waited 15 minutes. I just now started sipping it.

    not gonna lie it's pretty nasty. oh yeah I put chocolate syrup in it too. I'm just glad it's dark in this room so I can't see what I'm drinking
    I hope this works...
  4. m3llow

    m3llow New Member

    Hello all! I just joined this forum just to post in this thread (after being a long time lurker).
    Has anyone used sweetened condensed milk with this recipe?
  5. n0va59

    n0va59 New Member

    I have not used sweetened condensed butthere is no reason it wouldn't work...just check the fat content...that is what's important...also remember to keep you milk below the scald point but still see small wiffs of steam...not to many mind you..just a very low, slow simmer
  6. Stoonie

    Stoonie New Member


    First timer here, been smoking for along time but never tried to eat it etc.
    But i found this thread and i can't wait until this weekend when me and a few friends (Everyone smokes atleast as much as i do) is gonna host a LAN party. I've told them that i'm gonna give them something they will never forget!

    I have a few questions about it, because i wanna make this the perfect LAN party ever so i don't wanna fuck this up!

    Q1: Since i'm living in Sweden, we might not have the same ingredients as maybe you guys in US have.
    Ofc we have chocolate, milk etc but we might have different brands of chocolate, milk and what not.
    So, do you guys think that that will have an impact on the final result?

    Q2: Is it weed only, or can you make this from hash etc as well? I only have hash in stock atm, so i wanna know if i should go and get some weed to make it even better.

    Q3: I can get ahold of some really good Skunk, and i wanna know if anyone here have tried it with Skunk?

    Since i'm already making a wall of text, i might as well keep on writing!

    I would LOVE if ppl that have posted in this thread and are following it could update their first time doing this wonderful recipe what type of herb they where using, and also brands etc of the ingredients!
    That way, ppl that are new to this like me can have some kind of a "guide" to go after when they are trying it for the first time.
    If someone named "RANDOM NICKNAME" said that he tried this with a bud from the Strawberry haze strain mixed with "Random chocolate brand" he would feel this and that. Then maybe someone else tries a different combination and would get something different?

    Im stoned as fuck, and sorry for all the text. I just wanna make my friends have their best 72hours i can give them as a host.

    /// Stoonie

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