pregnant and need to pass piss test in hospital

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by oneluv4boognish, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. oneluv4boognish

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    Well, I'm sure i'll get some people going off about smoking pot when pregnant...yes i know your opinion...and if that's what i wanted i'd have asked for it. Basically from what i gather every time you have a baby the hospital will test you regardless. Mind you in the supreme court case Ferguson v. South Carolina they said this was a breach of 4th amendment rights....not that the state of AZ gives a damn. So....i'm checking out these detox drinks...which i'm skeptical of to begin with. The ones i'm seeing say to consult my doctor...that's a great idea...let me ask him if i can beat the piss test with a detox drink...and if it's safe...let me just admit to him that i smoke pot. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice....i've smoked daily for 12 years and i pretty much have quit...except for the occasional few hits here and there (3 hits in 4 days)....HELP!
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    On the day of your piss test, drink lots of water or herbal tea. Just drink a whole bunch. Don't overdo it... I'd say maybe drink a gallon of water, in addition to the fluids you normally consume... in the 3 hours leading up to your hospital piss test. Perhaps drink a good amount of apple juice to keep your pee yellow, as well.

    Also, be sure to pee at home first before the test at the hospital. This will spit out residual toxins ahead of time.

    You should pass the test. just by doing this. Since you're not a heavy smoker anyway.

    Since placebo is also a real effect, you may want to purchase one of those detox-pass-the-test drinks, but that's up to you. They do work... but drinking plenty of fluids works just as well.

    If for some reason you do test positive (but you really shuldn't), then deny, deny, deny. If they ask how this culd possibly occur, say you don't know. If they ask if you've been anywhere where you culd be exposed, say you were at a concert last weekend.

    The test they will most likely use on you is EMIT, because that's the most economical. The THC metabolites in yer pee have to be above a certain baseline level. Below that level, they forgive you. They treat it as a negative.

    So you really should be okay.

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  3. trade04

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    first off, whats more important your baby or getting high? Do you know that drugs effect the neurophysiology of you AND your baby. which is crucial to the development of a fetus. Drugs pass through the placental barrier think about you and the baby as one organism. So as long as you are dirty so is your baby...and vice versa
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    Lucky baby, I would have started getting high as a fetus if I could have.
  5. CharlesRIFQ

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    Wow, after thinking further about this, not only is the fetus already a pot veteran, it's also incapable of receiving most corporate jobs (drug tests). I went onto to ponder about whether or not the fetus could be charged for public intoxication. Does the womb count as private quarters??? Maybe we could force an early delivery and make this fetus a convicted criminal before its even born.

    *The above posts are extremely insensitive, and would probably warrant me getting hit in the face. I did decide to post them for whoever's humor is sick enough to enjoy. Personally, I think getting loaded while pregnant is ****ed.
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    Okay....thank you to the first person who responded.

    Next, let me go on to say that I'm well aware of the so called do your damn homework. Smoking a cigarette is worse for the fetus than smoking a joint. Thanks to big brother it's perfectly okay for me to smoke 3 packs of cigs a day but if i smoke a J a week....i'm oh so wrong. Pot is the least harmful of any drug you could do when you're pregnant. Also, as wrong as it might have been, I smoked pot daily and heavily with my first pregnancy...since when i got pregnant i was badly addicted to cocaine and gave it up cold turkey. I couldn't eat anything at all...the pot was what got my kid nourished.

    I've been doing some digging about the detox drinks and my big concern was that they didn't list ingredients. I know that aspirin will supposedly make ya i didn't know if that was in those drinks. The only one i could find that listed the ingredients was Vale Detox...and it's all natural stuff. So, might anyone know of the stuff? I have read that less than 1% of people fail their test...and they are the ones that can't read instructions. Also....I'm wondering which type of test the hospital will do....are their cutoffs 50 ng/ml or 15 ng/ml? Thanks to those that aren't cynical and don't have their heads inserted in their rectums :D
  7. oneluv4boognish

    oneluv4boognish New Member

    Also, I've been told that if i do fail that I should say i've been taking hemp seed oil as a health supplement, which i've read is extremely healthy for the baby. I've also read that it MAY cause a false positive....anyone know more about the stuff?
  8. Steelerbabe

    Steelerbabe New Member

    I've had two children and neither time was drug tested. The only people I know of that were drug tested were people on parole or already in the court system.
  9. 29yeartoker

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    Detox Drinks

    Are you sure they are doing a drug test? It's been years since I had a child so I don't know if things have changed, but I had never heard of them giving drug tests just because your pregnant and they want to make sure you are not endangering the child.I would make sure that those detox drinks will actually work as alot of them don't and are very expensive. Also be sure that it won't be harmful for the baby. I think you should just use partial of the dilution method and take a home test to see if it will work since you obviously have to delete some of the steps. I don't know when you quit toking as much or when you have to take the test, but if I was in your shoes that's what I would do.

