Pre-Employment Drug Test (Best Buy)

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by LiveHappy, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    Hey everyone,

    I was a member here a while back but have since forgotten my username.

    Anyways, I remember the wealth of knowledge and experience here concerning drug testing and all the help I got. Well I've got an interview at Best Buy this week and will likely have to take a drug test sometime soon after. To be honest, I wasn't expecting to hear from them but when I got the call today I got very excited. I'm a college student and my previous jobs have all been at fast food restaurants and have, for the most part, hated them.

    However, I love electronics, computers, etc. I actually run a very small business on the side building computers, repairing game consoles (XBox 360s & Playstation 3s), as well as a few other services. As nice as it is to do, I don't make much money with it right now so this job would be great.

    Anyways, I've rambled on long enough. I actually have taken a break from smoking bud for the past two months so I'm sure I'm safe as far as that goes. Unfortunately, I have been taking percocets (sp?) a once or twice a week and don't have a script for them obviously. The active ingredient in them is oxycodone. I've read that the standard 4-panel (I believe) won't actually show oxycodone. While it does have an opiate panel on it, that specifically targets morphine/heroin not oxycodone as it is chemically different (I think?).

    So, I need some advice/information from those that have taken pre-employment drug tests (if you work at Best Buy now or did in the past that would be especially helpful).

    First of all, does anyone know if a standard Pre-Employment drug test regularly looks for oxycodone?

    Second, are you normally observed while giving the sample?

    Third, could anyone suggest a reliable synthetic urine?

    I feel like there was something else that I wanted to ask but I can't seem to think of it right now. Again, if there is anyone out there that has been through the process at Best Buy that has some information that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all.
  2. devvo6786

    devvo6786 New Member

    I can answer partially: you will not be observed...
  3. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    Thanks for the info.

    I figured I'd more than likely not be observed but getting a confirmation from some other people who've been through the process obviously makes me feel better.

    Considering that fact, I'll more than likely go with substitution just to be safe. I know that there is a chance they won't screen for oxycodone but that would be like playing Russian Roulette risking it. Since most of my friends smoke at least a little bit here and there I'll probably have to go with a synthetic urine. My only real concern is getting the temperature right and controlling my nerves. As long as I can do that, I should be alright.

    However, if anyone could suggest a reliable brand I'd really appreciate it. I've thought about getting a device like the Urinator but it's price tag is a bit high for me (at $150.00).

    Anyways, any other information regarding the questions I asked in my first post would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again all.
  4. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    Just a quick update,

    My interview was supposed to be yesterday but it got pushed back until this Monday. I had to get some synthetic urine sent overnight because I wasn't sure if they'd possibly send me to take the drug test after the interview or what.

    I ended up going with a brand called "Ultra Pure". It is a premixed product which is a definite plus, IMO, and comes in a 2oz bottle with a temperature strip and hand warmer. I did a little bit of testing with heating it up by putting it into the microwave to heat it quickly. I found that putting it in for 12 seconds worked the best. It heated it to around a temperature of 102 degrees and with one hand warmer kept it at or above 96 degrees for several hours afterward.

    The company also offers a 500% money back guarantee. I'll be using this just to be safe. Hopefully, all goes well and I will report back once I know the outcome.

    Until then, if there happens to be anyone that has worked for Best Buy now or in the past that could let me know when they usually administered the drug test I'd greatly appreciate that. Whether or not it is after the interview, a few days after the interview, or what exactly?

    Oh, I'd also like to get an electronic thermometer just as an added precaution but obviously want one that doesn't beep or make noise. Does anyone know if CVS, Walgreens, etc happens to sell one that allows you to turn off the sound or just doesn't make any sound?

    Any other advice is still very much appreciated,

    Thanks again.
  5. colakoala

    colakoala New Member

    It takes less than a week to get opiates out of your system, especially if you're not downing them daily. If I were you I'd just hold off for a week before your test and pee in the cup like normal. If you're not in a daily habit I don't see this being too difficult, but if you want to just go with the subbing that's cool. I've known many stoners who work at Best Buy so I imagine the test is fairly simple, just a dip strip without lab, but I'm not speaking from personal experience.

    As for the thermometer, most of the ones you get at a drug store will beep because they're used for checking your temperature if you think you have a fever. Might be able to disable the beeper physically (by like, stabbing it until it wont make noise), but you're better off not sneaking in extra junk. If it's not warm enough when you deliver there's not much you can do in the 5-10 minutes they allow you to pee, so the thermometer is more useful for practicing at home.
  6. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    Thanks for the information.

    I know that most of the time opiates are only in your system for a week so it really depends on when the test is. If I have to take it Monday than there is still a chance it could be in my system. If it is later in the week I'll just pee myself. I went to CVS and they didn't have any expanded opiate drug tests for oxycodone unfortunately. Hopefully, the temperature strip on the bottle is fairly accurate.

