Pre-Employment Drug Test (Best Buy)

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by LiveHappy, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    Well, on the form that I was given at Best Buy to take to LabCorp it stated what test they wanted done. It was a "5 Drug BUND" test, which from some research I've done is basically their cheapest test at about $60.00 each. My assumption, is since Best Buy went with the cheapest and least extensive drug test (they have 7, 9, and 10 Drug BUND tests as well) that they want the bare minimum.

    You're completely right, at this point it is out of my hands but I've also been the type of person that stresses like crazy over things like this.
  2. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    Dude trust me, I've been losing sleep dreading my upcoming test this Monday.... like I'm regretting smoking the 20 something days ago I did more than almost anything in my entire life. Some things are just very hard to not think about.
  3. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    Yeah, it's never an easy thing not to think about.

    It was definitely the worst for me when I was 16 and got caught with a little bit of bud. That of course got me probation with random testing and even though I quit as soon as I was put on probation I was a very large guy back than. Add to that I was smoking 2-4 times daily I probably wouldn't have been clean for a good 6 weeks or more. Thankfully, I used dilution techniques I'd learned here and never failed. It didn't hurt that they only used a dip stick test and didn't test for dilution I don't believe.

    Ha, I wish I had a little bit of bud to smoke right now. Would probably help to relax me a little bit but oh well.
  4. Mike005

    Mike005 New Member

    The 5 panel test for urine is pretty inclusive. If your product performs as expected, this is done and you are in. I am subjected to these tests every time. Like I said, no news is good news. They will get the results by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Late results aren't new, it's happened to me before and all was fine. Just a backlog at the lab. Walking into this a first time is stressful. However, you weren't one of those sitting there in the waiting room sweating a for sure positive. You were as prepared as you could be. Lay off the opiates my friend....All they do is put time on in age you before your time. That, in the end is not a test I want to take prematurely.
  5. Mike005

    Mike005 New Member

    20 days is a pretty long time. You should get some test strips from a drug store and check your self TOMORROW!!! You may well be in the clear. If your not, take steps to cleanse your urine this weekend, or use a substitute. Don't walk into the test winging it. That is the worst thing you can do to yourself.
  6. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    Yeah, I've only got about 20 of these left and I'm not planning on buying anymore for a while after these run out. Too expensive anyways.

    I know I am just worrying way more than I should be but just an anxious guy. Always have been.
  7. Mike005

    Mike005 New Member

    I'm trying to give out my knowledge through experience. No charge here....
  8. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    I mean the only measures I am doing over the next few days are creatine ingestion and eating fatty foods (WOOO mickey d's!! haha). Sunday I plan on testing in the morning, if I pass on my first piss I should be good, but if not I'm going to dilute a bit and check again later on in the day. There's nothing else to really do until then, right? The dilution method is only really for the day of, besides the creatine & fatty foods, right?
  9. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member


    I've been able to calm myself down a little bit at least. I am still anxious about it but trying my best just to get in the mind set that at this point it is out of my hands and whatever happens, happens.

    I kind of wish I'd have just gone in on Wednesday now so that I would have had a chance to hear something today since it usually takes about 48 business hours for the results. Oh well, trying to think positive.
  10. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    So much going wrong with synthetics these days it's kinda making me mental. Walgreen's does usually carry a five panel and a nine panel, although the cost can be prohibitive, so shop around CVS, Walmart, and online to see what you find. If the test is too cheap, I'd look into it--anything less than five or seven dollars per test on one that's five or more panels.

    You could easily have used your own urine for this one, and yes, oxycodone is water soluble. Please let us know what happens--oftentimes with synthetics it gets chalked up to a retest, so you'd be good to go in that instance. Hoping the very best for you!

  11. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    Well would a 5-panel even show Oxycodone? I thought most standard 5-panels only showed opiates like morphine, heroin, and codeine basically.

