Pre-employment drug test?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by NCpothead, May 18, 2010.

  1. NCpothead

    NCpothead New Member

    Does autozone do pre-employment drug tests? I have an interview somewhere in Virginia. If they do, would subbing urine in a shampoo bottle stay hot enough if crotched during the interview and the drive over?
  2. dabuddhauser

    dabuddhauser New Member

    Autozone does test by urine. Subbing with work, but why would you need to crotch it through the interview? They should give you 24-48hrs to complete the drug test at a different site. Even if you have to crotch in through the interview buy a pack of hand warmers and rubber band one to the bottle. Also buy and reptile thermometer to monitor the temp and insure its at the right temp.

    NCpothead, Do you live in NC? if so were at i also live in NC.
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  3. NCpothead

    NCpothead New Member

    Gaston, at the top. Live at the beach too.
  4. SecretStoner

    SecretStoner New Member

    How did it go? -- I did a test with water, and I was capable of brining 60 degree water up to 95 degrees. I had it between my cheeks ( it sucks but works ). Also have a thermometer ready, and use your heater if you are scared bring it to like 100-105 degrees once you get it in it should be about 98 or less.

    Good Luck

    Let us know how it goes.
  5. NCpothead

    NCpothead New Member

    Well, the interview is tomorrow, and I have no idea if they drug test right after, or call me back. Anyone know?

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