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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by TheTone, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. TheTone

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    pre-employ; medtox; home test, ~~UPDATE PLEASE READ~~

    So I took a pre employment test today. I have only had a few tokes in the last 4-5 weeks. It was about 2 weeks ago. I avoided second hand smoke and whatnot as well. On Monday I bought a home test 50n test and passed it on my 2nd void of the day without dilution. I took Creatine supplements and drank a lot of water on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I bought another $15 home test and took it at 1:30. My urine was pretty light yellow but not clear. This home test passed with a very solid line on both the THC and the other line. So I felt pretty good. I went in and it almost seemed as though they were not even going to test me. She made a comment about it being by lottery. I made a joke about drawing straws and she replied something about drawing a marble. I think she was serious. An hour later that didn't happen. They just gave me the test. It was mailed off by carrier almost instantly. I would guess it was 4:00 that I took this one. A cup with a temperature strip on it. The she poured it into another container that was sealed up and mailed out. I was expecting an instant type test like I had just given myself twice and passed. Now of course my worry is prolonged. I start work Monday. The paperwork was from Medtox in MN. The test was a 5 Panel (88544). I searched the site and got some hits but nobody followed up to give the end result. They just asked about it and never wrote back. So does anyone know anything? I am worried that this test would be more intensive and detect a smaller amount. Oh by the way the urine was a light color but definitely yellow on it's own. No vitamins or anything. Sort of looked like Budweiser I guess.

    What do you think?
  2. Secs

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    Your test was a 5 panel test equivalent to the DOT 5-panel test.

    Marijuana, PCP, amphetamines, cocaine & opium.

    I wouldn't worry. If you passed the home tests, you passed this test with ease. They both have the same cutoff levels.
  3. TheTone

    TheTone New Member

    I hope your right. Thanks a ton for all the input. I'll try hard to remember to post the results. If anyone has a story about passing home tests and failing medtox please let me know.
  4. TheTone

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    Jeeze. I just got a call that they made a mistake sealing the sample and I have to REDO the test tomorrow afternoon. WTF!?!?!? The dhl man was standing there waiting and we were all frantic in the office. I guess she didn't seal something properly. To top it off she told me how normally the slip says that tests are random but for some reason mine didn't. I wonder if the recruiter thought that I looked the type. I do have long hair and work in the music industry. This job is media related and I think it is nuts that I have to jump through all of these hoops. Now I feel like I want to get another store test to take tomorrow. I haven't smoked of course. Thankfully. I wonder if I should use the drink this time. What a pain in the ass.


    they called back to say that they need me to do the urine test at 11:00am tomorrow. What should I do? Nothing? The drink? Dillution? I guess I'll take some more Creatine today for one thing. Any input?
  5. TheTone

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    I hate to bump a thread to beg for input but that is not going to stop me. I am about 14 hours away from this now.

    If I go buy ANOTHER Walgreens $15 test and pass my first void tomorrow morning, will that be enough to ensure passing a test sent to Medtox? PLEASE chime in.

    RNRDUDE New Member

    Hey Tone

    As you previously stated, you have passed the home test on a few different occasions. Home tests are over 99.99% accurate. If you haven't smoked anything after taking the UA test at the facility, you are actually better off because you have even more time for your body to get clean. Don't worry and quit keeping yourself hysterical, you passed the home tests, which is a very good sign that everything will be good to go your second time around.

    Did you take another home test today? Try another one and see what the results are.

    Sec knows what she is talking about, so I would feel good with her response alone.

    Good luck the second time around.
  7. TheTone

    TheTone New Member

    Well I am sure you can understand my thoughts. I wasn't expecting it to be sent to a lab at all. So that threw me for a whole new loop. I just bought my third home test before the store closed. It doesn't have a cup but it still cost $15. I plan to try that in the morning. I am just worried that the other tests that I passed were from dilution more than abstinence. I didn't partoke in anything after the test yesterday. The home test I took yesterday gave me a really solid line at the THC section. I had just drank tons of water that day and wasn't sure if that was the reason. I still have two of the purified omni drinks that I plan to use ONLY if I happen to fail on my first
    void. I am pretty bent that this whole ordeal is being drawn out so much.
    The nurse told me on the phone today that they are usually always noted as random and you do a lottery. For some reason mine was noted as a test to be given without the random part attached. Pretty unfair. The whole thing it ridiculous.

    I thank everyone for input. I will have confidence in the home test until I'm told otherwise I guess. Taking on my first void should show my true colors from what I understand. If I somehow fail I will drink the drink and cross my fingers.
  8. TheTone

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    My home test this morning was one of the disc types. The instructions don't talk about the faint line like the last one did. I voided into a cup, not mid stream but right off. Put four drops in the test as instructed. I am only getting a faint line on it. I should have bought the cup again maybe. I have the test in three hours. I think I am going to drink the drink and hope my urine in not nitro yellow from it.
  9. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Good luck. Don't overdo the fluid intake. You don't want this test to show as a diluted specimen.

    You should do ok with jsut about 20 - 24 ounces of fluid within 2 hours of submitting the urine specimen.
  10. TheTone

    TheTone New Member

    Okay. I hope I haven't already overdone it. I was told to take the purified omni drink, then 48oz or water to be timed for no more than 2 hours before the test. I've had the drink, 32oz of water, and two cups of coffee. I pee in a half an hour. I don't plan to partake anytime soon either really. So I would be able to pass again I guess. I can't believe they screwed me up like that. If I were not a witness to the frantic office I would have thought it to have been a trick of some sort. Also the fact that tests at this hospital are normally by lottery and mine was not. That is screwed up!
  11. TheTone

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    Just got back. Now I am worried again. The urine looked like gateraid or something. I am so bent. They really screwed me over by fucking up my sample on Wednesday. I really which I had selected to disallow the sample. I wonder if that would have cost me the job. It is such crap that there is supposed to be a lottery but for me they made it mandatory. I definitely like the look of the sample on Wednesday more than today. I felt embarrassed when she came in to finish the process. Now I want to know if this is ever an issue? I probably would have passed without the drink and my greatest fear came through. It was a bright abnormal yellow. At least abnormal to me. Is there anything that would account for that naturally? Is this an issue?
  12. nigel_grit

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    i don't have any advice, just moral support. i hope things work out for you cause i gotta do the same thing and i can see the same happening to me. hope it works out for you. if nothing else, you've made me feel better cause i have the same concerns and at least there's others like me. goddamn the stupid drug test system.
  13. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Just keep in mind that I told you to only drink 20 - 24 ounces of fluid within 2 hours of taking the test.

    I dont' know who told you to drink a total of 80 ounces, but that will definetly get you a diluted result. You might be ok with the 32 ounces plus the two cups of coffee, but it will be borderline...

    Here's good luck to you.

    If this situation comes up for you in the future, listen to the experts, not the ones gaining a buck from selling you that detox crap.
  14. TheTone

    TheTone New Member

    Isn't there a natural cause for a diluted result then? I mean it isn't that far out of the norm for someone to have had say, a tall glass of water after waking, a glass of juice, and 2-3 cups of coffee before noon. I still don't have the results. I should have had them today. In fact I couldn't start today because of this set back from the initial lab error in sealing my first sample.
  15. TheTone

    TheTone New Member

    I passed. Thanks for the help. :hail:
  16. capita6420

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    Yo the you know what your employer does if they find out your piss was dilluted
  17. TheTone

    TheTone New Member

    That varies by employer I think. Some can that a fail. Others may call it a pass. Others may require a retest.

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