Prediction of when it will be legalized

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by icedragon891, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. icedragon891

    icedragon891 Guest


    When do you think this awesome, amazing plant will be legalized? By what date? Hiding it gets to be a pain in the ass, when will WE HAVE OUR FREEDOM?
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  2. shears

    shears New Member


    or 5 years
  3. marcusJay

    marcusJay New Member

    Tomorrow? Not likely.
    5 years? Not likely either.
    I'm guessing in the neighborhood of 30 to 40 years. And thats being optimistic.
  4. Freedom_User

    Freedom_User ....Is really high

    I believe it will come down to individual States. If California and Tom Ammiano bill goes they way I want it to, then I believe people will start waking up and realize how wrong they've been for so long.

    I'd say 2-4 years we will have some major changes in State reform. It's only been 3 months in 2009, and it's been one hell of a ride.
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  5. wake and bacon

    wake and bacon New Member

    I'd say, at this point, with so much reform movements going on... 5 years. Maybe 10. By 10, I would say at the very least we have states with legalization. Hopefully federal.
  6. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Depends on Obama's success

    If Obama/Democrats are in as much trouble as GWB was at the end of his administration, be that 4 or 8 years, conservatives will trash all things liberal and any gains made will be lost. Just as Obama has done with stem cell research, MMJ raaids, and the reclassification of enemy combatants If Dems can stay in office for 8-12yrs. perhaps their will be enough positive history to endure the next conservative administration.
    I doubt that legalized/buy it in a store like liquor will ever happen. But as MMJ spreads decriminalization may be a possibility.
  7. wake and bacon

    wake and bacon New Member

    I would bet a lot of money and weed that EVENTUALLY legalized/buy it in a store will happen. It's all just a matter of when.
  8. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    I hope you are right

    We made predictions in the 70's that have long since expired, I hope my cynicism is proven wrong someday. In the mean time pass me that light will ya.
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  9. shears

    shears New Member

    are you sure it won't happen tomorrow? i was really pumped about it....

    well atleast i have sarcasm
  10. joebob4790

    joebob4790 New Member

    yeah.. i'm really wanting like two or three.

    maybe something making the federal ban nonexistent will be passed so that states can govern it..
  11. stevebeast

    stevebeast New Member

    I dont think I have felt optimism like this since Jimmy Carter was pesident, but i predict 30 years from now it will still be illegal and a new group of young people will talking about how they are almost there.
  12. antidestro

    antidestro New Member

    Jimmy Carter; "We should encourage local police to give priority to violent crimes- assault, robbery, rape, muggings, murders. When I was Governor of Georgia, we stopped treating alcoholism as a crime to provide increased medical help to alcoholics and to free our police and courts to concentrate on violent crimes" =optimism

    Recent Changes; California introduces bill to start taxing cannabis, in Massachusetts you pay for possession of less than an ounce like a parking ticket, etc... = freaking out!!!!

    its march and we got a new president in January... not to mention Obama has already said "Marijuana" is no where near the top of his priority list. So the issue moving slowly and we have already gotten this much done; I would predict within Obama's first term :D

    then again I am pretty optimistic
  13. LowRider

    LowRider Sr. Member

    Bible belt never. everywhere else in the next 5 yrs. maybe sooner if Cali legalizes it and gets away with it (meaning shops don't get raided)
  14. allenlovesgreen

    allenlovesgreen Subscriber

    This year has been a great year for our community so far... If you don't believe me, check this thread I made a little ago.

    There is not a way to know an exact date but it's coming and remember, better later than never. :D
  15. marcusJay

    marcusJay New Member

    Jimmy Carter sucked. He was a good man but a rotten president who had no leadership skills at all. Iran knew that and thats why they walked all over him.
  16. yoman3

    yoman3 Has boobs as an avatar

    That's the most likely. If things start going terrible with the Obama administration the republicans (or maybe even democrats) are going to destroy all liberal advancement. However, if things go well in these next 4-8 years and marijuana is legalized, then maybe it would stay legalized.

    Prediction wise I'd say 10 years tops. In the next few years I'd bet anything that we will see more and more state legislation that will legalize marijuana, especially if things go well with the California bill. By that time I doubt the federal government will give a shit.
  17. Arman

    Arman New Member

    More like pessimistic. Come on, 30-40 years?!?! No way, 10 years sounds MUCH more reasonable.

    2009 has so far been a great year, and if we continue to take strides like this, you'll be seeing marijuana at your local convenience store in no time ;).
  18. Ianfagerstrom

    Ianfagerstrom New Member

    Ever the optimist, I predict it will be before Obama's 2nd term ends.
  19. marcusJay

    marcusJay New Member

    10 years ago people just like yourself were saying "Just wait 10 years and it'll be legal, just wait and see." What makes you any different from them?
  20. icedragon891

    icedragon891 Guest

    Obama is a liar that says things only so people can vote for him. So far, I can see that his presidency has been a major failure, and the stimulus was a train wreck. He said he would decriminalize marijuana, but then, the DEA started their first raids under his administration in January. He is a lying hypocrite. And the American people needs to know that he isn't who they think he is. He won't do anything for anybody, he will only serve special interest and bureaucrats, as seen in the early days of his campaign (now).

    Of course what I said is from my view, but I just had to get that out. This man was NEVER for decriminilization/legalization of marijuana. The only way for his administration and congress will make it legal is if you pressure them, and do what a lot of people are doing now, and that is try to get the laws reformed.

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