psure lost me a job

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by killthecaps, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. killthecaps

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    I recently had to take a urine test for a job I was applying for. I was notified during the interview that they do ua testing. Ive had to take many in the past and have used the absolute xxl and minute man synthetic urine. I This time I couldn't wait for the dilution to work...and I couldnt afford minute man. I bought some premixed synthetic urine called psure that came with a warming pad and I figured It would work the same as minute man...I was wrong. The next day Right after I finished the post application psych test I was notified that I had an appointment in 15 minutes at a testing clinic. This suprised me because in the past I always got at least a day warning or at least a few hour before I had to go to the clinic. So I rushed home grabbed the psure threw it in the microwave for 10 seconds..grabbed a thermometer even though psure had a built in test strip...When I left the house the pee read 102 with a baby thermometer. I figured I was in the clear, and wrapped it with the hand warmer. When I got to the clinic I pulled out the psure and noticed that I didnt have the thermometer with me, so I checked the temp gauge and it read 98..I crotched in against my skin and figured all was well. I was wrong. When I got to the clinic I had to do the regular pre test procedure..Empty Pockets, pull pants above socks, pull shirt around belly. Anyways I went to take a piss pulled out the psure again and the strip still read 96-98. So i dumped it in the UA container. took a piss and handed it to the tech. Right away she checked the temp...and she pulled out a digitial thermometer she said it read 90.6, right away I knew that pretty she smelled it and said it didnt smell like urine, she said I had to take another test and stay in the facility. Of course that wasnt an option for me because I knew I would piss green so I peaced out. Anyways the hand warmer sucked, and the temp strip on the psure was completely bogus.
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    you cant make a determination of synthetic urine by smell it smells the same as far as im aware your test was in range but what you need to watch out for with the hand warming strips is they can get your substitution too hot over 105

    You could always grab the urinator if your male if your female you can always try internally heating up your substitution (condom prick with fingernail)

    The most they can do is retest you if it fails or is too diluted At the very worst a monitored test
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    That part isnt true. If it was for a job he could get a chance to retake, but its not likely. If the urine came back too cold its obvious that he trying using someone elses or synthetic urine.

    You might just be out of luck, a lesson learned for next time. Im not sure how old you are, but you could always find a temp job for a week or 2 and raise the money to buy the supplies to dilute and spend the rest on stuff you actually need (food and what not)
  4. Nambus

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    True it happens to most people ive known they get caught the first time and refine the method its the anxiety of cheating
    Practice really does make your test come out perfect.

    My suggestion would of been an extra layer of clothes as long as you check your temp before you go in for the test and don't drop you're sub bottle =)
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    I have used psure several times, when I use it I heat it to like about 105, use the warmer and crotch it when I go in to pour it in their cup I check the temp. if it's too hot I just tell them I can't pee then go back and sit I usually can get it out an let it sit between my legs to cool off with out the warmer of course, and when it's right and I go to use it I only fill it with the minimum they need I usually have half a bottle left, why use it all if you don't have to, I had to redo a test once when I didn't have the temp right and had the other half of the bottle left, I passed the test of course, it works.
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    I applied for this job and have to take a ua i have P-Sure but am getting the feeling that i won't work i really need this job i don't smoke a lot 1-2 a week and don't know what to do i hope this P-Sure works any feed back would be very helpful. thanks :confused: phillyboy
  7. Ruckus

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    Nothing written in this topic that would call the formula out. The OP failed because the temperature was borked. Good reminder that a subbers three most important words should be, Practice, Practice and Practice.
  8. DrugTestDave

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    Really hope you don't lose your job over this, but agree it is a lesson learned. If you do end up having to get a new job then at least this time you'll have a chance to detox--check out the detection times here for more info: Drug Testing - Pass a Drug Test - If you get the at home urine tests you'll know if you'll pass or not with your own stuff. Keep us posted and here's to hoping you get a second chance!
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    OP should change topic title, the product didn't fail you and you are giving it a bad rap. You turned in a sample that was too cold. Smell isn't a reason to fail a person in fact techs that sniff the pee are freaks and have no legal grounds whatsoever to fail based on lack on smell. Smell is 100% subjective and not quantitative. You can't fail for something you can't measure. Now temp on the other hand.... 100% measurable.

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