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  1. MagentaCow

    MagentaCow New Member

    Hey guys, I've heard weed is described as a psychedelic, but what is defined as a psychedelic? Thanks :D
  2. nerphroll

    nerphroll Sr. Member

    With every little bit of information at our fingertips these days, floating in the ether until plucked by the keystrokes of the inquisitor onto the screen, I wonder, how many of us still use, much less own, paper dictionaries these days? I have one, and haven't used it in years. What the hell...?
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  3. ganja-man

    ganja-man Groovy

    I have a dictionary, but it is pretty dusty.

    I have heard MJ described as a psychedelic as well, but having tried several "real" psychedelics I would not put any of them in the same category as cannabis.

    Here is the actual definition.

  4. KMKbuzz4-2-0

    KMKbuzz4-2-0 Sr. Member

    I disagree.

    Having tried everything from salvia, mescaline, lsd, psilocybin, to all the new fun 'research chemicals' I have found that certain sativa-heavy strains can produce light psychedelic effects...I've never had open-eye visuals or anything but definetely a distortion in perceptions that reminded me of a light mushroom dose, or some of the research chemicals I've tried. Of course its not a strong psychedelic and I don't think it should be classified as one but some strains can produce effects very similar to low doses of actual psychedelics.
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  5. bluntastic_kids

    bluntastic_kids New Member

    weed is not a psychedelic it dosnt give you visuals which i think would be a requriment to call it a psychedelic. the high you get right b4 you start tripping on shrooms is alot like a really good weed high like exactly the same
  6. zombi

    zombi New Member

    weed is most definitely not in the same category of psychedelics as any of the big four: lsd, mescaline, psilocybin, and dmt. it is however still a light psychedelic, especially in very high doses with little to no tolerance. in fact i feel it to be one of the best introductory psychedelics, if used as such. the way most of us use it, weed does not produce close to the same effects it potentially can if you know what your doing.
    stop smoking for a few weeks, cook up a high dose, eat it, and then come back and tell me it has no psychedelic properties.
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  7. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    This reminds me of the contrasting opinions of previous posts when we used to debate whether pot was a bona fide 'anti depressant'. I think the final concensus was that it was at best a 'mood enhancer' and a 'euphorigen'--and not a true anti-depressant. This conclusion was largely informed by intelligent contributions from forum writers who actually had real RX depressants (e.g. Zoloft, Abilify, etc.) and could compare their effects to smoking good quality pot. Presumably, this debate will be hopefully informed by posters who have actually had real-psychedelics (e.g. LSD) and can compare these aftereffects to smoking good quality pot. Looking fwd to the posts.
  8. KMKbuzz4-2-0

    KMKbuzz4-2-0 Sr. Member

    Except for the fact that visuals are not the defining effect of psychedelics. The definition of psychedelic was already posted and you can clearly see, as everyone who has used psychedelics knows, that its not always about visuals...besides which there are actually two kinds of visuals when describing the intensity of a trip; open-eye visuals and closed eye visuals. Ever smoked a strong sativa and closed your eyes to find that you don't just see darkness as usual? Closed eye visual.

    You noted similarities with psilocybin mushrooms which are of course a psychedelic, so don't be so quick to dismiss the psychedelic aspect of certain bud. Like I already said, the right strain can be amazingly similar to low doses of many psychedelics. Very similar to low doses of psilocybin, as well as a good number of research chemicals.
  9. madmodder123

    madmodder123 New Member

    The DEA is the one who classified it as a psychedelic
  10. KMKbuzz4-2-0

    KMKbuzz4-2-0 Sr. Member

    Well...technically yes they did...but the again they also looped canabis in the samencategory as drugs such as LSD, mescaline, heroin....meaning they have ABSOLUTELY no medical value.

    Hmm should we really just take the word or a government agency, let alone one who is infamous for spreading blatant lies just to achieve their political agenda. music :cool: )
    I'm sorry we answer we were looking for was 'Hell No'
    <note, the produces would have also accepted "bullshit' or any kind of abscene gesture>
    Now it's time for finally jeapordy......This has be Calyx Trainkwreck. Thank's for watching.

  11. zombi

    zombi New Member

    there are many people (myself included) who would say that most off those psychedelics do in fact have legitimate medical uses. for example iboga is a hallucinogen and it has been used for years and medically tested to treat alcoholism. many native americans actually use a very low dose of peyote for the same effect.
    just a few examples.

    (note to mods: sorry if thats too off-topic feel free to edit as you see fit)

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