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  1. poosemire

    poosemire New Member

    recently i got caught with about a gram, and i've been sentenced to 3 months of probation, i have about a year to get it done, and i get tested twice a month (every 2 weeks)

    just wondering if you guys have been able to smoke while on probation, and if so how you pulled it off.
    this country is ridiculous, i just wanna get :blazed:
  2. RookieSmoker

    RookieSmoker Sr. Member

    There's a way to smoke while on ends with you being in jail for violating probation. If you got caught, and are getting tested for 3 months due to probation, then take a 3 month break from smoking, very simple.
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  3. Trocisp

    Trocisp Guest

    Think of it as a way to lower your tolerance.

    Or a way to stay out of prison.
  4. Mikeebud

    Mikeebud Sr. Member

    Wow that's a waste of court time, Because you had a gram, So they took the time and effort to arrest you and Set a court date, and a probation officer? Waste of tax payers money IMO.

    Don't people have better shit to do? I'd understand if you had like 4 ounces And Like a few plants at ur house.

    But a gram? Lets get serious people.
  5. RookieSmoker

    RookieSmoker Sr. Member

    It's an easy process to avoid, don't get caught. Don't carry outside of your house, and if you do make sure you don't do anything dumb enough to avoid attention.
  6. Mikeebud

    Mikeebud Sr. Member

    Not everyone can smoke in there Houses, And it all depends where you smoke.

    If you think it's a none bait spot, It probably is.

    Id rather smoke weed on the side walk, Rather then hide in a corner, so if someone sees me, They know exactly what im doing lol.
  7. Memphis Kingseven

    Memphis Kingseven New Member


    Man,you getting fucked both ways! The law and the dealer! My advice would be do the funky-ass three month probation soon as possible...I know you don't want to hear this but, Having take a piss test twice a month is to often to consistently fool the system. Go ahead and dry out for three months so your tolerance level can go down. They wanna catch you dirty to prove they are right about their assumption of you....Prove em' wrong...With the money you save by not smoking, at the end of three can splurge a little a reward yourself with best smoke you can find...
  8. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    The law is black and white. It doesn't say that weed is illegal, but only if you have x amount. I have a lifelong criminal record because of less than a gram, but I knew the risks and chose to disregard them (much as I continue to do). That doesn't mean it was wrong for me to get arrested though. Its not as if the weed laws are some secret that the police use to arrest unsuspecting stoners. Just because you feel it isn't worth prosecuting has little bearing on how the system works. Ifg you're caught with so much as a roach, be prepapred to be arrested, or at least ticketed. Thats life, until we get the laws changed
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  9. Hash Man

    Hash Man New Member

    Dude you can't even drink in public atleast where I live you can't. So why would you smoke in public do it in your house or some place away from people. It's even illegal to smoke cigs in most places besides your home now.

    When I was on probation I got tested twice a month failed one and was told the next one i failed I'd be going to Kid Prison( I was under age) for the rest of my probation which at that point I still had like 9 months left. If you really wanna smoke you could try buying clean urine online, but be careful sometimes the PO stands right behind you when you piss, sometimes they have cameras, they know people are trying to fool them. If I were you I'd just take a 3 month break, I mean it's not even that long, trust me 3 months in jail/prison alot worse then 3 months no weed. Plus when you go to blaze again you get nice and toasty for not smoking for a while.
  10. Marvin420

    Marvin420 New Member

    Man you hit the nail on the head. That piece of logic can be applied to all crimes from jaywalking to killing the president.
  11. LowRider

    LowRider Sr. Member

    you have 3 months probation but a year to get it done? would you mind explaining. Cause i mean what are you going to do sorry march isn't right for me how bout May/October/December. sounds like someone telling a fish lie. I mean here (USA) you don't get to pick and choose, if you get probation then it starts as soon as you step out of court. maybe i'm not understanding what you are saying
  12. Merry-juana

    Merry-juana Sr. Member

    Damn the US is fucked up, at least here in South Africa I have smoked WITH a cop once. (Ok sure it was a security guard, but still, I smoked with a guy in a uniform, it was his weed btw, so if anyone is going to get arrested it would be him.)
  13. Memphis Kingseven

    Memphis Kingseven New Member

    I broke the law around a lot of cops.
  14. Kiefer Suthrlnd

    Kiefer Suthrlnd New Member

    I would say fuck it....take a couple weeks of and hit the gym like crazy..then go somewhere and smoke right after you get tested by probation..only a couple hits to get you high..and then not again until after the next time you get tested....all the while going to the gym in between, you want to make your metabolism screaming fast to get away with it.

    to all the haters: it can be done; my boy in the Army does it every other week.
  15. Merry-juana

    Merry-juana Sr. Member

    It can be done, but it is too risky. It is not worth it, it is just pot. I would understand if you where a hardcore off-topic mushroom user, that is an experience worth risking your ass for, but weed, come on man, it is not worth it.
  16. onehitwondersftw

    onehitwondersftw New Member

  17. iknowha420

    iknowha420 New Member

    word yo i just got aressted for less then a gram it was literaly crumbs and seeds in the bag and now i have a family court date and i was told i was goona be on probation for a couple mounths shits b.s
  18. quester

    quester Sr. Member

    If you keep smoking while on probation they will give you a number and take away your name.
  19. trapperman

    trapperman New Member

    dont feel bad. i got busted with .7 gram and the officer is trying to stick me with a FELONY!!! my attourney said ill prolly get it knocked down to a mis and fine and probation, pure BS if you ask me
  20. Jaketacular420

    Jaketacular420 New Member

    Im on probation as well bro, my advice is just take a break from it. After a week or two it isn't so bad, and getting baked isn't as important as it used to be.
    3 months is nothing, I got 6 (and still have 3 more to go) haha. I just get tested randomly, could be a week, or even a month between tests, which is a bitch to try to get around if that's what you choose to do.
    Im sure if your metabolism is pretty fast, you Could get away with smoking maybe once every week, and drink water and exercise like crazy afterwards, but honestly, ask yourself "Is it worth it? Is it worth all the trouble and possibility of going to Jail?".
    I would suggest just wait til you're off probation then when you can start back up it will be the BOMB when you finally smoke again. Plus, after you're all done with it, remember, DO NOT GET CAUGHT again lol. Just think through shit before you go smoke at a sketchy spot. Or if you have a bad feeling about a deal going down or somewhere you're going to smoke, just dont go there.

    I also don't understand what you mean by have a year to get it done. Cause like he (LowRider) said, once you get out of court your probation starts right away. Would you care to explain what you mean?

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