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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Nikila, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Hello from beautiful BC.. where marijuana is a way of life!

    Wow, okay, where do I even start?

    I am a 29 year old female and just finished my trade entry program at university today. I want to go into the union on Monday to apply but am worried about testing positive for marijuana. I can't wait it out because I've been living rent-free at home while going to school and need to get working ASAP.

    A little background: I have been a chronic smoker for the past 16 years. Both of my parents are alcoholics, weed is my vice! I gave up smoking for 10 months last year while getting some things in order in my life. I started puffing occasionally again starting in Oct 2012, mostly weekends (heavily.. I'm known to smoke upwards of 4 g/day). I knew that my program would be ending today so I quit smoking around Feb 24th. I made two weeks clean and then ended up having a 'first date' give me over an ounce as a gift! :eek: How can you say no when you have that much awesomeness drop into your lap?! I knew as long as it was in my possession, I would keep smoking it. So I tried my best to give most of it away, but continued smoking for about a week (a few joints a day). My friends were sure happy with the handfuls I would leave behind on my visits!

    My last few days of use are as follows:
    Mar. 11 - Smoked my last four roaches in a potato pipe.
    Mar. 12 - Pinner shared between 3 people in afternoon and one decent sized doob between 2 people in the evening.
    Mar. 15 (last Friday) - I had three small puffs at a party.. DOH!

    I am 5'6'' and 195 lbs (muscular w/large frame but most definitely carrying some belly fat.. approx 40 lbs overweight). I used to work out regularily but let my pass lapse in January. After reading these forums for a few days, I renewed my pass on Tuesday and have had two solid cardio workouts this week. I also changed to a vegan diet 5 weeks ago.

    I ordered 5 tests online (Fastect II dipstick 50ng/ml) and they arrived in the mail today. I'm drinking a bunch of water and will take my first test in the next couple hours. I'm sure it will come up positive but I have to start somewhere, right?

    I'm going to be working up in the oil sands and everyone who goes there is tested (safety-sensitive position). I'm sure the union will test me before sending me onto a company but I'm not sure how soon after I put my application in that it will happen. I'm thinking I should probably use a dilution method on Monday, when I go in to apply, in case they want me to test right way.

    I have reduced kidney function and chronic UTIs.. my urine is NEVER clear. I'm nervous about how hard it will be for me to dilute enough to pass. Another thing I have read about a possible company is that they test you at 50ng/ml and then regardless of pass/fail send it away to be confirmed at 15ng/ml! I'm wondering if I can get any test strips here in Canada that would test that low?

    Just in general freaking out and looking for support and advice.. Thank you!
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    It's too bad there isn't more traffic here.. It's been a week and no replies! :(
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    u might want to sub and not use dilution.. as a woman u can hide the quick fit bottle very easily
  4. Nikila

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    Substitution just doesn't seem like it would be a very good option for me. I don't know when or where or how much notice I will have before my test. I would like to pass on my own if possible.

    However, I just tested positive again at day 18. I think I'll have at least another week as the union rep is submitting my application tomorrow and there are a few people ahead of me. I'm out of town until mid-weekend and only have 1 test with me, two more at home. I'm going to wait it out until the Saturday and take another one. If I still test positive, I'm going to practice the dilution method with one of the tests I have left at home.

    *fingers crossed*
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    well gl to u and wish u the best :)

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