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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by JMedric, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. JMedric

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    anyone know the price ranges for pot in amsterdam?
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  3. AussieStoner

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    Bump for a very old post.
    I'm interested in this too.
  4. TheClash

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    I'm re-reviving this. Does anyone know Amsterdam's prices?
  5. vaya

    vaya Activist

    I think an 8th of weed, in translated to U.S. dollars, is about 20 dollars, give or take 5 bucks.

    Not bad, considering its the best pot around. Ever.:(
  6. Ernesto

    Ernesto Banned

    In Amsterdam, the prices vary according to the quality. They are sold by the gram, so 1 gram of super fly White Widdow, which is some fierce shjt, used to run about 12 guilder. Now that they use Euros (which are basically equivalent to a US dollar), its probably $6-7/gram or thereabouts, considerably cheaper than the US.

  7. TheClash

    TheClash New Member

    6 -7 dollars a gram for the best pot is quite a bargain.
  8. Ernesto

    Ernesto Banned

    hellllllllllllllllllllllllllll ya I wish I was there right nowww!! :bawl:

    :liplick: :liplick: :liplick: :liplick:
  9. dell3001

    dell3001 New Member

    I found this site while searching the web, it offer's some prices. Very nice I must say :)
  10. Dutch Zin

    Dutch Zin Banned

    the price of strawberries

    Non- amsterdam prices for wiet range from 5 euro, to 7 per gram. Hashish can go up to 8 for super sputnik, zero, pollen, or top moroccon. ( we don't get much afghan these days :( wonder why?)
    If you can find a grower.:D and want quantity_ expect to pay half that or 3 a gram.
    Leave the dam if you want great quality.
  11. real _viper

    real _viper New Member

    Amstrerdam Prices:- All prices per gram

    Moroccan 4-8 euro

    Leb 5-7 euro

    Afghani 3-12 euro

    Nepalese 6-15 euro

    Turkish 8 euro

    Northern Lightz Skuff (coffeeshop 222) 25 euro

    White Widow 5-8 euro

    Northern Lights 7 euro

    Most weed varieties are between 5-8 euro per gram.

    Hope this helps.

    Import brick weeds are cheaper (Columbian, Jamaican, Thai, Swazi)
  12. mats

    mats New Member

    interesting. thanks, viper !
  13. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    A bunch of kids who were part of an exchange program talked to my French class today about spending a semester abroad. One girl went to Holland, and I think I was the only person in the room who had the question, "Did you visit Amsterdam." She explained how you could smoke a joint and walk around Amsterdam, but it kind of gets old because there is so much else to see. This struck me as odd, since you could smoke a joint and see everything in Amsterdam while high. But to each his own. I really want to go there.
  14. efkinas

    efkinas New Member

    what is the price for wholesale marijuana in amsterdam, 10kg and more
  15. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    It doesn't matter much anymore, Amsterdam has closed its doors on outsiders / visitors, you can't even go into any of the "coffee shops" now.

  16. 1956

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  17. 5drive

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    Since it's hard to believe that anyone's interested in buying 20+ lbs. for personal consumption, you'll probbly want to keep this rule in mind ;) -

    "There is to be no discussion of selling drugs, or marketing of drugs, in any way, shape, or form. This rule is in place and must be enforced to protect the future of the Community. Violations will result in an infraction and/or banning."
  18. Animus

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    2.25 euros a gram.... damn thats nuts.

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