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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by pedin10, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. pedin10

    pedin10 New Member

    Can someone tell me the pros and cons of a vaporizer? Like apposed to a glass spoon.
  2. Kushy

    Kushy down

    - Uses less weed to get high
    - not harmful to the lungs
    - no lung diseases caused by vapor(bronchitis, etc)
    - better taste
    - smoother hits
    - less smell
    - "cleaner" high

    I don't think there are ANY cons about a vaporizer compared to smoking
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  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    The only "con" I can think of is if the user prefers the somewhat different kind of high you get from burning the weed instead of vaporizing it. The vape high tends to be very "up". If you want to get couchlocked, smoke that shit.
  4. witchvape

    witchvape New Member

    I'm sorry...

    I completely disagree. Most times I vape, which is only 2 hits, I melt into the couch and feel like I can't move. I smoked again, the other week, and I never even felt like that. I think smoking is more up, if anything.
  5. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    You're in the minority with that opinion. The strain you're using can make a difference, but otherwise, smoke contains a lot more of the toxic byproducts that induce drowsiness, like carbon monoxide and benzene. What struck me first about the difference in the vapor high was that I retained a lot more energy vs. smoking.
  6. KiNg KoNG

    KiNg KoNG New Member

    arent most of the things that stick to the wand/tubeing very tiny particles that fall threw the screen?, and most of that ends up hitting your tongue or back of your mouth..
  7. lildevilpunk8008

    lildevilpunk8008 New Member

    the pros have been named mostly by kushy.

    as for cons there are very few and the ones that do exist is in my opinion.

    1. if ur an outside smoker u have know wall outlet in the middle of the forrest/desert/wherever u are. u need electricity what if ur power goes out and u dont have a bong or a pipe to smoke out of. it has happened to me.

    i just figured i would point that out it is the only con i can think of. other than that i love vapes therrrrrre grrrreeeeeeaaaaaaat.
  8. Vish

    Vish New Member

    Well, pros would be everything named. I pack a bowl and it lasts me like, 5 sessions at least (depending on the size). Smoking, same amount = 1 session. I love the high just as much as the one I get from combustion, perhaps even more than combustion, but I can see how someone could not like it.

    Cons.. I guess electricity is needed for some vapes. If you have none your fucked, but I haven't run into that problem. If I'm home I vape and I usually have electricity. I have a battery that I can plug into if needed though.

    No. I have not had any of that in my mouth. It all gets stuck to the sides of my whip by the time that the vapor gets into my mouth/lungs. I don't know about any other types of vaporizers because I've only used my whip vaporizer.
  9. lildevilpunk8008

    lildevilpunk8008 New Member

    oh yea batterys i forgot all about that
  10. Scooby~Doo

    Scooby~Doo New Member

    You can taste the weed better if you just smoke it instead of using a vaporizer
  11. Kushy

    Kushy down

    That's just plain not true. I've never heard anybody say they can taste the weed better if they smoke it rather than vaporizing it. IMO I hate the taste of smoke, but love the taste of vapor.
  12. KiNg KoNG

    KiNg KoNG New Member

    wow u dont understand how wrong u actually are.. when u "smoke" you ignite it with a flame and it BURNS and what u mostly taste is the burnt taste..

    Now with a vape, hot air passes threw the weed UNDER the temperature of combustion, but on or above the vaporization temp, so what u taste when u vape is the ACTUAL flavor of strain ur hitting...

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