Pot Products- What kinda weed stuff do you want?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by greypoe, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. greypoe

    greypoe Sr. Member

    Do you own any cannabis stuff, weed products. Sure we all have pipes and bongs, but do you have any shirts, mugs, hats or anything stonerish.

    This is a little market research, I've seen alot of cannabis products out there. What would you want to buy?

    High Times/Cannabis Culture Magizine
    Weed The Game
    Cannabis Card Game
    Ganja Shoes
    Marijuana Underware/Panties:eek:
    Weed T shirt
    Marijuana Hat
    Cannabis Board Games
    Weed Phone (Cell phone plate)
    Marijuana Clock
    Weed Bling Necklace:cool:
    24 ct cannabis insigna ring (turns your finger green)

    These are just a few items i've seen either at a head shop, or somewhere floating around in my mind. What kinda weed stuff do you want?
    If I forgot to list something let me know. Since your a pot smoker im sure you get all kinds of idea's and cartoons flyin through your head. If any of those idea's happens to be weed stuff, like some pot products list it here.
  2. kansastoker

    kansastoker New Member

    I own a shirt that says amsterdam, thats about it.
  3. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill


    *filler text*
  4. greypoe

    greypoe Sr. Member

    What man? You have the clock or you want to buy the clock?

    Which clock is cooler?
    Clock A or Clock B?
  5. imported_Bl4ck3n3D

    imported_Bl4ck3n3D New Member

    I like Clock A better, although the light around Clock B is pretty cool.
  6. Skip Ladoo

    Skip Ladoo New Member

    Ive seen Zig-Zag shoes made entirely of hemp. Almost bought them but I remembered I wanted $10 more than another pair of shoes.
  7. PlayBass

    PlayBass New Member

    They should make a bass or a guitar that is in the shape of a pot leaf. I'd pay whatever they asked for it.
  8. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    clock b is definetely much better
  9. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    I have this 5 by 5 inch "poster" of a leaf.
  10. Clock A by far...I like the austin powers font on the numbers...
  11. dreamer

    dreamer Inclined to Isolate

    hey play bass high, i posted a pic on this site once(dont remember what thread) it was of a guitar the body was shaped like a pot leaf, cool as hell.
    i own a pair of hemp shoes
    thats about it
  12. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    Did you ever think that maybe the movie got the font from somewhere else?
  13. Darque Pervert

    Darque Pervert Jive Honkey

    If it turns your finger green, it ain't 24ct, that's for damn sure!

    I think a headshop should sell stuff to entertain you while high, really.
    None of these ideas are original, I'm certain, but here hare mine:

    Music - (duh!), particularly local/regional, indie labels and imports/bootlegs.
    Videos - particularly off-the-wall and/or hard-to-find stuff.
    Games - Any sort of games, particularly marijuana-oriented (Grass, the card game is a fine example!) Although tabletop RPGs like D&D or Warhammer might be a bit much for a headshop.
    Snacks and beverages - Get your bong and munchies in the same shop... What a concept!
    Clothing - Subversive, funny or counterculture-oriented. The kind of stuff you can't get in a chain store fits well here. (This is where I'd plug my cafepress store if I could!)
  14. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    I thought I would take pictures of some of stuff I have.

    Marijuana/Canada flag; bought during a roadtrip through BC on the Alaskan Highway one summer. Good times :)

    I've also got 4 (although I could only find 2) marijuana butane torch lighters. They light up when you open the lid, flashing red green blue etc.

    Funny story on the button, use to work at a pizza joint ( ;) ). We always had freshly 'baked' pizza. Use to wear the button all the time.

    And some 420 brand inscense. Which I advise you stay away from- they smell terrible.
  15. justblaze407

    justblaze407 New Member

    i have a hemp wallet.

    oh, and clock A deffinitely.
  16. Will 420

    Will 420 New Member

    is that neon lights on Clock B? if soo, i think that one is cooler
  17. StonedToTheBone

    StonedToTheBone New Member

    Clock A with the light would look sick. Otherwise i'll just go with A. I don't like the cheap looking metal stuff around clock B.
    I have a weed leaf necklace back from the 06 weed march in T.O.
    Otherwise i just have a shroomtalk magazine and a "Marijuana Party" sticker (as in political party) and stuff. I would definitely like one of those flags seeing how i am canadian, and prolly some trippy posters and stuff. A weed leaf shaped pillow would be pretty cool :D. I'll try to think of more stuff if i dont forget about this thread...;)
    ...Wait, what were we talking about???
  18. couchlock

    couchlock New Member

    I have a pair of Adidas Hemp Superstars

    and a Reminder Band (like the "armstrong" ones) that's green that says :mj2: Legalize :mj2: and :mj2: Regulate :mj2:
  19. greypoe

    greypoe Sr. Member

    Zig Zag , adidas hemp shoes.... who makes the hemp shoes?
  20. blondie0420

    blondie0420 Locks of Gold

    I want one of these:


    It's like a hawaiian lei, except it's made to look like cannabis leaves.

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