Pre-Emp Drug test...Chances of Observation??

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by smileyguy70, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. smileyguy70

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    I have a pre-emp drug test scheduled for tomorrow, PLanning to substitute. What are the chances of being observed on an initial drug test for a retail (in-store) position?

    I just found out the company doing my Pre-Emp drug test is LabCorp. I'm just wondering if there is any chance of being observed since I plan to Substitute? I checked LabCorps website and found this pertaining to observation..From this I'm assuming it's not standard procedure unless someone is suspected of adulteration...Am I correct?

    "Q. Does LabCorp perform direct observation collections?

    A. LabCorp follows all DOT and HHS rules to include direct observations in defined circumstances, including suspected adulteration."
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    I was all freaked out about it too.
    They will ask you to go into a bathroom and pee in a cup. You will be instructed not to turn on the water and the toilet water will be blue.
    Follow these instructions.
    Act normal and everything should be okay.
    Good luck.
  3. smileyguy70

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    Thanks...I've been reading and practicing. I think I'm all ready. I did find that storing the sub bottle as advised works good (maintains 95-96 temp). If I use a hand warmer pack rubber banded to the bottle and keep it in groin area as advised, I can maintain a temp nearer 100.
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    Just to verify, I use LabCorp (they use me?) for pre-employment drug testing and I've always been alone in the bathroom.

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