    As long as they don't observe, which according to just about every thread I've read about pre-employment tests doesn't happen, than I should be alright. Just going to practice a little bit more and hope for the best.
  7. colakoala

    colakoala New Member

    Practice starting and stopping peeing (pee in the bowl, pour your synthetic in the cup, pee in the bowl again) and then as soon as you're done zip everything up and hand them the cup. The less time your "sample" is in the cup before you hand it off, the more likely it will be warm enough. You want to pee in the toilet so they believe you took the test and aren't just pouring something in the cup, if anyone is listening (better safe than sorry, am I right?)
  8. Mike005

    Mike005 New Member

    Second, are you normally observed while giving the sample?....No you will lead to a bathroom with a strip of paper over the toilet, or some coloring added to the water in the bowl, or both. Don't flush the toilet, don't use the faucet if there is a sink.

    Third, could anyone suggest a reliable synthetic urine?.... I use a good syth urine myself. There are several on the market that are well worth the investment.
  9. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    Thanks a lot for the information.

    As I said, I figured I'd more than likely not be observed but it helps to be told by others that I won't be.

    Anyways, I was offered the job today at Best Buy during my second interview. It went really well they had planned on putting me in the front as a cashier to start but the general manager I spoke with felt it'd be a waste to put me there. So I've been assigned to the sales floor instead which I'm pumped about.

    Now just comes this pesky drug test. It is being performed by LabCorp. I did a little bit of reading on their website. This is what it had to say about opiates...

    The way I am reading that is that they have an extra test for Oxycodone but I don't know if it is part of the standard screening or not. Either way, I think I'd be risking too much not too just use the synthetic urine I bought. Since the company (Ultra Pure) offers a 500% money back guarantee I am fairly confident that it will work as long as I can get the temperature right. Another nice thing beyond it being premixed and having a temperature strip on the bottle is it comes with two caps. One of them is a squeeze bottle top so I won't have to remove the cap in order to use it.

    I am planning on going to buy some boxer briefs because I figure it'd be a bad idea just to keep it in my pocket obviously. Crotching it seems like the most recommended option. Other than that I just have to keep my cool and hope for the best.

    Any other advice you may have would still be very much appreciated.

    Thanks again everyone.
  10. Mike005

    Mike005 New Member

    I think this will be a cake walk for you. Remember to get some hand warmers at a hardware store or sporting goods store. Active the warmer, and attach it to your sample with a good rubberband and watch how it heats up. Usually these get pretty warm so what I do in the bathroom is simple use the water in the bowl to cool the sample down to 90/96 degrees is best range. Just be quiet and do what they say to do. I take a 5 panel DOT test myself so yours should be at least as stringent. I've never had a problem with quik fix by spectrum labs. Been using this for years. Whatever you use, knowing it performs as needed is a great confidence booster. With time, this becomes routine.
  11. colakoala

    colakoala New Member

    Be warned that guarantees are sometimes all talk, and sometimes when they do refund you the money they don't offer the % they promised. Best of luck with subbing though, it has worked for many people.
  12. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    Yeah I figured it was more a marketing tool than anything else. However, I read a couple of forum posts and reviews where people had used it successfully. In one of the posts, he was asked to turn out his pockets and take off his coat. So definitely will be going with crotching the sample. I also read that I will be asked to provide 45 milliliters (about 1.5 ounces) and I've got 2 ounces of the Ultra Pure so that should be plenty.

    I'm sure regardless I will be nervous waiting to hear from them or Best Buy on whether or not I passed. My biggest concern is keeping cool as I have a bit of anxiety. It helps hearing from all of you though that have tried and successfully use substitution.
  13. Mike005

    Mike005 New Member

    With the test, no news is good news. If you pass you pass, if you don't you'll hear about it. Betcha ace this. NP
  14. Smokaholica

    Smokaholica New Member

    Non government employers will not observe you peeing. In fact in most states it is illegal unless you have failed. I think you will be fine - my experience with Best Buy is that every employee I deal with is tweaking on something. That said, dude, give up the percocets. Nothing good can come from that habit. Smoke all the weed you can afford, but give up the opiates.
  15. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    I went to LabCorp today for my drug test and I believe all went well.

    I wore a pair of tight boxer briefs and had crotched the synthetic urine. When I went into the place it was sitting at about a perfect 98 degrees with a hand warmer on it that was included. I had to wait about 10 minutes before I got called back but was confident that the sample would be warm enough.

    Once I was called back they asked me to empty my pockets, wash my hands, and select a cup to use for my urine sample. After I'd done that, they had me go into a small bathroom. The toilet bowl had blue water in it like so many had said it would and I was instructed not to run the sink or flush the toilet.

    I was pretty comfortable throughout the whole situation. I pulled out the bottle the temperature was still sitting right around 98 degrees. Pulled up the squeeze bottle nozzle and put all of it into the cup (purposely spilling a little bit on the cup). I took a look at the temperature strip on the sample cup and had a hard time reading the temperature on it but felt it was correct.

