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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by graycieys, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. graycieys

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    I'm a regular user have been most of my life. I am almost 32 years old and 25 weeks pregnant for my second child. ( Before I go any further I will ask that negative comments not be posted. I have done my research and even my midwife told me that the effects on the baby are the same as smoking cigarettes.)
    So yes.... I told her (my midwife) I smoke because they give everyone a urine test so I figured I best be honest except i told her i hadnt smoked in two weeks which was a lie. I am a self medicator. I have anxiety and the nausea from pregnancy is terrible. I smoke every day a few times a day. My test is in one week and I quit one week ago. My midwife specifically schedueled me so that my urine would be clean so I wish I had been honest in the first place and told her I had smoked that morning.
    Im drinking alot of water...just because im supposed to anyways...and peeing alot because the baby bounces on my bladder. Is there anything else I can do to insure a clean test. I'd hate to have gone through the anxiety and sickness of quitting just to pee dirty anyway.
  2. graycieys

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    ohh Side Note, something natural, I cant...wont... take any of those super cleaners they sell at head and porn shops. Its bad enough my doctor took my herb away and put my on an anti depressent..with a laundered list of side effects. I'm only taking that for a few weeks because I am kicking cigarettes too. I dont like chemicals is what im saying if that helps. thanks in advance
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    Are you sure they are testing for weed? I smoked my whole pregnancy. You know in a more toned down fashion. Totally does help prevent throwing up and provides an appetite when you are too sick to eat. I was worried they would say something but no one ever did. I quit for my scheduled c-section since I did not want to be dirty at the birth. That is when CPS would have been called.
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    I've read on this site that being pregnant increases the blood flow through your kidneys and that is exactly what you need to clean you out. I'm not sure but it might be double the amount of blood that normally passes through so you should be rid of metabolites faster.

    You've probably gotten all kinds of shit from people about your cannabis consumption but I believe that it's better than those anti-depressants or sleeping pills they prescribe to pregnant women. The only thing I would recommend is that you get a vaporizer like right away. A volcano if you can find one. I found mine on craigslist for half the price and it has defintely been worth the money. There is no need to subject your child to smoke(and possibly flint dust or carbon monoxide) when you can vaporize.

    If you have any misgivings about your cannabis use during pregnancy you should look up Melanie Dreher's research on pregnant Jamaican women(if you haven't already). At least look it up so you can be armed with the information when the time comes to defend your choice.
  5. Webdox

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    Time and exercise are what unloads THC metabolites from your fat cells. The rate of blow flow through your kidneys has nothing to do with that. Besides, most THCA is excreted via stool, not urine.
  6. graycieys

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    Yes my midwife said if i test positive than they will have to test the baby at birth and social services may get involved. She said even though the harm to the baby isn't more than smoking cigarettes, social services could potentially make alot of trouble for me. Maybe she was exagerating a bit but not worth the trouble, small town judgemental people. She said if i couldn't quit for thirty days than i have a problem. which I found offensive but I suppose she is a doctor and has been trained to sell sell sell those perscription drugs.
    I cried for the first three days after i quit, i have insomnia...couldn't sleep barely ate and sick as a dog. I work full time as an executive chef which can be pretty stressful.... I wonder how this anxiety and stress could possible be better for the baby than a little puff here and there. Just the anxiety of sweating the urine test is killing me.
    I took the recommended sleeping aid for pregnant women one night and noticed much less movement from the baby all the next day and evening, it scared the S**t out of me so I'm back to herbal tea and sleeplessness. I don't like their drugs. I plan on going off the welbutrin as soon as i get through this next week even though I have a three month prescription.

    I smoked with my first, he was born full birth weight with all his digits healthy and happy. He is thirteen now, smart, kind and has confidence unlike most kids his age. No harm done.

    The vaporizer is a great idea. My friend actually has one she offered to let me borrow awhile back, I will have to take her up on that.

    I guess I will take up some light exercize to help clear my system on top of the drinking and peeing ... certainly cant hurt. fortunetly I dont weigh much 5' 6" tall ...123 pre pregnancy and 140 now.
  7. Gregg

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    Stop smoking your baby retarded, dont even tell us it doesnt do anything.
  8. misspotts

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    There is nothing she can do about it while you are prego. Dont worry about this UA. Piss dirty if you have to and clean up by the birth. If you need a quitting buddy let me know. I have to quit to get into this nursing school. Kinda shitty. I can maintain a 4.0 blazing it every night so what is the problem?

    Oh yeah ur baby wont be retarded my kid is super smart!
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    I agree. Ive smoked for 15 years and maintain a 3.8 GPA. I smoked when prego and my son is also smart as a whip. "Above average" I believe is what his school said.:D

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