Probation and drug testing.

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Kate88, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Kate88

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    Hi, Im on probation for drinking underage at a party, I am going to be doing drug testing and taking PBT's for the court my first meeting with my PO was supposed to be this Wed. I quit smoking pot about a month ago and I wasnt much of a heavy smoker so I think I should be clean for weed but Im addicted to painkillers and I am trying so hard to quit. I am really worried that i might fail for them, I take them everyday and have been taking around 6 of the 1000mg pills a day which is 60mgs of the codiene. i have been using painkillers for about 2 years, today is my first day off and its already really hard but I am NOT going to fail this test!! I am going to call the PO and say I need to reschedule for a week from now so I can give my body a little more time to detox. Question: how long do you think this will last in my system AND do they test you on your first PO meeting, she gets to decide how often i get tested for drugs/alcohol so is she going to test me when I see her or is she going to have me go within like 24hrs to the lab to take a test then make her decision based on the results of my test? Ive never been in trouble like this before so I dont know what to expect! (I just wish I had quit the pills earlier so i wouldnt be in this situation!)
    Thank you SO much, xoxo Kate
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    Well Kate, If you truely want to quit the prescription pills, I think you should be honest with your PO and work WITH your PO on getting you off the drugs. Tell your PO the truth about your addiction and have her set the testing schedule so you cannot or will not use the painkillers again. Working with the system is easier than working against it. Your PO knows you have problems, that is why you are on probation to begin with.

    Hiding your use of prescription drugs, alcohol and/or pot, then getting caught failing a test or in possession later will not help your situation one iota.

    Get your life straightened out using the tools at your disposal, and right now, your parole officer and drug testing are your tools. Use them to help yourself.

    On another note, discussing drugs other than marijuana is against posted guidelines. Lets not continue to break this rule and discuss this further. If others want to give advice, please do so in a Private Message.
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    I'm sorry but this is, not We're glad to answer your questions about marijuana and things related to marijuana but it's against the Posting Guidelines to make posts primarily concerned with other drugs.
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    Buzz, you seem pretty knowledgeable about all things involving testing for Marijuana. Could you please enlighten me on the question I posed on the thread below about hospital pre-admittance work for a minor surgery? here is the link... thanks in advance!
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    Sorry about I must have missed it in the rules i know its and I didnt know you guys would care so i guess im sorry it wont happen again. I would like this question to get answered tho do they test you on your first visit with your PROBATION OFFICER? (also I think being up front about using *"smoking weed"* would not be wise that would make her want to test me more which will be very expensive its 12 dollars every time she wants me tested for drugs and alc. if I tell her i *"smoke weed"* she will want to test me pretty much daily and i cannot afford that. I would rather quit on my own with my councelor) But thank you for the advice.
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    I guess you didn't want help after all, then? I mean, why come to a site looking for advice, and then post again basscially saying" Thanks, but I'm going to do it muy own way". If you were going to ignore any advice (and GOOD advice in this case) why ask for it to begin with? 12 dollars is expensive huh? How much have you spent on your addiction to this point? The price of a few drug tests probably pales in comparison. I have a feeling theres more reason than expense for you to avoid the advice you were given. If you truely want help, its there.

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