    Hopefully it will just end up coming back alright and won't have to worry about taking a re-test. If they only test creatine, PH, and specific gravity and the synthetic is what they say it is (which I know isn't always the case) than hopefully I'll be alright. If they try using more advanced methods of testing it than I may have a problem.

    My hope is that since Best Buy probably only payed for the cheapest 5-panel drug test that they won't go using some of the more advanced tests for synthetics. I'll know soon enough though. If I don't hear anything from the lab by Tuesday I should be fine I'd think. Until than I'll just try my best not to think about it.

    EDIT: Quick question for you Dave. You seem to be quite knowledgeable about drug testing and what not. What tests do they use these days to find out if urine is synthetic or real? Do all labs use these testing techniques nowadays or is it just some of them employing the advanced screenings beyond creatinine, PH, and specific gravity? I've heard the vast majority of the failed synthetic tests have come out of Oregon, Florida, and Hawaii. However, I am sure it has happened to others outside of those states.
  12. colakoala

    colakoala New Member

    Oxy can false-positive for opiates, but you probably have to take a fair amount for that to happen. They're closely related though, so better safe than sorry?
  13. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    That is true. I'd heard that if you take huge amounts that it can sometimes show as morphine but I've also heard that is a myth. Not really sure what to believe.

    I am just worried that if they do find out it is synthetic that I won't have a chance to do a re-test anyways but who knows. Here is to hoping the lab tech checking my urine is lazy.
  14. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    You're right about those states being prominent places where people have had issues with synthetics, but lately the problems have ramped up more in those areas and are starting to pop up at random across the US. No, all labs don't use the same exact techniques, and also, how extensive and what type of testing is done will largely depend on what was ordered by the employer. Usually synthetics are found out in the GC/MS phase when a tech has reason to believe there is something amiss with a sample so it gets send off for secondary testing. It is here that it is discovered that certain properties in human pee won't be in synthetics. Creatinine, specific gravity, pH, etc. need to be there, and some synthetics have some of these, but to my knowledge, none has all of them.

    Keep us posted!

  15. LiveHappy

    LiveHappy New Member

    Thank you very much for the information.

    It is great to have people like you here with extensive knowledge. Best Buy asked for a "5 Drug BUND" test. I'm not sure what BUND stands for but I assume it is probably just a standard 5-panel test of some sort. Hopefully, as long as the lab tech doesn't suspect something is amiss than they won't send it for further testing but I guess that is at the discretion of the lab tech.

    Also, Ultra Pure "claims" to have creatine, PH, and specific gravity in their synthetic urine but who really knows. I obviously had no way of telling for certain if it did or not.
  16. YouLiveAndLearn

    YouLiveAndLearn Sr. Member

    I ended up remembering my old username from a while back.

    I wonder if it'd be possible for an admin to merge the posts I've made with LiveHappy onto this account or something.
  17. YouLiveAndLearn

    YouLiveAndLearn Sr. Member


    I've got another question for you if you wouldn't mind. Let's just say by some miracle that the synthetic urine I bought actually had what they advertised in it. That being creatine, PH, and specific gravity. If those three were present in it would the GC/MS be able to detect that it was synthetic urine still?

    Also, what would make a lab tech suspect that it was an adulterated/substituted sample if the preliminary test came back negative for drugs? I've read the smell and that synthetics won't foam? Or is it something else they look for?

    EDIT: Well I just found a couple threads about Ultra Pure synthetic that were written just last month where people passed using it. That makes me feel a little bit better that it worked for someone so recently where it was done at a lab. LOL, I apologize for all the posts it just helps me to feel better typing it out and what not.

    EDIT(2): One more quick question Dave, I went onto your website and on the drug detection times table it says that Oxycodone is only detectable in urine for 1-24 hours. Is that really the case? If I'd have known that I wouldn't even have bothered with the synthetic. I thought it was in your system for a minimum of 3-4 days and as long as 10 days or is that just other opiates?
  18. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    A tech could become suspicious if the sample was at the very top or the very bottom of the allowed temperatures (90 and 100 in most cases), if the sample was very clear or very neon, if the sample would not suds up or foam when shaken, if upon smelling the sample that unique human urine scent was missing. I know it sounds gross to thins someone would look into each of these details, but if you read this forum, you'll read all about techs doing this or that or seeming to just have a feeling that caused a sample to wind up having to go the extra mile of testing.

