Probation vs. Pre-Employment Drug Test

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by tmaxxtim, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. tmaxxtim

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    Hi, I recently had to take a drug test for probation, and when I did they asked me if this was a pre-employment drug test or a court ordered one. So I was wondering when the get the results if they actually test for anything differently or report anything different for probation vs. pre-employment.

    The only thing I can think of is that some companies aren't as strict on which drugs they will allow (kroger doesn't care about thc, they just dont want any other hardcore drugs), where-as a court ordered test will want to know everything.
  2. unit541

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    Usually court ordered/probation tests are closely supervised (meaning they watch the sample flow into the cup), while most pre-employment tests are not.
  3. tmaxxtim

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    True, at the court it was supervised, and at one other place around here a friend went to, he was supervised. I went to a slightly less expensive place that uses LabCorp and they do not supervise, I've been there twice, and had several friends go there as well, never supervised once. They just tell you to go into the restroom and lock the door and don't use any of the blue water in the toilet or use the sink.

    I was just wondering if a place reports differently for probation vs. pre-employment.
  4. Secs

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    We report whatever the person ordering the tests asks us to report. It is different for each employer or Probation Office we test for. The only difference, is the probation test must be paid for in cash up front, and the employment test can be charged to the employer's account.

    The correct term is OBSERVATION; not SUPERVISION. We don't instruct you in how to pee, we only watch you do it to ensure you arent substituting or adulterating your specimen.

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