    I came out put it on the table as instructed and the lady took a look at the temperature and marked that it was at the proper temp. My hands were shaking a tiny bit when I was signing the papers after giving the sample but nothing terrible. Overall, I was able to stay calm and collected.

    SOOOOO, assuming that this Ultra Pure synthetic urine is reliable I should have passed with flying colors. I'll probably know 100% by Monday or Tuesday and will report back here again. However, I am pretty confident that everything will be fine.

    Thank you all again for all the advice and information. It was extremely helpful and put me at ease.
  16. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member


    Well now I am a little bit worried. Just about all of the reviews I've read have said that Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine worked for them. However, I did read one forum post where the guy failed because it came back as "non-human".

    I also found this:

    Which has Ultra Pure on the non-recommended list. Now, they sell urine themselves and claim that they are being honest with their criticism of the brands they sell but it could just be marketing. They also have the Urinator on their as not-recommended and I know that product has worked very well for a lot of people.

    Well I guess I'll just have to stick it out worried for the next couple of days. I really wish I'd have read about Quick Fix before I ordered the Ultra Pure because I know that is tried and true.

    EDIT: I think I am letting my nerves get to me a little bit too much. I've now come across three more sites that sell Quick Fix and Ultra Pure side-by-side as their best sellers. Also, there have been numerous threads I have read where people had to go to head shops because of a random test or something couldn't find Quick Fix, only Ultra Pure. I mean if it wasn't a good brand why would so many head shops carry it. I guess that might be a stupid reason because they are just trying to make money. However, if it was such a terrible brand I feel like I'd be finding a lot more negative reviews than positive reviews on it. Thus far, I've only found the one website and a single one-sentence forum post from somebody who said it showed up as "non-human".

    Lastly, the threads range from 2008 to 2011 so if it has been around since at least 2008 I'm sure I'd have heard more negatives about it right? LOL, need some encouragement.

    EDIT(2): One last thing, when I got to the lab I didn't have to pee at all. I tried once I got into the bathroom but was unable to go at all and didn't want to take too long in the bathroom. So I didn't pee at all into the bowl. The employee told me that if I had to go more than what she indicated I needed to provide just to go into the cup or the toilet bowl. Is that going to be a problem? Only reason I say that is because I saw a post here while doing some searching that she "peed into the toilet bowl to fool their little blue dye pee thing" or something like that. I doubt that will matter but anxiety is setting in even though I'm sure I'll probably be fine.
  17. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    Another ugh for me...

    So I was a bit of an idiot and didn't even think to look at the form they gave me to take to LabCorp for my Pre-Employment drug screen. It stated right on the form the type of test they had requested. It was a 5 Drug BUND test. I am assuming that is a pretty standard 5-panel drug test which, more than likely, wouldn't have even shown Oxycodone.

    I probably could of peed myself and been totally fine without having to use the synthetic urine. I guess there is still always a chance it would have been tested for but I can't stop second guessing myself.

    It is going to be a long, long weekend indeed.
  18. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    From what I've read/heard etc, I believe opiates are water-soluble, meaning much more easily flushed from your system via drinking fluids than the THC metabolites which come from clinging onto fat. In any case, a week would have been plenty of time, and I would NOT assume that they won't test for it, because you'd much rather be safe than have that come back and bite you in the ass. I saw you already did the sub technique, and if they were to ask you to come back to re-test, I would hope you can refrain from use for a week lol. Job making $$ >> drugs for 1 week.

    Anyway, hope for the best for you bud, be easy.
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  19. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    I had quit taking them for 6 days leading up to the test but I just wanted to be safe. I couldn't find a drug test locally for oxycodone so that didn't help since I couldn't know with a good amount of certainty that I was clean.

    I doubt I'll be able to go in for another test if the synthetic urine is found to be well synthetic urine. I think that is more with a diluted sample. I am probably stressing over nothing.

    Just about every review I've read Ultra Pure has worked for people. Hopefully, since Best Buy probably isn't going to pay out the butt for advanced screenings that it'll be a basic 5-panel screen with a low-grade test for substitution (just checking creatine, PH, and what not) without any of the more advanced techniques that can be used to detect synthetic urine.

    EDIT: Well I just read this on LabCorp's website:

    From reading that it makes me think that they can ask for the additional "specimen validity testing" but I'm sure it probably costs extra. LOL, I've always been like this obsessing over things.
  20. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    Yeah I'm just IFFFF they have you re-test, but I agree, doubtful. Odd you couldn't find a more extensive test, at like Walgreens or something? And from I've been told, the employer is the one who defines what they want tested and also what the cutoff limits are for those tests, which makes sense since they are the ones paying for it.

    Given your current situation, I'd just relax and get your mind off it, because it's no longer in your hands.

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