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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by darnifailed, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. darnifailed

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    Hey guys. I recently failed a drug test on probation and was put on house arrest. Anyway, I smoked the night before the test(8/23) and failed on 8/24. I have a probation meeting on 9/15 and though I have not smoked since I am very nervous. Do you think they are enough of assholes to test me again less than 1 month after my last one? If so, do you think I will pass? I was a pretty regular smoker(once a day) up until the test, but I do have a fast metabolism. Any info from personal experience will help.
  2. cabby

    cabby New Member

    well for startes im gonna have to agree with u on that. probation does suck and if that wasnt the title i wouldnt have looked at this lol. house arrest thats sweet, if i fail i get jail. if u dont have anything more till ur next test u will be fine. i know lots of ppl who smoke and they get tested often. hell some of em smoke right after their test all night and pass theyre next test a week later then do it all over again
  3. Lolo69

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    If I were you, I would continue to abstain from weed until I am off probation. Yes, they may test you with less than 30 days. However, you need to pass all your subsequent tests so you can get off house arrest. To hell with those who tell you they or their friends continue to smoke while on probation and "pass" tests. That's called addiction.

    Ask someone to buy you a home test at the drug store, or, order some off of ebay so the tests come to your house. If you are on restricted house arrest, with time allotted for work, buy one on your way home.

    Anyway, take a home test right away to see how you're doing. You probably won't be able to sub, but with several weeks of absainance, if you're still peeing dirty up to 9/15, you can probably successfully dilulte.

    Read the dilution sticky. Hopefully, you have someone who can get you the supplies you need (aspirin, tums, Gatorade, and creatine or red meat).
  4. cabby

    cabby New Member

    it doesnt take long to pee clean at all. the media and other authority tell you otherwise. with pot probably 2 weeks after a little bit. screw that month crap. ive been tested all throughout my life constantly and have lots of friends who have. btw lolo69 i wasnt just giving him an example.
  5. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Every BODY is different. cabby, it may take you only 2 weeks to get your urine to test negative after being a daily smoker, but I personally know of people who take up to 6 weeks to get clean after only smoking once per week.

    Cabby is probably one of the lucky ones. The question is: Are you one of the lucky ones? You will never know unless you test yourself a couple of times a week to see exactly when YOU begin to test negative.

    There is no generic answer that fits everyone. the AVERAGE is 30 days. some take less, some take longer.
  6. HSChronic

    HSChronic New Member

    I can attest for being someone that takes longer than 14 days. I had a PO appointment coming up and hand't smoked for around 2 weeks, I keep test strips at home to test before I go, and didn't dilute and didn't pass my strip. Luckily my PO didn't test me that time. Moral of the story, like Lolo and Sec said everyone is different, the only way to know is to grab some test strips off ebay or get a home test from walgreens. You have to weigh the consequences.. Smoke go to jail and get butt raped, and have to put on every app that you got convicted of Possesion. Don't smoke for a few weeks, get some test strips practice dilution and get off House Arrest/Probation. I hate not being able to smoke but know what? The rest of my life is more important than getting baked a few times. Its like russian roulette, one of those times you are going to land on the bullet, it might not be this time might not be the next but it will happen. Take our advice and abstain for a bit and dilute, it beats going to the slammer and getting yourself a new boyfriend over a stupid plant that should be legal.

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