Propylene Glycol in hair styling and non-hair products

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    Hello Ladies and Gents-

    As the current theory claims, propylene glycol is useful in removing the THC metabolites in your hair which helps defeat the hair drug tests.

    Since I heard that news I commonly tried to buy other daily hair products that also have Propylene Glycol as an ingredient. I've noticed that many hair products also contain propylene glycol.

    I've been using many products in my hair in the last year or so because I've been taking extra care of it while growing it out. But just in my bathroom I find that Propylene Glycol is contained in the following products:

    --Herbal Essences mousse (Body Envy variety is what I use)

    --Garnier Fructis Style fiber gum putty (it's the 2nd ingredient in this below water)

    --ion Swimmer's Leave-In Conditioner

    I haven't checked other products one by one but in the aforementioned products you have leave-in conditioner, hair putty, and mousse! All very common daily hair care and styling products.

    I know I picked them because of their ingredients under the notion that leaving product with propylene glycol in my hair all day (especially when I'm out in the sun) would help get my hair toxin clean.

    Anyone else have any thouhts on using non-shampoo hair products with Prop. Glycol?

    ====Two side notes
    #1- I've been using Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three since December to help clean out my hair (along with Aloe Rid shampoo (not treatment)). But I do not see Propylene Glycol as an ingredient in the PM3, altho it is in the Aloe Rid... And yet on this forum I have read people touting PM3 for it's prop. glycol content.

    #2- Looking Beyond Hair Care Products for your Propylene Glycol-
    Has anyone looked to giving a more concentrated shot of Propylene Glycol to their hair in order to remove toxins??
    Eco-friendly antifreeze for cars typically use Propylene Glycol (instead of toxic ethylene glycol in your traditional antifreeze). Such eco-friendly antifreeze is non toxic (don't be a fool and try to drink it). Maybe using it to wash out your hair is worth investigating???
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