    I wish you luck
    29 :wave:
  10. oneluv4boognish

    oneluv4boognish New Member

    i'm 99.9% sure

    The only detox drink that i've found ingredients on is Vale's....and i've looked at all the ingredients....they're all natural. I've been smoking so light for the last 2 months....but i do plan on getting some home tests and seeing if i come up clean. And once i hit 30 weeks i'm calling it quits completely....just to be sure....but thanx for the reply :thumbsup:
  11. grillmeats

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    You could sub or dilute. 30 weeks in might be a little to late. Try 20 weeks. This way you cover all aspects. I do think you shouldn't smoke at all however.
  12. oneluv4boognish

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    too late for the 20 week mark

    I'm already 26 weeks as of tomorrow. The problem with subbing or synthetic urine is that i'm pregnant....and if i use urine that isn't they'll know that. I'm working on the dilution method...but i can't take aspirin when pregnant. However i figure what i'll do is dilute minus the aspirin...i'm already drinking lotsa gatorade and fruit juices to help clean me out...and i'm going to have aspirin and gatorade on hand so if they say i'm positive i can scream about it and take 4 or 5 aspirin and chug gatorade and pray for the best. I'm going to chill on stressing over it till i give myself 30 days totally clean and take a home piss test...if it's negative then i should be kewl...ya think? What is the deal with the tums/rolaids thing though? I keep seeing this all over the forum, but i don't know why/how it helps.
  13. grillmeats

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    Stop now and hopefully you'll be fine before the 30 week mark
  14. suzy

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    why don't you just QUIT SMOKING now, most importantly for the sake of the innocent precious life that has been given to you, and least importantly you will test negative. poor little baby : (
  15. oneluv4boognish

    oneluv4boognish New Member

    Thanks suzy

    I appreciate you telling me something i already knew :wave:
  16. fugwb

    fugwb New Member

    I quit

    I'm a chronic smoker, but I quit smoking when I got pregnant. There was no second thought about whether I should quit or not. The instant I found out I was pregnant, I quit smoking. This also proved to me that marijuana is not addictive. And even if it was addictive, I would've done everything I can to make sure I got some help. There was no way in hell I was gonna jeopardize my baby's health.

    My daughter is now 13 and she's beautiful and has no health problems at all. She's also a straight A student. I did everything I can to make myself healthy while I was pregnant, because of my child. At the risk of sounding like holier than thou, you need to do the same. You need to think about your baby first. You need to quit NOW and stop thinking about passing a damn drug test or anything else. Your baby should be your first priority!

    I do wish you and your baby all the luck in the world. You're gonna need it.
  17. oneluv4boognish

    oneluv4boognish New Member

    yet again

    Yes you do sound holier than thou. You should research what you are preaching on before you preach. I smoked the ENTIRE time i was pregnant with my first. He's six years old now...the third best reader in his class....i wouldn't say genius but certainly gifted. So until you really know what you are talking about please keep your comments to yourself...especially when they don't pertain to the original thread. I didn't ask for comments from the peanut gallery about their own personal (and seemingly narrow minded) comments on smoking pot when question relates to a drug test...while being pregnant....hence the post in the URINE TESTING part. :sigh:
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  18. fugwb

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    You smoked the ENTIRE time on a previous pregnancy? And you're ****ing bragging about it? And you're calling me holier than thou? Please. Yeah ok, forget the baby. Just worry about your drug test. You're right. We're not talking about your baby. This is about you and your urine test and not about the baby. This is about you passing a urine test, not about the baby. I forgot! My bad!
  19. grillmeats

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    Stop this bickering. Let us live in peace
  20. oneluv4boognish

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    i'm done bickering

    but lady, if you knew what you were talking about, you'd know that compared to the how many women that smoke cigarettes....smoking a J is better for the baby than smoking a cig....yet the government would think NOTHING wrong or abusive if i was smoking 3 packs a day. Let me worry about my baby....seriously....the point i was trying to make is that the name of the thread was not "pregnant and need to hear a lecture about how you think it's oh so wrong". I smoke maybe a J a week total. Yet the government thinks that somehow that makes me a horrible mother, when CPS should really be focusing on those mothers that whore themselves to feed their crack cocaine addictions....You can't honestly think that just cause a mom smokes a little pot that the child should be taken, do you?

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