Pre-Employment Drug Test (Best Buy)

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by LiveHappy, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. DrugTestDave

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    zander145, have you done a home test yet? I bet you anything you're in perfect shape to pass your test. Grab a home THC test at Walgreen's or CVS. Best of luck!

  2. JohnnyK123

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    I recently took a urine test in the past week. They got back to me the next day and told me I had to re-take because the sample was "dilutive". As a background, I took the drink OmniClean because it has worked for me before. I also heard two others had to re-take because of dilutive samples.

    I hadn't smoked in 24 days (only 1 or 2 hits). And I only smoked once in the past month. Leading up to that, I was smoking every other day 1-2 times a day for the past 5 months. I am 6'1 and 190. I trained hardcore this summer for several races - running 40 miles a week, swimming 5 miles a day and lifting 3-4 times per week. In addition, I went in the steam every other day for the past 3 months (not bc of testing but b/c of weight loss and relaxation), and drank a lot of water/cranberry juice. I also took niacin every other day 2 weeks leading up to the drug test. I ended up losing about 20 pounds throughout this process. I self-tested myself on three occasions, and came up negative. After the re-test, I tested myself again for a 4th time and came up negative again.

    All my friends think I'm good - and OmniClean worked for me before when I was positive (I smoked 12 days before and came up positive on home test). This time, I re-took straight up w/o Omniclean. Should be good to go right? I know I'm being paranoid
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    hi johnnyk..i can help you with one of your questions...don't worry yourself with synthetic urine. I was in a car wreck and my doctor prescribed me oxycodone, i am a daily smoker also. I bought this product Optimal kleen when i was applying for this job because i thought i would be tested. Well they didn't test me til almost 3 months later, after two months i started smoking and taking my oxycodone on a daily basis. well my boss comes to me before lunch and says that after lunch i need to take a urine test. i went to my car and got my bottle of optimal kleen and drank it and was ready to take the test when i got back from lunch. my boss sent me to a lab down the street for my drug test..and i PASSED the test for EVERYTHING!
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    hey guys new to forum..i use too smoke one bowl a day n like 4 on weekends..i got this new real good job n have been drinking bout 60 of more ounces of water monday-friday n have stopped eating fast food but have ate it once in awhile..i have been testing myself with those 5 panel test from detox location that buddy works at...n i can out negative on all of them but the line was faint...i am 5'9 1/2 n weigh 190 n i test in 3days should i worry...its a preemployment pshyical/drug test so cant use quick fix....i plan n sitting in sauna this weekend for at least 2hrs a day...please someone ease my mind n let me no..n i read bout loading up on creatine how many pills i take please lmk guys
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    What about the urinator do they not recommend. Temperature control.... it's the only thing on the market that is basically 'plug-and-play', just hook up the batteries and it holds temperature. I do have to admit it is a little bulky, but as long as you are not being watched (probation or parole). It beats the heck out of constantly having to peek down at your sample wondering if it is too hot or too cold, like anything using organic heat pads.

    They don't recommend it, but don't say why..... could it be that it's because they don't sell it......and their reviews are based on products that they sell. Not on how good they are.
  6. Fingal

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    Ummmmm old thread yes but..... Oxycodone is not an illegal drug. Just say you had a kidney stone and took it for a while. Explaining pot in your system is harder, since it is apparently illegal

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