    If your product did have all of those things, I would think you'd be in the clear--but I would also think that the product would be selling like hotcakes and the company would be an absolute goldmine because to my knowledge, no synthetic urine has been able to stand up to GC/MS integrity tests for every single one of those properties. But please let us know if you do pass with this stuff because it could be very helpful for people around here who sub.

    As far as I know with oxycodone, that is correct but there are so many caveats with any times table--you'll note that the same table says 30 days for cannabis when we all know that some people can pass in seven days while others still can't pass at 70. And this is why I am such a huge proponent for home testing to find out what's up before deciding any course of action.

    Hope all this info helps and keep me up to date with any new news!

  19. YouLiveAndLearn

    YouLiveAndLearn Sr. Member

    Thanks very much for the information.

    As for the temperature being on the higher or lower end of the allowed 90-100 degrees it was around 97-98 degrees or so when I took it out to use it. Also, I don't believe the tech taking my urine actually recorded the exact temperature. I was right next to her as she was doing it and she just wrote "Yes" in the column for the 90-100 degrees. There wasn't a notation for what the exact temperature was. In fact if memory serves me correct, the strip on the sample cup didn't even have numbered degrees just 4 dots which told the tech that it was in the correct temperature range.

    The sample wasn't very neon or very clear either. It looked remarkably like a normal color urine that someone would expel that was an average fluid drinking. Not potently yellow like a first void of the day or obviously ultra clear because of dilution. Obviously, lab techs are much more adept at noticing the small signs but outside of he/she smelling it or shaking it to see if it suds/foams up. I guess as far as the suspicions a lab tech might have it would be those two that would be the killer.

    What I don't understand is that synthetic urines have been around for a while now and so have GC/MS tests. Why is it that just so recently they have been able to start detecting the synthetics so much better? I mean I'm sure they were able to check the creatine, PH, and specific gravity with GC/MS for longer than the crack-down on synthetics has happened.

    Another hypothetical, say that I had just peed myself and was clean for drugs. The sample didn't look overly neon yellow or very clear. Would they still test to see if it was diluted? The cheaper more commonly used technique is to just check the creatine levels right (without using GC/MS)?

    Oh well, by tomorrow (Monday) I should more than likely be getting a call from either my employer or the lab with the results and I will be certain to post them here.

    Also, let's say that they detected that it was synthetic urine. In your experience, since you know some people that have failed using synthetics, do they allow people to re-test normally or is it just sorry thanks for playing type deal? Does anyone have any advice on how I should approach handling it to try and get a re-test? Like just act like there is no way that is possible. I have nothing to hide, I don't do drugs ever, this is outrageous, blah, blah to try and get a retest?
  20. YouLiveAndLearn

    YouLiveAndLearn Sr. Member


    It is officially Monday here on the East Coast and the GM at Best Buy told me that he would likely know by today (Monday) the results of my drug test and background check. I'm not worried about the background check since the worst thing I have on my record is a Wreckless Op. No felonies or anything crazy.

    So it all comes down to whether or not the Ultra Pure synthetic urine holds up through the drug test.

    I am praying that I will get a call from Best Buy tomorrow and not the Lab/MRO. I just hope I get the news early in the day because I am likely going to be going crazy with anticipation of what the results are.

    I will be sure to post whether I passed or not as soon as I hear. Wish me luck everyone.

    EDIT: Well I am still wide awake and it is 5:20am where I live. I am so anxious about what today will bring whether it will be good news or bad news. I really wish it was 12 hours from now because there is a good chance I would have heard something by than. I just really hope that I hear something today and don't have to wait until Tuesday or later to get a call from either my employer or the lab.

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